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This is only my 2nd attempt, but I hope you like it! Feel free to write me with any thoughts that I can use to improve my writing!

Huggles to hold ya 'til next we meet,


Every long married couple will tell you that it's good to keep things "fresh" in the bedroom. My hubby and I are no different. We've talked about fantasies, done a little light bondage, invited a friend over to join us, you know the usual stuff. So when I mentioned "Sub Nite" my hubby has all ears...and hands. I told him that for 1 night every month I will go completely submissive. Now this is a new idea for us, but not really a new fantasy. So we decided on the 3rd Saturday of the month and waited for it to roll around. I tell you now the waiting was almost as erotic as the actual nite. My mind was a blur of fantasies. It's a wonder how I managed to do the laundry without falling apart!

So the third Saturday finally rolls around and I am about ready to burst. I can't wait to find out what B is going to want me to do. But then when he comes home from work he says "Hey Hon Andy is coming by in about an hour"

At this point I am about ready to knock his block off, I cannot believe that he forgot. Okay fine, that's why God invented batteries right? "Okay, dinner's already ready so help yourself, I've got to run to the store" Of course I didn't tell him I was going on a battery run.

So I get back, Andy shows up and they start watching this incredibly stupid movie. Okay I know millions of people world-wide love those old Kung Fu movies, but as far as I am concerned it's to blame for my failed plans so I don't like it at all.

My man is 5'10" tall, about 160lbs, with olive skin, long sun streaked hair and the most gorgeous hazel eyes West of the Mississip. I wanted him the first time I laid eyes on him and that has never changed. Andy is 6', probably 180lbs or so-he's solid and strong- with light brown hair and blue eyes. When I went in to check up on them I was overwelmed by the smell. B always smells clean and delicious, it's just one of the reasons I love licking him so much! Andy has that underlying smell of soap, but he also has this erotic clove smell that has always tantalized my senses. And given my extremely frustrated state of mind (and body) I was about ready to explode, but I controlled myself, handed the guys a fresh beer and was about to leave when B says "Hon, wasn't tonight supposed to be Sub nite?"

He's saying this right in front of Andy and I turn crimson. "Um yeah, but I figured we would just do it another night"

"No way Chris, tonight is the 3rd Sat. and you WILL do as you are told"

Now there's a part of me that is completely embarrased and panicked, but there's also the exhibitionist in me that is excited by the prospect of submitting with an audience. So I walk in front of my hubby sit down with my feet under me and wait.

"I want you to swallow me. Suck me deep until I cum and swallow every drop" Again I hesitate, I look towards Andy (who is still at least attempting to watch the movie) and then back to B. "When I give a command you obey, immediately."

So, I scooted forward. I fumbled with the button and zipper, but finally his beautiful cock was free. I wrapped my hand around it and gave a exploratory squeeze. God was he hard! One perfect drop of precum glistened on the tip and I instinctively flicked my tongue out to seize it. That first taste is all it took. My inhibitions were completely dissolved. I took him in my mouth in one smooth stroke that ended with my chin hitting his balls. I was in a frenzy. It seemed like my purpose in life was to worship cock and swallow any reward I was given. I sucked him with long, slow purpose, cradling his balls with my left hand as I used my right to squeeze the base. I covered my teeth with my lips and squeezed on each downstroke. When he bottomed out in my throat I would hum. I know he loves when I do this, it sends a sweet vibration from base to tip. Now I began alternating fondling his balls and pressing on that very sensitive area called the "taint." I picked up my rhythm and soon his hips were bucking, slamming him deeper into my throat on every thrust. Soon I felt that wonderful little twitch. He grabbed a handful of my hair and buried his cock in my throat. I don't think I have ever felt his cock throb as hard as it did when he came that night. He filled my throat and mouth to overflowing. I swallowed as fast as I could, but I felt a tiny stream sneak past my lips and trickle down my chin. I licked him clean and then came up for air. Both guys were looking at me with rapt amazement as I used my middle finger to catch the little bit of my prize on my chin. I looked Andy in the eye and then slowly licked it off, savoring it, and then it was gone. I must have looked disappointed because the next words I heard were "you want to swallow more don't you?" and of course I answered this with a throaty "God Yes." "Well then I think we should let her have what she wants don't you Andy?"

Before he could answer I had my hand on his crotch. He was hard and ready. All I had to do was release him. The first time my hand touch his bare cock he moaned in approval. The smell of musk and cloves was intoxicating and I was completely taken in the moment. I began by bathing him with my tongue. Top to bottom and back again. I was on fire and throbbing with desire so when I felt my husband's hands on my hips I moaned loudly before returning to the task at hand. I swallowed Andy whole and began to suck in earnest. B was caressing my hips, my ass, my thighs. Teasing and tempting me. I began to shudder in anticipation. Then the hands stopped and I almost cried. I thought "you cruel bastard", but before I could utter a word I felt his hot skillful tongue dive into me. I screamed around the cock in my mouth as I came hard. But B didn't stop. He held my hips firmly and continued flicking my clit. I was in ecstasy. I sucked with the same rhythm that B flicked and I knew that Andy was close. Of course I couldn't hear his moans over my own. I was riding B's face while Andy fucked mine. I new I was about to cum, and cum hard so I buried Andy deep in my throat and hung on for dear life. The tingles started at my clit and exploded thru my whole body as my husband brought me to my second orgasm of the night. I almost choked before I realized that Andy was cumming too. I latched on and swallowed every tasty drop he gave me before collapsing in a panting heap.

When I came out of my swoon I saw that B was sitting on the couch, and that he was hard again. I wasted no time in getting onto his lap. I was so wet that he slid into me in one fluid movement and I yelped as he slammed into me. He grabbed my hips and started rocking me with a slow, sensual pace. I looked over and saw that Andy was primed again and grabbed him with my right hand. I discovered quickly that he didn't want my hand. He stood up and positioned himself behind me. B held me firm as Andy eased into my already full cunt. I had two dicks in me and was ready to be fucked silly. I tried to start rocking, but I was trapped between these men, and they were going to take me as they saw fit. They started slow, trying to find a good rhythm and soon enough they were pummelling me. Neither one ever pulled out completely, but they were alternating one in and one out so that I was constantly getting slammed. I was writhing in pleasure, completely out of my mind. Then Andy pulled out, but only for a second. He was soaked with my juices so when he put the tip of his cock against my asshole he slid in easily. I was in so much pleasure that the pain of having a dick in my virgin ass went unnoticed and I rammed myself back onto him. We held still for just a moment and then the fucking picked up with frantic abandon. B was again holding me tight by the hips as Andy held my shoulders and reamed me for all he was worth. My moans of pleasure became one long wail as these men took me. I felt them inside me. Hard and eager. I felt when they began to throb with their orgasms and I threw back my head and screamed as I came.

Hope you enjoyed!

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