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I have always liked showing off my wife Sally. She has a nice body with 34C breasts and long brown hair. I would always try to have her dress in something daring and provocative when we would go out. I liked to watch the reaction of other guys when they caught a glimpse of her when she was decked out in some of her outfits.

Sally would not like to wear something that was too revealing when we went out. She didn’t like to be placed in a situation where she felt uncomfortable with what she was wearing. She also never understood why I liked to show her off like I did.

When we moved to the mountains Sally found out quickly that the guys appreciated seeing her when she wore her lingerie. She had all kinds of styles and patterns. Very rarely would wear the same outfit two times in the same month. When ever one of the neighbors came to visit (which was often) Sally would be wearing something they probably had not seen before.

There were two fellows in particular who came by quite often. One was Dave, the other was John. John and Dave had known each other for a couple of years and both were married.

John’s wife was nice but quiet and kind of a home body. Dave’s wife worked in town from 6:00 PM till 3:00 AM Thursday through Monday. She was never around much except to sleep and drive the half hour to work.

Sally and I met John first. He had just been released from Jail and made it back to the mountain to be with his wife. John was about my size and build, only with a beard and longer hair. He played cribbage a lot in jail and was a fairly good player. I began to enjoy our games together. He also had a good line on crank and could get it just about any time.

I believe crank was the drug Sally and I did most while we lived in the mountains. Living a half hour from town in a small community of 200 families there were a lot of folks that liked crank and were up most of the night. John and his wife had to leave and go to Idaho for a reason I don’t remember. He asked me to store some items for him which I said I would. They were due back in a couple of months so I saw no harm in storing his things.

It was during John’s preparation to leave that he introduced us to Dave. Dave was on disability from the service but he looked alright to me. He just didn’t have to work. Dave was a real crankster. He would show up at our house about 1:00 AM with a big bag and his pipe.

Dave talked me into working on his Toyota pick up truck. He wanted the dents removed and a paint job. Body work was my field and I could repair anything. I had all the equipment and such in a three car garage that I used as a work shop.

Sally would be in bed most of the time when Dave arrived. He was rather loud, and she would wake up and come out into the living room about 80% of the time. He would park his truck in front of the garage and I would pull it inside and work a couple of hours just about every other night.

Dave was the one who took Sally to the lingerie store in town where she let him see her try on about 10 different pieces of lingerie. She finally settled on two that she liked and brought them home.

The next time Dave brought his truck over for me to work on, Sally had on one of her new pieces of lingerie. She heard the noises from the living room and got up to see what was going on.

In the mean time I was out front pulling his truck into the garage.

When Sally came into the living room I heard he say something like why did you do that? I pulled the garage door down and came back inside for a minute. There was Sally with her right tit exposed for the whole world to see. Apparently Dave had pulled down her shoulder strap freeing her tit and allowing it to come free. I asked Sally what her tit was doing uncovered. She said she wanted to show Dave how the snaps worked.

It didn’t dawn on me that Sally’s night gown had no snaps until the next week when I was doing laundry and checked it out. When I asked Sally about it she said that Dave had pulled down the strap and felt her right tit. She said he does things like that all the time. I knew Dave was forward with some of the other women on the mountain but I didn’t think he was that way with Sally.

I began to walk around the cabin to the side yard where I could look through the blinds and see what was going on. I would leave a piece of equipment on to make noise so they would think I was still in the garage working. One time when I came around to the side I just walked into the house without looking. There was Sally, naked as the day she was born sitting on the couch playing cards with Dave.

I asked what was going on. Sally said she had lost the first game and bet and had to play the next game naked except for her thong. She said he must have cheated some how because the game had been really short. I went back into the garage and continued to work on the truck.

When I came back around to the side of the cabin, Sally was still naked except for the thong and still sitting on the couch. This time though, Dave had moved over and was sitting on the couch facing her. He had one hand on her left shoulder and one hand on her right tit. It was apparent that Sally had lost the second game as well. I waited a minute then opened the front door and walked in.

Dave said I was just in time for he was going to reload his crank pipe. He did and we all took three or four healthy hits. I went back to the garage to do a little more work on his truck and told Sally she had better sharpen up her game before she lost everything!

The next time I left the garage and came in the house Sally had changed her outfit and was dressed. She had put on her dark green night gown. It was one of her favorites. I liked it too. From the waist up it was a very fine knit material which gave a dramatic view of Sally’s tits and nipples. From the waist down it was a solid silk type of material that flowed as she walked.

I told Dave I was done with his truck for the night. It was almost 3:00 AM and I needed to get some sleep before driving to work. As I was crawling into bed I heard the door bell ring and the sound of John’s voice as he came into the house. I guess John had seen our lights on and Dave’s truck parked out front so he decided to stop.

I figured it was too late to get back up so I stayed in bed and tried to sleep. I had worked on Dave’s truck for a little over an hour and smoked a couple pipe loads of crank, so I had a hard time falling asleep.

Dave had to be back at his house by about 2:30 in the morning. That’s when his wife usually left work and started the drive back up the mountain. I believe she knew her husband was out playing around when she was at work. Just the same he wanted to be there when she got home. As I finally started to dose off I heard Dave’s truck start up and go down the drive way.

John had sent his wife on ahead to Idaho a couple of days earlier. She had taken the bus, about a 28 hour ride. John had his car all packed and ready to leave the next afternoon. He had asked Sally if he could spend one night with us before he left the state for a while and she had said yes.

I heard the dice cup begin to rattle and I knew john and Sally were playing another game of some kind. I also overheard Sally tell John she would check to make sure I was asleep. She came down the hall to the bed room, opened the door and walked over to the bed and checked me out. Even though I was still awake I pretended to be asleep.

Sally then went back to the living room and told John I was sound asleep and gone to the world. They began to play their game. I suspected it was a game called 10,000, which was one of Sally’s favorites. It was easy to play and didn’t take to long to finish.

I wondered why it was important that I was asleep for them to play their game. I knew that Sally liked John and had played around a couple of times when he had come over, but that was all.

I heard Sally getup off the couch where they had been playing and go into the kitchen. It sounded like she was making a pot of coffee. I thought that was good. When I finally got up the coffee would be ready. When Sally came back to the living room I expected them to continue with their game. I didn’t hear the dice cup rattle and wondered what was going on.

That’s when I heard the sound of the bath water running. It appeared Sally was running the water so John could take a bath. I didn’t think to much more about their game and figured they didn’t finish. I decided to sneak quietly down the hall way and see if I could pick up on anything.

There were no sounds from the living room that I could hear. I was about to go back to bed when I heard what sounded like loud kissing or possibly sucking. I couldn’t see what was going on from where I was and I didn’t want to go into the living room. I decided to go back to bed and see what transpired.

A few minutes later the sound of water splashing brought me back. John had settled in the tub. I heard him call for Sally. I thought this might be a good time to sneak down the hall way again. The bathroom door was open so I peeked around the door frame and took a look.

John was in the tub alright, and Sally was kneeling beside the tub washing his back. Both of Sally’s shoulder straps were down to her elbows. She had her back to me as she leaned over John to scrub his back so I couldn’t really tell; but I suspected both Sally’s tits were hanging out and bouncing around as she scrubbed.

Neither of them saw me so I went back to the bedroom and crawled into bed. Sally told John to stop that as he was getting her all wet. I didn’t know the meaning of that statement, but I couldn’t help myself. I started to stroke my cock with the excitement of knowing Sally’s tits were out in full view for John.

I didn’t find out until the next day that John had reached up and took hold of her tits with his wet hands. I just about came in my pants when Sally told me what he had done while she was helping him.

I must have fallen asleep with my hand on my cock. When the alarm went off at 7:30 that morning I still had a hold of it. I got up to find John asleep on the couch and Sally watching the news on TV. I got a cup of coffee, got dressed and left for work.

John was set to leave for Idaho that afternoon and said he would stop by my shop before he left town. He showed up about 3:00 in the afternoon. We said our good byes and he drove onto highway 50 toward Idaho. It was about two weeks later that Sally got a collect phone call from John in Idaho. Both John and his wife were arrested for illegal transportation of stolen guns. He must have called collect a dozen times until his release on bond about 30 days later.

He said his wife, who had the guns in a motel room, was probably going to spend a year or more in jail. Since he was picked up entering the motel his charges were less. John was going to hitch hike back to the mountain. However, before he started back he met a fellow going to Carson City. He would be in Carson about 10:00 PM on Saturday night. He asked if we could meet him there and bring him up the mountain.

Of course Sally said yes. From our cabin, we would use a back road that brought us out onto highway 50 just before Lake Tahoe. From there it was about an hour to Carson City. About 5:00 on Saturday afternoon I suggested to Sally that she start getting ready and asked if I could pick out something for her to wear.

I spoke to John when he called one time and he told me he was horny as hell. He said he was going to feel up the first woman he met when he got back up the mountain. Of course I didn’t tell Sally what he said. In fact I hadn’t thought about that conversation since we had it.

Sally told me to go ahead and pick out what I would like her to put on. I searched around and a few minutes later I put some cloths on her bed. I told her any of the things on her bed would be nice. We had a three hour drive ahead of us and I liked the thought of Sally being next to me where I had easy access to her tits and pussy.

Sally decided on a pair of jean cut off shorts and a brownish purple top cut deep in the front showing a lot of cleavage. I thought Sally looked fantastic and started to set up the car for the ride to Carson City. With Sally’s choice of top I was really anxious to start the trip.

I reminded Sally John hadn’t not seen another woman for the last 30 days and told her to try and not give him a heart attach. That’s how good she looked. We took our van for the trip. It had bucket seats in the front but I had built a center seat for Sally to use when we were driving. It allowed me to put my right arm around her and play while driving.

We had a good time driving the back road to Lake Tahoe. Sally had me all worked up as we hit the freeway and went through South Lake Tahoe and the casinos. An hour later we arrived at the Carson Casino where John was going to meet us.

I found a place to park. Sally stayed with the van and I went inside to page John. I found the courtesy phone. Just as I picked up the phone John came down the hallway toward the parking lot.

I told John we had just now arrived and Sally was in the van waiting. We walked to the van and got inside. John told us all about the bust and what he thought was going to happen to his wife. We spoke about a couple of other things as well but I don’t remember what they were.

I do remember when we hit highway 89 out of Lake Tahoe Sally asked him if he would like to do some crank. She had picked some up from David a couple of days earlier just for this occasion. John was all excited of course, not having done any drugs the past 30 days.

He asked if he could sit upfront and moved to the center bench seat I had made for road trips. That put Sally on his right side and me on his left. Sally tried to fill her pipe but with the car moving and John sitting in the middle there wasn’t much room for her to work with.

I told her I would pull over at the next rest stop. It wasn’t very far and she could fill the pipe there. A couple of minutes later we were there and I pulled in and parked. It was now almost midnight and we were the only people there as far as I could tell.

Sally filled her pipe and handed it to John so he could have the first hit or two. When he was done he gave it to me and I also took a couple of hits. I reached to give Sally the pipe. I heard her tell John she was a married woman. I saw John had pulled down the straps on her top and was kissing and feeling her tits. He told Sally he was sorry but he had decided to feel up the first woman he came across when he got out of jail.

Sally pulled up her shoulder straps and took the pipe from me. I had been driving about four minutes when I heard Sally sigh and mumble what sounded like OK. She leaned to her left, took John’s right arm and placed it around her shoulder. She then lowered her shoulder straps down to her elbows, took John’s palm and placed it on her tits. She asked him if that was more satisfactory.

He told her it was much better and continued to fondle her tits while I drove the back road from Lake Tahoe toward our cabin. A weird silence came over us as I continued driving until Sally asked if she should fill the pipe again. I was starting to get tired so I was all for a couple more hits. I said I would find another place to pull over and she could fill the pipe there.

I pulled off to the side of the road about a quarter mile past the Silver Lake spillway. Sally sat up, filled the pipe, and handed it to John. He took a couple of big rips and gave it to me. I think I probably had at least three hits before giving it back to Sally before starting back toward Pollack Pines.

Sally again leaned back against John. Once again his arm went back around Sally. He continued to fondle her tits and nipples as I drove and I continued to get harder and harder.

It had snowed a couple of days earlier but the crews did a nice job doing the snow removal. I had no trouble driving. As we got closer to Pollack Pines John said he knew another short cut we could take that would get us home sooner. He wasn’t exactly sure where we should turn off, but he said when he saw it he would let me know. About ten minutes later John told me to take the next road to my left.

I turned onto what appeared to be a paved, but old logging road. As we drove along the snow kept getting deeper and I began to loose traction. I thought we might bottom out and get stuck in the cold. Finally I slowed to a stop and asked John if he was sure this was the correct way. He told me it was. He suggested I take the flashlight and walk ahead to see if the snow got any worse.

I figured that was a good idea. There would be no sense in bottoming out the van and getting it stuck. I put on my jacket, grabbed the flashlight and walked about a half mile up the road. As far as I was concerned the road became impassable. We needed to go back to where we got off the road and continue they way we had come.

I was gone about 30 minutes when I saw the van in the moonlight. I decided to turn the flashlight off and sneak up on them. The snow was frozen and it cracked loudly when I stepped on it. I thought Sally and John wouldn’t hear me approaching since the stereo was turned on and the volume was way up.

The music covered the sound of me walking and I was able to ease my way to the rear window of the van. I really don’t know why I wanted to sneak up on them. However, the thought of them in the van by themselves was making my cock stiffen.

I looked in the rear window. It was dark inside and I really couldn’t see much. I saw their shadows in the center and passenger seats. There was some movement but that was all I could make out. I walked back up the road a little, turned on the flashlight, and walked back to the van for a second time.

When I opened the driver’s door and sat down, I saw they brought the blanket we stored in the side compartment. They were covered up trying to keep warm. I told John we needed to go back and continue the way Sally and I came earlier.

I asked Sally to fill the pipe again before starting the car. I wanted to have a couple more hits. She did and handed it to me. When I was done I told them I would turn on the heat full blast. They wouldn’t need the blanket for the rest of the ride home.

As the van heated up I didn’t understand why they kept the blanket over themselves. It was getting down right hot! I looked over and then understood why. John’s pants were unzipped and he had pulled his cock out. Sally was stroking it under the blanket. She had taken her shorts off and John was fingering her clit.

It took us another half hour and we were home. I started a fire in the stove to get some heat and asked if any one wanted something to eat. No one was hungry, which didn’t surprise me as much crank as we had smoked.

I told Sally I wanted to take a quick shower and get ready for bed. She asked if she could shower with me. John had shot his load all over her top and tits when I was checking out the logging road. She wanted to clean up before changing.

As we showered I told Sally how turned on I got when I saw they were playing on the ride home. She knew when guys hit on her and tried to get some action it turned me on. There was something about seeing another guy playing with my wife I found all consuming.

Sally liked to be a little tease. With the things I liked her to wear sometimes I got that opportunity. She told me she sort of understood the excitement I felt when I saw a guy hit on her or try to make some time. Sally, however, never liked the idea of doing something with another guy when I might be anywhere around. I guess she thought what I didn’t know wouldn’t hurt me.

I know some of my friends had fooled around with her because they told me and said how lucky I was to have found her. Sally never mentioned a word about having been playing around with another guy. There were a couple of times when Sally told me she couldn’t play around if I was there. I would leave and come back after couple of hours. Having a good imagination and knowing what probably was happening became almost as good as seeing it in person!

I went back into the living room, checked on the fire in the stove and said good night to John. It was about 3:00 AM and I was beat. I told John Sally was dressing and would be out in a minute.

Sally decided to out on something she could comfortably wear to bed. She chose her light green night gown. It had only one button to hold it together in front and it was just below her belly button. When she walked her tits would be visible as they swayed back and forth. Leaning over caused her tits to sort of hang out! I knew John would like Sally’s night gown when she came out and I told him so.

I made sure John knew I was fighting a bad headache and how tired I was. I wanted John to assure Sally I was down for the night. I told him Sally wouldn’t do anything if she thought I might wake up! I told her I had a headache and I needed to lie down and get some rest.

I know Sally like a book! She suggested I take two or three of her Dilantin capsules. Every so often when a guy came to the house I used the headache and need sleep story to exit into the bedroom. Sally if she was frisky would try to have me take some of her Dilantin pills. She thought because I wasn’t used to her Dilantin they would knock me out and I would sleep for a long time.

I thanked Sally and she gave me three capsules. I drew a glass of water, and as usual, faked swallowing the pills. I went to bed, pulled back the covers, and pulled them over the top of me. I guessed it wouldn’t be to long before Sally would be in checking on my sleep status.

I could hear Sally and John talking. They were e discussing my headache and how tired I was. Sally was saying it was a shame since there were only a limited number of games two people could play.

The topic changed to John’s wife. She was now facing a two year prison term. John said he was just lucky he was gone when the cops broke into the hotel room. It would have been his third strike. John said his wife would probably call collect sometime the next day. She knew where he was headed and about when he would get here.

I was able to make out that Sally had filled her pipe. They were in the process of smoking some more crank. John liked the night gown Sally had put on and told her so. She replied, saying she knew he would like it. That’s why she picked it out.

Sally said she was getting chilly and asked John to put some more wood in the stove. While he did she was going to check and see how I was doing. Sally opened the door and came over to the bed. I pretended to snore quite heavily. She called out my name and gave me a little shake. I just continued to fake my sleep and snoring. She quietly closed the door and left.

I didn’t know exactly what Sally had planned but I knew something was up. The Dilantin was to knock me out so I would not cause any surprise interruptions!

I heard Sally putting a tape in the VCR. She told John it was the latest porno movie I brought home and she didn’t think John had viewed it yet.

The movie started. She had John sit with her on the couch so he could see the movie better while they played some cards. I heard the cards as they were being shuffled and slowly got out of bed. I put on a pair of shorts. The bedroom had a sliding door that lead to the rear of the cabin. I could leave almost without making any noise. I could then go to the living room side of the house. I had adjusted the blinds to allow an unobstructed view of the entire room. If while I was looking in the blinds Sally decided to check on me, I could beat back into the bedroom. No one would know I had been outside looking in.

It seemed at times like I went to a lot of work and planning to set up a situation for my own pleasure. I figured Sally was doing just about the same thing by giving me the Dilantin to take. I think she felt guilty by playing around with her husband near by. With me out of the way she allowed herself to have a good experience.

I had begun stroking my cock just thinking about the up and coming possibilities. My imagination was getting the better of me as my cock was getting bigger! I could hear the sounds from the porno as it played. I don’t know what card game Sally and John decided to play, but I did hear John yell out he was finally a winner.

Sally said to hold on a minute, she wanted to check how I was doing. When she opened the door I was still faking my sleep and snoring. She closed the door I jumped back out of bed. I opened the sliding door and went around to the front to look through the blinds. If I had thought I would have brought my camera. On the movie cycle there would have been enough light to record what they were doing!

Sally was in the living room already when I got to the blinds and looked in. She had removed her night gown and was sitting sideways on the couch completely naked. She was taking off John’s shirt and pants. Then she sat John down and swung her legs into a position where she could stroke his cock with her feet and toes.

Sally has the ability to pick up coins with her toes. I just stood there looking at her stroke his cock and pinch it with her toes. I almost shot a load right there watching her play with John’s cock. While Sally was stroking his cock he reached for her tits and began to suck and play with them both.

I decided I had better go back to the bedroom before I was discovered. Sally would have been really pissed if she knew I tried to set her up for my own pleasure. It looked like she was having a good time and enjoying herself. I knew John was having a good time!

I heard them get dressed and begin to talk about John’s wife again. I decided to go back to the front blinds and look inside. Sally had put on her night gown but John had only put on his shirt. John’s pants were still on the floor where they had been tossed by Sally after she took them off.

As they sat on the couch next to each other talking and watching the porno I noticed John’s cock start to twitch a little now and then. It was obvious he was having a hard time controlling his dick. Let alone watching a porno movie and playing another game of cards.

Just the same Sally began to shuffle the cards. When she was done she pushed the deck toward John so he could cut the deck and the game could begin. From where I stood by the window it looked like they were playing spades. Sally picked up her crank pipe and took another hit and passed it to John.

They stopped playing for a second and watched the porno. It was showing a scene where a woman was having sex with two guys in an open field. I saw John began to stroke himself and Sally was pinching her right nipple. When the scene ended they continued with the game. I didn’t know if they had made another bet but it wasn’t like Sally to play without making some sort of bet on the outcome.

I thought I should go back in the bedroom just to make sure no one caught me out front. I lay back down and covered up. The phone rang a couple of times and I heard Sally answer it, and then call John to the phone. It must have been for him. I tried but it was impossible for me to catch all of his conversation. Still I wondered who would be calling this time of night. It was almost 3:30 in the morning!

As John finished his call and was about to hang up I heard him say that he would have Sally drive him over there naked if he won. I didn’t understand, but it must have had something to do with the card game bet. I could tell they had sat back down on the couch and restarted their game.

I heard Sally tell John she would go get Billy and bring him back to our cabin but she wasn’t going to drive there naked. She said she would change into something else but refused to drive naked. John finally gave in. I don’t think he had much choice. I knew Sally was going to come into the bedroom to pick out something to wear so I pretended to still be asleep Sure enough, the door opened and Sally went into the closet. She came out with a handful of clothes. She shut the door and went into the living room. She told John she didn’t want to go into the bedroom again so she brought out a couple of changes just in case she needed them.

Sally was a good friend of Billy’s wife and she told John she didn’t want to pick him up naked. She didn’t want him to get the wrong idea. Billy and his wife were black and I think Sally liked him only as a friend. I don’t think she ever played around with Billy. At least I never heard about her having done anything with him. Sally asked John what he would like her to put on. I guess he must have pointed at on because I never heard him say anything.

A couple of minutes later I heard the car start and pull out of the driveway. A couple minutes later it was back and I could tell she had returned with Billy. The VCR was turned back on and Sally said they had more games they could play now that they had a third player.

Billy told John that he was surprised that Sally hadn’t come naked like he had told him earlier. She refused but let me pick out the outfit she has on now. Billy said the white one Sally was wearing now his wife gave to Sally for her birthday last year. He went on to say his wife has one just like it, only in blue.

Billy said he thought the blue color didn’t allow it to appear as sheer, especially the panties. I went back in the front. I saw John look at Sally’ tits and bush through the material. John liked the night gown in white and so did I. My cock started to grow again and I began to get goose bumps from the anticipation.

John asked Sally what game she wanted to play now that three people would be playing. Sally went to the front closet to get another game. She came back with one we used to play all the time but hadn’t had it out in a while. The game is called “Do or Dare.” It had two set of cards. One set were do cards, the other set were dare cards. Where the players ended on the board when a winner was decided determined which card they had to draw. The door dare cards told the players what their loosing penalty was going to be.

The dice were rolled to see who would start first and the game began. Just then, the tape in the VCR came to an end. Sally asked John to open the door under the TV and get out another tape and set the VCR to start playing it. He picked out one without really looking at the title and pushed play button.

The tape John had picked was one I borrowed from a friend. He had recorded all kinds of different porno shorts on this one tape. It was about six hours long. John sat back down on the couch next to Sally as she took her turn. The crank pipe was filled once again and they all took a couple of hits. As the game progressed John told Billy all about his wife and him being arrested for the stolen guns.

The game ended with Billy as the winner. Sally came in second and John was last. It was close to 4:30 in the morning and I knew from past experience Billy needed to get back home pretty soon. His kids would be getting up soon and he should be there when they wakeup.

Sally and John needed to draw their cards to determine what they had to do for loosing to Billy. John drew a Do card while Sally had to pick one from the Dare stack. John’s Do card said he must walk to the post office and get today’s newspaper naked. He was lucky. The post office was only about 300 feet from our driveway!

Sally’s card dared her: to let the winner strip off her clothes and give away 5 minutes of playtime. John told everyone he would go for the paper after he watched Sally do her dare. My cock grew and started to twitch like John’s did earlier. I didn’t expect to see Sally play with a black man tonight. I began to stroke my cock a little harder and faster when Billy stood up and pulled Sally to her feet. He stood her right in front of him and lifted her night gown up and over her head. Next he reached down and pulled off her panties and told her not to move while he removed his clothes.

I saw John reach for his dick and start stroking it as he sat on the couch. We now were both stroking our dicks with no help from anyone. Now, it was all I could do to hold back my load while I anticipated what would happen next.

Billy spun Sally around so her back was faxing him. He reached around her and slid both his hands under her arms and onto her tits. As he fondled her tits he started kissing her neck and worked his way to her mouth where they lock in a passionate kiss.

Billy drew one of his hands down to Sally’s thighs and started to Part her pussy lips with his fingers as he inserted tow fingers deep inside her. Sally moaned so load I was able to hear her out front where I was standing. That’s when I shot my load against the siding on the front of the cabin. I couldn’t remember when I came as much as I did then. Billy turned Sally to face him and sat her on the couch next to him. He reached around her shoulder and pulled her down until her lips touched the end of his cock. Sally started licking the head of his dick until Billy forced her head down some more forcing Sally to take all of him into her mouth and down her throat.

When I saw Sally start sucking on that black dick I almost came again. Billy shot a full load into Sally’s mouth. Being the trooper Sally is, she didn’t spill a drop.

When the 5 minutes were up, Billy got dressed and said he needed to be driven home before his kids woke up. Sally asked John to give Billy a ride back to his place. She said he could do that instead of getting a news paper. First though he needed to tell her what outfit he wanted to see her in when he came back.

John went over to where Sally had put her extra outfits and picked out one that was black. I couldn’t tell which black one it was at that point. Sally had about seven black pieces of lingerie.

John told Billy he was ready to take him back. I snuck back to the bed room in case Sally decided to check up on me.

Billy left with John in our van to drive him home. Sally never came back to check on me and John was back in less than 10 minutes. The outfit John picked was one Sally recently was given from Gary the day she modeled about ten different lingerie outfits for him. Gary bought two outfits for Sally that day. I think they were both a couple of her favorites. I don’t know if it was because she really liked them or because Gary bought them.

The one John picked was simply a sheer see thru top that was worn like a tube top. It has an elastic band on the top and one on the bottom that kept it in place. It came with a matching pair of thong panties. Sally might as well have been wearing nothing since the top and thong were both so transparent!

Sally told John just because he was done with taking Billy home didn’t mean he could get dressed yet. Sally said she was making coffee and it would be ready in about two minutes. She asked him to make her a cup and bring it into her when it was done.

John went into the kitchen to check on the coffee and I heard Sally say she was going to restart the movie in the VCR. I went back to the front of the house. I knew I couldn’t stay there very long. It was beginning to get light outside. John brought Sally her coffee and they both sat back down on the couch, this time to watch the movie.

As they sat John put his arm around Sally and again reached around and tried to take hold of a tit. She protested saying she was a friend of his wife’s and didn’t think it would be right if they did anything. Loosing a bet was different in Sally’s point of view.

A bet lost was balanced against a bet that might be won and was just a payoff, nothing more. John said that his wife would get at least two years prison time, maybe more. Sally most likely would never see her again so it shouldn’t make a difference one way or the other.

John told Sally she was the best looking woman on the mountain and he had dreamt about doing her many times. Sally took a big drink of coffee and put her cup ob the end table. She told John to watch the movie so she didn’t have to start it over a third time. He started to rub and stroke his cock. I guess he was trying to get Sally’s attention.

It was starting to get really light outside. I decided I had to go back into the bed room before they saw me standing at the front window.

I glanced at the clock and crawled back under the covers. It was almost 6:15 in the morning. I was thankful it was Saturday and I didn’t have to go to work. I closed my eyes and tried to go to sleep. Sleep for me wasn’t possible. I was just too hyped up to get any sleep. I had witnessed my wife playing around with two of my friends, one of them black! I could tell as my cock started to get hard again the memory of tonight would stay with me a long time.

Just as I positioned my stiffening cock comfortably between my legs the door opened. I quickly closed my eyes as Sally walked into the bedroom. She opened her dresser and pulled out a yellow tank top and another pair of shorts. She went into the bathroom, cleaned up, changed clothes, and then went back to the living room.

John asked Sally why she changed clothes. She didn’t want any misunderstanding about what happened last night. She didn’t want him to think she was leading him on. She poured herself a cup of coffee and refilled her pipe. They smoked it and when the movie ended she asked John to put in another one.

The sun started to stream in the bedroom through the window. I the realized how spent I really was. I could hardly keep my eyes open in the brightness. I got up and shut the blinds. Closing the blinds helped me a little, but I still had trouble trying to sleep.

I heard Sally protesting to John again. She told him if she wasn’t married and didn’t know his wife she probably would. I guessed John was still trying to put his moves on her. It sounded like he wasn’t getting anywhere, at least not yet. Sally spoke up a little louder and said they shouldn’t be doing this, especially when I was in the bedroom sleeping. The next words I heard Sally speak were something along the line of, No John!

John apparently had reached behind Sally and pulled her closer. At the same time he undid the three snaps on the front of her tank top, pulled her top away from her left tit and began sucking on her nipple. Sally protested to John again.

I figured it was time to walk down the hall and into the living room. I had enjoyed the excitement I got from last night’s happenings between Sally and the guys, but I didn’t want her to be forced by anyone. For me, to enjoy the thought and the reality of the situation, Sally needed to voluntarily play around and want to participate.

I opened the bed room door and walked down the hall. I no longer hear voices from there any more. Certainly, I never expected to see what was going on now.

Either John or Sally had taken off her tank top and John was about to place his mouth right back on her tit. I stopped dead in my tracks as Sally put her arms around John’s head and pulled him down tightly against her chest. It looked like Sally had given into John after all! She pushed John onto the couch and down on his back. I didn’t want to move as they might notice the movement. I just looked on as Sally stood and removed her shorts. She straddled John’s cock which was now rising to the occasion.

She reached down and guided his cock into her pussy. She began to move her body up and down against his dick pushing it deeper and deeper inside her with each movement. She moved faster and faster until John started to move with her. In a minute it was all over, and they fell into each other’s arms.

Somehow I was able to unfreeze my feet and slowly move back into the bed room. I wanted to get up and tell Sally her Dilantin pills got rid of my headache and I gotten a good nights sleep as well. I decided the best way to go about that would be to flush the toilet and run the water while I brush my teeth and wash up. After about three minutes of making the standard “I’m getting up” noises, I entered the living room.

Both John and Sally were now dressed. Looking around I couldn’t tell anything had ever happened last night or this morning. I never asked Sally why she let John have his way that morning. How could I without her knowing I was awake? Any way John will be here about two weeks until he needs to go back to Idaho for their trial. I wonder what else will go on?

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