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Ruby’s Trick

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Ruby?s Trick

There was a whorehouse I used to go to. I used each whore in it differently to satisfy my nasty desires. There was this one girl, her name was Ruby and she was a fine little asian girl. I had enjoyed Ruby several times. She was a petite little thing only weighing about 90 Lbs. I weighed 250Lbs. Ruby?s titties were a little big for her petite frame, and she was very sexy. She had a cute face and I enjoyed fucking her tiny little frame, holding her beneath, as she spread her legs wide and wrapped her thin arms around me as I drove my cock deep. Truth is she has one of my favorites when I went there. Ruby let me drill her cunt for as long, hard, and deep as I wanted to. I dumped many loads into that whore?s tight cunt. But there was one thing Ruby would never let me do. One thing that was my favorite. I Loved to feel my cock shooting spurt after spurt into a whore?s sucking mouth. I liked filling their mouths with jizz, holding them down on my cock making them taste my load. But Ruby would never take my cum in her mouth. That is until I devised this plan?.

Ruby knew it took me a while to climax. And every time I went to see her, she would first suck my cock to get things started before I fucked her. And She?d suck me good to. Damn that bitch made me want to cum in her mouth so bad I couldn?t stand it. Every time when we started, she?d get on her knees in front of me, wrap her lips tightly around my cock and suck me good. Damn that whore could suck a cock! I?d hold her long silky hair in a pony tail as I guided her cock sucking. But there was one thing I?ve learned about myself over time, and Ruby didn?t know this. I am able to fuck women long and hard and hold off my climax until I want to cum. In fact if I do hold myself back, when I finally let loose I cum a huge wad. Also, if I jack my cock until I almost cum, Not letting myself cum, then the next time my cock is hard it?s ready to explode almost on contact. Almost like a gun cocked ready to shoot. No pun intended. I knew if I did this Ruby wouldn?t know what was happening until it was too late. Ruby didn?t know my plan and I had not cum for almost a week so I had a HUGE LOAD saved up for her. And right before going to see her I jacked my cock right up to climax then held off 5 times, not letting myself cum. Honestly the 5th time I almost lost it but fortunately was able to hold that one off to. The next time my cock was hard it would be ready to instantly explode and shoot a huge wad.

With every thing ready, and jacking up to but not climaxing, I went to the whorehouse and requested Ruby. She came in looking sexy just like the other times. Teasing me with her body as she strutted in and then over to the bed I was sitting on waiting for her. Ruby slid her shoulder straps off slowly teasing me then dropped her dress to the floor. Her beautiful petite body gave me an instant hard-on. She was getting ready to drop to her knees in front of me to suck me like she usually did. But this time I stood up and asked Ruby to lay down on the bed. She got a sexy look in her eyes and did as I asked. I think she thought I was going to mount her and fuck her right then as she started to spread her legs. I then quickly climbed over her and straddled her body placing a knee on each side of her petite frame. I knelt down sitting over Ruby?s chest, pinning her arms to her sides. I did it so quickly she didn?t have time to say no. The stage was set and it was perfect being on top of Ruby like that as it completely pinned her down helplessly underneath me. Ruby wasn?t able to move at all as I started to slowly jack my cock at Ruby?s face telling her what a pretty whore she was, and that I Loved whores like her. As I talked nasty to her Ruby stared at my cock watching me stroke it at her face. Within a minute of jacking at Rudy?s face I was ready to blow my wad. I leaned forward and put my cock in Ruby?s mouth. She obviously thought just to suck it just like she always did at the beginning of our sessions. But this time just before driving to the whorehouse I had jacked my cock and not letting myself cum 5 times. Damn my balls ached needing release as I had primed the pump so to speak and was ready to explode. I began stroking my cock feverishly holding the head of my cock in Ruby?s mouth as she sucked it hard. Just before I exploded I told her, ?Drink it whore.?. That was it! With Rudy?s arms pinned at her sides, My cock started gushing spurt after spurt filling Ruby?s mouth full of sperm. Ruby not expecting it at all was shocked with the first two spurts of cum. But as I continued cumming, she started kicking her feet. It was perfect, I was force feeding her cum and she couldn?t do anything about it. She then tried to turn her head. I just closed my knees together as I stroked off holding her head right there with my dick still cumming ropes of hot thick jizz right into her mouth. My plan had worked perfectly, and through my heavy breathing I told Rudy, ?Take it.? Ruby realized she was unable to move at all and quit kicking as I emptied my entire wad into her mouth. And I mean I drained my aching balls as I filled Ruby?s mouth. Ruby now had a mouth full os hot thick gooey sperm and wouldn?t swallow, so I held her there for a minute or so telling her, ?That?s it baby taste it.? ?Taste my load.? I could see the displeasure on her face as she had to taste the flavor of my wad. I Finally let her up and as she got up I emphasized how good it felt and how good she was. Ruby sat up and grabbed a tissue from the stand next to the bed. She opened her mouth and jizz pours out over her lips into the tissue. I could see it was one of the biggest, thickest gooiest wads I?d ever shot. She then turned to me and with a distasteful look on her face and said. ?That tasted awful.? She further said, ?I don?t normally do that.? I Just smiled and told her, ?Yes I Know but it felt so good and I Wanted you to taste it?? verynasty1 at hotmail dot com All comments are welcome, Especially from the ladies?

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