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Rachel's Submission pt1

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I sat there at my desk staring the evidence right in the face but still not believing it. I had just read an email addressed to my wife on her private email account which she happened to leave up on her home office computer by mistake. The email was from some guy named Jake and it was obvious from the content that he and my wife have been exchanging erotic emails for some time. Who knows what else they've been up to.

My wife Rachel and I have been married 8 years and I like to think we still have a spark to our relationship. She's 5'5 and still has a college co-ed's body and I've managed to stay in shape by hitting the gym 3-4 times a week. Our sex life isn't as wild as it used to be but I thought we'd hit a rhythm that was comfortable for both of us. I guess I was wrong.

Now I was faced with the dual questions of how far Rachel's infidelity had gone and how do I stop it. I contemplated these things the rest of the day as I waited for her to get home from work. As I puzzled over how this had all happened, I realized that the thought of my wife riding some guy's cock had gotten me all worked up. I found myself starting to fantasize about setting up a hidden camera and catching Rachel in the act of fucking this guy. It was then that the solution to my problems came to me and I started to formulate my plan.

When Rachel came home the first thing I did was confront her with what I had found on her computer. Initially there was denial, but after I showed her the evidence, the tearful apologies started to flow. I acted angry with her and told her I was considering leaving her which put her into panic mode. Rachel begged me to reconsider and told me she would do anything to get me to forgive her. I let her go on for awhile begging for my forgiveness and then I told her that she would have to earn it. Rachel immediately agreed.

I told Rachel to go into the bedroom and put on her sluttiest lingerie....that if she was going to act like a slut then I was going to treat her like one. Rachel looked relieved just to be getting out of this argument alive and she didn't protest at all.

When I came into the bedroom ten minutes later I saw that Rachel had taken the order very seriously. She was wearing a pair of knee-high black leather fuck-me boots, a black lace thong that ran deep between her glorious ass cheeks, a black lace bustier that cinched her waist in and pushed her 36-C tits up into two scoops of cleavage at the top, and a black leather choker around her neck. She had pulled her hair back, put on heavy eyeliner, and a dark red lipstick that accentuated her thick pouty lips. She looked like she had just come from a high end brothel.

Blood immediately began to pulse into my already swollen cock. I told Rachel that from here on out her name would be slut or whore and that she could call me master. I saw Rachel's cheeks begin to redden and her eyes filled with shame but she replied "yes master". I almost came right there.

I told Rachel "get on your knees" and she complied. I told her "open your mouth and suck my cock, whore". Rachel parted her lips and took my entire 7" into her mouth with one quick move. As she bobbed her head back and forth slurping my cock and swirling her tongue around it's shaft, I tried hard not to blow my wad. I grabbed a hold of her head and started to pump back and forth,fucking her face. I could hear her gag every once in awhile when I pushed too deep into her mouth.

After a few minutes of this I knew I wouldn't last so I told Rachel to turn around and get onto the bed. She got onto her hands and knees and I said "give me your ass, slut, so I can fuck it". Rachel laid her head onto the bed and spread her knees slightly so her ass was pushed up towards me. I could see her pussy was already moist and she started to rock back and forth in anticipation of receiving by cock but I wasn't planning on giving her any pleasure tonight.

I got behind Rachel and tore her thong off. I rubbed a couple of my fingers along the inside lips of her trimmed pussy and got them soaking wet with her juice. I took those fingers and rubbed Rachel's puckered pink asshole until it started to relax and loosen up. Rachel has never really enjoyed ass play that much and she's never let me do anal before but tonight she wasn't going to have a choice in the matter.

I put my cock up against her ass and I could feel Rachel's body begin to tense in protest. I moved away slightly until I felt her start to relax and then I quickly shoved the head of my cock deep into her ass in a quick motion. I heard Rachel suck her breath in and she started to pull away from me but I grabbed a handful of her long hair from behind and I pulled her back against me, casing the remaining couple inches of my thick cock to slide into her ass. I said "quit fighting me whore, you're getting what you deserve're gonna be used and fucked like a slut".

My cock was impossibly swollen and I felt the tight hot sensation of Rachel's ass engulfing my shaft. I started to slide my cock in and out and pretty soon I was pounding Rachel's ass, listening to her moan and grunt with the combined sensations of pleasure and pain. I fucked Rachel in the ass mercilously, pausing every once in while to slap her ass cheeks with my hand and call her a whore or a slut.

The sight of my red hand prints on her ass finally put me over the top and I started to come. I pulled Rachel's pony tail again, pulling her back into me and I shot load after load of cum deep into her ass. Rachel's body trembled as I felt her tense and begin to orgasm. She rode my cock slowly back and forth until it finally went completely limp. As I pulled my cock out, the cum seeped out of her asshole which was now considerably less puckered and tight.

Rachel and I both collapsed on the bed exhausted from the emotional tension and physical exertion of what had just happened. I looked over at Rachel and asked her if she had enjoyed being my whore. She looked away slightly and nodded her head yes. She asked me "so can you get past my mistakes in our relationship?" I looked her in the eye and told her "this was just the first part of what you're going to have to do to repair the damage you did....tomorrow night you'll hear the rest"........

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