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My wife and I were on a Caribbean cruise last year and had a rather unusual experience happen to while we were on board.

After we boarded the ship we soon met our cabin steward Jimmy from Thailand. He was a very slender young man of about 20 years of age, but had an athletic body and a noticeable bulge in his tight uniform, which my wife was first to notice. He showed us about our cabin and told us that if there was anything he could do for us to just call the steward number on the cabin phone. He also told us that the ship had 24hour room service, and that if we ordered anything, it would be he that would deliver it no matter what time of day it was.

As we chatted with J (as he told us to call him) he seemed to be very interested at staring at my wife's 44DD tits that she showed off in her deep cut top. One of the things Karen asked him was when did he get any sleep if he had to be available 24 hours a day to deliver room service. All he said was that he was young and could handle anything and that if we needed anything from room service that he would be eager to get it for us, still staring at Karen's tits.

After J left us in our cabin, I headed in to get a shower before dinner. As I stepped out of the shower Karen asked me if I thought J would really do anything for us, as she rubbed my half hard cock. I asked her what she had in mind and she said it might be interesting for us to order room service and see if he really would deliver anything any time during the night and led me over to our bed and started sucking on my cock which in no time was bouncing off the back of her throat. She paused for a second and said you did see him staring at my tits before and I said yes. As she continued to tease my cock, she said let's find out later if he wants to see more of them and continued to give me a great before dinner BJ.

When we got back to our room later that night, it was about 1 AM , and both of us were not feeling any pain after probably having way too many drinks as we enjoyed our first day at sea. We striped and hopped into bed and started watching a xxx rated movie on our DVD player. As things started to get interesting, Karen rolled over and grabbed the phone. I said what are you doing? and she said ordering room service. As I lay there, Karen called room service and ordered a bottle of Champlain, three glasses, and a large bowl of whipped cream. The order placed, Karen said well I guess now we wait and see what happens.

About 20 minutes later there was a knock at our door and we slipped on our robes and Karen went to the door and opened it. There was J with our wine the 3 glasses and a huge bowl of whipped cream. Karen let him in but as he headed to our table with the tray that he brought she closed the door behind him. J saw her close the door and as he placed the tray on our table, he asked if there was anything else he could do for us. I knew that Karen was up to something, so I just sat there on the edge of the bed with my robe on and watched to see what she would do next.

Karen turned to J and said will you really do anything We want? and J said that is my duty, I am here to provide room service --what can I get you now? Well you can help me get this knot undone in my robe's sash. So J walked over to Karen and started fumbling around with her robes sash and mostly staring at her tits which were more than half way out of the top of her robe. As J worked at uniting the knot we both noticed that there was a large bulge forming in the front of J's pants. When J finally got the knot undone, Karen's robe slid open and there he stood 8 inches in front of Karen staring at her now exposed tits.

Karen said do you like what you see? and he said yes. And are you still willing to do anything we want. And J reaffirmed that he was our room steward and it was his job to do anything we wanted and that since he was now off duty as a room service runner, that he would be glad to help with anything we wanted. So Karen said take my robe off and hang it in the closet and Like a good cabin steward J proceeded to remove Karen's robe and took it and hung it in our closet and returned and asked --anything else I can do for you? Karen pointed at me and said remove my husbands robe and hang it up too. So I stood up and J started working on the knot in my robe's sash and as he was doing this my cock sprang to life and poped out of the robe just as J started to remove it. As J turned to take my robe to the closet his hand brushed against my cock as he passed in front of me, but he never said a word, and he placed my robe in the closet and returned.

Karen and I were now standing nude in the middle of our cabin with our room steward J just standing there in front of us. Karen looked at me and gave me her little devilish smile and then told J to come over and stand directly in front of her & so he did. Then as J stood there , Karen proceeded to strip all his clothes off, stopping only as she lowered his shorts exposing his rapidly growing 10" cock. Now she was the one doing the staring.

As Karen stood up again she asked J if he was still going to do anything we wanted and with a big grin on his face he said yes. So Karen and I got on the bed and Karen told J that she wanted him to decorate both of us like a cake with the whipped cream he brought. While J got the bowl of whipped cream Karen and I lay on our backs on the bed. J proceeded to rub the whipped cream on to Karen's tits and then down all over her pussy, spending considerable time rubbing lots of it on and around her clit working it in to the point that she was squirming with delight. As J was doing this,both of us were staring at his rock hard 10" cock. Even though it was long, it was very narrow in width, maybe somewhere between 3/4 and 1 inch wide along almost it's entire length. After covering Karen's tits and pussy, Karen said now told J to decorate my cock too. As J started rubbing whipped cream on to my cock he had to lean over Karen and she couldn't resist any longer and grabbed J's cock and started sucking on it as he rubbed my cock with the whipped cream. Needless to say, my 8"cock quickly became rock hard as J was covering it in the whipped cream.

Karen could see J rubbing my cock with the whipped cream and she could tell I was enjoying it. After several minutes of Karen sucking on J's cock and J rubbing my cock with the whipped cream, Karen told J that it was time for him to clean her up but that she only wanted him to use his tong to do it.J buried his face in Karen's cream covered pussy and licked it clean spending lots of time sucking on Karen's clit until she was quivering all over and hollering for more. I just watched as J moved up to Karen's tits, but as he did, he first raised her legs and I watched as he slid all 10" of his hard cock into Karen's pussy. Once his cock was firmly planted deep in her pussy, J leaned forward and started sucking the whipped cream off Karen's tits while rhythmically working her dripping pussy with his cock.

I decided to find out just far this room service was going to go,so I got behind J as he was fucking Karen's pussy and placed the head of my whipped cream covered 8" cock up against J's ass opening. When he felt my the head of my cock touching his opening he paused for a few seconds leaving his cock buried in Karen's pussy. Since he didn't resist,I pushed ahead and the head of my cock entered J's ass. Once the head was in, I worked his butt slowly till he expanded to except my fairly large girth. Once fully in, I started pumping J's ass and he resumed pumping Karen's pussy. All of us had a fantastic rhythm going when I felt J tense up and I knew that he was about to cum, so I rammed my cock deep into his ass and he shot his load into Karen's pussy. Karen and I counted at least 6 or 7 huge shots of cum shoot into her. As J climaxed, his sphincter slammed down around my cock. It felt like a huge hand had grabbed my cock. As soon as this happened I shot my load and blasted at least 4 huge loads of cum deep into J's ass.

Afterwords we took turns cleaning up in our shower and later J asked us if there was anything else we would like and we asked him if ROOM SERVICE would be available every night. With a smile J said yes--all you have to do is call and ether myself or my room mate will be here with your order and be available to help with anything else you may require. Since this was the first day of a 10 day cruise, we were looking forward to ordering room service again on day 2--- but that's another story--hint it included Jimmy's roommate from Jamaica.

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