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R and R

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I was coming home for R and R from iraq for 15, I called my sister in-law sarah to come pick me up from the airport so I could surprise my sexy wifey waiting at home for me. I landed and called sarah and she was there to get me. I stopped and picked up some flowers and a box of chocolates. When we get there I come up to the door and I hear music playing I call your name but you don?t answer. I walk into the living room and there you are with your instructor resa teaching you how to give a great blowjob. You turn around and see me, you jump up and run and start kissing me. Then you grab for my cock and say great you came just in time. You pull my pants down and push me down on the couch. I say well what about resa and your sister, you tell me not to worry about it. You start slowly sucking my cock licking the head of it, and then you start sucking on my balls like you know I like it. I blow my load in like 2 minutes. Resa starts packing her stuff up and leaves. Well as soon as she leaves I ask your sister to watch jayda so we can go out shopping. I take you out to a couple of stores and you see a clothes rack that has clothes to the floor, you pull me by my cock over to it and start sucking me off again you use a technique you?ve never used before and I cum in no time. We finally find the outfit for you to wear tonight to the club. I picked out this very sexy tiny tube top and and short mini skirt that shows off your sexy legs. I have you go try it on in the dressing room and you walk out and my jaw hits the floor 2 guys are walking by and they have the same reaction. Well I walk back in to your stall with you and I pinch your ass and find out your not wearing any underwear you bend over like you dropped something and I see your pussy lips and I get hard instantly. I start to rub your clit with you still bent over, and you start to bite your lip and moan softly. I hear some rustling and I look behind us and I see I didn?t close the door all the way and those same 2 guys are there masterbating to me rubbing your clit. They don?t know that i know they are there, I whisper in your ear that you have any audience. You tell me to turn around so you are facing the door and you have me sit down and you sit down on to my cock and start slowly grinding your pussy on my cock. You can see them jerking off and I can tell its turning you on. So I pull down your tube top so they can get a view at your tits. You cant take it anymore and ask me if I care if you suck on one of them. So I tell you to invite them in and they start to fight to get in. so I tell them to both come in. You are riding my cock, suck on the first guy, and then jerking off the other. We are all about to cum when you phone starts to ring I am starting to thrust my cock into you and your moaning into the phone when you answer it. Your sister just wanted to know when we were going to be back. You try to keep it together but you moan loudly and tell her you?ll call her back. After about 5 minutes we all came and we get you cleaned up and they leave. We go up to the counter to buy you your outfit and the guys you just sucked off were outside. They see us on the way out and just wanted to thank you. We head home and start getting ready for the night out, as soon as we walk in your sister asks us what was going on and we just laughed. She bugged you for a while about it and told her nothing. We get ready and go out to the club envy that resa told you about and we get our own VIP room and we start drinking a lil. Your phone starts ringing and its resa she wanted to know how I liked my bj and you told her I loved it. You told her where we were at and that she could come join. Well she gets down there and we drink some more and then you start rubbing my cock. And resa starts kissing on me. Well I said to give me a minute I was going to get us more drinks. When I came back you and resa were on your knees with 4 guys in the room, so I walked up to you and picked you up but kept you bent over so you could finish sucking that guy off while I fucked your pussy. I started pounding it in deep and your were trying to moan with a cock in your mouth. After you and resa finish those guys off they leave and say so what happened. You told me that when I left the door opened up and they walked in, resa knew them and wanted to show off her best student. That got me hard again and I said I want to see the teacher in action, well resa ripped my pants down and started sucking she sucked me dry in less then a minute. You started kissing on my neck and got me hard again, well I didn?t want to just have all the fun in the club so left to go to a sex hotel. On the car ride I told resa to get in doggy style in the backseat and I started fucking her pussy so hard that she was screaming. we finally got to the hotel and we all went in it. You and resa tied me down to the bed and ya?ll gave me a strip show. You two continued to suck and fuck me into the next morning. When we got home your sister wanted to know what we did, and we started to laugh and she begged to know, you said I think he is to tired to show you.

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