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Pullin the weeds

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I invited this single guy over to our house on Wednesday. He promised to do a bunch of yard work for us if I would just tease/flirt/flash him. I was like, wtf, sure I give that away, why not get something in return. Lately I'm all about equity and getting stuff in return. Hubby thought I was being amusing and usual and said he'd play along - besides even if it got down to real "business", he likes to tag team me and it's been a few weeks.

So we make the plans online, never even talking on the phone. The guy shows up late, we'd honestly figured he chickened out or was another of the millions and millions (of The Rock's fans? ok no) of flakes who get off on making the plans then never call or show up. [fyi just like we told him - be warned, if you commit to an actual time/date/place and no call no show or cancel at the last minute w/o a real excuse, don't bother trying to talk to me anymore]. Apparently, he got a lil lost and get this, lol doesn't have a cellphone. So he gets here we say hi, and we all goto the back yard and get to work. We were also doing some of our own projects back there at the same time; didn't wanna treat him like a total slave and there's plenty of work to be done.

So we're back there digging/pulling/planting etc. I decide I need to keep the boys motivated so I show them my titties a few times. They are both actually working at a really amazing pace, although the weather was perfect for working outside too so it was a double bonus for them (lol pun intended). We all worked back there for about an hour when the boys decided they'd had enough of the dirt and wanted to see more of the titties. So we went into the house and got some ice water and all kicked back on the sofa and were just relaxing for a while. I was wondering if anything was really going to happen or not at this point; I thought they maybe over did it in the yard and were too tired. Boy was I wrong.

So hubby asks if they did a good enough job in the back yard to get some kind of reward atleast, and I say oh yea you did. We'd talked about maybe letting him watch a sword swallowing act (not sure how explicit I can be in blogs and really don't want this thing deleted right after I type it), so I asked hubby if that's what he wanted. Hubby, like any guy before or since, knows that's one of my specialties and would be stupid to say no, I honestly think if I asked him in the middle of the mall he'd be like SURE! We do have 1 rule that whenever/where ever I do "that", I have to be topless. He says it's because it's so impersonal otherwise, I think it's just cuz he really likes my tits. So he pulls my shirt over my head and drops his shorts and something springs up in my face and what's a girl supposed to do when there's yummy candy near by? So I do my best, noisy, slurpy job on him for a little while and he encourages me to lose my shorts too so that I "would be more comfortable" ha. He has to know I'm getting super wet because I always do when I play with a bomb pop, and that's not even adding the dynamic of a new audience :P.

So I shimmy outta my shorts and my thong is just literally wrecked from 1 side of the waistband down and around to the other, soaked. The smell fills the room with the light sweetness of what's making those things so damp. I go back to work on him, all the way down to his "friends" (ok they're your friends unless you hit them). He's really into it now and I can taste what I like starting to leak a lil. Meanwhile our guest has gotten him self quite a bit more comfortable himself, enjoying the show with a one handed lean of sorts. I decide it's time for me to take more control of the situation and start to complain that I would be alot more comfortable on a bed than on the floor (who wants big red knees when there's a spare bedroom close?).

Moving into the room of course presents a couple of changes. There's only a bed in there as far as things to sit on, and it's also a more traditional, cozy, and versatile setting. I lay hubby down on one side and invite our guest to sit on the bed next to him, also having tossed my thong on the rest of the pile of my clothes on the way in there. I can feel it running on my thighs. I go back to work on hubby and try to gauge his response and playfulness level by reaching out and firmly grabbing onto my new friend. Lol the guy kinda jumped and looked at my hubby like "oh shit I hope this is ok or this guy is gonna kill me." No one says a word, it is kind of tense, but more in a anticipation way than impending violence. Hubby tells him that "she's her own person, if she wants to pull on that or whatever, that's up to her, what am I supposed to say." (god I love him, he lets me be such a slut). After doing that for a couple minutes I announce that I want to taste the new one to, and after a quick nod of ok, I moved over to our yard boy.

Hubby just stayed there and watched me swallow all the way down on it in the first pass. I thought this guy would pass out, his eyes rolled back in his head and he was shaking. Little did I know what was about to happen, but I was kind of hoping that was the case. I almost immediately after getting started got a gusher in my mouth, then another, and another, about 10 or 11 in total. I couldn't believe how much he had. I was proud that I was able to keep it all in and gulped really hard on the last couple swallows. It made me so much hotter than I already was, I was ready for anything.

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