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Pre-Marital Instruction

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I had dated the same guy all through high school. We graduated high school in May and were getting married in August. We had lived all our lives in a small mid-western town, both being raised in conservative, church-going families. Once married, we would be moving to a different state where my husband would attend divinity school. I was young and innocent and looking forward to someday being a pastor’s wife. I was working in a small department store & on my last night working there, the store manager approached me and asked if I could stay after the store closed. I agreed, assuming he had separation papers to be filled out. He told me to go to his office in the back of the store after I clocked out for the night & he would be there after everyone was gone and he had locked up. As I mentioned, I was young (barely 18) and naïve, so the thought that this might have been a strange situation unfolding never crossed my mind. The store closed at 9pm and about 9:30 Mr. Earle joined me in his office. It was basically just a boxy office with file cabinets, a desk and an old couch that had probably been written off as damaged, but that he had snagged for his own use instead of sending to the dumpster. I was sitting on the couch when he came in and settled himself behind the desk. “I just wanted to thank you for all your hard work here and say a proper good-bye and I wondered if there is anything I can do for you before you leave us.” He said, smiling that friendly smile of his. I thanked him & told him I would really miss him and all of my co-workers. He had always been good to me & had taught me a lot & I appreciated it. “I can teach you a lot more, if you’d like. I’ve always thought you’re special & I really want to help you.” He was so sincere, but I was naïve and wasn’t following where he was going. He got up from his desk and sat next to me on the couch. “Are you a virgin?” He was looking right into my eyes and had placed his hand on my leg. “Yes, of course I am. Why?” His face looked a little flushed, but he continued. “You’re so young and beautiful and I’m concerned that if you don’t know what to expect on your wedding night, you might be afraid & not know what to do and some things that Rick is going to want to do to you might hurt a little. Has your mom or anyone talked to you about what to expect?” I could tell that he was really concerned for me and wanted to help me and no one else had even brought the subject of the wedding night up, so I told him that. “Well, I can help you and I want to answer all of your questions. I can show you everything that will happen if you want and you can ask me anything you want about any of it. Does that sound okay?” I felt pretty lucky that he was making this offer, though I didn’t have a clue what he might show or tell me. He was in his late 30s and married to a beautiful woman that I had met several times & they seemed happy, so I was sure he knew all about doing the right things on your wedding night. “That’s really nice of you Mr. Earle, I’d like that” I smiled and nodded my consent. He moved his hand up to my breast & rubbed his thumb over my nipple. It stood at attention right away. “Has Rick ever touched you like that?” I was a little taken aback, but said no. “I can tell you like it, because your nipple got hard right away. Both of your nipples are nice & hard. Can I see your breasts?” I blushed, but nodded my consent. After all, I needed to know this stuff. Mr. Earle unbuttoned my blouse and pushed it off my shoulders, then undid the front clasp of my plain white bra. I had small, but firm breasts and my nipples looked like hard pencil erasers. I looked a Mr. Earle and could tell that he was pleased. He cupped each breast in his big warm hands & began to squeeze them gently, then lowered his mouth to one and swirled his tongue around the nipple. I gasped, with both surprise and pleasure. “Does that feel good?” he asked. I whispered yes. He sucked, licked and caressed my small breasts while he told me that this was probably the first thing Rick would do to me when we got to our hotel on our wedding night, so it was good that I liked it. Then he asked if I was getting wet. I didn’t know what he meant, so I told him that. He sort of laughed and said “Is your pussy wet?” I was mortified! Not only that he had been so blunt in asking, but that I was and he KNEW it! I couldn’t even answer him, but my blushing cheeks answered for me. “Well sweetheart, every man likes 2 things; a wet pussy and a tight pussy. I know yours is going to be tight, but I need to see if it’s wet, okay?” I nodded that it was okay. He unzipped my pants and slid his hand under my pants and underwear, inching down until his fingers were exploring my very private area that no one but me had ever touched. I had never been so wet down there and he rubbed me carefully, smearing my juices around. “You’re very wet. That’s good. It feels like you have a nice pussy. I want you to take your pants off and show me your pussy so you won’t be embarrassed when you have to show your husband for the first time. It’s okay if you’re embarrassed. I know when a woman has a nice pussy, so let me look at it & I’ll tell you if yours is a nice one.” I stood up, turned my back to him and stepped out of my pants and panties. He turned me around and my crotch was right in front of his face. He parted my pussy lips, then ran his fingers around, spreading my juice all over. It felt a little like the one time I had masturbated, only so much better. “That feels good, doesn’t it?” he cooed to me. “Oh yes!” I gasped. “You have a beautiful pussy and it gets nice and wet real easily. Your husband will like it. Now I need to put my fingers inside to make sure you’re tight.” He slipped a finger inside me & began to move it in & out, while his other hand grasped and squeezed the cheeks of my ass. I was beginning to breathe hard and so was Mr. Earle. “Yes Baby Girl, your pussy is nice and tight. Now I want you to sit down in my desk chair & open your legs.” I sat down and parted my legs a little. Mr. Earle knelt down in front of me and pushed my legs wider apart. “Now I want to do something that some men, especially a young man like Rick, might not know about. I’m going to lick your pussy. You’re really going to like it and if Rick doesn’t do it for you, you need to teach him, because he’ll like it once he tries it.” He lowered his head between my legs, parted my pussy lips & began to swirl his tongue in & around my pussy, concentrating on what I now know (but had no idea of then) is my clit. He again inserted his finger in my pussy & began to finger fuck me while he expertly sucked and licked my clit. Soon he increased it to 2 fingers, then 3, while he coaxed my juices out. He began to voice his approval with coos of “Your young pussy tastes so good”. This was all so new to me and I knew I shouldn’t be doing it for so many reasons, but it felt better than anything I had ever experienced and I wanted to know what was coming next. He continued to eat my pussy until I could stand the sensations no more and trembled with the first orgasm that a man had ever coaxed from me. “You just came for me” he smiled “Was that your first time?” I smiled shyly and nodded yes. “Now I want you to make me feel good, so I’m going to teach you the most important thing a wife can do for her husband.” Mr. Earle stood in front of me and unzipped his pants. I was so embarrassed at what I knew he was going to do that I turned away from him. He put his hand on my face and turned it back toward him. “No” he said firmly “I want you to look at me.” He reached into his pants and released what is, to this day, 20 years later, the biggest, thickest cock I have ever seen. I had no idea how to respond to him, since I had never seen a man’s cock before, so I waited for him to tell me what to do. He began to stroke his cock. “Touch it” he said, so I reached out and tentatively ran my hand over his smooth, hard shaft. “Now put your hand around it.” I did and he put his hand over mine and began to show me how to stroke it up and down. I could feel it growing even bigger in my hand. “Kiss it.” I shook my head; “I can’t” I told him. “You need to learn to, because your husband is going to want you to” he said, so I put my lips to the shaft and gave it a quick kiss. “Now lick the top of it.” I did and tasted something salty. “Now put it in your mouth & suck it.” I shook my head no. “You want to please your husband don’t you? Every man wants his wife to do this and if you don’t, he’s going to be disappointed.” So I put the swollen knob of his cock in my mouth and he began to rock back and forth slowly, moving it further in my mouth. He was moaning as he moved it in and out, so I knew I must be doing it right. He instructed me on how to deep throat him, swirl my tongue around the head and knead his balls while he continued to rock back and forth. He let out a gasp as he finally pulled out of my mouth & stepped back from me. “Baby girl, that was so good that I wanted to cum, but there’s one more thing I need to teach you” He pushed me back in the desk chair and spread my legs wide, then pulled my butt to the edge of the chair and raised my legs until they formed a V. I was totally exposed and felt very embarrassed, so I’m sure my face was bright red. “You are so very beautiful” he whispered to me. He took his engorged cock and began to rub it up and down against my soaking wet pussy. “Does that feel good?” he teased. I nodded my head yes, since I couldn’t find my voice to answer him. “I want to feel my cock in your pussy, but I can’t do that unless you ask me to” he said, staring straight into my eyes. “I can’t” I choked, finally finding my voice. “I want to be a virgin on my wedding night.” He smiled and gave a little laugh. “Oh Baby girl. I’m not going to break your cherry, so you’ll still be a virgin for your husband, but I can put it inside just a little bit. Don’t you want to make me feel as good as I’ve made you feel?” I didn’t want to disappoint him, so I nodded my consent. Even though I was afraid it would hurt, I knew I wanted to see what it would feel like, and I didn’t want to disappoint Mr. Earle. “I need you to ask me to do it” he said. “Will you do it?” I whispered. “Say, Mr. Earle I want you to put your big cock in my wet pussy.” I shook my head no “I can’t say that to you.” I told him. He pulled away from me. “I need you to tell me that you want my cock in your pussy or I can’t do it.” I was incredibly embarrassed, but by now I wanted him more than he wanted me, so I swallowed my embarrassment and whispered “Mr. Earle, I want you to put your big cock in my pussy.” The words were barely out of my mouth before he put the head of his cock against my pussy and slid into me. I let out a gasp of pleasure and he inched it inside me a little at a time until I told him it was starting to hurt. He pulled back just a little bit, then began to move in and out of my virgin pussy until he felt me cum for the second time since he’d began his instruction. As I was bucking against him he pulled his cock out of me and began to quickly stroke himself until his hot, sticky cum came spurting all over my stomach, then collapsed on top of me. We laid there like that, until our breathing returned to normal, then he looked up at me, kissed me lightly on the mouth and said “You were an excellent student. Class is dismissed.”

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