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Payup Time

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Sally had a "thing" for the teenager across the street, and since he had turned 18, he was fair game and legal too!

And since he delivered the local newspaper, he stopped by from time to time to collect for the paper and also just to chat, and I could tell that she enjoyed flirting with him, and that he definitely enjoyed her attention.

One Saturday afternoon I was laying on the couch in the living room watching TV when Sally came in, feeling a little frisky and started to play with me and see what she could get started. Since it was spring time, she was in her usual short shorts, but with a buttoned shirt which she had left mostly unbuttoned to show off her ample cleavage. Well we had both had a little fun with some passionate kisses and a few feels and before we had a chance top go any further, the door bell rang.

While we first thought about ignoring it, we realized we could pick up where we had left off so Sally looked at me and asked if I would answer the door. So I got up and walked over and looked through the peephole and saw that it was TK, who was doing his usual collection. I walked back over to the couch and told Sally it was her young admirer, and she should answer the door, just the way she was, since she always enjoyed showing off and had that "thing" for him too. So I told her to get the door, and that she could have a little fun too. During our lovemaking sessions we had talked about such an opportunity so now it was time to either put up or shut up. She looked at me with a question on her face, and I told her the limits were up to her, and then I stretched out on the couch to pretend like I was asleep. But before she left, I reached up and undid the remaining buttons on Sally's shirt, so she could give as much of a show as time, conditions, and her desires would permit.

Well Sally went over to the door and cracked the door, acting as if she did not know who was on our stoop, and also to make sure that he was alone. Once she saw that he was alone, she explained that she was just getting dressed and that I was asleep on the couch, and that he should step inside where it was cooler. Since we had been playing on the couch, and also had the a/c cranked up for an usually warm day, the effects on her nipples were obvious and had her standing at attention and almost poking though her shirt. TK obviously noticed and enjoyed what he was able to see,and gladly stepped inside while she fumbled through her purse to find her wallet and the amount that he was collecting. When she had found the correct amount and turned to make the payment, She noticed that he had been staring at her bared chest while she fumbled through her purse and decided to take things a step further by asking if he liked what he was seeing. Well he mumbled a "sure" and then she asked if he had seen other women's breasts and how she compared to the others that he might have seen. TK was a shy person, so he responded that her's was the first other that his sister and his mother's from around the house and that Sally's was definitely better, and definitely more exciting. Sally apologized for not covering herself up more and that she was sorry if she offended him or made him feel uneasy. I was really fighting to keep from laughing at that last line while pretending to be asleep on the couch, and knowing what every young male desires. Well TK just about choked stepping all over his words to tell Sally that he had not been offended or made uneasy by her display. Sally then asked him if he could keep a secret and not tell anyone what he had seen, and he swore that he would not tell anyone. Well with that bond of trust Sally asked him if he would like to see more and of course TK agreed. Sally then spread her shirt open, holding it as wide as she could gave TK an unobstructed view of her tits and her nipples and giving him a shy and questionning look. She then asked if he liked what he saw, and when he nodded a yes, she offered that he could have a feel if he would give her a kiss. When he again nodded, and when Sally realized just how shy he was, she took his hands and placed them on her breasts while moving forward to give him first a little innocent kiss on the lips, and then a much deeper, soulful kiss. By this time he was having the time of his life and his hands had started acting on their own and he started enjoying the feel of her breasts in his hands and beneath his fingers. Sally stepped back from her kiss while letting his hands have their fun, and offered that he could kiss and suck them if he would like, but that she would have to be able to explore what he had under his shorts in return if he wanted. She could tell that she was having the desired effect and he squeeked out a little "Sure" while continuing to feel her up and then lowered his head to her bare and exposed breasts. Sally snuck a quick glance over to my direction to make sure things had not gone too far and when I was sure he could not see, I shot her a quick grin to let her know she was doing fine and had my complete permission to go as far as she wanted. Well it didn't take her long to resume kissing TK on his neck and to start working her hands down his shorts first rubbing his crotch through the fabric, and when she was sure he was comfortable and enjoying himself, she worked her hands through the waist band and grabbed the prize that she had been working for. It wasn't long before she had stroked him into an uncomfortable erection, so she asked him if he would be more comfortable out of his shorts. He first asked if it was safe with me laying on th couch, and so close to them, but Sally explained that I slept like a log and would not be disturbed, and he then undid his shorts and let them fall, along with his underwear, to his ankles. Well Sally then asked TK if anyone had ever kissed him on his penis, or given him a blow job, he told her no, that while he had heard other guys in school talk about such things, he had never had the luck to find a girl friend who was willing to do those things for him. Well Sally then reminded him that they had promised to keep this a secret and that he could not tell any of his friends what she had done, or was about to do, and while she expected him to brag about things, he could just not disclose her identity. Well when he agreed and renewed his promide, my wife dropped to her knees and took his now engorged dick into her mouth. This was honestly the hottest thing I had ever seen and it took every bit of will power on my part to keep from stroking my won shaft, and cumming right there on the couch, but i knew that would have stopped their fun and I also knew that Sally would more than make up for this later. Well Sally started slowly on TK and stopped every few strokes to ask if she was hurting him, or if this bothered him, or if she should stop. Well TK begged her to continue and to please not stop, and that no far from bothering him, he was loving every minute of her sucking. Well during one of her questions, TK warned her that he might be getting close to cumming, and she just smiled and looked back up at him and said that was the whole purpose of this, and that he should not hold back as she loved to swallow a man's cum, and that she was sure she could handle whatever he provided. Well with that she put her lips back around his penis, and he placed his hands behind her head and started fucking her mouth right then and there. You could take by the way he was bucking his hips that he was really enjoying himself, and Sally skillfully took his whole length into her mouth and down his troat, while using her hands to massage his balls and it wasn't long before he was shooting his load and giving her the reward that she had been working for. Well once she had drained his cock of all of it's cum, she took her arm and wiped her lips and reminded him that they had a promside and he could never tell anyone just what she had done for him. I was amazed that he was still able to stand after the show I had just seen, but he meekly replied that he would keep their secret but that he had better get back to his route before anyone noticed that he had stayed so long. So with that, Saally helped him pull up his underwear and shorts, gave him a goodbye kiss, and offered him a can of coke to take with him to help him regain his composure and also to cool off while outside in the heat and sun. With that he walked him back to the door, and reminded him of their secret and with one more kiss offered that there might be a repeat performance another time, but only after he was sure he had kept his word. With that, she closed and locked the door behind him, and strolled over to the couch, with her devilish grin and asking me if I had enjoyed the show. We by then I was rock hard and in need of my own relief so I called this to her attention, but she replied that after her performance she was also in need of some relief so she would take care of me, after I took care of her, but that would have to be another story.

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