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Pauls Coming Out Chapter 2

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The following work of fiction is just that, fiction, none of the acts performed nor the characters encountered are real. If reading this is illegal in your area, please read at your own caution. The author does not recommend or endorse the illegal touching of minors or performing any other illegal act and if you can?t appreciate the difference between reality and fantasy please don?t read! To those who can appreciate and understand and are of legal age to read such material, by all means enjoy and your comments are welcome.


After my introduction to John?s family was over, John showed me up to my room. ?Dinner will be ready in about an hour, why don?t you walk around and see the place?? I thought it was a good idea, though what a really wanted was to have his big cock shoved deep in my ass again. I looked at him, standing in the middle of what was my room, fully nude, his body was lean, atheletic, completely tanned. His huge dick hung in front of him, still glistening from what just happened in the kitchen. Turning back around, looking out the window of my room I saw what looked to be almost a campground atmosphere. Nude bodies of every size shape and color dotted the grounds. I had to see what I had heard about, and still feeling the tingling from what I?d just experienced I thought it might just be worth the walk.

Putting my bag in the closet I put my walking sandals on. My room was on the second floor, so as I went down the stairs I could hear the little girl who?s pussy I had loved, Diana, tell her mom she would be home in time for dinner, but Billy had just begun to shoot his load and she wanted to see him do it! My cock swelled hearing her explain this to her mother as easily as most kids tell their parents about hitting a home run in little league with a mixture of excitement and glee. After a moment I heard Natalie say it was ok for her to go, and suddenly I heard a door open and shut. I chuckled to myself, naked in a strangers house, my cock half stiff, how absolutely normal and wonderful this whole moment felt to me.

I walked into the kitchen, to see Natalie preparing dinner, nude, of course. It wasn?t until now I noticed how amazing her body was. She was maybe 5?7? tall, dark brown flowing hair, deeply tanned olive complected skin. She moved with a particular grace I can?t explain, but everything about her was somehow amazingly sexy and amazingly normal. Natalie must have heard me enter the kitchen because she turned around, flashed the most incredible smile at me and said ?Going to take a walk around??

?Yeah, I thought I would, John said I should and it sounds like a good idea to me?

?I think so to, I would take you around and introduce you, but as you can see, I?m a little busy at the moment.?

I chuckled ?So I see! It smells wonderful!?

?John hasn?t complained in 15 years! And better not for another 15 if he knows what?s good for him!? She said laughing, turning back to her work.

?Well, I think I?m going to wander around for a while, John said to be back in about an hour??

I could hear a chuckle ?You might want to give it at least 2.? She turned and gave me a knowing grin

With that I turned toward the hallway leading to the front door. Stepping outside the smell of the fresh mountain air suddenly hit me. The feeling of the breeze across my skin sent a wave of exhilaration over me. Looking over the land in front of me, I noticed some walking trails that lead from John?s house to what seemed now to be very organized housing. I took the path veering towards the right from John?s walkway. Walking for only a few minutes I heard a rustle in some brush just ahead of me. I also heard the giggling voices of a couple of kids. Now usually I wouldn?t think anything of it, but here, you never knew, so I just had to check it out. Walking towards the sound I noticed what seemed to be 3 naked bodies, 2 boys and a girl with the girl squatting and the boys watching intently. ?Hey mister!? One of the boys whispered ?Wanna watch my sister pee?? He asked giggling ?Sure!? I replied, suddenly feeling dirty, but unable to contain myself. I wandered around the bush the girl was squatting next to, instinctively looking around to see if anyone was going to catch me.

Getting to where the kids were, there was this precious angel of a girl, maybe 14 or 15, blonde hair down to her tanned shoulders, squatting with the 2 boys on either side of her. As I got in front of her, I could see her fingers spreading her tight little pussy, she looked up at me and smiled. I could see the boys on either side of her were stroking themselves. One of them, who looked to be the younger of the 2, maybe 10 years old, said ?This is so cool Jimmy!? With that said, the girl started a beautiful stream of hot piss, the sound of it pooling on the ground under her, the boys squealing with delight, the breeze through the trees. My cock sprang to life, swelling almost to the point of pain. The boys, lost in their own excitement had started to stroke each others cocks behind the girl. The girl was smiling at me, her eyes beginning to glaze over. She opened her eyes to look at me and asked, ?Do you like this mister??

?Very much!?

?You wanna taste some? My brother likes to drink it.?

?I?d love some!!? I answered, laying down next to where she started her stream. She stood up, then squatted over my open mouth, the only thing I could see were her spread open pussy and tight little butthole. Suddenly I could feel her warm hot piss as it filled my mouth, her tight little asshole puckering as she pushed it into me. Swallowing every drop, like the good pig I love to be, I wallowed in the sweet flavor of this little girls gift. As her stream began to lessen, my hands reached up to her hips to pull her down onto my face. I could hear her moan as my mouth touched her pussy. Sliding my tongue across her peephole, lapping up the last drops of her golden nectar. Pulling her harder and harder down onto my hungry mouth, I began to lick and suck on her pussy, her sweet little lips, her little bitty clit, which drove her crazy. I at last began to run my tongue across her clit as she was grinding her little pussy onto my face. I was lost in this little girls pussy when I heard a voice, ?There you are! I?ve been looking for you.? Your mother was wondering where you wandered off to.?

?I was just letting this guy watch me pee daddy, I was coming right home!? she said as her pussy was planted on my face.

Her father just laughed, ?Well I figured you got distracted, why don?t you finish up and come home baby.?

?Ok daddy, I?ll be right there.? She said. She stood up, her sweet young body looking amazing standing over me. Looking down at me looking up at her she said ?My name is Jill, thanks mister. What?s your name??

?I?m Paul, and thank you for that, it was wonderful.?

?I liked it too, hope I can see you again. Bye for now.? She said, turning and running towards a group of tents.

?Hey Paul, I?m Jerry, Jill is really something isn?t she??

In something close to a state of shock, the reality that this minor?s father just caught me eating his baby girl?s pussy and is having a conversation with me as if it was the most normal thing in the world knocked me for a loop. ?She sure is,? I stammered. ?Do you and your family live here??

?Us, no, we get up here for a few weeks every year, but love every minute of it!?

?This is my first time here.? I said. While I?m talking with Jerry I notice his eyes drift down my body. Clearly liking what he sees, I tell him I?m here for the week. Looking down his tan body I see his now very erect penis standing straight up.

Catching my glances he asks ?Do you like what you see??

?Very much? I reply stepping towards him, reaching down to grab his thick shaft.

?Jilly loves pee games, is that how you got with her??

?Yeah, I heard the boys giggling, and she just invited me to join her, I couldn?t say no.? I said stroking his throbbing cock.

?Mmmm fuck yeah that?s good man, I?ve got some for you if you want it.?

Getting on my knees in front of him, I swallow his cock whole. His moans float around me as I begin to suck on his fat dick. ?Fuck man, swallow that cock!? he moans as his hands grab my head. He begins to fuck my mouth hard. My spit dripping off his shaft while he pounds his meat in my throat. My tongue working the underside of Jerry?s shaft while he fucks my mouth. Suddenly I can feel warm liquid filling my throat. My lust reaches its peak at once. Swallowing this man?s load of hot piss after drinking his daughters. Sucking his fat, sweet cock, his piss was making me drunk. Swallowing his whole load, amazed at the power of his erection while he peed. Once he was empty I looked up in his eyes and said, ?fuck me man, I need your cock in me.?

Still on the ground, I get on all fours in front of Jerry, waiting for that feeling I have come to love so much. Suddenly I can feel the pressure of his hard, warm cock against my aching hole. The wetness from my spit and his piss pressing into me. Once I feel the pop of his swollen cockhead passing through my anus I arch my back like a little bitch in heat. Jerry slides balls deep in my ass, spreading my hole wider with every inch. Finally I can feel him fucking me, the sensation of his hard, warm thick cock against my asslips as he pushed himself in and pulled himself out of me driving me crazy. Time was a blur, I don?t know how long Jerry fucked me, but I loved every second of it. After a while I could feel his body seizing up, and I could feel my ass getting full of hot fluid. ?Ohhhhh Fuuuuuck!!? Was all I heard as Jerry poured his hot cum up my ass.

Our bodies covered in sweat, Jerry pulls his cock out of my ass. As we stand I lean towards him to kiss him, he reaches his arms around my waist pulling me to him. Our kiss is long and hard, the kind only men can share. I can feel his wet cock pressing against my leg as we kiss. Once we separate, he says ?Better get back to the family, or I?ll be in trouble!? rolling his eyes with this last phrase. ?Please don?t be a stranger, I?d love you to meet my wife and the rest of the family!?

Chuckling, I say, ?Count on it!? I watch as Jerry stode back towards the tent city about 100 yards away. I could feel his cum as it began to flow out of my ass. I was touched by the feeling that I?ve had sex with so many people and I hadn?t even been at John?s for a day. My head swirled at the prospect of what was to come.

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