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Part II It Just Happened

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Tammy was home alone on Saturday morning thinking about her enocouter with Teresa just a few days earlier, and the thoughts made her a very, very,horny, wanton, woman.

She had her own car, the money, the $550 dollars Bob and Teresa paid her for her little over 32 hours she watched their baby, and a desire for sex. Not just sex, hot, raw, sex, with a man, with a woman, or both! She wanted it, she needed it!

Tammy was no virgin, losing her virginity her junior year to a teacher's son. The teacher, Mrs. Jones, actually provided the room and was in the room next door in case "anything went wrong."

So, Tammy, put on her thinnest, clingiest lavender tank top, a pair of matching shorts, and sandals and decided to go to a club about 25 miles away.

For a minute, imagine her shock, when after her first drink there was a tap on her shoulder and there was Mrs. Jones.

"Hi Tammy, how is school? It's great to see you again," the teacher said.

"Fine,Mrs. Jones, I am kind of suprised to see you here, where is Mr. Jones?," Tammy asked the school teacher.

"Just call me Patti, we aren't in school. Come sit with me for a drink or three," the teacher said.

"Joe and I have an open relationship Tammy. He is with a lady across town. I was invited to join, but I was wanting 'something different,' Patti explained.

Patti went on to explain that she had no clue she would ever run into anyone here that she knew or knew her.

"I could lose my job if some school patrons knew I was here or frequented here," she explained, "so please, our secret?," she asked.

Tammy had never noticed just how sweet her teacher's voice was until this moment. Also, she had never noticed her beauty. Patti had around 36c's, was tall, wearing a low cut button up shirt that showed her mid drift and some tight, really tight blue jean shorts and sandals.

"Your secret is absolutely safe with me Patti," Tammy smiled. "But, I have to ask, when you said you were wanting 'something different,' exactly what did that mean?." Tammy asked her teacher, almost like a student.

Smiling, she reached out and touched Tammy's hand, and began explaining, "well, maybe I shouldn't share this fantasy, but it has already begun. I have a black man at the motel down the road, he is waiting on me. I have desired to have a threesome, as strange as it seems, with a white female, and a black man. I know you probably think I am a freak, but that is why I came here, I thought I could find one," she smiled and winked at the young Tammy.

"I nearly ran when I saw you, but I looked at you differently Tammy. I never realized how nice your legs are or how big your tits are. Hell, you were a student, I couldn't, but I am free from that on weekends and you are over 21 now and in college, so I thought, what the hell," she laughed, feeling the effects of her drinks.

"On the other hand, if I scare you, or you feel uncomfortable, I understand and will leave. But this guy at the motel, he has a huge cock, I bet it is 8 inches long and he has such nice hands, and his kiss, oh my god! You will do anything he asks after he kisses you, he is that good," she laughed, once again touching Tammy's hand.

"No, I don't think you are a freak. I too never realized how sexy you are. Just the other night, I was seduced by a lady, something of which I had never even though,Patti, but dayum, I enjoyed it. I was thinking about it and got hornier than hell. It scared me when I saw you, but between your soft voice and the drinks, I feel better, comfortable," Tammy said, smiling. "Now just what all is going on if I come back to this motel with you, 'teach', she asked, almost laughing.

"Well, mmmmm. Promise you will at least run whether you come with me or not?." Patti asked her former student.

"Hell no, I am so horny, and so wet, hell no I won't run! Tell me," she nearly yelled at her former teacher.

"Ok, I will, now this is what Tom and I talked about, take you into the room. We will do some kissing, he laying on bed naked. We will slowly undress, you first, me second, then he will tie you to the bed, no pain, just to where you can only moan and squirm." she explained.

"Then he has this thing, where he sucks and kisses each toe, each ankle and runs his hands up your legs and fingers your pussy, while I suck on those luscious tits that are about to shoot out like a bullet through your shirt," she smiled, adoring the beauty and lustiness of the young Tammy.

"Honey, you will be so wet, you will bg hm to fuck you, and he will, oh my God, he will!," she explained, and I will be kissing you and him, and suck his cock, and you and I will fool around after we untie you and for hours we will enjoy each other," Patti explained.

"Wow, that sounds good. I just want to know though, will you eat my pussy?," Tammy asked,"I want that so dammed bad, I can hardly sit still," she confessed to Patti.

"Hell yeah," Patti said, "I wouldn't miss the chance."

Soon the two arrived at the motel. To Patti's suprise, her male friend hat picked up another one of her former students, now working at a bank. Patti introuced Tammi to Tom, and of course she knew Amy, and although the plans changed, the three ladies and Tom, well, they had sex, all night long, no one slept.

Amy and Tammy weren't good friends, but dammed good lovers. They had sex on the bed, in the shower, on the floor, and took turns with their former teacher, but the high light was when Tom tied the three ladies down and fucked them one by one with his 9 inch cock that the three ladies just couldn't seem to get enough of.

"My god, I am exhuasted. It's seven in the morning and sex all night, I can't believe it," Patti smiled as Tammy once again was being eaten by Amy and Tom was pounding his cock into Tammy's mouth.

This went on well into Sunday afternoon and although they didn't attend church, the three women and Tom felt as though they were in heaven!

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