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Paid to be watched Part 10 Memoirs Part 2

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Elaine saw the familiar landscape from the car window as they approached M?s house. Her anxiety grew, as they got closer. She loved her master and was not ready to deal with her husband, Barry. M & A were standing in the front yard with another couple. They were both attractive and in their 50?s, the same as Elaine. M turned and waved to her master as they pulled into the driveway. Elaine opened the door and got out of the car. Master asked her for the robe she was wearing. She took it off, revealing her nakedness to M, A and their guests. She walked around the car and opened the door for Master. She wanted to hug him, hold him and stopped herself when she realized he had not given her permission to do so. They walked over to everyone. Elaine heard one of the guests ask M, ?So this is the slave you lent to John and Amy.? M asked Master John if he found Elaine?s services satisfactory. Master replied, ?Better than expected.? The strange woman beckoned Elaine to her side. Elaine walked over and watched as her hand approached her and felt her fingers inside her pussy. ?You?re quite wet my dear,? she stated as her fingers continued to probe her insides. Then she leaned over, Elaine felt her breath on her ear as she whispered, ?That?s my husband over there, why don?t you show him what a good little whore you are and let him cum in your mouth.? Elaine walked over to the strange gentleman and told him his wife?s request. She unbuckled his pants, and knelt in front of him, feeling the grass underneath her. She pulled his clothes down and stroked his cock. She watched it transform from its flaccid state to a 7? erect pole. She licked it, sliding her tongue up and down his shaft. She knelt further down so that she could lick his balls and felt the grass tickled her pussy. She liked to feeling and must have been in that position too long. She felt his hands on the side of her head as he guided her head to his cock. She took the entire length of his medium sized manhood in her mouth and rocked her head back and forth for his pleasure. When she heard him start to moan, she backed off giving her space to stoke his cock with both her mouth and hand. She licked the tip of his cock with her tongue, letting her fingers run down his shaft before she put it back in her mouth. Elaine saw everybody watching her from the corner of her eye. The wife seemed pleased with what she saw. This turned Elaine on even more and she increased the speed with which she pumped his cock and kept rocking her head back and forth until she felt his warm salty fluid in her mouth. She swallowed his juice and licked him clean before pulling his pants up and fastening his belt.

When she was finished she stood on the front lawn with everyone waiting to be dismissed. She wasn?t comfortable standing nude outside where she could be spotted by an errant neighbor. But she wasn?t ready to go inside and face Barry, and appreciated the delay. She didn?t see the backhand coming at her. ?Crack? Elaine felt the sting across her face as she lost her balance from the force of the slap and toppled to the ground. ?You insolent little bitch, I didn?t give you permission to stand with us.? Elaine, bewildered, looked at the strange woman who had just hit her. ?Get on your knees, bitch.? Elaine got on her knees and knelt before the woman. She looked over to Master hoping he would save her from any more pain. ?Crack? Another backhand to the face and she fell to the ground once more. ?Now get on all fours and give me your ass.? Elaine did as instructed. ?Crack? ?Crack? ?Crack? Elaine felt each sting as the woman?s hand struck the bare flesh of her buttocks. ?Next time you?ll show some respect to your betters, now you?ll stay there until you have permission to leave.? They all continued to talk as Elaine remained on all fours. Why isn?t Master doing something? A neighbor walking by joined the crowd. He knelt down and fondled Elaine?s breasts as they drooped down. She was powerless to do anything except let him have his way with her. He looked up at M, ?This one?s new.? ?Actually she came up with her husband for a few days. They?re going back tomorrow,? replied M. ?Mind if I try her out,? asked the neighbor. ?Go ahead? says M.

As the neighbor lead Elaine inside, the strange woman followed. ?If you don?t mind I?d like to watch,? She said. The neighbor?s eyes lit up, ?OK, sure.? The three of them walked to one of the bedrooms, and the woman asked the neighbor to remove his clothes. She never took her eyes off of him as he removed his clothes one by one. His mammoth 9? cock sprang to life as he pulled down his shorts. The woman came over took his cock in her hands and stroked it. She motioned for Elaine to come over, instructed her to kneel and placed the neighbor?s cock in her mouth. She stroked the cock with her hand as Elaine pistoned it with her mouth. She grabbed Elaine by her hair and told her to stop. The neighbor was turned on even more as he witnessed this woman?s dominance. She directed the neighbor to the bed and instructed him to lie on his back. She told Elaine to sit on his cock. The woman held the cock and guided it into Elaine?s pussy as she lowered her body onto his. Elaine used her legs to force her body to ride his cock up and down. She was so turned on, she felt herself get wet and lubricate the cock as it slid in and out of her pussy. After a while the woman had them stop and change positions. She put Elaine on all fours, and placed the neighbor behind her. She took her lubricated fingers, placed them in Elaine?s asshole and turned her fingers stretching her hole. She grabbed the neighbor?s cock once again and guided into Elaine?s ass. She told him she wanted to see his cum drip from her asshole. He fucked her ass hard. Elaine could feel herself cuming and needed a little extra help. While her ass was being pounded by the neighbor?s cock, she took her hand and started rubbing her clit. ?Whack? ?Whack? Elaine felt the leather strap snap against her back. ?Whore, I didn?t give you permission to play with yourself. You pleasure your betters, not yourself.? Elaine felt the neighbor?s body tense up when she was hit with the strap. His rhythm increased even more and then she felt his hot fluid in her bowels. He pulled his cock out of her ass and she could feel his cum dripping down her thighs. The woman looked over and complimented the neighbor on a job well done. ?Now go find your husband and show him what a whore you are. Show him how another man came in your ass.

They heard noises and walked down the hallway. Elaine wanted to clean up, the cum was still leaking from her ass and down her legs. But the woman was right behind her as they searched for Barry. They found Barry in the bathroom wearing nothing but a collar around his neck, kneeling by the bathtub cleaning it out. The woman grabbed him by the ring in his collar and pulled him up. While he stood before her she continued to hold him by his collar. At the same time she wrapped her other hand around his cock, and smiled as his cock grew in her hand. Your wife is a whore, she let another man cum in her ass and I think you need to clean it out. Barry reached for a washcloth. ?Lick it clean with your tongue,? the woman commanded. ?Whore, get on all fours and let your slave husband clean you up.? Elaine complied with her instructions and the woman watched as Barry licked her clean.

Elaine felt that familiar tongue around her asshole, her most erogenous zone. She was turned on, but still very angry with Barry. She never anticipated the beatings and the pain and she resented Barry for all of this. This was his idea. Seeing this woman humiliate him in front of her, Elaine realized that Barry could never protect her and stop the pain. They chose this life together and now Elaine wanted out. She adored Master, her protector. Although she couldn?t have him, she vowed to herself that she deserved better than this. Barry?s tongue had already cleaned her hole and was now working his way down her thighs. She loved the feeling of his tongue on her legs. Elaine watched the woman?s eyes as Barry followed her instructions. And wondered if she desired one of them. ?Mistress, may I please you,? She said. ?Mistress? Now I see you understand how to respect your betters. Yes my dear whore, come over here.? She looked at Barry, ?You come over here, prepare a bath and get your wife whore ready for me.?

Barry filled the tub with water and watched Elaine get in. He took the soap in his bare hands and rubbed it over Elaine?s body. Elaine closed her eyes and imagined herself somewhere else as she felt Barry?s hands caress her body. The warm water and his hands felt so good. She was troubled with the conflicted feelings she felt for her husband. It would have been so easy to be mad at him from a distance. But here with him so close, her anger was starting to melt away. Her reverie stopped when she heard Mistress?s voice. ?Whore, meet me in the bedroom.? She got out of the tub and Barry dried her off.

She walked into the bedroom. Mistress was lying on the bed in her bra and panties. Elaine walked over to her, and planted little kisses on her neck and then her eyes and cheeks. Their lips met and Elaine felt mistress?s tongue on hers. Their tongues intertwined as lovers would do. Mistress placed her hand behind Elaine?s head bringing her lips even closer. They parted lips. Elaine looked into her Mistress?s eyes and asked her to turn over so that she could pleasure her. She unhooked and removed the bra, and then slid Mistress?s panties off. Elaine placed little kisses behind Mistress?s neck and worked her way down her entire body. Then she ran her fingers lightly up and down Mistress?s body. She focused her fingers on the buttocks, running them down in between her legs and inner thighs. Elaine knew she was having the desired effect when she noticed the goose bumps along her body. She kept repeating her movements until Mistress turned over and brought her lips to Elaine?s. They kissed again with a lovers? touch. Elaine brought her body on top of her Mistress, their breasts touching and pussies grinding as they kissed. Elaine closed her eyes to concentrate on the feel of Mistress?s body and touches. She broke the kiss and smiled as she looked into Mistress?s eyes. She place more kisses on her neck and began working her way down her body. Pausing at her breast as she kissed and sucked both nipples. Elaine loved the feeling of Mistress?s erect nipples in her mouth. She worked her way to her bush and took in her Mistress?s scent. She loved the powerful smell and dove into her pussy, running her tongue over every inch. Mistress?s groans were all she needed as encouragement to move on. She licked her clit, and placed her mouth over her pussy, sucking it all into her mouth. She used her lips to put pressure on all the sensitive nerve endings. Elaine turned her Mistress on her stomach and asked her to tuck her knees underneath her stomach. This gave Elaine access to her Mistress?s asshole. She plied the hole with her tongue as she reached around and stroked Mistress?s clit with her fingers. She felt her clit as she rolled it between her fingers and then rubbed it with her hand. Elaine loved when Barry did this to her and hoped that Mistress felt the same way. She got her answer soon enough when she felt Mistress?s body shudder before she screamed with her intense orgasm. Not knowing if she was finished, Elaine continued licking her asshole and playing with her clit when she felt a second shudder followed by a ?Please stop.? Elaine found Mistress extremely desirable and wanted to kiss her, hoping that she would return the favor. But Mistress lay on her back and outstretched her arm so that Elaine could lie on it and snuggle next to her. As she lay in Mistress?s arms, all she could think of was Barry. He always thought of her in bedroom, making sure she was satisfied before him. He was on her mind as she drifted off to sleep.

She felt someone gently shaking her. She opened her eyes and saw Mistress smiling at her across the pillow. ?Time to get up sleepy head.? Elaine was thinking if this was the same woman that called her Whore and beat her. All she could wonder is what will it take for the evil Mistress to reappear. But Elaine would enjoy this side of Mistress as long as she could, walking on eggshells trying to keep the evil side at bay. Hopefully she will go home before that happens.

Mistress asked Elaine to prepare a bath. She went down the hall to get everything ready. She heard noises from the bedroom. Since the door was closed she continued on to tell her Mistress that everything was ready. As they were walking down the hallway, Mistress thought she heard her husband in the other bedroom. She opened the door. Barry was on the bed on all fours. Mistress?s husband was standing behind Barry with his cock up Barry?s ass. M was kneeling in front on Barry with his cock in Barry?s mouth. The two just watched as Barry got fucked from both ends. Mistress put her hands around Elaine?s ass making circular motions with her fingers. Elaine took the hint and did the same. It didn?t take much to turn Elaine on, but she was surprised with Mistress?s reaction. She felt those tell tale goose bumps over her body again. She sat Mistress down in a chair by the bed. Elaine knelt in front of Mistress, licking her pussy as she enjoyed the man show. M asked if he could have Elaine and Mistress directed her over to him. M told Elaine to get on all fours next to Barry. He got behind her and felt his cock go up her ass. It hurt as first but she soon adapted and went with the flow. She looked at Barry as they both got pounded from behind. She stretched her neck to reach his lips. This was the first time they kissed since she came back. It was a quick kiss with both bodies rocking back and forth to pleasure the cocks up their ass. Elaine felt it first, M?s explosion of hot cum in her bowels. Soon after she noticed Mistress?s husband stop as she imagined his cum inside Barry. Mistress beckoned Elaine over to finish what she started. She knelt back down in front on Mistress and licked her pussy as the three men watched. She pulled on her clit with her lips and sucked it until she heard Mistress?s breathing slow up and drank in Mistress?s extra juice as she came in her mouth.

Noticing that Barry was still hard, M told Barry he wanted to see him fuck Elaine in the ass. She resumed her position on the bed as Barry placed his cock in her ass. ?How does it feel to have your cock swimming in your Master?s cum,? he said. ?Great,? Barry replied. He pumped her ass until she felt his juice added to the Master?s inside her bowels.

As Elaine remained on all fours, she asked, ?Master, may I have permission to cum?? ?Yes, my dear.? M looked at Barry and nodded for him to go to Elaine. Barry knew his wife and didn?t have to be told what she wanted. He licked around her asshole, cleaning the added cum at the same time. He reached around and took her clit rubbing it between two fingers. Oh, she loved the feeling, his tongue his fingers. ?Oooooh, oooooh, she scrunched her face. Her clit felt so good between his fingers. Ooooooh, ooooooh, his fingers were rubbing faster and faster, it felt so good. Ooooooh, ooooooh, oooooh, she could feel it, that build up pressure before it?s relief. Ohhhhh, ohhhhhh, she almost there, ohhhhh, then a few short breaths, and Elaine let out a hearty laugh as she finally climaxed. Oh, she was so relieved, and it felt so good. And Barry knows how to please her.

Yea, she thought she?s going to go home with Barry, but they need to think of another way to make the extra money they need to make ends meet. They could always go back and work with Marge and Al. She didn?t mind the love shows. As a matter of fact she found all the extra attention a turn on. She loved the fact that both men and women got turned on watching her. But it was different here; she didn?t like the pain, and the humiliation. She couldn?t wait to get back home. She knows that Barry will understand and only wants her to be happy. Maybe here he couldn?t protect her, but in the long run she knew she could always count on Barry to be there when she needed him most. She had over 30 years of history with him and wasn't about to throw that away.


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