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Hi my name is Sarah. I'm married, 29, brunnette with hazel eyes. I'm no model but I do get looks.

My husband had been away for a couple weeks on business and our kitchen sink was having issues, so I called friend of our to ask if she knew of a good plumber.

She told me she did and gave me his number. I called it but got his answering service, so I had to wait for a return call. She told me he was really nice and didn't charge much.

About 30 minutes later he returned my call.

I told him the problem and he said he could be here in about and hour or so. I told him that was fine.

After all I needed to clean up a little and take a shower.

I had just gotten dressed when the doorbell rang.

"Hi." I said as I opened the door. I almost lost my breathe when I saw him standing there with his tool box in hand.

I had put on a pair of shorts and tshirt after my shower.

"Hi. So you got some plumbing trouble?" He asked as he quickly glanced up and down me.

He was a good looking man in his 40's. He was wearing a tshirt that had paint stains on it and a pair of shorts. Not a model by no means, but he had great eyes and a nice smile.

"Yes I do. It's in the kitchen." I told him as I opened the door further so he could come in.

"Well, just lead the way and I'll take a look see." He said as he walked past me enough so I could close the door.

As we walked towards the kitchen I could feel his eyes on my back. I knew he was checking me out. For some reason it didn't seem to bother me.

"There's the trouble spot." I said as I pointed at the kitchen sink.

"Ok. Let's see what the problem could be." He said as he sat his tool box down and turned on the water. After a couple minutes he turned the water off and turned toward me. I was standing in the doorway of the kitchen.

"Well, I have figured out what the problem is." He said as his eyes looked me over again. This time it sent shivers through me and I could tell he liked what he saw.

"Oh, yeah and what could that problem be?" I asked as I walked over toward the sink.

"Well, (he chuckled) the sink isn't draining." He said as he began to laugh a little.

This struck me funny and we both had a good laugh about what he had said.

"Yep. I'd have to agree with you." I laughed as I looked into the sink. "So what do you think it will take to get it to drain?" I continued as I looked up at him. This time i caught him staring at my butt, but his eyes quickly went to mine as he knew I had turned toward him.

"Well, I guess I have to unclog it." He said as he knelt and began to pull everything out from under the cabinet. "By the way, your faucet is loose." He continued.

"Can you take care of that while you're at it?" I asked as I back away to get out of his work area.

"Sure thing." He said as he placed a pail under the sink drain. He fumbled through his tool box and pulled a wrench out and began to work.

"I'll just be in here if you need anything." I said.

"Ok. This shouldn't take long." He said as he looked at me over his shoulder.

I stood at the kitchen door and watched him as he worked. He had good hands and seemed to know what he was doing. After a few minutes he stood and turned the water back on and filled the sink. Pulled the plug and the water drained as it should.

"Well, one down and one to go." He said as he pulled the pail out and grabbed another wrench for his tool box. He turned and laid down on his back, then slid under the kitchen cabinet.

I walked over to the cabinet and bent over to look under the cabinet where he was laying.

"You mind if I watch?" I asked as I knelt.

"Nope, not at all. I don't think you'll be able to see all the way up in here where the nuts are, but you can see what you can see." He said as he stretched to reached up to tighten the faucet.

As he was tightening the nuts I looked down his body and could tell he was in pretty good shape. He was a few years older than me, but he did look good.

My eyes made their way down his chest and across his stomach. I sat down on the floor next to his leg and looked further down to his crotch area. That's when I saw it. His shorts had pulled up and he wasn't wearing underwear so I had a great view of his balls.

"Can you see the nuts?" He said as he continued to stretch to reach the nuts on the bottom of the faucet.

"Yes, I sure can." I said as I stared at his balls up the leg of his shorts. They were rather large and it appeared he had shaved them.

I glanced up to where he was at under the sink and there he was, watching me staring at him up his shorts.

"Uh, sorry about that." I said as I began to get up off the floor. I was so embarrashed and wanted to find a hole to crawl in.

"No need for that. After all I did asked if you could see the nuts. I was talking about these up here on your faucet, but those are ok to look at too, I guess." He said as he went back to work on the faucet.

I sat back down and went back to looking at him. My pussy was getting wet and I could feel that feeling of excitement there as well. I had never cheated on my husband, but for some reason I was really turned on by the way this guy looked and talked.

I reached over and pulled his pants leg open a little more to get a view of the rest of him. He felt me do this and didn't make a sound. He just kept working on the faucet.

After a few seconds of looking at his balls and the underside of his cock I had to take a chance. I then reached up inside his shorts and began to massage his balls while he worked on my faucet.

He moaned a slight moan but kept on working. I could feel his balls contract and knew he liked what he was feeling.

I reached up and undid his belt, unsnapped his shorts and pulled down the zipper. Without any effort I pulled his shorts down just enough to uncover his semi-hard cock.

It was at least 6 inches and thick. I knew it would get a lot bigger before it was done swelling up.

I gently slid my finger nails over his cock and it jumped and continued to grow. After it had gotten completely hard it was about 9inches long and had a very nice and pretty head on the tip of it.

I couldn't resist stroking it and feeling it throb in my hand. Leaning over I gave it a little kiss and flicked my tongue over the end.

He moaned again and slightly pushed his hips up. I knew right then that he wanted me to suck it.

I opened my mouth and took over half of it inside. It tasted so good and was very warm and grew even more.

I slowly slid my lips up and down the entire length of his erect cock. Pre-cum had oozed out and I could taste it on my tongue.

I sucked him deep and within a few seconds he exploded shot after shot into my mouth. It took 3 big swallows to get it all down.

After his cock had subsided I pulled his shorts back up, zipped him, snapped him and buckled his belt.

He slid out from under the cabinet and laid me back on the kitchen floor, but that story will be contined next time.

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