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I had made a date with Laura to have a picnic, and it had been all I could think about. I was filled with excitement, hoping that what would begin as a picnic would lead to much more than that. She was such a gorgeous woman - red hair, skin that was forever flushed, a very slim but curvaceous body. When she looked at me her deep brown eyes would melt my soul, and I had spent many an hour imagining how beautiful she must be in the nude.

We met, as planned , at the college and she took my arm as we headed for my car. She seemed as excited as I to get started. She was full of energy, dressed in a tee shirt and short shorts, and I had a hard time taking my eyes off her legs as we sat in the car together. But, it was a short drive to the spot where the hiking trails began.

Before long, we had jumped out of the car, I had grabbed my backpack, and we were on our way.

The day was warm and bright, a picture perfect day for a picnic, and we both commented on the fact as we started off down the hiking trail.

The birds were chirping and the beauty of nature, as it always does, made my heart sing. I had taken her hand and it felt warm and soft in my own - and so on we walked down the path under a canopy of trees like a couple of kids in love. We had hiked for about half a mile, first through the forest and then alongside some empty fields when I changed direction, leaving the path and heading off across the fields.

We went a hundred yards or so, over a rise, to a place in the field where we could not be seen from the path, and I announced that this was where we were having our picnic.

I put down my backpack and began pulling things out. First was the blanket which we spread out on the ground. After that came a bottle of red wine, two glasses, some cheese and crackers, a large covered bowl of freshly cut fruit, two roast beef subs, and a small bouquet of flowers. She was obviously delighted with my preparations, and we sat down and began to enjoy our wine together. We enjoyed some of the subs I had brought as we lay and talked, and were both especially enjoying the fresh air and the feeling of the sun beating down on us.

Soon however, we had had enough of the subs and began feeding each other the fruit. Her lips looked so delicious as I fed her a strawberry that I could no longer resist. I commented that some juice was running down her chin, and then I licked it off and kissed her.

It was a long, deep, tender kiss, and as it progressed, her passion was such that she forced me down to the blanket. Her lips moved to my neck and she began to unbutton my shirt. When she had finished with the last button her lips again returned to mine. I rolled her onto her back and broke our kiss long enough to remove her tee shirt and bra. She was a sight to behold - a slim waist and small tits with long nipples that matched the color of her hair. I could see the flush of desire through her skin, and I began to feast on her, first kissing the center of her chest and then moving out to suck each nipple in turn as she held my head to her chest and moaned softly.

Now as I ran my hands all over her smooth, warm skin, I began to kiss my way down her belly, and when I reached the waistband of her shorts, I sat up to pull them off. She wanted them off just as much as I and lifted her hips to help. And then she was nude, except for her white socks and sneakers.

Her pussy was nestled in sparse red hair, making it look like it was on fire, which in fact it was. Her lips were already swelled and open revealing the moisture within. I wanted to savor this moment, and so I began kissing her thighs as I drank in the sight and aroma of her flower. She spread her legs to welcome me as I kissed her inner thighs (always the softest spot on a woman's body). Then gradually I began to nuzzle the hairs of her pussy. Within moments she had grabbed the back of my head and pressed it into her pussy, riding my face from below as I licked her clit and sucked the juices from her womb, and it was only moments later when she began to shudder and moan in the throes of orgasm.

When her orgasm had subsided, I rolled over and removed my own shorts.

I could wait no longer, I had to be in her. She must have felt the same, for no sooner had I gotten my shorts off, than she climbed on top of me. She kissed me long and deep, and then began to kiss and bite my chest and nipples making shivers run down my body straight to my groin. Then she lifted up and guided me into her love nest. We started slowly, with her laying on my chest as I moved just the very head of my prick in and out of her now soaking wet hole. The holding back was agony, but it was obviously the kind of agony we both loved.

Then, gradually, I moved deeper into her. When at last I had shoved my cock all the way in, we both stopped for a moment and shuddered in ecstasy. Then she took over.

She lifted herself off of my chest and began to ride my cock in long slow strokes. Her face was thrown back and her tits moved to the rhythm of her groans. She looked beautiful and I just lay there drinking in the view and feeling the sensations she brought to my member. I could feel her juices dripping down my balls, and the coolness of the breeze as it hit them. And I could feel the warmth of the sun as it beat down upon our now naked bodies. Truly, there is nothing so wonderful as making love in the great outdoors.

When she lowered her chest back down to mine, I knew she was beginning to tire, so I rolled her over onto her back and took over. I was up on my arms now and fucking her with long hard strokes. Each time my dick hit home, she moaned a little louder, and I could feel that her pussy was moving towards another orgasm. That's when I saw him - a college student looking on from behind a bush.

I presume that our moans had gotten a little too loud, and he had heard us from the path. In any case, I'm sure he was enjoying the show. I lay down on Laura and whispered in her ear, "Don't look now but someone's watching us."

"I know," she replied, shocking me, "I saw him there earlier."

I thought for a moment, feeling my cock throb inside her, and said, "Since he's seen so much already, we might as well let him keep watching. Why don't we just invite him over?"

"Just as long as you don't stop fucking me," she said.

So I got back up on my arms and I began once again to slowly start stroking my cock inside of her. Again her moans started, and this time I waved our onlooker over.

He looked shocked at first, apparently realizing for the first time that he had been caught in the act of looking, and then, slowly, tentatively, he came out from behind his bush and walked over. In a minute he was standing beside us with his mouth open as he looked down at Laura and I fucking. Her eyes were closed, but then she opened them and in a sultry voice said to our onlooker, "It feels sooo fucking good."

At this point the onlooker kneeled down and began to play with her nearest tit. As he pulled on her nipple she moaned even louder and tightened her legs around me. Then, I decided to roll over. I figured with her on top, our onlooker would have even better access to her body - and so he did.

He first got behind her, straddling my legs, and massaged her breasts as she rode up and down on my cock. Then he allowed her to collapse onto my chest and began feeling the lips of her pussy where they stretched around my cock. And finally, he took a finger moistened by her love juices and slid it into her asshole. I knew this because I could feel his finger against my cock through the walls of her pussy.

All this was too much for Laura and she began to have the orgasm to beat all orgasms. She slammed herself down onto my cock and the onlookers finger, moaning and yelling for what seemed like minutes.

When at last her orgasm subsided, she reached back pushing the onlooker's hand away from her asshole. Then she lay on me as I continued to fuck her.

When I am on my back, I am able to stave off orgasm for a considerable length of time, so I had not come yet. Neither, apparently, had our onlooker. He was now standing beside us with his fly down and stroking a very long dick. Laura noticed this, and getting back up once again on her knees, she grabbed his cock and made him kneel beside us. Then she took his cock into her mouth.

The sight of her sucking his cock while she rode my dick was unreal.

All three of us were simply a mass of lust and I could feel myself nearing the brink. I sat up and began to kiss Laura - kissed her and kissed the cock that was sliding in and out of her mouth. She released the cock, and I took it into my own mouth. It felt good in my mouth and I could taste the pre-cum. It made me feel obscenely erotic, to have a stranger's dick in my mouth while I fucked Laura's pussy. In the meantime, Laura was kissing my lips and the stranger's cock, and so I released his dick and the two of us began jacking him off with our lips. Hers were wrapped around one half of his cock, and mine were wrapped around the other, and we began sliding our mouths up and down his shaft in unison.

Our attentions soon became too much for the stranger and he began groaning and thrusting his hips wildly as his ejaculate began flying everywhere - onto the blanket, onto our bodies, and then into my mouth, and then Laura's. He fell back and I grabbed Laura tightly, pressing my mouth to hers, for now my cock was beginning to explode.

And as I groaned in the throes of my own orgasm, Laura began to have an orgasm herself. Her cunt grasped my cock as I pumped loads of cum into her, and when finally our orgasms subsided, we both collapsed back onto the blanket.

The stranger, on seeing us orgasm, had left without so much as saying a word to us or us to him. He had enjoyed himself, and now he had left us to bask in the afterglow of our wonderful newborn love for each other. We lay there in the nude, holding each other and feeling the warm breezes drift over our naked bodies. Then, after a very long time and some discussion, we finally got up.

We had decided it was time for a naked hike and, since the only clothes we had on were our socks and sneakers, this was easily accomplished. We threw everything into the backpack and started on our way - holding hands and walking buck naked under the warmth of the sun.

Our fun for the day was only just beginning.

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