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Out of town guests

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We were excited to get to see Carla again. It had been several years since college but when she called and said she was flying in from Portland, we invited her to come stay. She said she had two friends she was bringing and we told her it was fine...

As she came down the concourse, we spotted Carla and her friends. Carla had put on some weight since college but even so she still had a very sexy look. Her body was quite plump and her breasts had gotten huge. With here were her friends Cindy and Ralph....

After hugs and kisses and introductions, we took them all out to dinner and started to catch up on old times. Dessert came and we told them they were all welcome to stay with us for the weekend...they took us up on our offer and when we got home, Carla told us they could all just stay in the guest bedroom together...After a nightcap, the three of them were settling into the guest bedroom with just a King bed in it. After some good nights, we headed down the hall to our bedroom and Nancy commented how nice Carla looked inspite of the weight she had we settled in for the night we were just dozing off when we heard Carla moan and thenCindy giggle...after a while we the noise from the bedroom was getting louder and Carla was definitley getting sexually excited...this kept up for a good while then we heard Carla moan "Oh, god that feels good!"

Not wanting to disturb them but curious, we quietly walked deown the hall and stood outside the guest bedroom to listen . The door was open a crack and we carefully peeked inside...Carla was spread out on the bed and Cindy had her entire hand up inside of Carla's chubby pussy. Cindy was thrusting and pumping her hand up past her wrist into Carla's hole. Her plump lips were grossly extended to accomodate Cindy's fist and she furiously pumped her arm in and out of it. Carla's eyes looked like they would roll back up into her head as she looked up at Ralph while scking his long hard cock for all she was worth...grunts and moans were punctuated occasionally by Carla pulling Ralph's big cock from her mouth and crying out in extasy.

Nancy looked at me and raised her eyebrow in question, I shrugged and looked back at her as my cock was growing hard at the sight of our three friends playing so vocally...After a minute or two, Nancy took me by the hand and we walked in to join the three already in so much pleasure. Nancy got on the bed under Ralph and began to lick his balls as his cock pumped inside of Carla's mouth. I slide in between Cindy's legs and thrust my cock deep into her pussy and began to slam like a jackhammer into her depths as she continued to fist Carla...I watched Carla's hand find Nancy's breast and begin squeeing as Nancy tried to swollow both of Ralph's balls at the same time...Ralph was very close to coming and when Nancy worked her mouth around his balls and began to suck them hard, he exploded into Carla's mouth ejaculating huge thick amounts of sperm down her throat. Ralph must have came for an entire minute and Carla didn't miss a drop..when he did pull out, Nancy's hungry horny tongue was there to taste and bathe his glistening cock...Carla then shuddedered andf the whole bed shook as she came all over Cindy's hand buried deep inside.. I waited for Cindy's orgasm next and could feel her body tense as she came and flooded my cock with her hot she did, I pulled out of Cindy's cunt and spread her ass open wide and thrust deep inside of her with one definiteve stroke, then fucked her hard and deep untill my thick cream was flooding the inside of her ass...

Within moments we all shifted, Carla pushed me down on the bed and impaled herself on my still hard cock. Nancy began to eat Cindy and Ralph slid his dick deep into her cunt then her ass and alternated strokes till she began to moan too. Carla smiled down at me and told me she was glad we wer all there now. She was craving to be triple penetrated..spinning her around, I drove my cock up hard and deep into her ass then reached down and held her legs open as Nancy guided Ralph's cock into Carla's cunt. Cindy was busy strapping on a huge likelike dildo and wasted no time filling Carla's mouth with it as she now was accomodating three cocks, Nancy was busy dining on Cindy's sweet musky muff, tantalizing her with her wicked tongue...Soon the air was filled with more maons and groans as all of us came, in who knows what order...

As we all recooperated, Cindy pulled some leather respraints from a travel bag and bound Carla, wrists and ankles spread. Then she blidfolded Carla and placed a ball gag in her mouth..."This is what we do with her at home" Cindy smiled. "Only there its just the three of us. Having you and Nancy join us will make all of this much more interesting....Cindy wanted to see if Carla could take two hands up inside her cunt...she asked Nancy to join in from the otherside of the bed as she poured liberal amounts of Astroglide on her hands and Nancy's...prepared now, Ralph held Carlas lips apart as Cindy and Nancy slowly slid their hands into Carla's waiting hole. It took several minutes but both of their hands disappeared into Carla and then ther were both up past their wrists in her. Ralph took Nancy and I took Cindy from behind and we pumped them hard as they Ravished Carla...fianlly about 4 am we all just dropped where we were, exhausted and happy hosts and guest sharing a nice long weekend together.

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