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Our very first time

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Our first experience was one for the books. Several weeks before this event, my wife Cheri, and I were making love in our bedroom. We have always had a very creative and interesting love life. Often fantasy spills out into our love making, and that evening was no different. That night I had briefly mentioned that it would be “hot” to see her getting it from another man. She didn't say much, but I could see her breathing intensify briefly. For some time before that we had flirted on and off with what is called the lifestyle or swinging. The idea of having sex with other couples had always been something we thought as exciting. We had gone to dinner with several couples but never ended up being more then just friendly. We had gone to a number of clubs, flirted allot with other couples, but had yet to experience a lifestyle moment.

Then one day Cheri came home from work, and told me about a conversation with one of her co-workers. It seems they had been talking frequently like most do at work, but this particular guy was good looking, and he flirted heavily with Cheri until realizing she was married. But then things changed the night she told me about the conversation. She didn't remember how the conversation changed, but Marten was able to confirm that Cheri and I were into open relationships. (code for swinger). He then warmed up quickly while explaining multiple experiences in the lifestyle, and intimating that he would easily be interested in more.

I thought about it for a couple days, but the idea had some merit. I had always envisioned another women or couple, but inviting a single man was something new to my expectations. But I could see how it made Cheri excited even talking about the work conversation, and actually it was something I had been having fantasy's for some time. So I told Cheri to invite him out for drinks or dinner.

Several weeks later our schedules finally worked out, and Cheri notified me that we were going to meet Martin at our local favorite diner. She said it would be fun to meet for dinner and then go out dancing or something. I had no problem with that at all, and we both looked forward to the weekend and our date with Martin.

We met at the diner, and I quickly saw why my wife was interested. The guy was much shorter then me, but so were most men. But he was young, perhaps 25-30, and he a good physical appearance. Well groomed, dark complected, and had looked like he had spent a little time in the gym. What was more impressive was his great whit and ease with the both of us. I quickly warmed up to his personality, he was just a cool guy. I noticed through dinner that I could see sparks flying between my Cheri and Martin. She was sitting next to me and Martin sat opposite of us in a booth. Cheri had worn a nice push up bra and one of her dancing outfits, and knowing her for over 15 years I knew when she was sexually excited.

One conversation went from general chit chat to one that became serious. We kept our voices down as to not freak out the other diners, but I needed to find out more about this Martin's intentions and interest. I also wanted to see if I got any vibes that he was a clinger (someone who doesn't realize what this is all about) or that we would have a drama on our hands later. I also wanted to establish the ground rules early. 1) This isn't a relationship, this is purely for fun and sex . 2) We believe in taking it slowly at first, if Martin wants to push the sex to the next threshold, then Cheri and I have to agree that it's okay. 3) Any future rendezvous would always have to be approved by myself, and of course Cheri, but we made it clear that we'd prefer he brings a friend (girl) for any future get together s.

It all went very well. He was very respectful of my wishes, and Cheri squeezed my hand under the table to acknowledge her approval as well. We then drove together to a local night club that Cheri and I frequent regularly. We then had drinks and danced for several hours. Cheri must have been a little nervous, because she had a few more drinks then normal. But she was having a great time. Flirting with me and Martin while on the dance floor. The sexual chemistry continued to build, and I noticed several times that she enjoyed dancing intimately with Martin. At one point Martin and I had her sandwiched between us, and she responded by grinding her ass against Martin's crotch, while he held her waist. I then French kissed her and then we switched and I ground up against her and Martin began kissing her.

At this point we realized that we needed to take the show somewhere else. I had already planned on getting a room at a local hotel, only for a few hours, but who knew how long it would really go. We piled into the car, I drove and Cheri and Marin actually fell into the back seat of the car. Soon I could hear Cheri moaning as Martin was caressing her and kissing her in the back seat. The hotel wasn't very far and I quickly checked us in.

We parked the car and all three of us took the party upstairs to the room. It had one king sized bed in the center of the room, with several sofa chairs surrounding the bed. Cheri wanted to freshen up, and Martin and I both exchanged a knowing smile. The butterfly's in my stomach were now fiercely beating. This was it! Fantasy was soon to become a reality. Cheri entered the room, she had a black fishnet stocking on and nothing else. Martin's eyes almost came out of their sockets, and I was impressed how good she looked. She had been working really hard the last few months and had really shaped up nicely. Martin had brought along some Crown Royal, and we each took a shot and I called for cheers. It was the only awkward moment of the night, because Cheri and I really didn't know what we were supposed to do first.

Martin realized the problem and requested that the two of us relax on the bed together. We then turned on the TV and ordered an adult movie. Soon the sex on the TV was getting us all back in the mood quickly. Cheri and I were cuddling at the top of the bed and Martin was sprawled casually below us at the end of the bed. Soon Cheri and I began to kiss. I ran my hands across her chest and began to kiss her neck and then followed with kissed to her throat and down to the cleveage in her breasts. I noticed that Martin then began running his hands up her leg's, and soon was teasing her as he brushed his fingers close to her pussy. Cheri began to relax and enjoy the attention of four hands on her body, and soon she gasped as Marin put one of his fingers into her juicy pussy. I continued kissing her neck and throat, and Martin then began kissing around her thighs and carefully pulled down her panties.

At this point Martin then went down on her with his tongue, and she really started to moan. Soon he was penetrating her with on of his fingers while he teased her clit. I at this point watched him as he worked her and worked her. She then reached out and grabbed my cock like many times in the past. My cock was so hard that it was literally pointing straight out of my underwear. Martin was meanwhile really grinding down on Cheri's pussy. Cheri began to breath heavily and gyrate underneath the constant attention of Martin's tongue. The heat of his tongue and the sensation was sending shock waves of pleasure through Cheri's whole body.

Martin then had Cheri get up on her hands and knees. I then moved directly underneath Cheri and she then went down on my cock and began giving her a blow job. Martin continued to lick Cheri's pussy, and began to lube her ass with one of his fingers. This was almost too much for her, as she realized that her ultimate fantasy was coming true. A cock in her mouth and attention from behind, this almost put her over the edge.

Soon I was enjoying the sensation of Cheri's blow job, and was enjoying watching the mounting pleasure unfold. I could see that Martin was really skilled but it looked like he needed some attention as well. I then suggested that Martin take advantage of Cheri's expert blow job skills, and we quickly shifted around, and Martin pulled out his cock. Cheri's eye's were as round as saucers and then a hungry look came over her face and she quickly began sucking on Martin's engorged cock. She cupped his balls in one hand and with her other hand she guided his cock expertly in her mouth. I could see Martin close his eyes as the guaranteed ecstasy took over.

I then took my cock and plunged it into Cheri's juicy wet pussy. She gasped while sucking Martin's cock, and I then began slowly and picked up tempo while watching her give Martin head. The pace picked up and she began to buck against me. She then stopped sucking Martin's cock and began moaning loudly. I continued to hammer for a minute or two and then pulled out for a second. Leaning over I whispered in her ear, “do you want him to fuck you too?”, she responded with, “fuck ya”.

I then rose and gave Martin an affirmative gesture. He slipped a rubber over his brown cock, and then flipped Cheri over on her back. He then entered her from the front and she gasped in ecstasy This was the first time anyone but her husband had entered her and it felt fucking good. Martin had her on the edge of the bed and had her leg's in both arms as he pumped her again and again. I soon placed myself close to Cheri's face and from above I was able to position my cock in perfect position so that she could suck it. Soon she was sucking my cock fiercely and he was banging her and banging her from the edge of the bed. It didn't take too much longer and I felt her convulse as her orgasm shook her whole body. Martin continued fucking her and the orgasm came again, and again and again.

At this point we took a quick break, and then we continued playing for another hour or two. Both Martin and I came later in the evening. The final love making had her on all fours, and while I was fucking her from behind I shot my load deep inside her. Martin took his cock out of her mouth and his ejaculation shot onto her back and neck. The hot semen puddled but was soon sopped up by a warm towel.

All three of us then were pretty worn out. We were soon all cuddling, I had Cheri cupped in an embrace, and she had her arms dr*ped around Martin. All three of us smalled talked for a few minutes, then Martin got up to use the shower. He kind of knew that he would soon turn into a pumpkin, and before leaving he gave Cheri one last long kiss, and then pumping my hand expressed how great a time he had, and promised that he'd bring one of his Latino friends if we ever hooked up again.

I told him no problem, and he assured me that he had a nice Latino babe that digged big white guys like myself. He also suggested that she would be interested in Cheri, which of course would be another story for another time.

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