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Our first swingers party

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Well, first off, if I were religious or superstitious, I would have sworn that Fate was interfering...

After registering for one party, i got two e-mails confirming our reservation, but no info on where the party would be and what time orientation started. I e-mailed half-a-dozen times, but never got an answer.

Sooooo....we joined SLS, found out about a club in DeKalb, IL, that is (jumping ahead a bit) AWESOME!!! We registered for their party, which was on a Saturday night. On the drive down, we went through severe T-storms and tornado warnings, which continued into Illinois. That's when I started thinking about fate. We checked into our hotel and called to make sure the party hadn't been cancelled. I was sure that it had. It wasn't.

Off to the party. A man named Steve bought this cool old building that used to be a barbed wire factory (weird, but whatever), and converted part of it into a sweet club. It's totally legit, the city knows about it and granted a permit; swinging is not illegal. They have a good sized dance floor, a computer-based DJ system with 15,000 songs, including karaoke; a kitchen (they provide a meal); a bar but you have to bring your own booze (no liquor license); tables and chairs scattered around the social area. In the back, there's a hot tub room, a shower room, and a whole bunch of 'play' rooms-- bondage, with a swing, a cross, a saw horse, and multiple implements; a Kama Sutra room; a massage room; a "Doctor" room, complete with a working gyno table; an orgy room with observation windows (floor is entirely covered with mattresses); rooms that consist of nothing but a mattress, some with doors and some without....Loft rooms, too, which are fun...The whole thing is clean, modern, and very nicely decorated. It surprised me.

We started with an extremely thorough orientation, which included being shown fire extinguishers and emergency exits...Safety first! Rules were explained, and we had to sign a sheet saying we had read and agreed...We were encouraged to visit the 'play areas' as a pair, not necessarily with each other, but Steve explained that swingers get nervous when they see a single person, male or female, peeking in doors...He doesn't get it, but there it is. He asked if we had established our own rules, which we had, and told us to stick with them for tonight, save adjustments for later, to avoid drama.... He said that the employees would be available to play if we liked, but would not approach us first, because they didn't want us to feel pressured.

We went out and immediately started talking to people as we stood at the bar, waiting for our drinks. A guy said something, I made a sarcastic comment that zinged him a little, the chics with him roared, and we were off and running. We ended up getting a table with these two attractive couples who have been swinging together for years. We were all laughing so hard, mostly at the guy I had first spoken to at the bar. He kept telling Joe, "I like you, but did you have to bring HER?" in a joking way...He propositioned us as a couple times through Joe. I wanted to play with all 4 of them, but unfortunately, they left while Joe and I were busy in the back. I hope we run into them again! Anyway, that's jumping ahead in the story....

I hit the dance floor, dressed in a schoolgirl outfit that got pple's attention as soon as I walked in (who hasn't fantasized about nailing a school girl?). Then I sang "Hanky Panky", acting it out, and got lots of spankings...Steve went and got a paddle, which felt great. :) We moved over to a bigger table to join a couple that was sitting alone, and later a fifth couple joined us. Joe and I sang a duet, too--"Picture", and I did "I'm The Only One", also acting it out, making lots of eye contact and stuff. I lap danced on Joe to "Rollin On the River", then took off my undies (the theme for the night was "no panties") and danced some more. Joe got so turned on watching me and people's response to me that we went in back and fucked like bunnies, in a room with a closed door. We were the first to go back, and while we were back there, a bunch of others came back, probably hoping to watch, but Joe wasn't ready for that.

I changed into a slinky black dress, skin tight, with nothing underneath, and we went back out. I danced some more, then went to request a song. The DJ was getting blown behind the booth, and invited me to join in. His wife, who had already caught my eye (god, she was cute. Sweet smile, dimples, brown eyes, seemed so innocent....) came over and told me to go ahead, but I said I wanted to play with her. Her hubby was all for it. She pulled out her breasts--soft and full, with large nipples--and I did the same. We fondled each other, kissed...I sucked her nipples, then knelt. I said, "Is there anything you DON'T want me to do?" and she said, "You're doing great." I feather-touched her thighs, her ass...kissed her thighs...breathed on her pussy through her panties, then pulled them aside and tongued her. All the while her husband was watching and getting head, and people were gathering around us. Joe came over and felt her tits, and someone (I thought it was him, but later found out it was Steve) started pinching my nipples. I got extremely wet....

I wanted to go in back again, but Joe said he still needed to recharge. There was a hot, ripped black dude there (I'll call him "M", since I didn't get permission to write about him), and he'd been letting me know he was interested, but Joe wasn't ready to play with another woman yet. I asked M about he and I playing while Joe watched; he ok'd it with his woman, so we did...God, he felt great. He's built like a dancer, small but well defined, hard as a rock everywhere...Mmmm...Nice. I had already told him that the rules were hands and mouth only, and he was just supposed to lie back and enjoy himself while I did all the work. I sucked him for along time, loving every minute of it. Joe watched, and also loved it. I asked Joe if I could play with him at the same time, but he wasn't ready. Then M's woman came in, and he invited her to join us. She eventually (with her man's encouragement) got Joe to play with her a little, but he was more interested in watching me. We played for awhile but M recognized that Joe wasn't ready to show off, and he and his lady left us alone. We were in a room with no door, though, so we just got dressed. We ended up stopping in a private room, and lay on the bed talking. He had discovered that watching me with another guy really turned him on. He wanted to see me have sex with M. We went back to the social area, and Joe got some food. I saw M without his lady, so went to talk to him. He said that that she had found someone to hook up with, so he was available to do whatever I wanted....I told him what Joe and I had discussed, and he eagerly agreed. I went and told Joe, who had said I could play without him present (shock!!!); I told him we'd start in the room closest to the social area, but leave the door open so he could join us when he was ready.

When he walked in, I was on my back, and M was tonguing my clit in a way that had me nearly crazy. Joe closed the door and sat down to watch. I sucked on M, and he rubbed his cock against my pussy, then flipped me onto my belly and fingered me "to feel how wet she is", he told Joe. I was more than ready for him. He turned me back over, then rolled on a condom, put my legs up against his chest, and started fucking me....He felt good, sliding in and outo f me, and I could run my hands over his beautiful, ripped body while his hard cock drove me closer and closer to the edge...Joe said he loved watching my face, so M turned me over, moved me so I was facing Joe (who said "no" to letting me suck him while M took me from behind....Maybe next time), and slid into me again. The angle was perfect, the pleasure of feeling him stroking my G-spot over and over again so intense that I couldn't think, or talk...I could barely even breath, it felt so good. It didn't take me long to cum. I alternated between holding Joe's hand, sucking his finger, and twisting the sheets....After my orgasm died away, M said he'd leave Joe and I alone. We talked and kissed, and he told me how hot it had been watching me. Then we went out to the dance floor one more time...

I was so wet from M that I was literally dripping. I went in the bathroom to clean up, and Joe and I took a shower. Then we went into the back again, where he proceeded to give me two orgasms, and came all over my chest and belly. He came so much (his second time that night) that I could spread it over my body from my chin to my pussy....Hot.

We went back out and danced some more, but we were getting tired by then (it was 1 am). We got ready to leave; I ran into M, and thanked him for the incredible experience he had given Joe and I. I thanked his woman for loaning him to us, and she gave me a hug and a kiss...Steve talked to us for about half an hour, a kind of exit interview, and commented on how unusual we were for newbies. We will definitely go back. The location is awesome, the party is well run, and we had so much fun beyond just the sex (though of course the sex was great, too!).

For now Joe only wants to play as a couple in a club, because that feels safe to him. And for me, the combination of dancing, singing, and swinging was heaven. I loved it. Our goals are to find someone hot for Joe, because I want to see him with another woman; and for me to suck him while someone else fucks me, or the other way around....We may work up to single play, open-door play, and the orgy room at some point.... He's also talked about possibly going camping!!!

I'd love to go in that bondage room....

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