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Our First time

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First Timers... Ultimate Newbies... Our Story...

I'm not using names, but it seemed everyone knew who we were, but the events of Saturday night are completely true (and only from MY perspective, as you'll find out, there a 7 more views of this story). You can call us the REAL NEWBYS. We had not been to any event of any kind in the lifestyle. As a result, we were pretty nervous. But, the staff and guests made us feel completely at home. (Well as close to home as possible ;)

Of course it was lingerie night and my wife didn't want to get to the lingerie. So, we sat and talked, laughed, and danced. Then we talked to a couple of people. The couple next to us (again no names) She was dubbed Zebra girl by the 'pole dancers' asked if it was our first time at the club and we told them that this was our first time ANYWHERE.

From there, things got interesting. My wife went to the restroom and returned in her lingerie. SWEET! Then she had me ask the DJ to play Prince's Erotic City. After that, we were going to go to the back and see what happened. We knew it was after 11, because the couple 'minding the store in front' were now out back, AND hanging out with our new friends. Erotic City came on and most couples were gone.

We changed really fast and went to the back, looking for an 'open bed'. Well, the curtains were drawn on every bed except the last one. BUT, our new friends and the 'couple in front' wee getting comfortable. So, we sat down and were just starting to kiss, when they said we can make room. "Are you sure?" I asked. And like ancient times, the bodies parted. So, we got naked, on a bed with 2 other couples. Unheard of in our 'real life'.

A little background, my wife has told me about her and a previous boyfriend having sex in front of one of his friends while the buddy jacked off. He wanted to join in, but my wife (not at the time) would have any of it. Also, she joined in with a friend of hers (Female) and her boyfriend, and that couple is married to this day. Me, I have only a vivid imagination. But, during OUR love-making, I often talk about her blowing another guy while I'm doing her and she gets really wet, as do I.

Well, the ladies were absolutely amazing. The guys, too, but I'm a guy and don't check guys out. So, anyway... The 3 couples were performing orally on their own partners, when one of the guys asked if he could rub my wife's breast. "Of course," was our answer. Well, the women were actually the ones feeling each other. Until I asked 'Zebra Girl' if she wanted to kiss my wife. Then BAM, everyone seemed to be kissing, licking rubbing my wife and their wives.

Then another couple came in. This poor girl had just a corner of the bed, her head was at my knee for at least a good hour, but they were a very erotic couple. She had an all over tan and looked Hispanic, so I'll call them 'tan girl' couple. So, I look down and tan girl man is really giving her the business. She seems to like it, so I ask if I can play with her breasts. The both say yes. I'm only doing this because the poor girl is being neglected by the others. Strictly as a courtesy. YEA, RIGHT.

By this time, we've ALL been going at quite a clip. And my wife says to the 'couple in front' girl, "I want to lick you." Now I'm going ballistic. And the girl says, "Say it again, louder." Nice, so she does, and she straddles my wife and gets 'licked' for about 20 minutes at least. The girl got a leg cramp. Seriously, we all switched around because she cramped up. I was so proud. After the leg cramp, I looked at zebra girl's guy and asked my wife if she wanted to suck his cock? She said yea, now its a party. He gets up, and my wife is blowing this guy. Meanwhile, I've been inside her this whole time, and now it is REALLY hot as my baby is getting skewered while she is on her back. I told the guy not to come in her mouth and he nodded. Meanwhile, Zebra girl has watching the whole thing intently. Everyone was hot at this point.

I asked if I could rub on 'tan girl's' pussy and they both said yes. And I think I actually got her off. I thought it was her guy AND my rubbing, but when I looked, he was on the side of the bed....

Well, now everyone kind of switched around except us, we still hogged the middle of the bed. In retrospect, that is the only thing I would change. But, it was our first time. The Zebras and Front door couples got to the foot of the bad and tan girl comes up and lays next to my wife. She starts blowing her guy it looks great. Then all of a sudden, she jerks her head and is looking completely insatiably at my wife. So, I said why don't you kiss her, and they start making out like you wouldn't believe.

I knew I need to come soon, or never, so I started concentrating on concentrating and whammo. We fell into a clump, my wife and I. We got up, shook hands, kissed on the cheek our new friends (CRAZY, huh), went to the shower, talked to the owner, then changed and left.

It was truly a life changing experience for both of us. I love my wife so much that I didn't think it was possible to love her any more, but I do so deeply enjoy what we have together, and I sincerely thank our new friends at Club Amnesty. We are already trying to change plans and sitters for RED, RED, RED night... And thank you to the 3 other couples in bed with us. The six of you are amazing. I can't believe how long all the guys lasted. I had to last longer than normal (only by about an hour and a half) just because you guys wouldn't finish...

Thank you all.



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