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Our First Time Part 3

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Our First Time Part 3 It 's always great waking up to your cock being sucked but it's even better when it's not your wife doing the sucking. I woke up and Deb had my cock in her mouth and she stopped and said it's about time you woke up! I just had her rotate around so I could lick her pussy while she sucked me and I was rewarded by a very cum filled pussy. She had obviously already been fucked. I said yum - Bill? And she said how did you know? Lucky guess I joked as I proceeded to lick her beautiful blonde pussy. It wasn't long before I had cleaned her pussy out and she was having a nice orgasm from my tongue work. I rewarded her with a nice mouthful of cum soon after! She rolled off me and moved up next to me to cuddle and as we stroked each other I could hear the bed creaking in Bill's spare room.

I thought Bill had to go to work and asked Deb if Bill isn't in the other room with Sherri then who is. Deb said that Karl saw Bill leave and he came over and Karl and Sherri had been fucking for about a half hour. We asked him who he wanted to play with and since he really has to go to work too he chose Sherri since I already had some fun fucking Bill before he left. So I watched them for a little then came in to wake you up. I was hard again and moved around and with Deb on her back and me on my side, kind of at a 90 degree angle, I lined my cock up with her pussy as she pulled her legs back I started to fuck her. She moaned how nice my cock felt and laid her legs down over mine. We got a nice rhythm going and I soon was cumming in Deb. I moved up to her side and was stroking her pussy and sucking on her tits when Sherri and Karl came in. Karl said thanks to Sherri and gave her a kiss and then came over to Deb and me and rubbed her pussy and also kissed her before saying goodbye. Karl showed himself out and Sherri crawled up on the other side of Deb and we both started licking Deb's tits and playing with her pussy. Sherri then moved down and started licking her friend's pussy clean while I got up and moved around to clean up Sherri's pussy from Karl's cum - man can he cum. Both ladies were soon getting off and after they came down we all decided to get showered and figure out what to do for the day.

I asked what they wanted to do and they decided they wanted to go shopping for some sexy clothes with the money they made the previous night. So we headed over to Fredericks and spent about an hour picking out nylons, crotch-less panties, teddies and a few play outfits (a doctor's outfit and maid). By now we are really hungry and grabbed a bite to eat in the food court of the mall and since the x-rated video store is on the way back we decided to stop to see if it was open. Mitchell had just opened up and was glad to see us. He asked us in and Deb and Sherri filled him in on what they bought. He said well how about showing me what you bought instead of telling me and so they went to the nearest booth and changed. They came out with their doctor and maid outfits on and paraded around the store for us. Mitchell said the doctor outfit would come in handy later for Deb. He had lined up a guy to fuck her in one of the upstairs rooms that was set up as a doctor's office with an exam table whenever she wanted to do him. He said he had to watch the store till 4 alone and couldn't take her up to show her but if Deb and Sherri were interested in getting fucked for cash later to come by at 4. They both said absolutely we will both be back later.

Since the weather was great we head back to the house and changed into our swim suits and went back to the pool. Nothing much happened - I think everyone was pooped out from all the excitement and late nights fucking that it didn't take much to zonk out on the lounge chairs. About 3 we headed back and showered and the ladies changed into their new fuck clothes (Deb in the Nurse outfit and Sherri the Maid Outfit). I said I'll just stay for a little while to make sure you both are OK and then I'll head back to the house to wait for Bill and then come back over to see how you both have been making out - no pun intended I joked. Well as we got near the theater it was pretty hard not to notice the 4 cop cars around the building. We drove by slow but didn't pull in. I said, so do you really want to go pro or maybe just stay amateur? Deb and Sherri said amateur at about the same time! ( we found out later that the place had been busted for prostitution so it was a good thing we didn't go back!)

So back to the house we went! I was looking forward to seeing how they did fucking some new guys but then I figured Bill and I would just be the lucky recipients of some great sex instead tonight! I told them well maybe they could be our pretend whores tonight? They said sounds great and decided to go put on robes to try to keep my cock down long enough to get to the evening. I called Karl and left him a message to give us a call when he got home - definitely wanted to include him on the fun. In the meantime the ladies decided to fix some dinner and I got the grill started. At about 5:30 Bill pulled in and we filled him in on the plan for the evening. Karl called and came over soon after. Basically we would have to pay the ladies for sex - but with "fake" money. But you had to win the money by pulling high cards. 8 and higher got you enough to fuck one of the ladies and less than an 8 card your cock sucked. The queen of diamonds got you the night, or rest of the night depending on when or if it came up with your choice of the ladies. The 2 of clubs meant you had to lick each lady's pussy clean of cum and only got to jerk off. The highest card got first pick of the women too and worked down. The game would restart after everyone, including the ladies got off. Karl said let me call the women I told you about to see if they would like to play too. I know they would find this fun. So Karl went to our room to call them and he came out saying one could not come over but one definitely would be over shortly. We asked who is she? He said you'll see!

We ate dinner and cleaned up and about 7 Karl's friend arrived. Turns out she is one of the young life guards at the pool! She is 19 and really cute - small tits and about 5'5" brunette. Her name is Marie. Karl had explained what was up on the phone and she said this sounds like it will be a lot of fun and that she really enjoyed sex, particularly group fun! I poured more wine for everyone and Deb and Sherri then took Marie to the bedroom to get ready. Marie came out wearing only crotch-less panties, thigh high nylons and a shelf bra - quite open and accessible. She had a completely shaved pussy and was quite hot looking - as were Deb and Sherri of course.

I brought a deck of cards out and after shuffling and Karl cutting we pulled cards from the top of the deck. Karl went first - jack of clubs. Me - 6 of clubs. Bill - 4 of hearts. Now at this point Bill suggested that the low cards include 69 and the high cards would start with licking the lady before fucking. The ladies said absolutely! Karl said I pick Deb! I said Marie with me and Bill had Sherri. We had put blankets on the floor and everyone picked a spot. I pulled Marie on top of me so we could get right into 69 while Karl had Deb sit on the couch so he could lick her pussy. Bill had Sherri lay on the carpet and did 69 with her reverse from me. The room was quiet except for the moans from the ladies. Deb came pretty quick and told Karl to fuck her. He moved up onto his knees and slid into her and in about 10 minutes all of us were beginning to cum for our ladies. Karl came last and when he pulled out he made a mess of the side of the couch with his cum.

I got everyone another drink and as we relaxed a bit Sherri shuffled the cards and Deb cut them. Bill pulled first since he was low card first time - 10 of diamonds. Me next - yahoo! Queen of Diamonds!!! Then Karl pulled the ace of hearts. I said I would like to have Marie for the night thank you! Karl picked Sherri to fuck next and Bill was quite happy to have Deb to fuck.

Marie and I went to our bedroom and for the next two hours we sucked, fucked, licked, and probed every area of our bodies. She didn't like anal but didn't mind having her ass licked and I also didn't want any ass play but other than that we did pretty much everything to each other. I came twice in her, first time while she rode my cock and the second while pounding her doggy style. She is great at cock sucking too. She came too many times to count. After cumming for my second time we lay in bed for a little bit then decided to use the bathroom then go see what the others were up to and get something to drink. Bill and Karl had just proceeded to swap back and forth with Sherri and Deb instead of playing the game and were also enjoying some bi fun between everyone. I said to Marie, so we can go back and play, or if you are into bi, like I am, we can rejoin them. She said why don't we rejoin them but when we get tired out let's you and I spend the night together. I announced to everyone that we had a change of game plans, and since I was the big winner I could change the rules. Everyone laughed and I said my cock needs cleaned and I think Bill and Karl should do the cleaning and Marie's pussy needs cleaned and Deb and Sherri should clean her out! Marie and I sat on the couch as everyone dutifully cleaned us up - which of course meant till I came and she came! Bill had the honors of taking my cum - not that I had much left! Bill then said, since you hogged Marie, Karl and I will pull cards to see who gets to fuck her and then the other. I said no problem, I'll play with Sherri and Deb. Bill pulled the high card and moved between Maries legs. He said man you have a tight pussy as he proceeded to fuck her hard. Karl moved up and stood on the couch so Marie could lick and suck his cock. I had Deb ride my cock while Sherri sat on my face (nice cum filled pussy to lick - yum) and after about 15 minutes they switched. Karl started to fuck Marie about the time Sherri was riding me and Bill was alternating from Deb sucking him to Marie. Karl came next, then I came again in Sherri and Bill came in Marie's mouth.

We all got another glass of wine and Bill said I need to hit the sack - have to be back to work in the morning and unfortunately I also have to head back to NYC. Deb offered to sleep with him and Sherri would go off to the second spare bedroom with Karl. Marie and Sherri hugged Bill and said I'm sure we will see you in the morning before you go. Marie and I then went and took a shower and then climbed into bed and crashed. I found out in the morning that Karl and Bill fucked their respective partners one more time before crashing. I woke up about 5 and had to take a leak. When I got back in bed I moved down and pulled Marie's legs open and started licking her clit. She started to wake up and opened her legs wide and had me swing over her so she could suck on my cock while I licked and played with her pussy. She has big pussy lips and a really hard clit and really enjoys being licked and was soon coming. I moved on top of her and began fucking her Missionary and also licked her nipples. I was soon cumming in her and collapsed on her. I rolled over and she rolled on her side so I could slip my cock back in and we fell back to sleep with my cock in her.

I woke up at about 8 and Marie was not in bed. So I got up, took another leak and went across the hall to find she was riding Bill while Deb was sitting on his face getting her pussy licked. I went by the other room and it was empty. Sherri was out in the kitchen making coffee and she said Karl had to leave but not before he fucked her again, which she looked down so I could see and also feel his cum between her legs and on her thighs. She said Deb and Marie wanted to give Bill a good-bye fuck session and I said I would join them after one got off with him. I started playing with her pussy to get her warmed up for Bill and Deb came out and said your turn! Sherri went back and she said later that Marie could really ride a cock and so she sat on Bill's face until Bill unloaded into Marie. When Marie got off of him Sherri said she leaned over and got into 69 with Bill until she came and she and Marie ended up sucking him clean, although he didn't cum.

Meanwhile in the kitchen, Deb and I got breakfast ready. Bill got a shower with Marie and Sherri went and got a shower. While they were getting ready I asked Deb if I could lick her pussy and she said sure. I had her sit on the couch and about the time everyone was coming out to the kitchen she was getting off. I really wanted to fuck her but it would take too long and Bill had to leave. So Bill had a quick breakfast and coffee and I ran and got a quick shower and changed to take him into work. The ladies decided to stay back home so they could plot what they were going to do to me when I got back! I said I can't wait! I dropped him off and we said our goodbyes. I told him he really should look into transferring to Atlanta to enjoy all the fun. He promised he would look into it when he got back!

More later!

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