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Our First Swing...took place In 2004..

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Our First Swing

We are a happily married couple that had talked about the idea of me getting fucked and him helping me suck another man for many years but I was always to scared. Not only that he would look at me different afterwards, but wondering if our 18 year marriage would ever be the same.?..boy was I in for a shock.

We had met several couples on line through a swinger site, but had never really thought about going ahead until one night last month. We were online chatting with a guy that lived in our small town.(Ron )We had chatted with him for several months and I had never really thought about us doing anything with him because for one, like I said he was from our small town, and second I didn?t know if I could go through with it. After, a few more beers, my husband, looked at me and asked if I was ready, I joked and said yes. He began typing our address but stopped before he sent it. With one finger on the send button, he looked at me and said,?after this there is no turning back, deal?? I was so nervous, but quickly reached over and hit his hand and made the message send.

I got so nervous that I thought I was going to throw up, but he kept reminding me he would be right there and said, ?look at it this way baby, it?s just a fuck.? With those words the door bell rang. I went to the door and let our new friend,(Ron) in. We went into the living room and after a few awkward moments and conversation. hubby reached over and pulled my breast from my nighty and asked if they were as pretty in person. (we had exchanged pics) .Ron.grabbed my size 38 DD like he had never had a breast before and began sucking like there was no tomorrow. The thought of another man?s lips on my tits and hubby watching along with the way he was sucking my nipples, made me get wet quickly.

Ron slowly licked and sucked each nipple until it was standing at attention. He then laid me back on the couch and licked his way down to my wet pussy. I could not believe this was really happening. I looked over at Hubby and realized he had the camera and was taking picture of this wonderful adventure. Ron slowly began licking the outside of my pussy lips making me lose all thoughts about being nervous. I laid there letting him enjoy the taste of my pussy and licking my clit with his skillful tongue. I was in heaven.Hubby was taking pictures and telling Ron to suck me good, asking him ?if he liked the way that sweet pussy tasted.? Hearing those words coming from my husband?s mouth was enough to send me over the edge into my first orgasm of the night. Ron quickly licked and sucked every drop out of me.

While I laid there and caught my breath Ron quickly got undressed. As he stroked his cock, I no longer could stand it, I grabbed his cock and shoved the whole 6 ½ inches in my mouth. I sucked it like a mad woman at first. I could not believe I had another man?s cock in my mouth, but loved the taste of it. (I love to give blow jobs.) I slowed my pace and began licking up one side and down the other of his shaft. I licked the head of his dick like a lollipop. I looked up at Hubby and saw him jerking his own cock and taking pictures. He then got on his knees and helped me lick and suck Ron. We slowly started stroking up and down his cock. At first he was in shock but quickly began to moan and enjoy the feeling of two sets of lips working him over. Even though this was the first time I had actually seen Hubby suck another cock, I knew that he had done it before and boy was he good at it. He took Ron into his mouth and licked his mushroom shaped head like it was a special treat. He sucked long and hard each time he took him down his throat. I messaged his balls and could feel his sack begin to grow hard and knew he was ready to cum. I quickly slowed Hubby down and made him pull off. Ron was in complete shock and begged him to finish. I told him no that I wanted fucked. I quickly gave him a deep kiss and bent over to grab my ankles.

Ron moved slowly up behind me and began fingering me hard. He had me so wet and that it was easy to guide it in. I was so ready to cum when I felt another man?s cock in my pussy. I moaned so loudly that I thought Hubby was going to blow a nut right there. He began to snap the pictures faster, as Ron pounded my pussy. I was shouting and begging him to fuck me harder and faster. I was enjoying the feeling so much that I let the orgasm take over. I felt the orgasm fly all through my body. Ron must have felt my pussy muscles clamp down on his cock because he pulled it out and shot it all over my ass. I fell to the couch and laid there a moment. As Ron sat down and began to talk with Hubby about the events that had just unfolded, I began to lick on Ron and bring him back to life.

I started with his sack and slowly drew circles with my tongue. He laid his head back and began to moan. I licked my way up to the head and slowly sucked and nibbled the Head until Hubby grabbed my head and slammed it down on him, making me gag a little. He wrapped his hands in my hair and began pulling it making my mouth pump his hard cock. Every time he slammed my head down Ron would raise his hips to meet my mouth. We kept this pace up until Ron began shouting ?OOOOOOOOhhhh Fuck, damn bitch suck it, OOOOOHHHH yes I? m cumming, shooting his load in my mouth and on my face. Oh God was I in heaven. I sucked and licked him clean. Then Hubby reached down to give me a big kiss. We cleaned our selves up and thanked Ron for the fantastic night and he left. After he left Hubby grabbed me by the hair and kissed me hard and forceful on the mouth, his tongue exploring every inch of where another man?s cock had been in my mouth. He dragged me to our bed and began licking my ass where Ron had just shot his wad earlier??..but that?s a whole different story.

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