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Our first swing experience, but not our last

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Neither my wife nor I had ever had sex with anyone except with each other. We were both virgins when we got married. We have been married for 5 years. I had found a magazine for men and brought it home and there were stories about couples trading wives, which we had never heard about. Merrian is a little thing 5 foot tall a size 5 and very well proportioned. I am Jim and an average guy.

We read the stories together and were intrigued by the descriptions of what happened during the swap of wives. The woman-woman action was amazing to Merrian as she had never thought about women doing that to each other.

I was excited with the idea of having sex with someone different. We talked about it for several weeks. Finally I asked her what she thought? Her response was she thought it sounded exciting, but was unsure, than asked what did I think? I asked if she would if I would? She looked at me and said you want to? Right. I said only if you want to as well.

Finally she said wow what an idea.

I said well we could look into it. She agreed. Merrian has a best friend named Joyce and she came over and her and Merrian were close and shared everything. Merrian told her what we were considering. Joyce laughed and said really wow? She said you would have sex with a stranger than? Merrian said well yes I guess. Joyce said wow again and added you are wilder than I thought you were.

Merrian and I had no idea how to proceed. How do you find another couple whom would be interested and interesting both? It was a challenge. Joyce called the next day and invited Merrian out for lunch. When she returned she told me that Joyce had told her husband about what we wanted to do and he immediately asked how about us?

Joyce had told Merrian that, she was at first shocked by his suggestion, but after thinking about it wanted to talk to Merrian. They had talked about what it might be like to trade husbands, and finally decided it might be fun.

The four of us sat in our living room knowing what might happen. Bob and I went outside to talk. I said wild huh? He said oh yes, but it is my idea. Joyce is very nervous about the whole idea, but is willing if you and Merrian want to switch. I said well we do.

He said ok we would than and we went back inside to the ladies.

Joyce is a very attractive woman with large boobs and a very nice butt. I was very excited and was already hard thinking about having sex with her. Joyce and I made eye contact when Bob and I returned to the living room, realizing we were probably going to have sex sometime soon. Her face was a little flushed and she was obviously nervous. Merrian looked at me and I nodded a yes, so she knew it was on. She smiled.

I realized I was agreeing to let her have sex with someone other than me and had some doubt, but it was too late to change my mind and did not want to lose my opportunity with Joyce. We decided on separate rooms but with doors left open so we could hear each other, as Merrian was uncomfortable with the idea of doing anything in front of me. At least for now. Merrian and Joyce gave each other a hug and we traded. I took Joyce by the hand and Bob took Merrian and we moved to different bedrooms.

An hour later we all met back in the living room. Merrian had that I just got fucked look as did Joyce. Both were still flushed and turned on by what they had just done with each others husbands. Another hug and a light kiss as we sat together.

Bob and I went outside to talk. I said well we did it. He said yes, what do you think? Which was how did Joyce Do? I said Joyce is wonderful and a very nice lady. She was very nervous, but we did it. How about you? He said Merrian was terrific and also nervous, but they had done it too. We both knew about each others wives in a new way.

I looked into the living and Joyce and Merrian were looking through the magazine we had read earlier. They were holding hands as they talked and read. It was still early and I asked Bob well should we do it again? He said yes I would like too. I asked shall we do four in a bed and he paused for a moment and said sure why not the secret is out and laughed.

Merrian told me later what she and Bob had done. Her story.

I had heard them together when I was with Joyce.

Merrian told me they started with kissing and than he had removed her top and looked at me naked to the waist. She said it felt strange having him see her that way as I had been the only man ever to see her naked. I was very excited. He removed his shirt and we kissed some more and than he took my skirt off and slid my panties off and I was naked.

I was very nervous.

He than unbuckled his pants and slid them down with his shorts and he was naked. I looked at his cock and he was very hard and bigger than you. I thought, wow, I am really going to do this. We moved together and his hands were all over me and I followed his lead and took him in my hand and stroked him. He was very hard and I liked the feeling of him in my hand.

He put me on the bed and got on his knees in front of me and went down on me. I climaxed. I could hear what you and Joyce were doing. I heard Joyce moan and say oh yes and knew you were doing something to her. Bob stood up in front of me and his cock was inches from my face and I reacted without thinking and took him in my mouth and sucked him. Than, we fucked.

He filled me up and I climaxed again. I lost all sense of time. I just wanted him. I heard slapping sounds and knew you and Joyce were doing the same. I heard you grunting and Joyce moaning and knew you were giving it to her. Bob turned me over and entered me from behind and went deep. I loved it.

He road me hard and I lost all control and humped him back. I just wanted him to cum in me. I could hear him grunting knew he was about to cum and he went rigid and got very hard and big in me and than he squirted and pulled out squirting cum on my butt and back. I could feel his hot cum and climaxed with him again. It was wild. I felt like I had just been a very bad girl.

Joyce and I had fucked as well. Listening to Merrian and Bob and the main difference was we were face to face when I was ready to cum and she had whispered to me cum in my mouth, I love that and I pulled out and she sucked me dry.

We took a break and had a drink. Our lives had changed. We were not virgins any more.

We all moved to the bed for round two. The ladies were in the middle. Lying close to each other. They smiled at each other and gave each other a light kiss on the lips. I though hum, I wonder.

I was behind Joyce and playing with her boobs as she leaned back against me I was hard and ready. She pressed back with her butt against my cock. Bob was curious to watch her with another man. She was much more relaxed than on the first time.

Merrian turned her head and gave Bob a long and passionate kiss. It felt strange watching her and knowing they were going to fuck in front of me. She seemed ready to do him in front of me. A lot had changed in just a little time. He was playing with her boobs and she leaned back against him and moaned and I heard her say nice. She rose up a little and her expression changed, her mouth went to an O and I knew he had entered her from behind. She leaned closer to Joyce as he moved inside her. Her face flushed and we made eye contact and I could see the lust in her eyes. I could tell she liked what she was doing, which surprised me some.

I slipped into Joyce and she gasped as I went deep. Bob watched his wife fucking me with a strange expression on his face. We rode each others wife and as we did they moved closer until they were touching. You could smell the smell of sex and sound of our cocks moving in and out of wet pussies. The two ladies met in the middle with a kiss. A longer kiss this time, A sexual kiss. Soon they were pressed up against each other as us guys pushed our cocks in and out.

The two ladies were kissing passionately and holding each other tightly as we fucked them. Merrian grunted and her expression changed. Her mouth and eyes were wide open gasping for breath and Joyce said she is going to cum and me too and she began to move against me, whispering to me fuck me and I increased my thrusts. I watched my wife cum with another man. She lost control and cried out and continued to grunt as she climaxed. Joyce reached out to her and while kissing her shared her cum with passionate kisses and came on my cock. Bob nor I had cum yet.

We all became quiet. Bob and I both had slowed down. I pulled out of Joyce my cock still hard and wet from her. Bob did the same. We all relaxed for a time.

Merrian and I made eye contact and she mouthed to me, are you ok? I smiled reassurance to her and she visibility relaxed. She obviously was worried about me watching her fuck a different man.

Bob slipped back into Merrian. Merrian gasped as he entered her. Joyce rose up and kissed Bob as he fucked Merrian again. I leaned back stroking myself and watched.

Joyce kissed them both and Merrian played with Joyce. First her boobs than her hand slid between her legs. I thought wow. Joyce looked down and watched as Merrian fingered her, and made eye contact with her. Bob was giving it to Merrian hard.

Joyce looked over and was watching me stroke myself and motioned for me to come over to her. She stretched out and took me in her mouth and took me in deep. What a scene it was, Bob fucking Merrian and her fingering Joyce as Joyce sucked on me. Joyce deep throated me and grabbed my butt and held me deep and I could feel her throat muscles contract around my cock, milking me and that did it. I grunted and thrusting forward exploded in her mouth and down her throat, She swallowed my cum and I pulled out still squirting all over her face and boobs.

Bob watched as I squirted on his wifes face and he grunted and said cum and pulled out of Merrian. Merrian grabbed his cock and stroking him watched him cum, squirting all over her stomach and on her boobs. She continued jerking on his cock as he squirted and I could see the pure lust and pleasure on her face.

Joyce left me and moved back to Merrian and they moved together. They stretched out next to each other and resumed kissing and Merrian was still fingering Joyce and Joyce slipped a finger inside Merrian and they fingered fucked each other with passionate kissing.

The smell of sex was strong, my cum, his cum and the smell of wet pussies being fingered. I heard Merrian say to Joyce I am going to cum and Joyce said me too.

So they finger fucked each other holding tight and getting each other off.

Break time

Bob and I went outside to smoke and talk. The ladies went to take a shower, I guess together. I asked Bob if he was ok with what had just happened. He said he had moments of uncertainty, but in the end he had really enjoyed Merrian and could see that Joyce was having fun with me. No harm done, right? I said no harm done. I said although I was surprised at the girl-girl action. He said me too, but it was a real turn on. I said yes.

I went in and got us a beer and could hear the shower running and the girls giggling.

Bob and I sat on the patio drinking our beer. The ladies returned hand in hand wearing towels, their hair wet and looking sexy. They sat on the couch and opened up the magazine again and were reading it together. I thought what now? I realized this was where the girl-girl stuff had come from.

Merrian pointed at something in the magazine and the ladies made eye contact. I heard Merrian say, well what do you think? Joyce said wow, do you want to? Merrian said we have already come a long way tonight, I have enjoyed what we have done so far, how about you? Joyce smiled and said oh yes had fun. Wild, but fun.

Merrian said well than I would like to see what it is like. Joyce said me too.

They kissed each other and the towels fell to the floor. Joyce said you are beautiful, Merrian said you too. They sat there kissing and soon were fingering each other again.

Merrian stopped kissing Joyce and moved down to her boobs, sucking and licking as she went down. Joyce gasped and said oh yes, good. Merrian continued moving down Joyce, until she reached her pussy.

Merrian paused for a moment realizing what she was about to do. Still fingering Joyce she leaned in and began to lick a pussy for the first. Joyce shuttered at the touch of her tongue and spread wide raising her legs giving Merrian full access. I was hard again watching my wife eating pussy. I never thought I would ever see this happen. Bob was watching intently.

Merrian lost it and really got into what she was doing to Joyce. She was licking , sucking and fingering Joyce and than herself. Her face all wet from Joyce and she was gasping for breath. Joyce eyes opened wide as she watched Merrian licking her. She shuttered and pulled her face tight against her pussy, thrusting and grunting as she climaxed. Merrian rose up her face all wet from Joyce. The ladies made eye contact and you could see the lust between them.

They switched places, Joyce was now going to do Merrian. Joyce moved down and began to lick Merrian. Merrian watched her friend licking her and opened her legs up and opened wide. Joyce worked Merrian over. Her face red and her eyes wide open, thrusting forward, Merrian shuttered and climaxed on her friend licking her. I turned to Bob and said, never thought I would see that, he said me either. We were both hard from watching our wives doing each other. I said one more time and he nodded. We joined the ladies and took them to separate bedrooms. We spent the rest of the night together fucking each others wife.

Merrian and I talked and decided that we would do it again with them and look around for another couple.

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