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Our Bi Buddy

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Anne and I awoke early Sunday morning in our motel room. In the queen bed, next to us, Robert was still sleeping.

His late night arrival last night prompted us to forgo late night fun and rest till morning. We promised him plenty of morning attention.

Anne was a morning gal for sex and always the most eager for morning fun after resting the night. Robert was our new buddy whom we had met with several times and had our several first fun threesome trysts with. So we were both comfortable with his presence and familiar enough to have him as regular sex buddy for us both.

I got up and started morning coffee, then returned to Anne in bed. She had taken off the t-shirt she always slept in, and naked under the covers now, she rolled over to me offering her nipples to suck and pleasure. They were already erect in anticipation of the morning fun ahead. I loved sucking her tits and she pulled one from my mouth and offered the other for equal pleasuring, closing her eyes in pleasure and moaning softly as I sucked. She knew I was priming her for a fun romp with Robert and encouraged my priming her. She was quite confident that she was, as always, fully capable of, looking forward to, and intending to accomplish satisfying the younger man's pressing sex needs for both our shared fun and pleasure.

( Anne had had a hard time coming to an understanding of my bi sexuality and associated pleasure in seeing my bi friends needs attended to, by both of us, and the attendant fun pleasures that could provide both of us. She did come around quickly when she understood my need for contact with both sexes and the attendant fun that we could both share together. After all, she had been a single gal for many years, and used to (as a woman ) having the fun and pleasure of taking care a man's needs as she had the opportunities to enjoy doing so. Hence since she understood that aspect of men, she accepted more easily my sharing that with her in bi situations).

I reached for her pussy, sliding my finger between her lips and found, as always, her pussy wet from the attention to her ample breasts and erect nipples and the promised fun ahead. Finding her clit I stroked in circular motion as she arched against my finger. It never took long for Anne to want a cock in her and Robert was in pressing need of some sex attention we knew, as he always was, when he came to us. Anne would take care of that, we both knew.

Anne knew her role and always looked forward to it. She was wet and horny from our play, and the fun thoughts of knowing she was being primed for and expected to take care of our single buddy's pussy needs. The clandestine and naughty nature of meeting our buddy in a motel room to indulge ourselves in forbidden sex fun, always heightened Anne's already eager anticipation of our monthly romp. My approval and permission for her to enjoy our planned fun always allowed her excitement to build in anticipation, and for her to look forward to our monthly scheduled romps. A healthy natural woman, she took her natural pleasure in taking care of a man's needs.

Anne pushed me away from her pussy quietly, and out of bed for the coffee, when Robert stirred in the bed next to us. The sounds and smells of coffee pouring, roused him, and he sat up, waking slowly.

Anne slipped naked out of her side of the bed, on queue, and walked to Roberts bed, slipping under the covers beside him. His morning hard on was obvious and Anne reached for it wrapping her fingers around it gently.

"John sent me over for your morning wakeup attention" she crooned to him, almost whispering and rubbing her ample naked breasts against him. "He said he would put your rubber on to fuck me if I wanted your big cock in me for my morning fuck. I told him we knew you needed pussy really bad and we would both love having you shooting that stored up load into me . Would you like to fuck me first this morning? John loves watching you fuck me and I have been really looking forward to your cock in me this morning . We always take care of you when you really need it, and we love hearing the fun you are having when you get into my pussy " . "She is all yours for first fun Robert, have a fun time in her" I chimed in.

"Oh boy, do I need that!!" he said. But I have to pee first. He threw off the covers exposing his long hard cock, bobbing in his erect state, and headed for the bathroom.

I winked at Anne and she smiled at me. She got a rubber from the night stand and handed it to me.

Robert returned from the bathroom, still sporting his raging hard on, long and thick, his cum vein full and bulging, and needing relief. I handed him a cup of coffee with a wink, after he settled back in bed and I continued drinking mine. Anne reached again for his cock and jacked him gently, aware of his pent up load waiting release. She was enjoying the hard hot feel of his big cock in her small hand and I knew her pussy was wetting even more in anticipation of feeling it sliding into her. She was well aware of the frenzied pounding she was in for, from a guy with no other pussy to relieve the pent up excitement, that the offer of her waiting pussy incited in him.

Anne threw back the covers and slipped down to Robert's cock, making sure I could watch her slip her mouth over his mushroom head and gently suck him, drawing out our foreplay as we waited for Robert to finish his coffee. Anne ran her fingers over his balls and cock shaft as she sucked him, her eyes showing her enjoyment of the excited moans that proceeded from Robert. Oh the fun of our foreplay!! Anne always shared those excited teasing moments with me. Robert and I were both bi guys and Anne always indulged and enjoyed those added moments of sharing all around. She beckoned me to join her on Robert's big hard cock.

I slipped down to join her attentions to Robert's hard cock, slipping my mouth over his cock head , now dripping pre-cum, as Anne withdrew.

Anne was on her hands and knees, her ass and pussy exposed to Robert and he had reached for her wet pussy, and was feeling up her venus mound, parting her now dripping pussy lips and fingering her wet hole. Anne moaned as his finger found it's way inside her, grasping my arm and closing her eyes in pleasure. I reached back between her legs and spread her pussy lips for Robert to access her as he wished. He leaned forward, smelling Anne's musky excited pussy scent and pheromones, and leaned in to lick her clit as I held her open for his horny attentions. Anne moaned more loudly, relishing Roberts attentions and excited that she had my obvious permission to enjoy and share that with me. We were both enjoying his mounting excitement with Anne's pussy and his pulsating cock in response to it. Anne lowered her face to Robert's cock again, brushing her cheek against it , enjoying the soft velvety feel of it, in anticipation of the pleasure of having it entering her.

It was time for Anne to deliver on her promises and her eyes and moans indicated to me that she was more than ready, in fact anxious, to feel her pussy parted open and entered wide to enjoy some frenzied pounding into her. We had held off our horny guy long enough and he disparately needed the relief of Anne's pussy.

She indicated with her eyes the rubber and the lube we had ready and I withdrew from sucking on Robert's pulsing cock, reached first for the rubber, opening it and and slowly unrolling it over and down Robert's big cock. Anne was post menopause and we knew that Robert would hammer her hard, so I applied the lube to Anne's pussy generously.

Anne moved back with her ass high and wet lubed pussy open in the doggy position. She nodded to me and I reached back under her for Robert's cock, finding it already positioned for his entry into Anne. I gently grabbed it and pulled it to Anne's pussy, rubbing it up and down, between Anne's pussy slit and over her clit. She moaned, shaking slightly, as she waited for me to to open her pussy lips with it. I took my time, knowing she always relished most, the initial entry. She did not disappoint, as I thrust Robert's big mushroom head just inside her. Her first entry moan was loud and Robert's matched hers as I gave them that permission to enjoy their fuck, and then withdrew to watch their fun.

Robert could not wait longer and plunged gently into Anne, opening her as he went. Anne left out a very loud moan and sigh and her eyes rolled skyward as he bottomed, balls slapping against her pussy, his cock head pushing lightly against her cervix. Anne tensed, waiting the frenzied thrusting into her that she knew would come. The sensation she loved most was feeling a cock bottoming in her so I encouraged Robert's deep pounding, telling him to fuck her hard and deep. Anne's pussy was a tight one and Robert was obviously quickly out of control, with Anne's pussy grasping full length tightly around and messaging his thick cock. He took his time at first, with long slow thrusts, gradually increasing speed as his pleasure overcame him.

Since my cock was thicker and as I was older I usually triggered off more quickly in Anne's tight cunt. So I quite enjoyed her pleasure in Robert's more prolonged and lasting thrusting into Anne for her to enjoy. And she was sure enjoying it, as we always hoped, and as Robert always delivered, in his ( and might we say in his more impatient ) youthful uncontrolled sexual exuberance.

Anne pulled me to her to grasp my arms and moan in my ear as she allowed ( and encouraged ) Robert to thrust uncontrollably into her. She humped her back time and again as she reached orgasm, and clutched my arms tightly each time. Boy , was she in heaven!! I reached between her legs and messaged her clit as Robert took his pleasure in her. She responded with moans in higher volume and the hump in her back was constant and jerking as she was experiencing orgasm after orgasm as she shook with each. Every time Robert bottomed in her with his long cock Anne jerked, shivered and moaned in pleasure.

We both relished Robert's excited moans as his thrusting increased in tempo. Nothing like the excitement of a man approaching orgasm and his out of control pleasure in it. Anne thrust back against against Roberts' cock as his speed increased, letting him know we enjoyed his mounting pleasure and she was eager to feel his load to pump into her.

Robert was not long in providing that pleasure for us. He rammed hard into Anne as he approached orgasm and sensing, she reached back to pull him deep into her to take his cum load. With a couple last thrusts and nearly a scream, Robert told us he was coming and Anne humped back hard against him, balls deep, to take his load, holding him deep in her with one hand on his leg and the other on my arm. She grasped my arm hard and tight, moaning loudly with each spurt, as Robert started spurting into her, pulling him in as deep as she could get him.

Robert grabbed Anne's hips and held himself deep in her as he shot each come spurt, moaning loudly with each. I reached down and gently felt and squeezed Robert's balls, feeling them contracting as he was shooting his load into Anne.

"oh god" Anne screamed. " He has that big cock the whole way in me and I can feel it getting bigger every time he shoots in me". Anne humped her back with each spurt and then rammed her tongue deep into my mouth with each of Robert's uncontrolled thrusts. She orgasmed with every other spurt and her muffled moans escaped her mouth, now tightly clamped around mine, as she kept Robert's cock deep inside her till he was done shooting into her.

Anne slowly relaxed and Roberts cock slipped slowly out of her. Anne rolled onto her back, smiling at me in appreciation of allowing her that pleasure. I knew she planned to show me her appreciation as she always did after taking her fun.

I stripped off Robert's rubber and sucked his cock clean of cum as Anne watched and smiled, jacking my hard cock.

Of course, Anne did say "first fuck" for Robert today. But that means I get second fuck after she has had her pussy stretched, and needs my cum dripping out of her. Maybe Robert would like to lick her clean then...I think she would enjoy that too. She knows I get a big kick out of fucking her stretched pussy after watching her enjoying her fuck.

Damn, did I find the right ticket for my lady's pleasure. Oh and mine also. I have a good buddy for me and my lady's pleasure and he and I can have fun together as we wish, also with my lady's full approval and participation ( well long as she is there to participate as she wishes...he does have a great attitude and cock as we both obviously appreciate and enjoy).

Nothing in life to equal sharing the pleasure and fun times with your lady. I mean the really naughty fun times possible in a committed couple situation.

We do love the honest horny civil bi guys who find themselves in a desert dating situation and need the attentions of a committed bi couple who like, still respect, and enjoy them and their needs, as long that is, as they understand and respect our relationship with each other. . .and that they are privileged participants with us.

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