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Oral Fixation

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My husband has always encouraged me to write about how much I love to perform fellatio.

We have been married 24 years (second for both) and obviously there were encounters in previous marriage. My husband is always asking me to tell him about past boyfriends and what we did together. I've told a few stories but for the most part think it's none of his business.

He knows that I enjoy looking at men's penises. Especially hard, erect men's penises. There's something about looking at it because most men become absolutely stupid when they get a hard on and will do/promise almost anything to get into a girl's pants.

Yes, I have sucked my share of cocks. Some just for the hell of it, some because I wanted to, some because I wanted to and just for the hell of it! Each one has been different. Due to an experience early on in my dating career, I choose not to swallow a man's semen. I did it for for husband once when we were driving and he almost ran off the road! I just don't care for the taste of it. I like the feel of a man's penis cumming deep in my throat, however, so if he's up to putting on a condom (especially a spearmint-flavored one!) on, I'm his girl to completion.

I like to feel a man's penis, soft-then semi-hard-and then hard like a piece of steel. I like the look on his face when I gently stroke him. It's almost humorous as he almost has this baby-look on his face pleading with me to finish him off, and not usually just with my hand.

I have had a variety of sizes and shapes of cocks in my mouth. I like the spongy-feel of the head of the cock. My husband tells me it drives him wild when I lick around the crown of his cock. I've found that to be true with other men that I've been with as well.

I can usually get most of the penis down my throat. I haven't kept records of "the biggest," "the widest," or "shape" but I seldom, if ever have have a complaint. My husband tells me any blow job is a good blow job, some are just better. If you were to ask the men that I have sucked off, probably the only thing they would comment on is that they would have liked to shoot their cum down my throat--sorry guys, that's just not going to happen.

I usually like guys who are average size between 5-7 inches long when erect. They are easier to deep throat and I don't gag as much (some men just get carried away and want their whole cock deep down my mouth on the first penetration).

I've had some problems with my knees and shoulders so I specialize in sucking a man's cock perhaps more so than having sex. Most men don't complain! I like to take a minute or so and get use to that magnificent piece of cock that's going into my mouth. I want to love it, pay close attention to it, honor it, make him want to come back for more! I like to lick a man's cock along the shaft and play with his testicles. Men go crazy when a woman starts to suck on their balls--they don't realize the absolute power we have over them at that time!

Yes, I've had a few cocks that I enjoyed more than others. My husband and I have gone to swing clubs and while nothing usually happened there other than me sucking my husband off in a public area (he told me he liked having other people--men and women--watch me do this and get jealous because he was getting a class A blow job and they weren't), there have been a few instances where we have partied with others.

Usually in those occasions, it has involved me getting to know a new cock up close and personal. My husband really enjoys watching me do this. He has said he would like to have pictures taken of me with my mouth full of his--or someone else's cock--but I don't trust the Internet or what he might do with them. I did have some "tasteful" photos (basically "R" rated) taken with several of my "outfits" on but while the implication was there, they were tasteful enough I could show them to my sisters. Some had most of my 42D breasts exposed, but no nipples.

Sometimes I think I might like to have photos taken with a hard dick down my throat so I could look at them when my husband was gone but again we have nosy kids who like to go though our closets and drawers.

I have watched other women suck cocks--especially at the swing clubs--and found a variety of techniques being used. Some gals use a lot of hand work so they're giving their guy basically a hand job. I like to fondle a guy's balls while I have his cock deep in my throat but prefer for him to get his pleasure from my mouth and not my hands.

My husband has several oral fantasies that he would like to see me do. One of them involves being the center of attention of four or five guys and just having me go from one to another to suck. That idea sounds tempting but I don't know if I'd have the energy to suck off that many in a row!!!

In addition to feeling a man's penis so very hard in my throat, I truly enjoy watching his climax. To hear him babble like a little boy as the semen is released from his penis is truly a great reward. Yes, I don't swallow, but if he would like to spray me with his hot cum, I'm all his. Shoot it on my breasts, stomach, wherever. Can't say I'm a real fan of facials but I know my husband loves to see cum running down my face, sooooooo....

Does this mean I don't like to have a hard penis in my vagina?


At my age, my sex does not get lubricated as much as it did in my twenties but if it's wet enough, the feeling of a man's hard dick pounding my pussy, especially in a doggy-style position, is absolutely fantastic. I really get off on that position and plead with the man I'm with to bring it as hard and fast as he can. That slapping sound made when a man fucks a woman like that (hard and fast) is one of the most erotic sounds I know. And then to feel his sperm deposited so deep in me. Ummmmm.

My husband has occasionally enjoyed licking me after another man has had intercourse with me. I like to watch him knowing he's tasting another man's sperm that just was put there.

I wish I could put an ad in the newspaper to help out young girls who need some assistance in learning how to make love to a man's penis with their mouth. There's more than just getting the man to cum. I want my man to know how much I appreciate his penis and what he's done for me. Other women need to show that as well.

These days, my husband and I don't go to the swing clubs for various reasons and it's basically just us. I still enjoy the touch, taste and feel of my husband's six-incher in my mouth. It fits just right. I've told him that maybe, just maybe, for our 25th anniversary next June, I might, just might, relive that day in the car a long time ago. I know he would go absolutely crazy if I did. I just don't want him to expect that every time! I figure, about every 25 years if often enough for me to taste his cum!

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