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Opposites Attract

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We are a couple( Anne and David) in our fourties who have had long term relationship with another couple (Robin and Robert) who are slightly younger than us. We have become very compatible and do everything together. At social engagement, we always trade spouse for dancing, often leads to rubbing and arousal of the other's spouse. We ski together, drink together, go to ball games together, etc, etc. We have played adult games together that often led to nudity, sexual arousal with the other's spouse and intentional touching between us. Anne and David have been swingers for years and Robin and Robert were straight, but were leaning toward the lifestyle. This is the activities of Robin and David.

We had planned a weekend to Las Vegas for the four or us. As we anticipated the trip, we also talked of swinging between the four of us. It was just talk for along time and then we finally agreed that Vegas could be the opportunity. Anne and Robert loved to gamble, and Robin and David did not. Anne and Robert didn't like the sun or pool and Robin and David were sun worshippers.

We decided that we would all travel to Vegas, but swap partners for the weekend. Whatever happened in Vegas stays in Vegas was the motto we followed. Neither couple would pry into the other's activities unless we all decided to share, that way everything goes this weekend.

We all four met at the airport and boarded our plane, although Anne sat with Robert and Robin sat with David a few rows behind them. As we were on the way, we all giggled as to the weekend's events like newlyweds. Robin and David discussed that all was open this weekend and we could play as wild as we felt comfortable. We arrived in Vegas and the first couple left the plane and on to their hotel by themselves. Robin and David left the plane shortly after and although going to the same hotel did not see their spouses and eventually ended up 6 floors between each other. Both couples packed accordingly, with the girls bringing skimpy bikinis, sexy lingerie, low cut blouses and short skirts along with their sex toys. The men brought the necessary condoms, lubricants and of course money.

Upon arriving at the hotel, Robin took a shower only to be interrupted by David who joined her. They both massaged each other, with Robin giving David a blow job and the two fucked in the shower to start their weekend. We proceeded to the pool and enjoyed the warm sun while bathing each other in lotion over and over again. We became involved in conversation with a couple that sat next to us and David boldly asked them if they were swingers. Robin looked surprised but did not object, when the couple said they had thought of it but never tried it. We made a date for dinner to see where things went. Robin and David returned to their room and Robin was obviously sexually excited. She asked about what had just happended and David reminded her of what happens in Vegas stays in Vegas. She confessed that she had fantacized about swinging with Anne and David in the past. She agreed to see where things go at dinner and if we all agreed we would fuck them tonight. We all met for dinner and the talk turned sexual, Robin kicked David's foot under the table and looked at him and winked with a smile. We invited the couple to our room and never let on that we were not married to each other. We fixed a few drinks and all four of us jumped into the jacuzzi. Everyone was relaxed and after a few drinks began to massage one another, when Robin stood up and straddled our new male friend face to face. She began gyrating her body and evntually started fucking in the jacuzzi. David and our new female friend exited the jacuzzi and went to the bed where we commenced to fuck and suck. Eventually, the four of us were on the bed and did a little group action, with the girls doing each other which surprised us all. All having been satisfied, they dressed and left, never to be seen again.

The next morning, Robin and David has a mornign round of sex and went to breakfast. They discussed the night before and decided to continue their sexual romp Vegas styple. At the pool, new friends were made and this time, Robin asked the couple, who were black if they were swingers. They were willing and ready and told us they had plans to attend a swingers club. We asked if we could join them and we all agreed to meet there about 10 o'clock. Robin and David sunned, showered and had a number of drinks that evening considering the outcome. Robin put on a very, very low cut white blouse with no bra, short skirt with no underwear and a stripper high heels she had brought. She wore heavy eye make up and bright red lipstick that made her look like a $1000 hooker. David wore slacks and a button Bahama shirt leaving it unbuttoned half the way. As we entered the swinger club, we sat near the dance floor and waited to see our new friends. We all sat and drank, dancing with each other's mate through the night, grinding to the music and enjoying the highly sexual atmosphere. We all entered the couples area and disrobed. There we sat around watching prono movies that involved interracial sex and having a few more drinks. We began to grope one anothers mate until both men were standing at attention, with our new male friend standing about 10 inches long and having the full attention of Robin. We proceeded to a room containing three mattresses with about four couples in various positions on them. The four of us joined the couples and Robin began to give our friend the blow job of his life, cuming in her mouth with his cum dripped out of her mouth as she smiled. David began to fuck his new friend filling her cunt with cum. Fucking and sucking continued for a while with all of us stopped to recover as we laid on the beds. A couple next to Robin and her black lover asked if they would like to join them and Robin agreed immediately. They began a group involvement that led Robin and the girl into eating each other out. Both men swapped partners and began fucking both their asses. They twisted and turned and fucked and sucked. David and his new black girl left the area and went out to the couch area, where they met another black couple who wanted to party. They decided on a private room and went off to suck and fuck. Returning to the table at the dance floor, they met up with Robin and her black man who were all smiles. Robin later told David that she had climaxed twenty times during the evening and was sexually charged. We left the club and returned to our hotel, where we entered the lounge for a drink.

As we sat down, behold we saw our spouses sitting at a table across the room with another couple. We both walked over and asked how they were. It was obvious that we appeared well-fucked but our spouses never knew our swing activities. They invited to sit with them and we all began to socialize. As the night went on, Anne got up to dance with the man of the couple and Robert danced with the female leaving Robin and David at the table. They all danced very provactively grinding their pelvises into one another. Anne was dressed in rather sheer blouse where you could see her breasts slightly and a long skirt that was unbuttoned along the front right up to her crotch. As they danced, I noticed she was not wearing any panties. As they returned to the table, David eventually danced with Anne and inquired about there relationshp with the couple. Anne was open to say they had met them on the first there and had fucked them twice so far. David was turned on by the revelation and responded that he and Robin had been with two other couples so far themselves. David and Anne began to grind their hips to the music and at song's end returned to the table. David and Robin excused themselves, leaving the four to do their thing.

David and Robin returned to their room and David let Robin in the story. Robin confided that Robert had told her the same thing and therefore she felt very comfortable with what they had done together. After freshening up, the two admitted they were more horny than ever and sent to a strip bar. David had one of the strippers do a lap dance for Robin in a private room. Robin was so turned on by the event, she reported she wanted to pick up a girl for sex. At the club there were a number of couples and we eventually hooked up with one and went to their place. There the girls did a one on one that we filmed. The guys entered the arrangement and we fucked our hearts away.

The weekend ended with all of us meeting at the airport. We have returned to our normal lives with one slight twist, we swing together every weekend.

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