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One night in January

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I'm sitting at work on a Monday afternoon and my buddy K calls. "What are you doing tonight?"

"Just finishing up work and heading home. Why?" I asked.

"You need to come over after work. Don't ask any questions and just get your ass over here" he tells me and hangs up.

Now, I've received calls from him in the past, and sometimes they work out to something fun, and other times he's just a bit lonely and needs someone to talk to. A few minutes after 9:00 I roll into the parking lot next door to his house and walk up his driveway. It's snowing out pretty good and his drive is steep. The last thing that I want to do is get stuck. I knock on the door and he's sitting in the dark with only the TV on and he's been having a few. He's been divorced and misses his kids, so I'm thinking that he just needs to have someone hear him out when he surprises me, letting me know that someone's coming over for a visit.

A few minutes later, I can see a silhouette coming up the driveway all bundled up in a hat, boots and winter coat... the whole deal. He gets off of the couch and opened the door for her where she gives him a hug and kiss while she takes her coat off. From across the room I can see that there's some chemistry between the two of them and she kicks off her boots while they remain embraced.

It was lasting so long that I was almost uncomfortable when he motions for me to come over. Walking over to them, he says "this is my friend" and I shake her hand, tell her my name and begin to admire that she has a fair complexion and curly brunette locks. The lighting is dim from the light of the television on the other side of the room and I?m really starting to take her in. She has a very pretty face, the kind that doesn?t need makeup to put a sparkle in your eye and she stands about 5?5?. Anyone who knows me well enough is already aware of the fact that I adore shorter women. I think that it goes back to my first high school crush. We?re both smiling as we meet and we let go of each others hands as he says ?Seriously, is that you how you say hello to my friend??

?What do you want me to do, we just shook hands? she blurts out as she must have thought that in most any setting a handshake usually meant ?hello, nice to meet you.? He then tells her that this is no way to meet me, and that she should introduce herself properly. She wraps her arms around me, pulls me and gives me a soft passionate kiss as she presses her body against me.

This is the about the time that I realize that he must have put something together and was just trying to surprise me. What?s a guy to do?

She didn?t let go, and she didn?t stop kissing me as her hand moved down to my pants. We switched the angles of our heads as she backed up and repositioned her hand to the front of my pants. She began to rub my cock as it begins to stiffen. I pull my mouth away and look into her eyes as K begins to undress her.

Pulling her top up and removing her bra were the perkiest breasts that I?ve been fortunate enough to see in some time. They were B-cups and they looked fantastic standing there in the chilly room. My hands must have felt like ice as I brushed one gently while her shirt came over her head as her nipple stiffened immediately. I began to kiss her again, closing my eyes as her tongue danced across mine. She wiggled as he was undoing her pants and I could feel them slide past my leg as they hit the floor.

I opened my eyes and took a step backwards towards the desk where I had a glass of water. Taking in a drink I watched as she reached up and behind her head to hold him. Standing there with her pants around her ankles he was kissing her neck and she was looking up at the ceiling. Her curvy body waving from side to side. I really can?t recall when the last time it was that I was able to take in such a site.

Approaching and getting onto my knees I kissed and tongued her stomach, tracing my tongue around. I caressed her heart-shaped ass with my hands as his hands were holding onto her waist and I began to lick at her thighs as she moved one arm down to run her fingers through my hair. She began to breathe deeper and she was beginning to feel the rush of the excitement coming over her. I ran my hands down her calves as she lifted her legs out of her pants one by one. I then stood up and her smile was fantastic as I moved to kiss her again. She looked over at the sectional in the corner so I suggested that we move over to the other side of the room.

I was about to sit down and she knelt in front of me, unbuckled my pants and pushed me onto the couch. Taking me into her mouth as she removed by pants was nothing less than incredible. There is a distinct difference between women who like to give head and women who love to give head. She was no stranger to cock in her mouth. This was obvious and her talent was well-honed. She worked her mouth up and down as she soaked me with spit and slid her hand in circles as she stroked, all the while her tongue was working in the opposite direction swirling circles around my head as she came to the top of her stroke. K was on the floor behind her with his dick in his hand and two fingers pumping in and out of her pussy, slapping his palm against her mound of shaved flesh as he went. I began to fully undress, removing my shirt as a condom wrapper hits me in the chest. She sees this and opens it, spreading the rubber over me.

She stands up and spins to kiss K while she sits back onto my lap, grabbing my cock and placing is against her very moist lips and begins to work her way down my cock. As she pushed down, I pushed up and soon she was riding my length as she takes K into her mouth. He and I make eye contact and I can tell that she?s giving him the same performance as I had just received. As I run my hands over her body, stroking her hips, her thighs and stomach, I settle onto one hand on her left nipple and my other rubbing her clit. Rubbing away at her clit as she slurps noisily I could feel her grip me as she spasms on my dick and then holds still. I grabbed her by the hips and pumped up towards her ass hard, pulling her down on top of my. She moved with my motion, grabbing my right hand and wrapping the other around K and burying her face into his chest.

K begins to ask her what was wrong as she waves her head from side to side, curls flailing around and hitting him in the chest but she never broke the rhythmof riding me hard and fast until she finally stopped and screamed. Again he has asked what was wrong as the TV light was dim and he couldn?t see everything. It was at that moment that she said ?I squirted him right out of me when I came, OK?? and that was good for a laugh. I have to admit, at one moment, he had asked her ?what was wrong? so many times that I actually thought something was actually going awry until she came.

She laid herself down on the hardwood floor, atop a faux fur carpet as he mounted her missionary. I removed the condom and positioned myself where she could stroke me and lick at my sack while I grabbed a leg and cranked her knee to her shoulder giving him deeper access. She was grunting softly into my balls as he fucked her as she removed her hand from my dick to rub her clit and hold my thigh close with the other. ?I?m going to cum? he grunts and I tell him to pull out and cum on her. So he pulls out and kneels while trying to pull his rubber off. It was pretty funny watching him try to keep from cumming and get the thing off. He?s pulling it like he?s tugging a tube sock off from the toes, and he?s pulling it straight at me. I?m getting a little nervous because I?m almost afraid that he?s going to nut in the thing and then fling it all over me, but then he?s stretching it so hard, I?m worried about getting snapped with it because he?s yanking on it like his life is in the balance. I start laughing out loud and tell him to point it somewhere else and he finally gets the rubber off and takes aim. I move backwards as he sprays out a long shot up towards her chin and pumps out 4-5 gooey splats onto her chest and abdomen.

I love a good moneyshot and figure that she?s going to want to clean herself off for a moment, so I sit on the couch again and she hops up and begins to suck me hard and fast. K comes around the corner from the bathroom holding a towel and I can feel his jizz dripping off of her and onto my feet. He asks me ?doesn?t she do that great?? and I answer ?yes, she?s fantastic.? She laughs a little on my cock and looks up into my eyes as I ask her if she plans on finishing me this way. Mumbling out an ?uh huh? I acknowledge and ask if she wants it in her mouth or somewhere else. She pulls me out with a pop and smiles telling me that she wants to swallow my cum. Once again I am in a position where I ask myself, What?s a guy to do when someone so fine wants to take you into their mouth and finish every drop. Not wanting to be a complete idiot, I ask her one last question. ?Do you want any warning when I?m ready??

Moving her head from side to side, I got the message. Leaning back and told her to rub my balls as she immediately began to stroke my bag of nuts softly while working her hand and mouth in unison this time, faster and faster until I exploded into her mouth. She never stopped stroking and swallowing until I was drained and shivering in front of her. Smiling, she hopped up and ran into the shower.

This was my cue to take off as he told me that she has never done this before and was now sitting in the shower a little scared. ?Maybe you should take off and let me handle this? he said as I was getting dressed. I felt like a dick thinking that I wouldn?t see her to at least say goodbye or anything, but then again, people like different things and perhaps this was her fantasy. To do a stranger and then rush off. As I trudged through the snow, the thoughts of getting my hands on her again were on my mind. I haven?t had fun like that in some time and I couldn?t wait to do it again.

Two days later, I finally hear from him to see what the fuck happened. I?m happy to say that she was asking for a repeat performance the next week.

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