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One night at the bar

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We'd gone out with some friends of the wife one night to a bar that all her friends like to go. It's a nice bar with an open air area for those that smoke to go. We like to sit out there for the non smokers like myself and be with those that do.

Well that night it was like many that we'd went there. Mostly women there but there were a few guys. Well in walks one gal with a guy right behind her and they sit down with us. Now the rest of the folks new this couple but I'd not meet them before. As I'd had a few drinks, I had no problem introducing myself to them. Her name was Karen and his was Jake. During the rest of the night, I got the feeling that both of them were more interested in me than the rest of the group but I didn't say anything.

Well as the night wore on, I'd finally stop drinking as I new that I'd needed to sober up before making the long drive home. When I'd stopped drinking, Karen had finally gotten into postion in which she was sitting next to me and with the crowd, was almost on my lap from time to time. Well, me being friendly and after watching her and my wife play around giving each other "motorboats" to each other's tits, I placed my hand on the seat so it wouldn't scoot out from under her and when she sat down, she acted like I'd startled her and her hand when to my crotch. Now Karen just didn't touch and go like I did when I moved my hand away from her ass, but started to stroke my cock under the table. I started to get hard and just as fast as Karen started, she stopped. She looked over at Jake and gave him a wink in which he acknowledge. Karen then joked with the rest of the crowd some but off and on put her hand on my cock again. She would lean over then and tell my wife how sexy she thinks I am and how sexy her outfit is. My wife smiled and later told me she thought that she'd heard that Karen was very bi, but as she'd not known her that long from working with her, she didn't know for sure. I told her that Karen had stroked my cock some and my wife seen some.

Karen and the wife left to go to the bathroom and Jake moved next to me telling me that if I didn't want to drive all the way home, that we were welcome to crash at his place. He had an extra bedroom that had a queen size bed if we wanted to. He also said that he thought that Karen would also be cool with the idea as she had mentioned to him during one of the rounds that they had left to go get drinks, that she thought I was "hot". While Karen and my wife were in the bathroom, Karen told my wife that not only did she think she was hot but I was also. Karen came out and asked if we would be interested in playing tonight. As my wife hadn't expected that and not that many at work knew that we were swingers, it shocked her to hear that question. Then Karen said that she was comletely BISEXUAL and though that not only was she smoking hot, which the wife is, but I was also.

Well back to the table, Jake was getting ready to give up his seat for my wife's return but as he did, HIS hand brushed my crotch! When I didn't respond negatively, he just smiled and said "NICE!" Karen and the wife returned and sat back down. My wife leaned over and told me what had happened in the bathroom and I told her what Jake had offered. We both smiled. When I looked up, I noticed Jake was gone. I didn't think about it at the time, but later guessed that he had left the building and found our van, flattened a tire by letting the air out before returning. The reason I guessed that he'd done that was when he returned he had only a beer in his hand and nodded at Karen. Karen then asked if she could sit next to my wife as there was a little breaze coming in.

Karen then could put her hand on my leg and then cock as well as my wife's leg without anyone seeing what she was doing. Well last call was given and we started to leave. Karen and Jake walked out with us and it seemed like they were parked a short distance from us. That is when I noticed the flat tire. Boy was I pissed think that I'd ran over something and at 2am, had no plans on wanting to fix the tire with the spare. So once again, the offer to spend the night with Jake was made and this time accepted.

We rode with them to their place and shortly after we got there, my wife found the bed and was out like a light. I sat on the couch talking with Karen and Jake when Karen undid my pants. She said that she couldn't take any more and I'd teased her enough. She took my cock out and started to suck it to full hardness. Jake in the mean time is watching and then he too starts to suck on my cock. Now during the night, I'd found out that they weren't a couple, but just folks that liked to hang out. Right then guessed that they were BOTH BI!

Having my cock sucked on, and Karen't tits in my face, it didn't take me long before I laid down adn started to lick on Karen't pussy as she's stripped her clothes off. Karen I should tell you is about 25yrs old, 5'6", maybe 125lbs and has a nice ass and a good sized 36c tits. Her pussy was shaved smooth and I licked it like there was no tommorrow. In between licks, I could hear Karen ask me if I liked my cock being sucked by Jake and if bi guys bothered me. I told him sex is sex and if he's cool with it, I am also. When Jake heard that, it almost seemed like he started to suck me with a degree of intensity that he hadn't had before. I could feel myself building dangerously close to cumming and both could tell it as I started to moan while eating Karen out faster. Then I felt it...Jake started to probe my ass with his finger. Slowly working it into my ass. I groaned loudly as I felt his finger work in to what I guessed was the second knuckle. Pumping in and out of me, I felt a second finger. I EXPLODED!!! Filling Jakes mouth with my seed. Karen knew that I'd exploded and yelled at Jake. She wanted fucked and now her newest toy had cum in his mouth.

But suprisingly enough, I wasn't getting soft. I told Karen that if she wanted me to fuck her, to get on all 4's. I'd give it all I could. She asked me if I wanted her ass as well. I asked her if she was kidding as her ass was the perfect shape to be able to hold on to during anal doggy or pussy doggy style. Jake lubed her ass up while I was fucking her pussy hard. I was horny as hell, and told Jake that he'd better leave that lube close. As he returned, I grabbed it and squirted some onto my hand and worked it into her ass. As I reached for more, I got Jakes cock instead.

Jake is about 30yr and about 6' tall, and had a 6-7" cock but it wasn't thick at all, but was shaped like a banana. Meaning it curved downwards. Now I'm fucking Karen and stroking Jake with my hand that had some lube on it. Jake was moaning, Karen was moaning and both were close to cuming. I stopped and mentioned that maybe we could all cum at the same time. Karen asked what I had in mind and I said "We are all BI, lets go for it".

With that, I got in postion to remount Karen and slowly work my cock into her ass. While I was doing that, Jake started to lube MY ass. I felt his cock pushing into me so I stopped pushing into Karen. Jake was slipping into my tight ass a little too easy. Karen rocked back forcing me more into her when Jake started to moan as well. We heard him say that he was almost all in me.... Then I felt the curved banana in me all the way. I let out a gasp when he shoved his cock all the way in me. I felt like something had instantly made me want to cum and explode then I felt him pull back some, then back in. I felt like I was going to explode again. I'm moaning, Karen is moaning and Jake is moaning. I head Karen beg to be fucked harder and for me...I started to pump her ass.

Now the more I pumped my cock into Karen, the more it seemed like Jake was pumping me. Karen was cumming and put her hands back for me to hold onto as I orgasmed hard in her. I yelled fuck me...and Jake fucked me harder and harder. He yelled he was cumming and kept going and going. I stared to cum again in Karen. By it was all done, I emptied all I had into her and Jake emptied all he could into me.

We finally cleaned up and I joined my wife in bed. The next moring I told her what had happened after she went to sleep and she said let's do them now.

But that is another story...

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