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One Wild Week in Vegas

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My wife and I recently ventured on a week long sexual adventure while in Sin City. We are an average middle aged white couple, long married and in and out of the lifestyle for about 5 years.

We arrived in the early evening on a Saturday and drove to a local swing club to begin our adventure. Even though both of us were suffering from jet lag, once at the club we got our second wind. My wearing has great tits and she wore a see through blouse with tight pants and high heels. Before we entered the club, we shared a joint and once inside we had a number of drinks, so we were feeling pretty good. We danced and I rubbed my wife's breasts, exposing them to the crowd with her approval. Eventually, we went upstairs to the couples area, where about 5 couples were groping, sucking and fucking on a series of matresses with about a dozen people around them looking on. We were two of the lookers with my wife standing in front of me with her ass pressed against my crotch. I had lifted up her blouse and began rubbing her tits for all to see. A strange man began to rub and then suck on one of her breasts and she told me she was getting turned on by the stranger's actions. I held out her breast to him and he began to caress both them. She leaned back into me enjoying the action as she watched the other fuck. I then unzipped her pants and let them fall to her knees, exposing her beuatiful pussy as she wore no panties. The stranger immediately began to rub her pussy lips and brought her to a climax. She laid down on the matress and brought the strangers head between her legs, where he ate her out. She arose and pulled her pants up after she climaxed once more, before we left the club and headed to the hotel. Once there, we broke out the video camera and captured our lovemaking that went on to the wee hours of the morning.

Upon waking, we fucked and remebered that today was the day we were to meet up with a couple we met on the internet. We arrived at the casino lounge where we were to meet the couple and at the prescribed time, a black couple entered the lounge. We were amazed as we thought we had arranged to meet a white couple and had never been with a black couple before. We introduced ourselves and found they were intelligent, witty, very attractive couple in their 40's. they had been swinging for 2 years and looked forward to our meeting. We proceeded to our hotel after verifying we were all comfortable. As we got to our room, he came in carrying an atache case that as we found out contained numerous sex toys. As we sat and drank we all became more comfortable and the male asks my wife if she had any sex toys. She responds to bring them out and he then asks if she wears all her clothes when she fucks. At which, she strips to my amazement and is the only one nude as the htree of us sit fully clothed. He then starts to use a black dildo on my wife's pussy, very slowly bringing her to a climax. We all atch and then his wife gets up and starts a strip tease, loosing all of her clothing. I follow and then he strips, leaving all of us naked facing each other. My wife is pleasantly surprised to see that he is about 9 inches of meat and farely thick. She wastes no time in taking him into her mouth and sucking him until he cums in her mouth, she swallows every drip and he continues to work her pussy with the dildo. He pulls a white dildo from the his case and I work his wife over with it. I progress to eating her out to multiple orgasms.We proceed to fuck each others wife as the other looks on. My wife is loving his size and I am loving the contrast and taboo of our skin colors. We say good bye in the week hours of the morning.

The next day we wake and fuck as we relive the night before. Tonight we decide to return to the swinger club but not after we go shopping for wife. She buys a new one piece dress that barely covers her pussy and he nipples. She puts on fish net hose and high heels, pulls her hair back and adds a lot of eye makeup and off we go. We walk into the club and she is immediately approached by one of the regulars, who tells her how hot she looks and invites us to party with him. We tell him we are always interested but need to get to know them and he invites his wife over. She is a red head with very large tits. She tells my wife that she is very bi and inquires about my wife's preference. We agree to socialize with them and after we drink a few rounds, they invite outside to "loosen up" before we party. Not knowing what they meant, my wife goes out with him to the parking lot and returns within 10 minutes. She is glassy eyed and obviously high. I go out with his wife and we blow a joint and return as well. the four of us go to a private room join in a group where the girls eat each other out and the guys fuck them alternating between oral and fuck their pussies. We end with he fucking my wife missionary style and me fucking his wife doggie style until everyone cums. We dress and return to the club area where he sit again and socialize. We dance with the couple we just fucked and get aroused once again. We return to the private room, but this time only the two girls play, biting each other's cunt lips and making each other cum oer and over again. After they get done, my wife gives him a blow job and his wife services me, both of them swalowing the loads. We return to the club and continue to socialize. We leave the club in the early hours of the morning and return back to our hotel, where we enter the lounge. My wife announces she is still horny and points out a man by himself in the bar that she would like to have join us in a threesome. I tell my wife to go and approach him about it. She looks like she is a hooker and has that just been fucked look as she goes to his table. I see he is all smiles and my wife climbs in the booth with him, and I watch as she rubs his leg talking to him. In no time, he is rubbing my wifes leg and they begin to kiss. I wander over and climb in next to my wife and she turns to me and says "Yes, let's go". We head to the room where his hands are all over her ass and tits in the elevator. As we enter the room, we sit and have a drink and I lead my wife to the bed, where I sit next to her and undress her. He comes over and we suck and fuck her for over an hour. He leaves and we fuck again.

It's already Friday and my wife says she has cum over 100 times since we been here. We decide that we will meet the black couple one more time and party. We call and they invite us to their home. We find there are a two other couples there and party with all of them in one fashio or another. I loose my wife in the crowd but I don't care becasue I am busy with the other women.

We leave for home with fond memories of Vegas.

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