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Old flame

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On a recent trip to the grocery store, you notice your friend Carol. She was in the veggie section talking to a n attractive man, that you've never seen before. As you approach the two of them, she introduces the 2 of you. His name was Robert and had recently moved back to the area. It turns out Robert and Carol had grown up on the same block together and Carol's brother had played high school football together. Robert reluctantly excused himself to finish his shopping. As he walked off, a sparkle was seen in Carol's eyes. When questioned she stated that she always had a crush on him, but he was much older( 8 years). After high school, Robert left for college and never returned except to visit. As it turned out Carol married one of Robert's high school buddies. This was the second time she had seen him since he returned home. When she mentioned to her husband she had seen him, he stated he always felt "Tool" would return to his hometown. The nickname "Tool" had always stuck with Carol. It was given to him in high school, by his football teammates. It seems that he was very blessed in his manhood. Rumor has it, that it took several tries with the girls before he found one that could take it all. Even some of the older women had the same problem.

The next week I received a phone call from Carol inviting me to a pool party and cookout. I was asked if I could arrive early and help set up. As I arrived and began setting up, I realized just how many people were invited. As I was setting a table by the pool, a voice from behind spoke a deep hello. As I turned to see the face, I realized the face was that of Robert. I must have turned many shades of red, as I thought of his nickname. We chatted a few moments before we both went our separate ways, chatting with the guests. But somehow we kept looking over our shoulders for the other, smiling and grinning like small kids. As the music, food and alcohol set the mood, it was obvious that this would be no ordinary party. Following a great supper, people began to get in the pool and cool off. As I entered the water, I looked around for my new friend. After a few minutes, Carol swam over to me and said he was changing into a swim suit and would be here shortly. By this time only a couple of people standing around and not swimming.

Suddenly I felt a hand on my shoulder, as I turned around I look into the eyes of Robert as he hands me another drink. We sit in the corner of the pool for what seemed like eternity talking about everything from politics to sports. By this time we've become comfortable enough around each other to gently touch the other on the hands and legs. As it turned out, we're both divorced and unattached. We both decide it's time for trip to the restroom and refresh our drink. As we exit the pool, I feel his hand on my waist. His hand felt soft but yet strong. As we go our separate ways to the restroom, I look over my shoulders and he's also looking back. It wasn't til I was out of sight that I realized just how horny and wet I was. Gosh I was dripping and not from the pool water. As rejoined the guests Robert was nowhere in sight, again I was like a disappointed kid in a candy store. I decided to get us a drink and mingle in the crowd until Robert returned. Suddenly I felt that familiar hand on my waist as I turned to hand him his drink, he placed his other arm around me. When I looked over my shoulders this time, he softly kissed my forehead. I suddenly felt him squeeze me tighter. It was at this point I realized why he was behind me, with a bulge like that it must be difficult to hide. The look in his eyes was different this time, the sparkle was brighter but yet cold . We decided to enter the pool again, and went for the area of the steps again. As we begin to sit down, he pulls me into his lap; which feels like he's hiding a ball bat. Soft moans escape the both of us. I feel his arms tighten around me, as he feels me push down more against his crotch. Subtle movements over the next few minutes, saying we were horny would be an understatement. I ask Robert to explain his nickname to me. It seems that when he was in shower after football practice that he was constantly teased about his dick being so large. One player made the comment that it's more like a tool than a cock. After that day the name stuck with him. Though it's large when it's limp (over 7 1/2) , it doesn't get much longer when erect ( just over 9") but it does get very very thick. Feeling bolder now, I reach down to feel it in the water. My head suddenly turns to him in astonishment. I can't take that much in me, you'd kill me. He says it's ok, he's been told that before on many occasions. What do you do when this happens, I ask? Well I have to take care of it later, it's all I can do. But that's not fair to you. Maybe not, but it does happen. Just then our hosts walk up and we realize it's just us four left from the party. The subject changes to the cleanup and the trip we have to make home.

As we begin the cleanup, Carol ask me how I like Robert. He's adorable and we a good time, buttttt. But what, she ask? Can u still see his package, he's very large. She laughs and says, don't worry about that. When you get excited your muscles relax more than you think. I shrugged, I guess so. Once the cleaning was complete, Robert agreed to follow me home. During the 5 mile trip home, I thought about what it would feel like to have him fuck me with such a cock. By the time we reached my house, I was dripping again. I inviting Robert in for a few minutes, but he was reluctant. I could tell he was not comfortable, but with reassurance that the night was still young, he agreed. I gave him a quick tour of the house and fixed us a drink. As I turned on some soft music and turned to face him, they hit me again. Those beautiful bright eyes were just melting me. At this point I knew I had to have him. We embraced and for the first time I felt his lips on mine as we kissed softly I melted further into his body. Damn I was dripping and Robert was excited as well. Still feeling that he was uncomfortable, I decided it was up to me to make the first move. Soft kissed turned to more passionate kisses as the music played as I pressed my body closer to his. Without any hesitation I reached down and cupped his growing dick, grabbing and squeezing like I wanted. His hands grabbed my ass cheeks and pulled me closer, as we looked into each others eyes. At that moment, all reservations went out the window. I begin to remove his clothes, fast furious and with intent. He managed to do a pretty good job of getting mine off as well. Suddenly there it was looking at me, I didn't know whether I should run pass out. Instead I chose to drop to my knees and get a closer look. I began licking the head slowly then the shaft , as he had trouble standing. I continued licking and sucking his balls, head and shaft. The more I sucked the more I wanted him. I certainly know how he got his nickname. I was never able to get the whole shaft in my mouth, but damn it made me wet just trying. Suddenly, he took control. Laying on the floor, he began to kiss me softly on the face but passionately on my mouth. He worked his way down my body, stopping at mt tits, on to my belly and sides. He found my spot. My sides are very sensitive. He continued down further spreading my legs further apart, I gasped as he reached my wet box. But instead of stopping there, he continued on down the inside of my thighs, legs and even to my feet and toes. This was driving me crazy. As he made his way back up my legs to my honey box, I felt his breath on my clit and almost went over the edge. I never knew I would be so turned on by a man I wasn't even sure I could get inside me. I felt his tongue reach out and touch my clit ever so lightly, then the lips, then, he began to nibble and pull my lips and clit in all directions. I was so wet, excited, and horny that my hole was very relaxed and open. Suddenly I felt his tongue exploring inside of me, it must have been as long as his cock. I was thrashing on the floor meeting his face with force, he withdrew his tongue and looked into my glassy eyes. Just then he went back for more tongue fucking my hole. As my hips came off the floor, his tongue touched my asshole and that drove me crazy. I begged him to stop before I came, but he kept it up. Several minutes later I screamed, grabbed his head and yelled that I was cumming. The sensation was incredible and I had to push him away to calm down. With a look of desire in his eye, I knew I had to have him in me. After several minutes of kissing, I pulled him on top of me. He was hesitant as first, but with the needed encouragement, he placed the head at my entrance. I felt a Little pressure at first as he entered, then suddenly he stopped. This is usually as far a can get in, he said. Well tonight will be different, I said. I want it all in me. He began to ease out then back in, back and forth. She was feeling more pressure now with each stroke, she screamed out how good it felt. He suddenly eased more into her until she stopped him. Disappointment showed on both faces. Just fuck me with what is in me for minutes, I should loosen up more. After several minutes of this the pressure went away, she grabbed his ass cheeks pulling him in further. Soon screams and moans were loud again, as he pistoned in and out of her. Finally she could feel his balls hitting her asshole. As she held on tight, his pounding increased as they realized he was all the way inside. As he cupped her asscheeks, he felt juices running down the crack of her ass. She wrapped her legs around his waist and screamed, "fuck me harder". As he held her body tighter and he could feel her getting close again. He intensified the pounding and with a finger eased it in her asshole. He was determined to make her want him again. As she came, her body shook and pressed into him. As he ease his cock out of her wet pussy she kissed him passionately. He rolled her to fuck her doggie style. When he slid in behind her, she grabbed his tool and put it at the entrance to her wet hole. As he entered, she pushed back against him while taking more and more til she had it all. He knew it wouldn't take long for him to cum. After a few thrusts like this he found that this was her favorite position. With his balls slapping on her clit with each movement they both were getting close to orgasms. He grabbed her waist and pounded away harder, telling her he was about to cum. She begged him to hold off a minute until she was cumming also. At that very second they both pushed on each other and came. Both fell to the floor exhausted and smiling. She now had the confidence need to fuck him again and he had the confidence he could get his tool all the way inside her. The days ahead looked bright and tiring

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