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Not a stud!

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Reading the great story about the lady who "Was not a Cougar," set me remembering the time I was the "young stud" in similar circumstances. Not sure about being a "stud" but I was young and horny. When I was about 20 years old I had three encounters with "older" woman and not one of them planned on my part. Each one remains a very special memory in that compartment of my brain where I retain erotic memories.

The first lady was Bonnie, about 30 when I first knew her and about 35 when she laid me! My girl friend at age 16 was a baby sitter for Bonnie, a married lady with two small kids. Her husband was a hard rock miner who worked the graveyard shift on a regular basis, midnight to 8 am. I used to join my girl friend when she baby-sat for Bonnie. Bonnie went out alone most nights on a regular basis and was busy apparently doing every guy in town. My girl and I were getting very close to fucking over the course of several months sitting there. The only thing preventing it was I did not have the courage to buy a condom and there was no way my girl would let me in her without one. Girls were always smarter than boys. Finally one night, she brought one that she had stolen from an older brother. We were naked and she was spread out waiting as I struggled to put on my first condom. I was kneeling between her legs fumbling away on the bed when the door opened and a stream of light from the kitchen lit me up like a deer in the headlights. It was Bonnie home early. She just said something like, "Hi kids, I'm home early" and shut the door. That pretty well finished my first "real close to a fuck" moment.

About 4 years later I was working out of town and returning home every few weeks for a weekend. I had my first car and considered myself a pretty cool dude. One weekend I came home to find a note saying my parents were at a friend's house for a party and suggest that I stop in before going downtown to meet buddies. I dropped in to find them all in pretty fine condition. My father was dancing with Bonnie who was more a friend of my parent's friend than theirs. She pushed my Dad away and said something about old farts don't know how to hold a woman and young bucks did. She plastered herself up against me, big tits, belly and hips with a knee between mine. The others were embarrassed and left us dancing in the room and she reminded me of the night she had caught me ready to screw Marion. She wanted to know if I had ever screwed her, I had not, and told me I should have stuck around she would have given me some lessons. Of course I had a major hard-on by this time and she said that she could use it right now. My mother intervened at this point and told Bonnie to take a cab home that I was going to drive her and dad home.

I was in a lounge with friends a month or so later and Bonnie came to the table and pulled me to the dance floor. She looked great, a sheer blouse and short skirt with heels, all in all a great looking gal. She asked me to drive her home. I made excuses at the table to my jeering buddies and met her outside. We first drove to a lake, a sort of lover's lane and got in the back seat of the car. I soon had her big tits out of the bra and her panties on the floor and we were really into it. I was ready to fuck her but she said that she preferred to do it in bed and told me drive her home. I let her out a street away and she told me to park and come in the back door after she got rid of her sitter. Of course I was very nervous setting off to fuck a lady with a husband who was a hard rock miner and could break me it two, and in his own house to top it off.

The first thing I tried to do was enter the wrong house in the darkness and was saved when Bonnie opened her door and waved wildly at me. I finally got inside and she was ready for me wearing a light robe and obviously no bra or panties. To this point in my life I had only dealt with girls to age 20 or so and I was more than a little nervous about whether I could deal with a powerful and aggressive woman like Bonnie. But I did want to find out. I opened her robe and looked down her full figured body and my heart was in my mouth. She dropped my pants and shorts and took my cock in her hand and did things with it that no other woman had done to it before. She said that I was close to cumming and if I did wanted to know if I could acquire another quickly, and I said oh yes. So she went down on me, my first blow job and a very good one. Still standing in the middle of her living room she had me off in minutes if not seconds. She took me in to a small room with a cot and lay down on it, spread out in the pale light from outside. It was titty time and tongue sucking time and feel pussy time all rolled into one. She was strangely passive as I worked her and soon I was ready to fuck a full grown woman. It was nice and long and delicious, but when I was done I desperately wanted to leave. I never saw Bonnie again but I am sure that she found others to replace me. The memory of fucking that great blonde babe will stay in my mind until I die.

I returned to college that fall and went steady with one girl all school year. I left in the spring for summer work and was to return that fall for second year college. This girl claimed that she had a thick hymen that needed to be operated on before she could let me fuck her. As a result, I became rather accomplished at licking her pussy on a regular basis. We did it when I brought her home after a date, in a long hallway between two apartments. The other apartment besides her parents was rented by a couple in their late thirties. The guy was a traveling salesman and I do not recall ever meeting him. The wife was Muriel, a very nice lady, quite thin and flat chested with a sort of haggard look about her which suggested she was not very happy.

During that summer between school years I had a job that allowed me to get back down to visit my girl every few weeks. I went down one weekend to find that my girl and her parents had left for the weekend. Muriel came out of her apartment to tell me the situation. We chatted a while and she invited me for dinner and a beer and told me that her hubby was away on his route. We had a beer or so in the living room and Muriel suggested I bring my beer into the kitchen while she prepared dinner. She was moving around the kitchen and sort of introduced the subject of what my girl and I did in the hallway on a regular basis. I could tell by her movements and the number of times she had to brush by me that her mind was hovering in erotic mode. Obviously Muriel had spent some time at the wall listening to the two of us feeling and sucking each other. Finally she was standing beside me, ostensibly pouring me another beer, but with one hand around my neck moving in a slow caress. Dumb as I was I still recognized that she was getting horny, so I let one hand go behind her and slide a way up the back of her legs under her skirt. Her breathing speeded up and she shifted to spread her legs more and my hand slipped right up to rub against her slit still covered with her panties. She put the bottle down and placed her other hand on my shoulder and sort of leaned on me. My fingers worked inside the panties, pushing them aside to expose her wet slick pussy lips. She almost crumbled as the tips of four of my fingers pushed into her slit and my thumb teased her butt hole. She bent down and we kissed, a sloppy tongue filled kiss as she squeezed her legs together capturing my finger tips in her cunt. Her hands went to my belt and zipper and then she moved around and pulled them off me. I was sitting in an armless kitchen chair and she dropped her panties and holding my cock moved over my lap and sat on it. I pulled her sweater off and ripped off her bra to let me at her small breasts. The nipples were erect as hell, like the eraser tips on a pencil and I began to suck each of them one at a time as she began to fuck me with abandon. Her pussy was quite tight at the start but it certainly loosened up quickly. She was almost crying as she lost herself on my cock and her body jerked ahead as she clutched her arms around my back. We never did eat the dinner that night, and I stayed with her until the early morning. She was much more relaxed after the first torrent of sexual release and we lay and touched and fucked in a nice easy night. I stole down the back stairs before the birds were tweeting.

My third and final encounter with an "older" woman occurred that very Christmas. I swear that I was not looking deliberately at older gals, it just happened, and I was glad of it. I was not doing all that well with gals my own age, lots of feeling but not much penetration. It was late Xmas Eve and after spending some time with friends I returned home in a snow storm. There were a few of my parents' friend visiting when I got home and shortly after my arrival my mother received a call from her best friend Eva. It had been at Eva's house that I had met Bonnie the prior year at a party. Eva was about my mother's age and was a small dark skinned French lady, with a relatively small body and quite large tits. I had known her since I was about 10 years old and had always secretly admired and fantasized about her breasts. She always had a lift up type of bra and made every attempt to display them. Her husband was a decent guy when sober, but was an alcoholic and a mean buggar when drunk. This night he had not returned from downtown which meant he was probably drunk in a whorehouse or bootleggers. She was nervous and wanted to talk but would not come over to our place when my mother invited her. Finally my mother said she would ask me to go over and stay until Eddy got home. I walked the half mile to Eva's house because I did not want to drive in the storm.

Eva hugged me when I came in the house. She was impeccably dressed as always, and her house was always as spotless as she was. I had no other thoughts then to be pleasant to Eva and help her relax until her miserable husband returned. Eva had obviously had a few drinks and was a little drunk. We chatted a little and quite frankly my mind had turned to wondering about her tits and how they might look out of the bra. She was wearing a flared skirt of some sort and a sheer blouse, her white bra showing. She was sitting across from me and as time went on her legs began to spread and soon I was getting a view of her white panties and my mind was now split between what was in her bra and what was in her panties. I could sense that she was becoming aroused as I made no attempt not to look up her skirt and she made no attempt to close her legs.

The phone sounded and when she came back to the room she said that it was one of Eddy's friends and that Eddy was staying with him because he was passed out and it was almost impossible to get a cab. She came and sat beside me on the couch and her hand went to my leg. Now you have to know that this was something with which I was not ready to deal. This was a woman who I had known since I was ten or so, and despite wondering about her tits from that time, the possibility of fucking her had never entered my mind. And yet, here she was, her eyes now focused on mine, her hand on my knee in a very provocative manner and I was quite hard. She started to talk about the fact that she was not getting any loving from Eddy as the alcohol took over, while glancing down at my cock now jutting out a fair bit, and I knew I could fuck her if I wanted. As the minutes passed by, I wanted. She leaned toward me to kiss, a different sort of kiss than we normally exchanged. My fingers fumbled with the buttons on her blouse, I wanted to make sure that I at least got her tits out before things might suddenly change. Her hand slipped up and she began to rub the palm of her hand along my cock still in my pants. She was asking about women and was I going steady and had I fucked many and on and on, her mind now totally set on sex. I admitted that I had fucked a few and she staggered me by whispering "Bonnie". So that was why I was getting this opportunity.

I had her tits out of her bra and god they were nice, hanging down but beautiful with very large brown aureoles and erect hard nipples. She pulled my head down to them and told me she knew that I had always looked at them and it excited her and she wanted me to suck them now.

I began to rub her cunt through her panties, pressing and squeezing it, running fingers along her wet slit, trying to work under the panty legs to feel it bare. She stood up in front of me and stripped. I stood up and stripped in front of her, then carried her to a bedroom and lay her down. She started crying but I was not sure why, but presumed it was from desire and not despair. I mounted her and her legs slipped smoothly around my back and I knew she wanted to be fucked. She had a pretty big black bush which my cock rubbed in as it sought her fuck hole. I felt big and strong as I fucked this lady old enough to be my mother. It was glorious and we both had earth shattering orgasms. I stayed in bed with her for another hour but had to get home or be answering questions from my mother. She followed me to the door in a robe and we kissed as my hands sought her tits once again. I caressed those tits that I had fantasized about for all those years and which I had sucked and crushed against my chest as I had fucked her.

Those were my last adventures with older women until the time I was older as well. They are still great fucking.

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