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Not a Word

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You stood in front of the mirror, adjusting your tie. You look damn good in a black tuxedo, you thought to yourself. She walks up behind you, her hands slip around your waist, up your chest, readjusting your tie. Perfect, damn perfect. You turn to her, she's gone

You say your goodbyes, goodnight kisses, sorry no late minute story. Give the sitter instructions and the list of numbers, your out the door. In the car, driving, not saying a word. Damn, she's beautiful, radiant. You feel fantastic, you know you look good, a black tuxedo, Damn. Why won't she say anything. Damn she's gorgeous.

You arrive at the door, coats and purse are checked. WOW, the room is full of people. The place is magnificent. Your announced, as you walk into the room, greeting the hosts. Amazing, it's all amazing. She's at your side, her hand in the crook of your arm. Walking, taking it all in. People are watching the two of you. Your a striking couple. Nodding greetings. The ladies are all so beautiful, the colors, the textures, incredible.

Her hand passes over your back. You turn to her, she smiles, kisses your cheek, then she's gone. Your standing there, all on your own. You know absolutly no one at this party, except her. You walk from room to room, through out the house. Out on the patio, back in the house, taking it all in. The women watch you as you watch them, Pretty, cute, some kinda scary. The men are all dressed the same, as you, in black tuxedos. How can they all look so different. Some look out of this world, they must be tailored. Others look like complete dorks and still others look just plain uncomfortable.

You see your reflection in a mirror, damn, your rather dashing. You see her, chatting with various people, to women, to men. She's so smooth, so at ease, such grace and poise.

As your standing there watching, all that is around you. You notice a handsome gentleman watching you. Tall, long legs, he makes eye contact with you. Holds it for a moment. You have this odd feeling come over you. He looks toward the hallway, then back at you again. Smiles, nods. He begins to walk down the hallway, looking over his shoulder at you.

Do you folllow? can't decide. Do you really want to try this? All on your own? You look around, no ones watching. You quickly look for her. You don't see her anywhere. No one will know, you walk the hallway.

He steps inside a doorway. You follow, it's dark, you close the door behind you and lock it. You know no one else will see. You stand for a moment, letting your eyes adjust. You see his shadow, when he walks past the french doors, the light from outside illuminates him. He leans against the wall. You can see his hand move down the front of his chest, over his belly, he opens his jacket, unzips his pants. He brings out this long, sleek, very hard cock, stroking, slowly, his hand moving up and down the smooth shaft. Damn, Damn

You slowly, quitely, move across the room. You know he knows your there. He's waiting for you. He wants you to suck his dick. He wants your lips around him, your tongue pressing into his cock.

Moving closer, you both can feel the anticipation. Walking toward him, not sure what your going to do. You take a few long steps, then lower to your knees, in front of him. Your hand wraps around his dick, strokes a few times, then your mouth touches the tip. Your lips part, mouth opens, your tongue touches him. Your going down on him, aaahhhhh, Your lips along the smooth, hard skin, mmmmmm aaahhhhh, it's soooo good. Your mouth moving up and down. Your tongue all around his dick.

You know what feels good when a woman goes down on your cock. You do the same things. All those things you like, you mimic. Damn, you never thought you'd actually do this. But here you are, sucking, licking, going down on a big fat cock, aaahhhh, fuck, dammit

Your hand is stroking, along with your mouth. Your dick is sooooo hard, it's throbbing. You feel as though your being watched, but you know that can't be. You locked the door. Damn this is HOT. You glance up at him, he's watching you. You feel his dick swell, is this it is he going to shot his wad in my mouth. Can I take it? Will I swallow?

His hips move with the rhythm of your mouth and hand. Faster, faster. Your sucking harder you feel it coming up his shaft, flowing into your mouth. Swallow, swallow, swallow. Damn, your dick aches, you think you might cum, too. Damn, damn. You did it, you sucked off a cock and he came in your mouth and you swallowed it all. All without her, wherethe hell is she?

Your on your knees, licking and sucking the rest of his cum. Your not sure what happens next. Your head is spinning. Then suddenly he's gone and there's a warm, damp towel in your hand. You wipe your face clean, then your hands. Standing up in the dark room, you want to get off, your dick is still hard as a rock. However, you feel you should just leave. You move toward the door. There's a basin at the door, that you leave the towel in.

Yhe hallway is dimly lite. You walk back to the main room. Your eyes slowly adjusting to the light. When you get there you notice that the crowd is much smaller. Wondering just how much time has passed. Looking around, you finally see her. She smiles, walks toward you "There you are, you ready to leave" " Yes, i'm ready to go"

She takes your arm and you both head for the door. Collecting coats and purse, the valet brings the car around. Your driving, your mind is racing. You just gave a guy, a man you don't know, a blow job. A good blow job.

She says nothing the whole way home. You park the car, enter the house. Pay the sitter, check to make sure all is well. Walk to your room. Looking in the mirror, undoing you tie, " I gave a blow job to guy, I sucked a dick " you say to yourself, smiling.

She walks up behind you, helps you with your tie, " I know what you did tonight" she whispers in your ear. You have a cold chill run through you, " you gave what looked like a very satisfying blow job, to a rather good looking gentleman. Did you know that his wife ate my pussy just outside those french door at the same time? I was watching you tonight, and damn your sexy. I'm going to suck your dick, like you sucked his. Will my blow job be as good as yours?"

She moved to the front of you. Opens your jacket, unzips your pants, slides out your beautiful hard cock. Lowers to her knees and begins to suck. You turn slightly to the side, so you can watch her in the mirror. Damn her mouth feels good, hot and wet.......

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