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No Spark

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I was sitting at the counter of the neighborhood parts store in my pinstripe skirt suit. The jacket was fitting snuggly around my dd cups. The skirt rose about three inches above my knees and the slit in the back came to a point to direct all eyes to mice shapely ass. It was extremely hot for Oklahoma weather, so my jacket was unbuttoned which revealed my white silk and lace camisole. I felt for the salesclerk since all he could concentrate on was the nice mound of cleavage protruding from the top.

The tatters stool beneath me constantly poking my soft ass that I would rise from time to time to release the pressure. On one quick glance I could tell the clerk was enjoying the rising position since his tight uniform pants were now bulging, that massive cock begin to be released.

"Hi, Tom" came a strong subtle voice behind me. "Hey, Danny!," the clerk straining to speak without giving away his arousal. "What can I do for you today?"

"Well I noticed a car broke down up the road, just came in to see if the driver needed some help."

Rising from the stool, I turned to face a magnificent piece of work. His eyes I noticed instantly, clear blue, they were shining very brightly from the deep tanned face. Sandy brown hair that was just long enough to show from under his ball cap. He was wearing a mechanic's uniform; did I mention I love a man in uniform, sleeves rolled up and the front unbuttoned to reveal his nice smooth chest. At the sight of him, I was unsure if I wanted him to look under my car's hood or under mine.

"I own the car up the road," I said as I turned to face him. "What kind of help can you provide?" Tom, the salesclerk, piped up and said "Danny is the best Auto Tech in the region. He would have better knowledge of telling you what is wrong than I would." I straightened, adjusted my jacket and I turned to face tom. Leaning on the counter, "I don't know. You are getting ready to close, I don't know what part I need and you need to go, so I won't be able to get my part. Maybe I should just call a wrecker."

See, Tom has always been my parts buy, someone I have learned to know and trust. We have always teased one another when I would come in, but we never pursued anything since we didn't know each other THAT well.

"Look, Missy, I know Danny very well, let him look at your car. I will stay here until you get back so you can get your part. Danny is safe and would probably even fix it for you tonight. Isn't that right Danny?"

"Eh, oh yes." I turned around quick enough to catch Danny admiring my slit. I wiggled my hips a little as I pivoted to face him. Placing on foot on the stool step, I looked at Danny and asked him if he would drive me to my car. "Oh, yes, definitely." "Tom, please don't leave, hopefully we will be right back." "I'll stay right here, Missy. Now scoot."

We walked outside to find Danny’s Camaro. I just knew there was not going to be a “lady-like” fashion for me to sit. Danny held the car door open, I told him I could close it and he went to his side and got in. I gracefully sat down and brought my feet to rest in the floor. Quickly adjusting my skirt. I turned my knees to face him, slightly open and said “all set.” Mere seconds had passed and we arrived at my car. Although the drive was short the only thing I could think of was Danny driving me. From the rising bulge, I could tell he had just the tool to do it. I was getting very aroused; it was reminding me of the playing I was doing before my car broke down. I was playing a game with the Truck Drivers. Rubbing my cunt with my CB mic and pinching my nipples as they drove by. Oh I was definitely getting aroused.

Danny asked me to start the car so he could listen. I don’t know if it would, but I went to the driver’s seat anyway. Assuming I would have to get out again, I straddled the door facing; sitting on the edge of the seat, with one leg hanging out the door. I attempted to start my car, to no avail. Danny reach in to pop the hood. I moved my leg slightly since the lever was under my leg. While Danny raised the hood, I removed my jacket, since the heat was so intense this time of year.

I got out of the car and went to the front to find Danny lying underneath my car. I leaned over the engine and asked if I could help. He quickly slid back out, pausing for a peak and I spread my legs a little, he went and retrieved his toolbox. When he returned he asked me how well I knew Tom. “Just mechanically. Why?” “You two seemed intense with each other back at the store.” “No, I just want to fuck him. <pause> just kidding.” “Well I know I would like a piece of you too.” “Too?” “Oh, you didn’t know Tom wants a piece of your ass?” “Uh, no. tom talks about me?” “Yes, he tells me how you come in wearing skimpy suits and tease him over the counter unmercifully. By the time you leave he is in the inventory room wanking it off.” Ha, ha, I wonder if that is what he is doing right now. No wonder he was willing to wait. And as far as you are concerned, fix my car and I promise to “pay” you.

“Well I found your problem. I am going to rig it so you can drive it to the store. Better lighting and all.” Danny slides underneath my car. I walk to the front again and straddling his legs. Grabbing the grill I lower myself over his mound. Moving my hips back and forth so I can feel his bulge between my cunt lips. Danny doesn’t resist, so I lower further. Applying more pressure. I begin to bounce softly on his mound. Moaning softly at first. I see Danny’s hand flutter past me, as if afraid to touch me. I grab his wrist and place his hand on my bare ass. I want an arousal for Tom. Danny begins to grind back into my wet cunt. “Missy, do you want to go somewhere private? We can leave your car at the store.” “The store is exactly where I want to go. I need to “pay” you both.” “Well I’m done here, let’s go.” I got up and sped to the store. I fingered myself to keep the arousal going.

When we got back to the store, Danny excused himself to wash his hands. I called a couple of times for Tom and he said he would be there in a minute.

Still trying to keep the arousal going, I hopped onto the counter. I spread my legs as far as they would go in this skirt and began to finger. Laying back to enjoy the experience, I felt a hand touch my thigh. It was Danny. He sat down on the stool and said “let me check under this hood.” He pushed my skirt up to find only my garter and thigh highs. He placed both hands on my inner thighs and pushed them open further. “Hood up. Let’s start with the spark plug.” Taking his tongue he flicks my clit. I gasp. “Sluggish response. Let’s try that again.” He flicks a little harder and deep with his tongue. I begin to pant. “Now we’re revving. Let’s check for leaks.” Applying pressure to my thighs, Danny leans forward and begins to tongue my clit. Showing no mercy. Faster and faster. Harder and hard. Flick Flick Suck flick Flick Suck A strong stream squirts from my cunt. “yes, we have leakage. Must stop it.” Danny places his entire mouth on my cunt. He is licking sucking flicking my clit. Pushing down on my thighs to hold me open for his hungry mouth. Lick lick lick SSSSSSSSUUUUUUUUUUUUCCCCCCCCCCCCCCCCCKKKKKKKKKKKKKK I let out a huge orgasmic scream. Tom comes running to the front. “What’s going on here?” Danny raises up, his face soaked with my juices. “I was doing the three point inspection. Why don’t you come finish? I checked the spark plus <waving his tongue around> <sliding his finger softly across my clit, keeping me revved>. I also checked for leakage, there was some, you might want to check again.” Tom looks at me, “is this ok, Missy?” I reach up, grab his face in my hands and bring him down for a very long wet kiss. Tom reaches up for my nipple and pinches it hard. I withdraw and try to bring my legs together. Danny pushes them down and again begins to lick again on my pussy. I kiss Tom harder. “Hey, that is my spot Danny, move aside.”

“So you say there is leakage?” “Yes, check it again.” Tom sits down on the stool. He grabs one of my ankles and ties it to the counter, then the other. “Ok, she’s secure on the jacks, Danny, let’s inspect until we are satisfied.” Tom leans forward and flicks his tongue hard against my clit. Danny looks me in the eyes, reaching forward he pulls the straps of my camisole down my arms. He pushes down the front and fondles my tits and pinches my nipples. I can feel the hot stream building again in my hot cunt. Tom flicking my clit harder. Sucking my clit. Grabbing Danny’s hips I pull him forward. I fight with his buckle. He grabs my wrists and ties them to the counter. “Oh, I am close. Tom, I have to explode.” With that Tom opens his mouth wide on my cunt and starts munching. I feel like corn on the cob. Munch Munch Munch Suck Lick Munch Munch Munch Suck Lick Pressure is building. My body convulses. I open my mouth to scream by Danny shoves his 2” round dick in my mouth. I squirt. Not being able to scream, I munch on his dick. Licking it. <SQUIRT> Sucking. Tongue flicking the hhhhhhheeeeeeeeaaaaaaaaadddddddd. <SQUIRT, Moan, mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm> tom removes his mouth. Flicking my clit with his finger and begins the final inspection. Shocks

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