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Newlywed Fun Chapter 10

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Newlywed Fun Chapter 10 Janet, Mark, Sherry and Tom were sitting in the living room, each of them relaxing after dinner. Janet felt pleased as Sherry and Tom seemed to be hitting it off well. She had seen the admiration in the eyes of Tom when he had been introduced to the redhead, and had seen the frank approval of Tom in the green eyes of Sherry. All in all, things looked as if they were going to work out just fine for everyone. She and Mark were sitting on the sofa, with Sherry and Tom sitting on the matching love seat across from them, and Janet was just about to see if anyone wanted another drink, when there was a knock on the front door. "Chuck!" she heard Mark say, somewhat surprised. "I thought you had to go out of town?" "So did I. But after spending a few hours on the phone, I found out what the problem was and what to do for it, then made a few more phone calls and did what all successful bosses do. I delegated the authority to others. "I know I should have called first, and that I've already missed supper, but I thought I'd stop by anyway. As the two men entered the living room, Janet saw the brief look of surprise, and perhaps disappointment, flash in Chuck's eyes when he saw Tom sitting next to Sherry, but it vanished quickly, to be replaced by genuine warmth and friendliness. "Hi, I'm Chuck Spellman," he said, extending his hand to Tom.

"Tom, Tom McCafferty," the younger man said, accepting the handshake with a smile. "Pleased to meet you." "Ah, look," Chuck said, seeing the situation, "it would appear that I'm the odd man out here, so why don't I head on home." "Don't be silly," Janet told him, bringing him a drink. "You're here, so why not stay? I'm sure we can find plenty to occupy you," she told him, her words and her eyes making it clear that she wanted him to stay. "Mark?" he asked, wanting to be sure. "Of course," Janet's husband replied. "Well, all right," Chuck said, taking a seat on the sofa next to Janet. For the next few minutes they listened as Chuck told them what had happened, explaining what steps he had taken to correct the situation, which had turned out to be not nearly as serious as it had first sounded. Janet refreshed the drinks after a while, watching with amusement as she saw Sherry's hand resting on Tom's upper thigh, and saw a bulge starting to grow in his pants. A moment later, Sherry excused herself and asked Janet where the bathroom was, and Janet got up to show her. She led Sherry to the bathroom that was connected to the master bedroom upstairs and sat on the bed as the woman went in and closed the door behind her. When she came out a minute or so later, Janet got up off the bed and headed into the bathroom herself, but turned to Sherry before closing the door. "Wait, don't go back downstairs just yet. I want to talk with you." "Okay," Sherry said. Janet quickly relieved her bladder and then took a wash cloth and cleaned herself, feeling her pulse quicken as she thought about what she was getting ready to do. She stepped out of the bathroom and saw Sherry laying back on the bed, her legs extending out from her short skirt to dangle over the edge of the bed, her toes just barely touching the floor. She sat next to the redhead and as Sherry opened her eyes Janet leaned over and kissed her. Sherry seemed surprised at first, but then she responded to the kiss by opening her mouth and letting in Janet's exploring tongue. The two women embraced and Janet pulled Sherry up on the bed, so that she could lay on top of her and rub her cunt against Sherry's. She wasn't quite sure who started undressing who, but before long the two of them were completely naked, their hands and lips exploring. Sherry lay partially beneath Janet, her legs spread wide as Janet's fingers brushed through the red hair surrounding her pussy, teasing her clit and finally working their way inside her tight cunt. Janet remembered the degree of control she had felt over the young man who had worked for her husband, and realized she was experiencing the same type of control over Sherry. That excited her. This beautiful redhead was hers to do with as she pleased. She began kissing her way lower down Sherry's body, stopping at her small, but very firm tits. She licked around them as she worked her way towards a nipple. When she finally captured a protruding bud, Sherry moaned in pleasure. She sucked on the nipple, drawing it and then the entire tit, into her mouth to chew on it gently as her right hand trailed gently down over Sherry's flat stomach to the rusty-colored hair on her cunt. When she touched Sherry's clit, the woman arched her back and cried out. Somewhat reluctantly, she released the tit from her mouth and began to kiss and lick her way down till she came to the vee between Sherry's slender legs. She licked all around Sherry's cunt for a while, building the other woman's passion, and then extended her tongue to run it along her slit. The touch of her tongue sent Sherry into an immediate climax and Janet locked her mouth over the entire pussy and sucked the juice out of her. Her tongue darted between the puffy lips to get more. Her hands were beneath the woman's ass cheeks, lifting her so she could get a better angle on her cunt. "Get on the bed with me," Sherry begged as she tugged Janet's hair to pull her face away from her cunt. She moved up beside Sherry and the woman quickly turned around and straddled her, lowering her cunt down while she bent over and forced her head between Janet's thighs. The two women were lost in passion. Each of them tried to bring the other to a mind-blowing climax, which didn't take long in their present state of arousal. Janet was the first to cum. As her climax ripped through, she thrashed around on the bed beneath Sherry, her legs around Sherry's head to prevent her from moving it away from her burning cunt. Just as the peak of her orgasm passed, she felt Sherry's body stiffen, and then her mouth was flooded with sweet jism. Together the two of them rolled around on the bed until passion subsided.

"Is this a private party?" someone asked from the doorway. Both women looked up to see Mark, Chuck and Tom standing there, smiles plastered on all three faces. Before she could answer, Mark began getting undressed, the other two men quickly following suit. As soon as they were undressed the trio made their way to the bed, with Mark leading the way. He got on one side of Janet while Chuck got on the other. Tom took Sherry in his arms, and kissed her passionately, his strong hands roaming all over her body as she pressed herself against him. Mark began kissing one of Janet's tits while Chuck went to work on the other one. She lay back on the bed and let the two men caress her body with their lips, tongues and fingers. Chuck made his way down her body, quickly positioning himself between her legs as Mark straddled her chest, sitting lightly on her tits, his cock against her lips. She raised her head and let him gently fuck his or-gan between her lips just as Chuck shoved his tongue deep into her cunt. The feeling was incredible! In the meantime, she had Mark's cock in her mouth and she concentrated on sucking it and running her tongue along the underside. He pulled it back each time before thrusting it forward again. In their position, she couldn't take all of it, but most of it, which seemed to please him. Chuck was pleasuring her cunt with vigor, and she knew it wouldn't be long before she'd have another orgasm. He had lifted her slightly, placed his hands beneath her ass cheeks and worked one hand closer to her crack. She knew what he was planning on doing, but even knowing ahead of time didn't diminish the force of the climax she felt when he shoved his middle finger into her ass while biting down gently on her clit. Her lower body jerked up off the bed, her eyes opened wide, and she tried to gulp in air around Mark's cock. Mark pulled his cock from her mouth. She heard a moan and then a squeal beside her and looked over to see Sherry, her arms and legs wrapped tightly around Tom's neck and waist trembling in climax as Tom fucked his cock into her tight cunt with strong powerful strokes, his hips slamming up and down as he clung to her. Chuck had raised up on his knees, and now Janet could get a good look at his cock. When she did, her breath caught in her throat. It was every bit as big, if not bigger, than Laura had described. Mesmerized by the sight of it, she began to crawl toward him on hands and knees, her mouth drooling as she eyed the huge monster before her. When she reached Chuck, she extended a hand and gently touched his cock, noticing that her fingers wouldn't go all the way around it. It was at least twelve inches long, maybe more, and thicker than her wrist. She moaned as she lowered her head and began to lick the cock's crown, tasting the drop of pre-cum that was oozing out of his piss slit. Chuck lay back on the large bed and his cock stood straight up like a flag pole. She gripped it by the base and began licking her way up the length of it till she reached the top. She stopped and looked down at it, wondering if she could even get just the head in her mouth. She worked her jaw to loosen the muscles and then began to force the spongy head into her mouth. At last she had the head in her mouth and she rested a moment, taking air in through her nose. Then, slowly, she began to lower her head, working her tongue around the prick to coat it with her saliva. She felt the cock head lodge against the back of her throat. She tried relaxing the muscles there, and then tried swallowing, but nothing she did would allow the giant rod to pass beyond that point. She looked up at him and whimpered, as if begging for help.

He nodded and gripped her head tightly between his hands, and with a quick thrust of his hips, drove his cock into her throat. She found her nose suddenly buried in his pubic hair. "It's all right," Chuck told her. "I've never found a woman yet who could take all of it in her mouth. I suppose that's just too much to ask for." "Maybe," she said, "but I think I know where it will fit." As she lay back on the bed, her legs spread as wide as possible, she was completely unaware of anyone or anything else but the gigantic cock making its way towards her pussy. She wondered if it would fit. Then she remembered the slender build of his wife and told herself that if Carol could take the monster, then she could, too. Instead of just fucking her, Chuck began to kiss his way up her body, stopping at her tits to suck her nipples. By the time his cock gently touched the entrance of her cunt, she was more than ready for him. "Yes!" she cried as she felt the head start to part her pussy lips. "Do it, Chuck! Shove it in me hard! I want to feel all of it stuffing my cunt to the limit!" He was braced on his hands, looking down at her with a grin on his face. He let his weight come down on top of her while slipping his hands beneath her to grip her shoulder blades. She lifted her legs and wrapped them around his waist. Just as she locked her ankles together, he shoved forward powerfully with his hips, his giant cock forcing her cunt open. He stopped, pulled back a little, and then rammed his hips forward again, this time driving the full length of his meat all the way into her. She gripped her legs about him tighter, starting to hump her cunt upwards to meet his thrusts. Chuck raised his upper body so he could reach her tits with his mouth and he began sucking on first one nipple, then the other. This only served to drive Janet wild, as her tits seemed to be even more sensitive than ever right now. She felt a climax that left her panting and gasping for breath, but Chuck's cock never stopped the relentless fucking. Suddenly, he rolled over, placing her on top, and grabbed her two tits. He mashed the firm globes together so he could suck both nipples at the same time. Janet moved her hips up and down and around, relishing the feeling of being stuffed by his huge cock. Mark moved up behind her on his knees and placed his cock at her ass. He pushed her upper body over and Chuck wrapped his arms around her to hold her still. She wasn't sure she could handle both cocks in her at once. Chuck's alone made her feel more stuffed than ever before in her life, and to have Mark's cock in her ass might be more than she could handle. Mark smeared some of her cunt juice around her asshole, and then placed his cock against it. She grit her teeth as his cock pushed past the tight ring of muscles, which clamped down on the shaft as soon as the head was in. She wanted him to wait, to give her ass a chance to get used to this penetration, but Mark was horny and couldn't wait. He thrust forward, driving his cock all the way up her ass in one plunge. Janet screamed. The two men set up alternate stroke rhythms, moving quickly, as if they couldn't wait to release their loads of cum into her. She realized they were both moving in and out of her with ease and her body started to respond. She began lifting her hips to meet the thrusts of her husband's cock and then slammed back down to take all of Chuck's cock. She moaned as a climax rushed through her, taking her by surprise. Now she was getting into it, really starting to enjoy it. The double penetration felt fantastic to her and she wanted it to continue for as long as possible. She looked to her right and saw Sherry and Tom watching, Tom's cock about half hard and covered with cunt juice. Suddenly she wanted to have all three of her holes filled at the same time! The idea was outrageous, but one she couldn't dismiss. She reached out and took Tom's cock and pulled him closer to her, leaning her body over slightly so that she could get Tom's cock in her mouth. She began to suck on it powerfully, licking Sherry's juice from it as she took more and more of the rapidly hardening organ in her mouth. Tom realizing that she wouldn't be able to take all his cock in that position, quickly pulled his cock from her mouth and got up on his knees beside the three in heat, which placed his cock at a more convenient angle. He then grabbed her by her long hair and shoved his cock into her mouth, not stopping till the head was deep in her throat and her nose was mashed against his pelvic bone. Janet lost control of her body, having one orgasm after another. All she could do was lay there and let the men satisfy her. Chuck slammed his cock up into her cunt as deeply as he could and it expanded just before his boiling cum exploded out to fill her. She could feel her own climax start. As she reached the height of her orgasm, she felt Mark's cock jerk and twitch, and then her ass was being filled with his scalding cum. Tom pulled back and then forward, mashing her lips. He unleashed his load into her throat. It was more than Janet could handle. She felt herself drifting, as if floating in a sea of cum and cocks. She closed her eyes and let darkness settle over her. When next she opened her eyes it was to find herself wrapped in Mark's arms. He was watching her with a loving smile on his face. She looked around. They were the only two in the bed. "They're gone," he told her softly and kissed her forehead. "Chuck went home and Sherry took Tom home with her. I think she likes him, and I know he likes her. And, believe it or not, Sherry took all of Chuck up her ass before they left. That was something to see!" "Mmm... Sorry I missed that. We'll have to invite them over again for a repeat performance. How... how long have I been sleeping?" "Oh, about an hour. How do you feel?" "Sore, a little, but good." "You did enjoy it," he said with a grin. "Yeah, but not for a steady diet. It was good, in a way different from when it's just you and me. That's special, because that's love." They kissed, their lips parting as their tongues sought out one another. "Are you sure you're up to it?" he asked softly as his cock hardened. "Yes. What we did before was just fucking. Now I want my husband, the man I love, to make love to me. "Yes," Mark said softly and slid his cock into her.

The End, hope everyone enjoyed it.

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