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New Neighbors Ride Em Cowboy Chapter 4

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New Neighbors "Ride 'Em Cowboy Chapter 4 [Recap: Jimmy and Dana have moved into a swinging adult complex. Since moving in they have become good friends in very intimate ways with their neighbors Mike and Barbara. We pick up the story now from a somewhat different direction.]

About 30 miles away from the adult condo complex, tucked up high in the mountains, was a sports camp. It was a well run place, with training in a number of different sports for youngsters in elementary school up through high school. There was a large gymnasium for basketball, gymnastics, and swimming. There were multiple outdoor facilities for football, soccer, and baseball. The camp was run for both genders, there being a good deal of mixing of the genders in most of the sports.

Tommy had been coming to the month-long summer camp for almost as long as he could remember, and now was in the 10th grade. He was a soccer fanatic, and was quite proficient in the sport, having been picked to the all-state squad in Junior High.

But he had just finished his second year of High School, and had made the varsity squad. He wasn't first string, but had been knocking at that door, and knew that with those seniors who had graduated gone he would be a valuable player the coming year. He had come with all his attentions focused on improving his game during this month of camp.

That had been his intention upon arrival. But then he'd seen Kelly, Little shrimp Kelly from across the county, who'd been attending the camp only a year less than he. Brace-faced, straight haired, scrawny and quiet; that had described Kelly just the past summer.

But Kelly had changed this past year. Her braces were off revealing perfectly straight, dazzling white teeth set within a cute mouth. She had purchased contact lenses and had her hair styled. Where her gymnastic leotard had shown practically nothing the year before, now it showed off some very nice curves.

Her gymnastics uniform revealed a blooming chest, a tiny waist, and curvy hips. Her laugh came out naturally, not forced at all, and her brown eyes sparkled especially (he was sure) when she looked at him.

Tommy didn't know if this was love, but he sure knew it was at least lust. Every moment he had free he spent watching Kelly practice, and when he wasn't free he was thinking about her. He had had girlfriends in the past, but nothing to write home about.

Kelly, though, made his blood boil as no other girl ever had.

And for her part, Kelly felt a new confidence around Tommy that she hadn't in the past years. She had become quite good in the field of gymnastics, specializing in the free exercise event to the point where she had actually won that category in a varsity meet the previous year. Her all-around was still lacking, but it was coming along well, and the confidence she had gained in gymnastics had carried over into her social life. She was no longer shy and awkward around boys but could hold her own in a conversation without becoming self-conscious. She had seen Tommy hanging around the gym when he could've been horsing around with his soccer buddies, and she knew that it was she he was interested in. She had had a boyfriend the past year, but one of her own grade, and she hadn't let him get past second base. He had been nice enough, but didn't really know what he was doing at the theatre the time she'd let him feel inside her blouse. He ended up with more of a handful of her bra than of her, and she had left the movie feeling cheated somehow.

But Tommy was older, and was likely to be more experienced with girls.

They had been away from home only a week, but she enjoyed being on her own and making her own decisions. Thinking about Tommy had begun to occupy much of her thoughts.

**************** Dana and Jim got a call the next morning from Barbara inviting them to go horseback riding. The two of them still had a couple of days to finish unpacking before Jim's new job kicked in, but Mike had gone back to work at the television station that morning. Barbara was there with Tanya, but Tanya had informed her that she had other plans for the day before attending the night's concert that she had visited for.

Dana checked with Jimmy who heartily agreed, and they made plans to meet late that afternoon to go for the ride. That way they could unpack more and still go riding.

**************** That afternoon Tommy had a scrimmage and scored two of his team's three goals. He was feeling pretty good, and enjoyed the adulation of his teammates. Most wanted to hang out at the snack bar and get pizza after the game, but he begged off. He wanted to see Kelly at her gymnastic meet. She had told him that she had added something into her free-exercise routine just for him.

He showered, put on some shorts and other warm weather clothes, and headed for the gym. The stands were mostly empty, but the floor was cluttered with girls, coaches, and judges participating in an organized chaos. There were little youngsters walking the beam, running down the floor to hurl themselves over the horse, swinging on the uneven bars, tumbling on the mats, and walking around in huddled giggling groups.

Tommy finally saw Kelly chatting with the older team members on the far side of the floor, so he found a place half way up in the stands to watch. Over the next hour she did her uneven bar routine, but fell off once. Then she did the balance beam, and he marveled at her ability to stay on while doing flips. Finally she took the floor for her free-exercise routine.

He noticed that her leotards were cut a little higher than most of the other girls', and showed a good bit of her cheeks as she did her different routines. But even before she began he saw her hike the back up just a little more and glance up his way. He leaned forward in anticipation of her performance.

The music began and she did a tumbling routine diagonally across the floor that included some impressively fast flips and twists. When she landed the music went into a flowing classical piece and her movements matched. She had a good bit of dance included in the routine, and some of it had her laying on the floor, rolling and spinning to the music. After another quick twisting run of flips the music became sassy and she launched into another part of her choreography.

As the jazzy music concluded she paused, looked his way, blew him a kiss, and went into her final series of tumbles and acrobatics. The crowd saw her actions as just part of the routine that showed her "personality," but Tommy knew that he was included in her thoughts as she had designed her program.

When she finished there was a smattering of applause from the few spectators in the gym, not the least of which came from Tommy. She had him mesmerized with her gymnastics, and was flattered that she could find a way to work him into her routine. She received lots of hugs from the other girls on her team, and then she headed up the stands to where he sat.

"What did you think?" she asked shyly.

"You were great!" he replied enthusiastically. "Your routine was amazing, and I think I got a kiss in the middle of it." Kelly just looked down and nodded her head.

There was a brief awkward pause, and then he changed the subject.

"Hey, do you want to go for some food?" "Sure. Just let me get changed and I'll be right out." She leaned forward and gave him a kiss on the cheek and then bounced on down the stands towards the locker room. She waited outside the door until her score flashed up indicating she had won the gold. She had to postpone her shower to receive the medal, and finally headed into the locker room amidst her jubilant teammates.

About ten minutes later she reappeared carrying a tote bag, and looking very fresh. Her sandy blonde hair was pulled back into a ponytail, and she wore sneakers, a very short stretch skirt and a neon green bare-midriff cut-off T-shirt. The shirt would have really drawn attention to her blossoming chest, except for the fact that her skirt really hugged her little derriere. While he stood there trying to take in her upper and lower curves simultaneously, she grabbed him by the hand and headed him out into the warm evening toward the snack bar.

**************** Jim and Dana met Barbara about 3 o'clock that day and drove their sedan out of the city to a horse farm in the foothills of the mountains about 30 miles away. Dana had packed a picnic dinner, and they pulled up to the riding stables around 4 p.m. Barbara was an experienced rider and was outfitted for the task. She had on tight fitting brown riding pants, knee-high leather boots, and a cotton plaid shirt with bandana around her neck. Jimmy again thought about the many personas this woman could exhibit. He and Dana had on jeans and comfortable shirts.

Barbara showed them how to saddle the horses, joking all the while about their mounts being hung like horses.

They carefully tied the bag with their picnic dinner to Barbara's saddle, and then she led them across the meadow toward the beckoning hills.

Dana's horse was named Thunder, which she was not informed of until they had already begun their ride. She wasn't very sure of herself with a beast this size and it sensed it. Thunder took off toward the path most familiar, and Jimmy and Barbara had to dig in hard to keep up. Once under the coolness of the trees her horse slowed to a trot, and she breathed a sigh of relief.

Jimmy and Barb came up beside her on the wide path laughing, and she sheepishly returned theirs with a grin of her own. They relaxed in their saddles and enjoyed the time out in the beauty of nature.

The sun shone a little lower through the green trees, and after about an hour of Barbara taking them on miles of paths that she knew, they finally reined in at a shady spot a ways off of the path. She dismounted and led her horse back even farther into a little glade. Jimmy and Dana stiffly dismounted and followed her, their inner thighs feeling the strain and chafing of the ride.

Barbara spread out a blanket after tying up her horse, and laid out the victuals they had brought. Her new neighbors joined her, and with a pop they began their repast with a bottle of bubbly. They then dove into the cold-cuts and bread, apples and carrots with a gusto brought on by a combination of fresh air and healthy exercise.

After their small feast they laid back and rested Dana's head on Barbara's lap and Jimmy up against the nearby tree. They talked about the ride and the day, and swatted at the flies that had gathered during their meal. After a while the little flies began to really bug them.

Barbara had been playing with Dana's brown hair, and mentioned, "You know, there's a little stream near here that pools up just enough to dip in. Anyone interested in getting away from these bugs with a little swim?" And before either could really answer she moved out from under Dana and began unbuttoning her blouse. She shucked off her boots, peeled her riding pants down off of her legs, and skipped off down deeper into the woods wearing only her bandana. Jimmy smiled and began peeling off his own clothes.

Dana hadn't undressed at all when Jimmy finally looked up at her in his bikini underwear. "Do you think anyone else is around?" she asked timidly. Her hesitation reminded him that she had only shed many of her inhibitions recently and wasn't ready to just dive into any and everything.

"We are pretty far away from civilization, and even pretty far off of the beaten path. Tell you what. Keep your underwear on like a bathing suit, and if you feel comfortable when you get there you can take 'em off. Otherwise you're at least out there with something on." She agreed and stripped down to her black panties and lace brassiere.

Feeling like a modern Adam and Eve, Jimmy led his wife down the path where the proverbial serpent had disappeared. They found her a few yards into the woods, only her head showing above the waterline of the pool. She was in the buff in a creek that had pooled near some rocks, and it was obvious by her pointed nipples just below the surface that the water was cold.

Jimmy slipped his shorts off, took a deep breath, and jumped in beside her. "Whoa!" he spluttered. "That'll put hair on your chest!" Then he looked at Barb and added, "Well, hopefully not yours." Dana was still holding back, but after looking around and seeing how isolated they were, at the continued urging of the two cold bathers she unhooked her bra, stepped out of her panties, and slipped down into the pool. Goose bumps showed all over her, but the water felt refreshing after the hot sweaty ride and filling meal. She found a place to sit on a rock and leaned back to let the swirling waters play over her chilled skin. She opened her legs and let the cold water numb her all under as well.

Despite the chilly waters Jimmy was excited by the whole adventure.

He leaned back and let his pecker poke back up into the warm air.

Barb pushed away from the edge and explored the little pool to its far edges. Finally the three couldn't stand the temperature and found their way back to the little glade where their blanket and horses were. Still in the buff, they used their clothes to dry each other off, and then laid their wet duds in a spot of sunshine to dry.

Jimmy still hadn't lost his hard on, and Barbara gave it a little extra attention while drying him off. "Let me warm you up a little more," she cooed, and wrapped her warm mouth around the cooled skin of his cock. The warmth spread like a fever through his body, and kneeling with the dark haired beauty sucking him out in the fresh air with his wife looking on felt too good to be real.

Dana decided to help warm him up also, so she snuggled up to his back and pressed her large breasts into his back and gripped his buns with her hands.

**************** Tommy and Kelly headed for the snack bar, and joined some of the older kids of the camp in eating the pizza the place specialized in.

Often Tommy heard Kelly laughing so naturally that he had to join in himself. She had lost the awkwardness he remembered her having the summer before. The neon green T-shirt kept drawing his attention, and he was turned on by the swell of her breasts that stretched the fabric. He looked with appreciation at her petite form that curved appealingly at the waist and hips into tanned legs that he began fantasizing would someday wrap themselves around him. Her stomach was exposed below the cut-off shirt, and her navel sat amidst tight stomach muscles that led down into a skirt that wrapped around and outlined her perky buttocks. He remembered those cute cheeks peeking out from under her leotards earlier, the curve of her back, and the strong shoulders set at the top. Yes, this little girl had begun growing up - she had a ways to go, but the distance traveled so far was more than she had remaining.

Kelly smiled at him again, and her brown eyes caught his for more than either had intended. He held her gaze and for both the pizza shack seemed to go completely silent, although everyone's lips were still moving. Electricity flowed between them, and both felt it all over.

Finally Tom invited Kelly to walk him back to the gym. He had some plans to meet the guys later, but once they began the trek there he changed his mind and suggested that they take a walk in the woods.

Kelly quickly agreed, so they struck out onto a path that led into the inviting privacy of the woods.

They walked and talked, and lost all sense of time. Their hands had naturally clasped as they walked along, and they talked of their dreams and goals in their respective sports. The trail wound up hills and down, and as the sun began its final descent below the trees they stopped to catch their breath before heading back.

Tommy found a log and they both sat down to rest. Rest, though, was the last thing on Tom's mind, and he drew Kelly to him. She looked up at him and saw desire written on his face. She turned her body in towards his and their lips met in a tender kiss. They finally parted, but the sensation lingered sweetly. Kelly felt a spark kindle deep inside, and she licked her lips and kissed him again to fan that spark.

The heat between them grew and Tom reached behind her and under the loose hanging shirt to unclasp her brassiere. She withdrew long enough to wiggle out of it while still wearing the neon green shirt.

They kissed and Tommy's free hand wandered now under the front of her shirt to caress her warm breasts. The flame burned hotter within Kelly and her own hands roamed over, up, and down his muscular back. She discovered that she was beginning to get wet between the legs and the musky scent permeated the air.

Tommy lifted her shirt and kissed his way down to her breasts. He tongued and suckled each, finding that they were more than a mouthful apiece. She ran her fingers through his hair and pulled him into her to keep him latched onto each nipple as long as possible.

After stimulating her plenty he looked up into her dark eyes and whispered, "I want you." She nodded and reached into her purse for a condom. "Here, use this," she coyly suggested, though she was practically aching for him to take her.

Just as he arose to take his pants off there was a loud noise down in the woods below them. They froze for a moment, both imagining that someone had followed them out into the woods. The moment passed, but they knew that the noise hadn't been natural to the forest, so Tommy beckoned Kelly to follow him. They tip-toed in the general direction that they had heard the noise.

They climbed a little rise and stopped at the top behind a large oak. Tommy peeked around it and gaped at what he saw. Kelly tugged on his arm and he finally pulled back. "I don't think we're the only ones out here," he understated.

"Let me see," Kelly whispered, so he stepped aside while she stepped up to the tree and peeked around it.

There in an open glade were 3 people in the buff about 20 yards away. There was a dark haired woman with a large set of tanned breasts sucking the cock of a well-built blonde man. Kelly could not tell the color of the other woman's hair as her head was mostly hidden between the legs of the dark haired woman. She was obviously eating her out. Kelly had never seen oral sex being performed of either variety and couldn't help but stare for a minute. Finally she felt Tommy leaning up against her to peek over her head.

"Ever seen anything like it?" Kelly was mesmerized by seeing adults copulating out in public and only could shake her head "no." The two of them watched as the big-breasted woman licked the man's dick up and down repeatedly.

They saw the man's eyes closed in ecstasy as he ran his fingers through her hair. Now and then she would look up at him and smile, but he was mostly oblivious to this. Even at this distance they could hear him oohing in delight. Then she began eating him with gusto, allowing him to sink his meat down her throat until his pubic hair must have tickled her nose. And yet she would hold him down her throat for a good five seconds each of his thrusts before letting him withdraw.

Kelly heard an unzipping sound and felt Tommy rustling around next to her. "Shhh," she admonished him, "they might hear us and stop. I want to see this." Finally Tommy stopped moving around, but then Kelly felt her skirt being lifted up and over her tush. She remembered that she had doffed her panties a few moments before when sitting on the log and now was as exposed, from the waist down, as the people she was watching.

Tommy's hand slid up the back of her leg and his fingers reached under her cheeks to begin playing with her pussy. "Tommy!" she whispered as loudly as she dared. "What are you doing?!" "Shhh! They might hear you and stop," he reminded her, "and I want to see this." The "this" he wanted to see, though, she thought was not what was going on in the meadow. Her initial jitters subsided, and as she watched the three going at it down below her own juices began to flow.

She stepped back with her feet while still holding around the tree to lean over and watch the show in the meadow. Then she spread her feet apart, and Tommy's fingers found her slippery slit. He slid a finger in and she had to close her own eyes at the warm and wonderful feeling it gave. She wiggled her little ass some to help him reach further in, which he did. His other hand reached around her waist and slid its way up her belly until it caressed her left breast. She was sure that the beating of her heart would give her away that she was a bit scared, but a whole lot excited.

The hand feeling her up withdrew briefly, but she could hear him licking the juice from his finger. He then reached back down there again and used her pussy fluid to lubricate her clitoris and massage it. She gripped the tree harder and thought that she would leave permanent finger marks on it. Pleasure began flooding her nervous system, and moans began escaping her lips.

"Oh yes, oh yes, oh yes," she quietly quivered as her pussy flowed juices out onto the finger Tommy was using so adeptly on her.

She realized that she was still clutching the condom she had taken from her purse earlier, so she reached back and offered it to him, urging him to put it on and put it in quickly.

Tommy needed little urging to get himself ready. He shucked his pants and underwear, unrolled the latex rubber over his stiff member and guided it towards her wet cunt. He gripped her small cheeks, parted them further, and eased the tip of his shielded dick into her. She was well lubricated, and had lost her hymen years ago due to her gymnastic pursuits, but still she was a virgin and her love canal was unused to this activity and gave tight resistance.

Tommy continued to peer over Kelly's head at the threesome going at it in the forest glade, but he hardly needed more inspiration than seeing his cock ever-so-slowly sinking into the little blonde.

He finally felt her ass cheeks up against his hips, and heard her moans escaping between her tightly closed lips. He gripped her petite waist and began to slowly pump her from behind.

He was not very experienced at prolonging the situation and soon began feeling spasms as he moved in and out of her tight box. He gripped hard and pushed in as far as he could go. Kelly was nearly choking from the sensation, and trying to keep silent was more than she could manage and a small yelp escaped her lips. She looked up to see if the love trio had heard her, but they were so engrossed in what they were doing that they were oblivious to anything else.

**************** Barbara was now on her side engulfing Jimmy's dong, while Jimmy had moved over to eat his wife Dana. Dana was still lapping and probing at Barbara's snatch to complete the ring.

**************** Tommy noticed a quick flash of light off to his right, but attributed it to the sun giving its last gasp off of some water- soaked leaves. He and Kelly finally fell back from the tree she had been propping herself up with and snuggled on the mossy bank below it.

Tommy rolled off the condom part way and slipped the rest of it off.

Kelly took her panties and wiped him off until clean, and then leaned over to kiss him on the mouth. It was a deep and penetrating kiss that was wet and exciting. Kelly was obviously still up for more, and the urgency of her kiss began a stirring down below in his teenaged loins. Kelly broke off from the kiss and nibbled her way down his chin to his neck. She sucked his neck for just a few seconds to give him the lightest of hickies, and then worked her way down to his, as yet hairless chest, and sucked one of his nipples. He had seen what sucking his girlfriends' breasts did to them, but never thought that it would feel so good to him. She lingered there a minute swirling it around in her mouth and giving it some good sucking.

He noticed that he was now almost fully erect, and this must have become apparent to Kelly as well for she began anew her descent down his slightly quivering body. With the sun giving only a blood red glow on the horizon the air had lost some of its warmth, but his own blood was heating back up to a boil.

Her tongue swirled around and in his belly button and then licked its way down his lower belly and into his dark curly pubic hair. Her tongue found its way to the base of his now hard prick and began wetly caressing its way up to the head, doing her best to imitate the actions she had seen the dark-haired woman in the meadow performing on the blonde-haired man.

Tommy watched in wonder as the blonde head dipped its way down his body and onto his manhood. His hands itched to hold her, so he slid her neon green top up and over her small breasts and slowly began to knead them. The nipples were the hardest part of the firm flesh, and he worked them the hardest. She gave another moan at this attention and licked him even harder.

He lay down as she stepped over his chest and they fell into a 69. She was kneeling over his chest, and her pussy and ass were staring him right in the face. "She's a natural blonde," he thought to himself, just before he dove in face first. Her slit was nearly dripping with pussy-juice and he tasted a woman for the first time. The musky scent was stimulating, but her taste was addictive. He wanted to stop time and just lap her up for eternity.

He reached around her legs and pulled her cheeks apart to get his tongue into her even further. Several times he found that he was so far in he couldn't breathe, but that was what being in shape was for.

He stroked her clit, her inner thighs, her mons pubis, and right up to her anus. She had bathed thoroughly, and there was no hint of anything other than her musky scent, so he licked and sucked until the job she was doing on him made him nearly explode. By then he found that she was rocking her hips back and forth wildly and he had to hang on tightly to keep contact with his mouth.

When he knew that he was about to go off again he held on and rolled them both over and dislodged himself from her anxious lips.

He did a quick 180 and with one hand he caressed her pussy while with the other he pumped his cream onto her belly. She reached a hand down to her crotch where his was caressing her and together they masturbated there in the seclusion of the woods.

Tommy's spasms soon were over, but Kelly seemed not quite so ready to be done.

She had tasted him and sucked him, but knew that she should not risk drinking him. She felt a bit let down by that, so she alternated hands dipping inside herself and licking off her fingers. Finally she decided to just use one of his fingers to continue stimulating herself. She had practiced masturbating the past year and had gotten pretty good.

She had tried it with her fingers, carrots, peeled and unpeeled bananas, and even a well shaped umbrella handle. The best way she had ever experienced was Tommy's fingers. A live person was not as predictable as an inanimate object, and he added his own ideas as they went along. She laced her fingers into his, and reached them all farther down until they were pushing into her asshole. She urged his middle finger into her there, and with some pressure he was able to push it in all the way. Her juices flowed even more, and her fingers were dancing crazily around her clit as she orgasm with earth-shaking intensity.

The two teens locked in a kiss, his one hand fingering her ass and his other pressing into her breast. Both her hands were busy keeping the orgasm going, and she nearly bit his tongue off in the passion.

****************************************** The sun was nearly gone behind the trees and Jimmy, Dana, and Barb had finished their tryst and were luxuriating in a common snuggle.

Finally Barb suggested that they saddle back up and get their mounts back to the stables. But before anyone was fully dressed she grabbed something out of her saddlebag and offered it to Dana.

"These are benwa balls. Just insert them and enjoy the ride home." Dana took the polished silver balls, about twice the size of common marbles, and slid them up inside herself. They fit quite nicely, and she was sure her panties would keep them in. She finished dressing and then swung her leg back up and over her horse.

She could feel the balls inside her moving with her own movements and it felt quite pleasant.

Barb and Jimmy mounted up also, and they headed back down the mountain toward the ranch. It was beginning to get dusky as they headed down the trail, and fortunately Barb knew exactly how to get back. She led them unerringly back to their destination.

Dana, though, didn't want to return. The afternoon had been delightful, and now the ride back was a new taste of pleasure. The horse's rhythmic movements between her legs were stimulating her in a way she hadn't thought possible. The benwa balls in her cunt were accentuating the feelings, and soon she was gripping the knob of the saddle with both hands as she again began to climax. But this one didn't stop, or peak, it just continued on with the gait of the equine rolling back and forth.

Barb noticed Dana's glazed expression, mouth open, and her tight grip on the saddle pommel and so reached over and took the reins from her and led the horse down the path, allowing Dana to continue uninterrupted. She knew that expression, and was pleased to have been instrumental in its appearance.

*********************** Tommy awoke out in the woods with a nubile girl asleep in his arms, her top askew and barely covering her warm breasts.

She stirred against his chest and rubbed her leg, which was dr*ped over both of his, up his thighs and hugged him tightly. Her skirt was still up around her waist and he could feel her bush hugging the side of his leg. He reached with one hand and stroked the blonde hair on her head and she snuggled her forehead into the space just under his chin.

Gradually she awoke and gave him a light kiss.

Finally they got to their feet and adjusted their clothes back into a presentable form. He put his arm around her shoulders and together they made their way back to the sports camp. They arrived in time for the end of the movie showing in the auditorium. They never let go of each other and sat off by themselves instead of with their friends.

After the show they did join their friends for a bite to eat at the snack shop, but they didn't participate in the conversation nearly as much as they would have usually. They did spend a lot of time looking into each other's eyes and holding hands.

Their friends had seen others couple up, and just took it in stride without any undue razzing or teasing. Most of them thought that Tom and Kelly made a cute couple anyway.

Kelly kept thinking about the way Tommy had made her feel out in the woods. She had never had her breasts stimulated so thoroughly, had never been kissed so deeply, and had never orgasm as fully as had occurred tonight. The thought of him kissing and licking her dripping pussy gave her a glow all over her skin, and she thought that she might be hooked on such love-making.

Later that night, back in her cabin, after they had parted with a super long French-kiss, Kelly quietly told her best friend, Tasha, about her experience. Tasha was a teammate on her gymnastics team, and was of mixed heritage. Her father was black and her mother Korean, and Tasha had inherited the best looks of both races. She was a year older than Kelly, having finished her sophomore year, and was a light colored black, with full red lips and seductive narrow eyes. Her hair was a deep black, but was cut short with big curls. She had a slender build and almost boyish buttocks, but her legs were long and her waist so tiny that it gave a good amount of curve to her hips.

She listened intently to Kelly telling of Tommy's loving technique, and probed her quietly for more details. The two kept it down as it was after lights out, and the rest of the cabin was sleeping.

It was a warm night, and they both wore baby doll nighties, with bikini briefs on underneath. Tasha suggested that she brush Kelly's long tresses while she continued her description, and Kelly eagerly assented.

Tasha got a brush and Kelly turned her back and scooted in between Tasha's outstretched legs. She described Tommy's tongue-technique and again warmed up inside at the thought of it. She explained how excited the cunnilingus had gotten her, all the while Tasha brushing and playing with her blonde hair. Tasha then quietly explained that it had been her experience that it was not so much the gender of the one giving the tongue-bath, as it was the experience of the one doing so. Kelly cocked her head sideways, but didn't say anything. Tasha then reached around her and gently fondled her breasts through the thin cotton fabric. Kelly was already turned on from telling her tale, and the hands playing with her nipples felt so good she leaned back into Tasha's arms. She told herself that she was going to find out if what Tasha had said was true, because if it were, she was ready to experience such heights again.

In the dark she laid her head on Tasha's shoulder, and met Tasha's kiss with eager lips. The massaging of her breasts continued and she could feel the direct effect it was having on her moistening pussy.

Kelly reached down and slipped a hand into her panties and fingered her slit until it was fully lubricated. She reached up her wet fingers to Tasha's mouth, which slowly licked each one.

Kelly then decided that before she allowed this shadowy lovely to have her way with her, she was going to give before receiving. She rolled over in Tasha's arms and slid down the slim body until she faced Tasha's lap. She tugged the panties down and off the long legs and then kissed her way back up the legs until she found Tasha's musky box.

The two quietly slipped under the sheets and tried not to make too much noise. The other girls in the cabin had heard moans coming from Kelly's bunk before, but had either figured she was having a nightmare or a good time by herself. That's what any who listened in figured this night.

Kelly had never tasted the juices of another female, and found it quite tantalizing. She didn't know exactly what to do, so she just imagined what she would want done to her and tried it on Tasha. The results were evidently positive ones from the little gasps she evoked from her dark-skinned friend.

She worked her tongue in through the dark patch of hair surrounding Tasha's love slit. She flicked at the small clitoris set atop that opening and felt the body she was holding onto with both arms squirm beneath her. Kelly tried extending her tongue as deeply into Tasha's pussy as she could, and licked and swallowed the thick liquid there.

She moved back to the clit and gave it a good sucking before tonguing it like a cat did a dirty paw.

Soon Tasha was arching her back while holding her breath, and she pushed Kelly's mouth away from her quivering pussy as the spasms coursed through her.

Kelly surfaced from below the sheets and kissed her way up to Tasha's sweaty neck. She did stop and linger a bit at her breasts, sucking the stiff nipples and swirling around them with her tongue.

She stretched out next to her, and pulled her nightie up and over her head and then wriggled out of her own bikini bottom. She tucked the already moistened piece of clothing under the pillow for later retrieval. "Your turn," she said to her friend.

She could see Tasha's narrow oriental eyes looking at her in new wonderment, and a smile spreading across her cute face. "Yes, indeed, my little vixen," she purred as she kissed her once and submarine beneath the sheets.

Kelly had first experienced oral sex that afternoon with Tommy, and wondered now how it would compare with a girl doing the honors.

She couldn't help but wish, despite her attraction to Tasha, that it was Tommy down there now going down on her. "I'll at least give it a- chance, though," she thought to herself, as a tongue slid in and out of her belly button. She felt something warm and hard pressing into her crotch and thought at first that it was Tasha's hand, but then realized that it was a breast. The nipple moved slowly around her mound, and with the help of a hand the point found its way shallowly into her cunt now and then. It felt so good that Kelly found her legs leaning farther apart to allow more room for the breast to cover. She could feel her juices covering Tasha's chest, and soon the one below was quite soaked all over. Kelly reached down and grabbed her own breasts and began massaging them. She pulled one of her nipples up to her mouth and licked it, sending new sensations of pleasure through her body.

Tasha then sank a little lower and began kissing her all over her pussy. The kisses were brief and stimulating, but they had the effect of teasing her. Kelly let go her breasts and reached down to guide the head into her, but Tasha slipped her grasp and pulled her head away. "noooo," escaped out of Kelly's lips, but Tasha was anything but through with her blonde-headed friend. She used both hands and separated the pussy lips, exposing Kelly's pussy fully. She then lightly blew on it, and Kelly shivered with goose bumps as the coolness rushed over her. She hugged herself to keep warm.

Kelly then slid down further in the bed, and moved her feet up close to her buttocks which she lifted slightly into the air towards Tasha's beautiful mouth. "Please eat me," she whispered urgently over and over again, until Tasha gave in, leaned down, scooped her hands under Kelly's tight little ass, and began to tongue her in earnest.

Kelly gasped aloud and then looked around in the nearly dark room to see if she'd disturbed anyone's sleep, but none of the other girls seemed to have heard her. One other body did seem to be rhythmically swaying, but no sound was coming from that bunk. She couldn't help but squirm some as the waves of pleasure rolled over her like the ocean at high tide. But the tide kept coming in, and Kelly kept coming until she lost track of time. "Tommy," she moaned, thinking of him as she crashed again in orgasm.

Finally the tongue-lashing abated and she felt herself once again returning to earth. She felt drained, but satisfied, and soon Tasha sidled up alongside of her. She kissed her on the brow and whispered "That was nice, but I think you have a case for this Tommy. Its okay with me, I understand. But if you ever feel like experimenting again, just let me know." Then she slipped on her nightie, and quietly padded over to her own bed. Kelly decided she didn't have the energy to put her clothes back on, so she just rolled over in the bed naked, the moon casting its pale light through a window across her exposed cheeks, and she drifted off to sleep, visions of Tommy and Tasha mixed together.

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