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New Neighbors Chapter 7

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New Neighbors Chapter 7

The men were in their tuxes and the ladies elegant dresses, and they were enjoying being out together. Jimmy thought about this couple a lot and how they had changed his and Dana's lives. When they had moved in just a week and a half ago they were ready to start a new life together, and Jimmy hoped that that might include loosening Dana's inhibitions a little.

He reminisced about the scenes he had observed during the last few days: Dana making love to another man while he was in the room, he making love to another woman while she looked on, the video tape of her dressing up like Aphrodite and "punishing" Barbara while he received a tongue bath out on the deck from their neighbor's 19 year old niece, swimming in a mountain stream in the buff and forming a 3-way love chain in a secluded part of the woods, Dana being eaten by a woman and then tasting a woman's juices herself for the first time, the scenes around the pool with the Moon Crew, and then watching Mike and Barb screwing madly in a glass elevator with other passengers aboard. He shook his head in near disbelief as the scenes finished parading before his mind's eye.

His reverie was interrupted when Barb leaned forward from the backseat and suggested, "It's been such a great night together, why don't the two of you come back to our place for a nightcap, and we can finish the night by focusing on each of you." "Excuse me," Dana replied, "but what do you mean by 'focusing' on us?" "Don't tell them Barb." "Why not, Mike?" she asked her husband.

Just see if they'll come back and give it a try. It's a great way to spend an hour or so, and I'm sure they'll like it. Calling up to the front seat he asked, what say you, you two? Want to give it a try? I'll let you make the call, Jim said to Dana.

"Well, it's all been good so far," the tawny brunette replied.

"We've come this far, so we might as well take the next step." Her mind began wandering and wondering at what "focusing" might be, and she felt her nipples stiffening a bit at the thoughts. Unconsciously she reached up and began rubbing her hand on her chest, which Jim noticed and made him smile.

This has been an incredible few days, he thought to himself and gave the engine a little more throttle as he headed back to the complex and the night of delights in store.

Jim pulled into the parking lot and offered a hand to the ladies as they emerged from his car. The four strolled back through the complex, around the nearly deserted pool and over to Mike and Barb's place. Jim gave a last look over his shoulder for a glimpse of that lovely he'd spied earlier in the day, but she was nowhere to be seen.

They bellied up to the bar where Mike poured a round for all. Then he explained how the rest of the evening was to work.

But just before Mike could fill them in Barb interrupted him and motioned him back into the kitchen alone. He gave Jim and Dana a quick "right back" and followed her in. The two left in the dining room gave each other curious looks.

What was said was not meant for them, but they could barely make out some of the whispers. Barb said, Mike, are you sure that we should try this so soon? Mike answered, Sure Babe. What's the problem? I just keep thinking about Tiffany and Steve. I think we scared them off this way. I don't think so, Mike continued, Tiff had a great body, but Steve was a real nerd, and just taking his clothes off threw him into a tizzy. I can't figure how someone with as much class as she had ended up with a dweeb like him. Yes, but I think we moved them along too fast, and I'm afraid that we may be doing the same thing with Dana and Jim. Don't you feel that way, or is it just me? She reached over and squeezed his hand tightly.

No, I really don't think so. Dana is a hot woman who's finally broken through her icy exterior. I think she's about ready to try anything, and this isn't really that big a stretch. Remember her as Aphrodite?" Barb nodded. Well, I think she's ready for the other side of it. And I think Jim is light years cooler than Steve was. Plus, he's got a much cuter ass. Barb smiled and whispered back, He does at that. Well, let's just take it slow. I really like these guys and I'd hate to scare them off. Me, too. Let's get back in there and get the evening started. And the two of them walked back in still holding hands.

Mike announced to the waiting couple, Barb is afraid that what we're going to try tonight might be a little frightening to new swingers. So let me explain, without giving too much away, what we're proposing, and we'll leave it up to you whether you want to try it or not. Ok? They agreed, a bit apprehensively. Mike then gave them the sketchy details, and both relaxed visibly.

Dana piped up first; I think I'm ready to try! And you say Jimmy can be in the same room the whole time, right? Definitely! Barb replied. Someone has to work the camera anyway. Ok then. Let's get to it, Jim agreed enthusiastically, and he offered his arm to Dana and led her back to the Play room.

Once there Mike showed him how to use the camera in the corner of the large room. Then Barb and Mike led Dana to the King-sized bed and sat her down. Jim remarked that the camera was going and that they could begin.

Mike turned and spoke to the camera, "Tonight has been a wonderful evening. We went out for dinner with Jim and Dana, and then saw a Broadway show. We're back now at our place, and it's been decided that we will "focus" on Dana, and then on Jim. We're all looking forward to the rest of the evening." Barb had Dana lie down on the bed and she and Mike then slowly and with much care helped her slip out of her dress. She reached down to help them at one point and Mike lightly slapped her hand away.

"Remember," he told her, "we're focusing on you. You are to do nothing, and say nothing. No more reminders." And he went back to peeling off her slip. Dana lay back and allowed them to continue the process. Barb unhooked her stockings and slid them down her legs, giving her a tingling sensation there. Dana then closed her eyes and gave in to the fact that she was no longer in control of herself and mentally turned it over to the attending couple.

Mike then slipped her bra straps over her shoulders, unsnapped it in the back, and released her warm breasts. She sighed as he caressed them a little and as he reached down and gently lifted her arm to the top of the bed. He pulled a leather strap from behind the headboard and tied it to her wrist, and then repeated the process with her other arm.

Barbara had finished sliding her scant panties off of her legs and had begun to tie her ankles to the end of the bed. It was a large bed, and Barb didn't pull her legs too far apart, but gave the restraints enough slack so that she could almost bring them back together.

Mike went to the table of devices and found a bottle of baby oil. He poured some on his hands to warm it up and then began to cover her in it, beginning at her feet. He made sure to apply it even between her toes, and then worked his way up. While he was applying it Barb left the room.

Mike continued to oil her body, giving her a good massage as he continued and Dana relaxed ever further. When he got to the top of her legs he worked a good handful into her pubic mound and massaged her there quite a bit. But he didn't stop there, but continued his way on up her belly.

Soon he was up to her breasts, which had swollen and the nipples had become erect. He worked the baby oil into each, placing his hand so that her nipple made contact with the center of his palm, and massaged them hard, forcing them to flatten out under the pressure. Dana's breath quickened at this treatment, so that he continued longer than he had planned.

He continued to add the oil at regular intervals, and her body was soon glistening with a thick coat of it from her toes to her bosom. Finally Mike stopped oiling her chest and began rubbing her arms down. He even applied it under her arms, and she gave a short giggle when he did. "I'll let that one go," he teased her at the brief outburst. She had opened her eyes and was watching him as he finished up covering her arms, hands, and then fingers in the solution. The oil around her wrists made the leather restraints slippery, which would prevent chafing.

As he was putting the finishing touches on her body by greasing her neck Barbara returned. Dana heard her enter and had to look twice to confirm that it was indeed Barbara. The woman she saw enter was wearing a body-hugging black spandex outfit that covered her from her neck to her toes to her wrists. She also had a black party mask on, her hair had been teased out for a very stunning effect, and her lips were glossed a deep shiny red. As Dana took in the overall effect she couldn't help but think of a deadly black widow spider, the kind that mated and then devoured the male - for Barbara seemed all business. She headed for the "goodies" table and sorted amongst the paraphernalia. Dana noticed from her side angle that Barb's outfit had short plastic zippers on it in strategic locations.

Soon the masked woman picked up a short riding crop that had a small leather loop at the end of it. Mike finished oiling her, got off on the opposite side of the bed from his wife, and undressed quickly.

When Barbara came over and looked down at her body bound to the bed, Dana felt a slight shiver run up her spine as she took in the sight of the darkly clad woman who stood over her slapping the crop into a hand.

Pay attention, she began in an authoritative manner. You have given us control for the next hour, and we expect cooperation. If we ask you to do something, then you do it immediately. No hesitation. No frowning. No questions. Just do it. If you follow our directions you will have a night to remember. If you don't cooperate well, and she slapped the crop into her hand for emphasis, you'll have to be punished. Do you have any questions? and she paused for a reaction.

A thousand questions tried to push their way to the surface, but the stance of her questioner told her that none should be spoken, so she gave a slight shake of her head and held her breath. She knew how "hard" she had punished Barbara earlier and expected similar treatment in return, but doubts began brewing in the back of her mind and she waited to see how Barbara would respond.

Barbara's lips smiled below the mask. "Good. You're a quick learner. Let's begin." She turned to Mike and began the "focus." "Begin with her legs." Mike went to the table and picked up a large brown vibrator, turned it on, and then began moving it up and down her calves.

Dana had tensed up some during Barbara's directions, and the fact that she continued to stand over her with that crop kept Dana in that condition despite the soothing effects of the vibrator. But Mike worked her lower legs and then her upper. He came tantalizingly close to her crotch, but never quite got there. Dana closed her eyes and tried to forget the imposing figure nearby, and concentrated on the hum running over her legs. She thought of their evening, of the four of them eating, drinking, talking and laughing together. Soon she gave in to its soothing vibrations and she stretched out and spread her legs. Her pussy was moistening, and she felt a warm glow spreading over her body.

The voice over her said, "Now, her belly," and the hum skipped on up to her stomach. It caressed her tight abdomen muscles, slid up her ribs to just below her breasts, and then traveled back down and into her belly button. It almost felt like being screwed and she felt the buzzing grow in her lower regions.

She ventured a glance at the director, and saw that she had unzipped a section of her outfit over her left breast and was playing with the nipple as she watched Mike vibrate Dana's tummy. She licked her lips, gave her breast a good squeeze, and said, "Now, her ass hole." Mike dropped down below her field of vision, but she felt him lifting her legs at the knees until her legs were in an upside-down V. He spread them apart, and she felt the slippery hummer rolling around her backside. The vibrations were excruciatingly close to her now quite wet slit, but it centered instead on her lower hole. The oiled vibrator moved back and forth over her anus and when she relaxed the muscles there it pushed its way in just a bit. She bit her lip, but couldn't help a little cry that escaped her. Immediately she felt the crop slap her across her raised thighs, stinging them.

"No more outbursts, please," Barbara informed her calmly. Dana looked up at her, but saw that she was not kidding. She turned her head to look at Jimmy, but he was hidden behind the camera. Now she felt a slight bit of fear, but pushed it back down and concentrated harder on doing what she was told. Still in the back of her mind she wasn't ready to give over complete control. The woman next to her bed, though, was no longer perky Barbara her new neighbor, but was a masked director taking control. The cool smile couldn't hide the burning in those eyes behind the mask.

At the insistent prodding of the vibrator she forced her cheeks apart as far as they would go to take it inside her. The juices were flowing liberally from her cunt down onto the stiff shaft, lubricating it more as it moved slowly in and out of her hole. The probing item was moving slowly, and she wanted it faster, but she didn't dare increase the tempo on her own initiative.

Then the voice said, "Now, her mouth." She felt it withdraw from her ass and watched as the oily device moved up toward her face, but she forced herself to stare up at the masked woman instead and locked onto her gaze. It stopped vibrating near her face for a few seconds, and she could hear it being wiped off with the sheets near her ear before it moved to her mouth.

As it hummed on and then between her lips she watched Barbara unzips the zipper at the crotch of the tight outfit with the hand not rubbing her exposed tit. The zipper parted and she saw the red painted nails sliding in and out between the dark pubic hairs. Oh how she ached for them to dip inside her own slit! The vibrator was in her mouth and she began sucking it like a cock, and that made the woman standing over her smile. It had become important to make her smile, for she was in control, and if she was smiling then the stinging would stay away.

Wet red nails moved up from the zipper and slipped into the shiny red lips. She licked them off and then said, "Now, her pussy." Dana closed her eyes and knew at last she would feel it between her legs. She was already so turned on that as soon as it had barely come into contact with her pussy lips her body shook in orgasm. She kept quiet with her mouth, but her body screamed in pleasure! The vibrator moved up to her clit and she thought she would pass out. The waves of passion swept her under, and she lost all feeling and knew no thoughts except the thunderous explosions that were going off between her legs. She sensed that she was thrashing all over the bed, but the restraints kept her in place some, and she held on for dear life. Orgasm after orgasm shook her to the core until she felt she had turned into a human twat that couldn't stop. The humming continued down deep inside her pussy and after an eternity of ecstasy she slowly dropped back in passion to a dull roar.

Barbara stepped back over to the "goody" table and returned with two metal pieces that looked like clothes pins. "Hold still, please," she directed Dana, and then clipped one and then another to each nipple.

They were tight and a little painful, but they had the effect that someone lightly biting them would have, and they stepped her body back up a level.

Barb then directed Mike to withdraw the vibrator and get "little Oscar." Dana felt empty for a moment as it withdrew, but Mike picked up a small dildo with large bumps all over it. Barb asked him to unbind one of her feet, which he did, and then he rolled her onto her side. She was able to turn her lower body sideways, but both her hands were still tightly bound and she felt slightly like a pretzel. The masked woman then undid the same has as her unrestrained foot and she was able to lie comfortably on her side.

"That was one. Now for number two." Dana guessed that she was referring to orgasmic experiences, and she was right. Mike fingered her ass hole again until it relaxed and then wiggle "little Oscar" into her anus. Her body was still supercharged and she could feel as each of the many large bumps on the dildo squeezed through. When it was in about as far as it could go Mike took up position behind her and slid his stiffened cock into her pussy. She used her feet to push herself back onto him further but the crop came down hard on the side of her hip leaving a bright red circular mark.

A tear squeezed out of Dana's eye and rolled down her face, and she stopped her attempts to aid the sensuous experience. "Let us focus on you. Just do as you're told, and no more." Barb came around into her view, and reached a hand toward her breasts. She undid one of the clips on Dana's breast and replaced it a little farther onto the nipple. More flesh was being squeezed and it pinched hard, but she had expected a worse punishment and held her peace.

Dana knew now that she no longer had anything to say about what was happening to her. Something clicked in her subconscious, and she now knew that only the woman in the tight black outfit would lead her on.

She gave her a smile and the masked woman knew that she could now completely have her way. She leaned down and they lightly kissed. Dana then closed her eyes, and let her body go limp.

The masked face then slid down the bed and took up residence by her pussy. Dana was glad that she hadn't disappointed her too much, and that she was still going to eat her. She desperately wanted to feel that hot tongue in her mound! Mike began fucking her from behind, but she was totally concentrating on the red lips and when they would make contact with her cunt. The mouth below reached forward, but instead of licking, began biting her pubic hairs. She would lean in, bite a few between her pearly white teeth, and then pull back. Sometimes the hairs would slip back, but sometimes they were yanked out. Dana had to bite her own lip to keep any more sounds from escaping. It was torture, but at the same time it excited her further.

When the tongue finally wormed its way between the dark hairs and onto her swollen button it was all she could do to stay in place. She felt the flow of pussy juices surging from a trickle to a flood. Her one leg was still held in place and that kept her from bucking off of the bed, and she couldn't help herself reaching to squeeze one of her taut breasts. The combination of feeling Mike pressing up against her back with his larger-than-Jimmy's engorged cock filling her, and in the exact same tingling place feeling Barb's hot tongue lapping at her clit was driving her wild. She choked back any sounds that she longed to let out, but the clamps on her tits reminded her that punishment would be swift and painful.

Soon Mike was grunting in ecstasy as he poured his cum into her buzzing twat, and Barb was licking and sucking up all juices that were pouring out of her. Dana had never felt such intense pleasure as at that moment, and the pain in her nipples only heightened it further.

Mike soon stopped his humping actions, but Barbara continued to eat her and Dana didn't think she could take the climaxes any longer. But the tongue action continued and Dana soon lost count of the waves that rolled over her. She lost track of time, of place, of what was happening to her. She only thought about the orgasms her body was having on a continual basis. She broke out in a sweat, her pulse raced, and her extremities began to go numb. Blessedly she passed out, and it was only then that Barbara let up on her.

She unclipped Dana's breasts, and then slapped her back into consciousness. Dana shivered, but didn't utter a spoken word. Barbara looked down at her and said, "That's two. Rest a minute, and we'll be back for the final one." She zipped up her outfit in the various places that she had exposed herself, took Mike's hand, and led him from the room. Dana collapsed back and rubbed her raw chest.

Dana got herself as comfortable as she could, and relaxed for about five minutes, when the door opened and Mike and Barb came back in. But they looked a little vice-versa. Barb had her hair tucked up under a biker's cap, had on leather pants and a leather vest. Mike, on the other hand, had on a garter belt and stockings, and a light blue silk teddy.

Mike went and sat on the bed while Barbara went over to the playthings on the table. She picked up a strap on dildo and brought it over to the bed. She began hooking it onto Dana, and said, "We've been giving it to you, and especially Mike. But now it's your turn to give it back to him." When she had finished strapping on the rubberized cock around and onto Dana's pelvic area she untied the remaining restraints on Dana's wrist and ankle.

Mike then crawled up onto the bed and kissed her. He began purring things into her ear, like, "You're so big!", and "I really want you, give it to me." Dana's hands caressed up and down the silky material and could feel his muscular back through it. Finally turned around in her arms and knelt on all fours in front of her. Barb looked on from the side. Dana ran her hands down his back, over his tight cheeks, and undid the snap at the bottom of the teddy. She wet a finger and ran it around his ass hole. Then she aimed the dildo at his backside and began poking at his chute. The dildo pushed up against her own pubic area and got her hot down in the box, so she kept poking and pushing. Eventually the tip went in and Mike rocked back a little to help the process. It slid in ever so slowly, but Dana liked being on this end of the fuck for once. She watched as she screwed him and began to really get into it.

Jim could hardly believe his eyes as he filmed the scene. Here was his wife screwing, with a strapped on dildo, his best friend, who was dressed in drag. Unbelievable! And she was doing so with gusto! She grabbed his waist and was ramming her "tool" home and seemed to be relishing it. His own pecker stood at attention, and he began to wonder just what would be in store for him when his own "focus" occurred.

Well, whatever it would entail, he was ready, willing, and most definitely able.

Barb watched with interest as her charge followed any and every command she was given. She toyed with the idea of having her do some of the really kinky stuff she wanted to try with this little vixen, but decided that she had pushed her probably as far as she could for a first night of real bondage. Later, she thought.

Dana finally slowed down her humping and simulated having an ejaculation with a few final deep thrusts up Mike's greased up ass. She pulled out and rolled over onto her back the way she figured a man would after some great sex. Her "tool" though had not gone limp, and still stood straight up. Barb beckoned Mike out of the way and moved onto the bed for her turn. "You've screwed a "woman," but how will you do with a "man"?" and began sliding out of her leather pants. The role reversals had Dana's head swimming, but she lay there and allowed Barb to make the next advances.

Barb ever so slowly slid out of her tight leather pants. Although she was dressed as a man, it did nothing to hide her very womanly curves beneath the pants. Once her legs were free Dana could see that she had a belt on that was similar to hers, usable for strapping a dildo to.

Barb reached down and removed Dana's "tool" and tossed it into the corner. She sauntered over to the goody table and picked up two very large rubber dicks. One she strapped to herself, and the other she leaned over and hooked onto Dana. Then she slid down and began giving Dana's tool a blow job.

The only effect on Dana was visual, but that was enough, along with the little bit of friction afforded by the activity on her nearby clitoris, to turn her heart beat up a notch. She closed her eyes and fantasized that she was a well-hung man having a homosexual encounter with a well-hung, yet effeminate man. When she peeked down at her pelvic area, she could see someone in a hat and tight vest giving her "dong" a good going over. Occasionally she could see this "man's" own stiff member poking out. Despite her manly fantasy she couldn't help but pinch her own nipples in the excitement.

Finally Barb stepped over her and squatted over her face. Her own strap-on pointed in the same direction, but it didn't hide the wet twat beneath. But closer still was Barb's ass, so smooth, soft and curvaceous. She released her nipples and reached up to stroke and caresses those golden-tanned cheeks. She grabbed them and pulled them down to her awaiting mouth and began tonguing them all over. She allowed her saliva to leave a slippery trail until the cheeks were completely wetted. Then she set her sights lower and ventured towards the tight hole in the middle. She circled it in smaller and smaller circles until she finally made contact. Moans greeted her explorations, so she gently pulled the golden cheeks apart until the hole opened slightly. She tongued a little harder, and the muscles relaxed, and she was able to slip her tongue up inside Barb's backside a little bit. She then took her middle finger, wetted it, and being careful about her long nails, slid it into the relaxed anus until it was up to the third knuckle. Barb began gently humping the finger on her ass, so Dana slowly slid in her pointer finger. It was a good bit tighter now, but Barb showed no signs of discomfort and continued her humping actions.

Dana, emboldened by the success of her second finger, slowly inserted her ring finger. At first she couldn't get past the first knuckle, but Barb's increased humping soon had the third finger in.

Now Barbara's bouncing became more increased, and when Dana slid her thumb up into the nearby pussy she had to use it to hold on. Slipping in her pinkie now was no difficulty at all and Dana was able to grab on with all five fingers - four in the ass and one in the pussy and give her a real good fist fuck.

Barb then undid Dana's dildo and buried her face in the ever so-anxious vulva of her partner. She tongued indiscriminately and both women started rolling on the bed back and forth. One time they came close to the edge and Mike had to block them, but they hardly noticed and locked onto each other in their spinning. Finally they both let out moans deep from their beings and the activity slowed and finally stopped.

Mike beckoned to Barb, who with half-closed eyes, dragged herself off of the bed and left with him, tossing back a, "be right back." Dana knew that her "focus" was nearing its end and curled up on the bed to doze. Her mind drifted in a haze of fingers, tongues, dildos, and cheeks.

Jimmy put the camera on pause and sat back to catch his breath. What a turn on that Barb was! Her curly long dark hair and her penetrating dark brown eyes were only matched by her large dark nipples. Watching them heave while his wife and she ate each other's dripping pussies made him ache to get in on the action. He rubbed his crotch as he contemplated how the seductress had played his wife like a virtuoso performer. He never knew what persona she would take on next, but the one she had just finished that included bondage, cross-dressing, and discipline had all the elements that made him hot.

And then he thought about Mike's supporting role in the little drama that he had witnessed. Mike hadn't overshadowed Barbara's role of dominatrix, and had wound up with only a little action during most of it. He almost felt sorry for the guy. But then again, maybe he would be taking more of an active role in Jimmy's "focus". Hmmm, he thought.

He'd never been much into the AC/DC scene, much preferring the soft touch of a woman. He had gone along with all of Mike and Barb's suggestions because he loved watching his wife experiment and develop her sexuality, and because Barb was such a hot temptress. But Mike was a great guy, too, and he had come to value their friendship. When he thought about it, Mike was a handsome specimen of a man, also with dark hair and eyes, neatly trimmed moustache, and fine physique. But the thought of getting off with him, well, he wasn't sure that that was in the cards for him.

His revelry was interrupted by the return of the absent couple. They entered in bed-time wear, Barb in a filmy grey negligee and Mike in some silk boxers. They had a box and soon were taking things out of it. Jim got back to videotaping, and watched as the two performed some new magic on his wife, but not of an overtly sexual type. The items in the box were cosmetics and grooming aides, and soon the two had done Dana's hair, her make-up, her nails, and her skin all over. They powdered her, put lipstick on, eye-shadowed her, and much more until they finished by helping her slip into a similarly sexy nightgown. The fabric seemed to float on her body, and the see-through material gave a mysterious yet magnetic view of Dana's luscious curves.

During this final phase she had not resisted, but had cooperated as if she were in a dream. When they finished and stepped away from her, she looked up into the camera and smiled, and the effect nearly knocked Jim out from behind the lens. She was radiant, but with a self-assured quality that spoke of a deep strength within. Jimmy could hardly believe his eyes, for his lover and mate staring into the camera was all he had ever longed for in a woman. Right there he fell in love again with a woman he was already in love with.

Mike was saying something to Dana, and finally it dawned on him what it was. "Trade places with Jim, please," Mike said again for his benefit, and Jimmy realized that it was now his turn to be "focused" upon. With a little fear and trepidation, but also with anticipation and willingness, Jim stepped away from the camera and moved over to the bed.

"Shall I lie down and get strapped in?" he asked them.

Mike replied, "No, I don't think so. We have some different plans for you than we had for Dana. Just strip out of your clothes and sit here on the side of the bed. We'll be right back." Jim watched as they left again and then began slipping out of his clothes. He was aware that his wife was filming him from behind the camera, so he did a little strip tease to cover some of his nervousness.

Soon, though, he ran out of clothes, so he just sat on the bedside and waited.

The music started out very quietly, but soon entered into the realm of the conscious. He hadn't noticed the small speakers up on the walls, but they were playing some stringed mood music. Jimmy lay back on the bed and listened to the calming music. With his eyes closed he felt and heard, rather than saw, Mike and Barb re-enter the room. When he opened his eyes he was a little disappointed.

Neither was in a costume of any sort. Barb had on a purple g-string and push-up bra, and Mike had on a muscle type T-shirt and black silk boxers. The attire was not very daring for either of them, but comfortable to "work" in. Mike carried a razor kit.

Mike sat on the bed and addressed him. "We try to do something different for each person when we focus on them." Jim propped himself up to his elbows to listen better. Mike continued, "Barb and I had talked about Dana and what hers would be like for days now, but as I said, each one is unique. We try to tailor them to the person, so yours will be different from Dana's." He looked at Barb for a second who nodded assumingly. We don't think you need the restraints, but we do ask that you cooperate. Instead of a punishment, we will just end the focus, if you don't want to go along with what we have planned. No recriminations, no guilt, no pressure. If something isn't to your taste just say so and we'll stop. Remember, you can bail out at any time.

Ok? Sure, big guy. I'm game. Let's get started and Jimmy lay back with his arms spread in an "I'm-all-yours" position.

Barb reached into the shaving kit and pulled out some shaving cream.

She shook it, squirted out a large handful, kneeled on the bed, and spread it all over Jim's chest. She then got out a razor like a barber uses, and deftly began shaving his chest. Jim's anxiety had increased when he saw the sharp instrument in her hand, but after a dozen strokes of perfection on his chest and around his nipples he was assured that she knew how to use one of those things.

When she had finished shaving his chest she squirted another handful and rubbed it on his belly and repeated the procedure there. When that was done, she covered his legs on the top and began shaving his legs.

Jimmy had never shaved his legs before, and wondered how long it would take for the hair to grow back. Mike then asked him to roll over which he did, and Barb sheared the back of his legs and the few spots on his shoulders with hair.

Roll over again, please, Mike asked, and Jim knew what was coming next. He closed his eyes and clenched his teeth at the thought, but when Barb smeared the warm cream into his pubic hairs the sensation was rather pleasant. She had to go over each spot a couple of times to really get it close, but again she never slipped. Then she raised his legs up and began working down the sides of his scrotum, under it, and on to around his anus. With a deep sigh, Jimmy realized that she was finally finished with the deadly weapon. He peeked down and saw that he was still intact, but very hairless.

Mike moved over to the goody table, but took a small electrical contraption out of the razor kit. He opened its lid, put a large chunk of something in it, and plugged the contraption in. While he did that, Barb rubbed in some type of soothing lotion that cooled the razor burn.

She covered him all over in the sweet smelling stuff, and it made his skin tingle wherever it had been placed.

After a couple of minutes, Mike turned to him and said, this wax will be hot, but not quite burning. I've done this to Barb several times to wax her legs, or to do her bikini area. It's safe, and keeps the itchies away for much longer than with just a shave. But please lie as still as you can and he winked, I'd hate to miss. Jimmy had never been shaved all over, much less been waxed. The stuff hurt quite badly, but not enough to bail out of the process, and he endured it on his chest, and then his legs. Mike let it cool just a bit more for doing around his genitals, but he screamed when they did around his ass.

Are you okay, buddy? Mike asked in obvious concern.

Through clenched teeth, Jim nodded an "umm-hmm, keep going." As he'd been shaved already, peeling the wax back off hardly hurt at all, but it did get some hairs out from much deeper below the surface of the skin than the razor had. Barb finished it up with another application of the soothing lotion.

When they had finished, Barbara whispered to him, I know that was hard, but it's much better to give than to receive, so now it's your turn to give. Jimmy figured she meant herself, but Barb walked over and traded places with Dana. Dana, she told her, I want you to go over and let Jim shave you. Dana compliantly did as she had been told.

Jim saw his wife lie down next to him on the bed, pull her nightie up to just above her crotch and spread her legs. She still had a dreamy look in her eye, for while this was not her own focus, she realized that Barb was still in control from before and all she had to do was obey instructions.

Without hesitation Jimmy followed the same routine as had occurred to him, first smoothing on the shaving cream, shaving away her pubic hairs with great care, and then smoothing in the lotion. He let the wax cool more than had been done for him but Dana didn't say a word when he applied the heated wax to her cool skin.

Soon he removed the wax and left her crotch, including all the way to around her but- tocks completely free of hair. Her skin was now as smooth as a baby's, and Jimmy gazed lovingly at her smooth slit.

Mike whispered in his ear, but loud enough for all to hear, Take her any way you want to. Jimmy hardly need any prompting, and began by kissing her slick pussy lips. She still smelled fresh from the shave cream and the wax, and as he kissed she relaxed her legs apart for easy access. She reached her hands down between her legs and pulled the smooth skin apart, revealing her swollen clit. Jimmy's tongue had no trouble finding her button, and swirled his way around and around it.

Soon he was giving her a thorough tongue bath, with his fingers caressing, probing, inserting, and generally stimulating her. He was concentrating on his smooth-skinned lover when hands on his hips interrupted him. He looked down to see Mike twisting his hips to expose his crotch sideways. He shifted himself to accommodate the insistent hands, and got back to the dripping wet pussy that was quivering for more attention. But he knew what was to come next, and he also knew who. He had considered this a possible encounter in his "focus" and decided to just let it happen. He felt secure in his masculinity and in his heterosexuality, and if his buddy really wanted to suck him, well, he was just going to continue to put his own focus on the ladies.

But now his mind was split, and while he continued to orally stimulate Dana, he was super aware of Mike's strong warm hands rubbing his cock, reaching under his scrotum to stroke him, and the pleasant feeling that washed over him. He felt his meat getting harder and harder, and Mike's fingers began squeezing his rod at its base. This held it at attention and Jim could feel the nerve endings tingle in anticipation of what he knew was next. And then the warm tongue made contact with the tip of his prick and Jimmy's whole body gave a quick involuntary jerk at the touch. The fingers slowly released their hold, but the tongue began to explore around the tip, down the shaft on its top-side, around to the scrotum, back up on the under-side. When it reached the tip again the mouth opened and slipped it inside. Somehow Mike was doing exactly everything a moment before Jimmy wished it. He seemed to read Jim's mind, applying just the right pressure, stroking just the right amount, sucking just hard enough.

Jimmy's attention turned back to his wife for his own love making had brought her to a boil and she had begun to writhe and gasp on the bed.

But soon she began to moan, "fuck me, fuck me baby, oh now, I need you in me..." He didn't want to withdraw from the mouth that had attached itself to his cock and was doing such a bang-up job, but as he pulled out Mike called up softly, "Go for it, buddy!" Jim rolled his wife over onto her stomach, and she moved into a kneeling position with her tight ass pointed up right at him. He moved up to his own knees, reached down to spread her cheeks, and slipped his aching dick into her doggie-style. He reached down and around her to hold on by her breasts. Her pussy was plenty wet and he banged into her repeatedly as he cried out with each thrust.

But then, again, Jimmy's attention was wrested away from his own love making as he felt those same warm hands smearing a sweet smelling lotion onto and in between his cheeks. Oh, baby, he thought, here it comes and the strong hands parted his own cheeks until he felt something hard probing at his ass-hole. He slowed down his thrusting into Dana, much to her displeasure, until he felt the stiff cock burrowing its way into him.

When Mike was in to the hilt Jimmy began again to thrust repeatedly into Dana, who was countering his moves by pushing back onto each stroke so that she could maximize his penetration. But Mike held himself in place, and as Jimmy pushed forward into Dana he slid almost off of Mike, and he pulled back from Dana he was pushing himself back farther onto the cock. It is better to give than to receive, he mused, but it's best of all to do both at the same time! And he banged away forward and back, giving and receiving, and pleasing both of his lovers at the same time.

He glanced over to see Barb videotaping them, but fingering herself rapidly at the same time. The cool cheeks before him and the warm thighs behind him soon had him climaxing in a shuddering orgasm. He thought he would split his wife in half with his stiffened member, but he also felt he would split himself as Mike finally began ramming him hard in a surging climax as well. The three gave it all they had, with Barbara gasping on the side-lines, until they fell apart in an exhausted pile of flesh. The aroma of juices filled the air, and they drifted almost out of consciousness.

Barb was the first to regain her senses, as she set the camera on pause, and moved over to the bed to kiss Dana back to reality and her post behind the lens. She then took the nearly limp hands Dana offered her and urged her to her feet and off of the bed. Barbara had been totally aroused seeing Dana get it from behind, and walked her over to the camera. There was a handle at the top of the camera's tripod that the operator of the video-recorder could use to pan the camera. It was a rubber-covered handle that stuck out a good foot and a half, and Barbara ordered her love-slave to bend over and lean up against the wall. Then with a little monkeying around with the grip, she moved the tripod into place behind Dana and slowly moved it so that the handle inserted itself and then penetrated. Dana was already nearly unconscious from the multiple fuckings she had received that evening and she hardly resisted the stiff stick working its way into her. Barb set the camera back on to record as it pointed away from the feminine duo, and soon the brown haired Dana was coming again, this time to the movements of a deeply inserted make-shift dildo that the buxom Barbara was manipulating.

Over on the bed, Mike was the first to move, and his first move was around to the other side of Jim, where he caressed the limp member that had just been pummeling Dana. It was still coated with her pussy juices and before Jimmy knew what was happening Mike began to lick and suck his flaccid cock. Again, in his head he argued with himself about his comfort level with this mano-a-mano activity. His conclusion was that if he got a good blow job out of it from someone who liked the same sex, well, that didn't make him homosexual. Resting in that thought he laid back and let his buddy do his thing.

Jimmy looked over and saw his wife leaning over up against the wall, but he couldn't exactly make out what the deal was over there. Then Barbara left his wife in that position with a sharp, "Don't move!" and came over to him. She listened to something Mike quietly told her and then began kissing him and licking his lips. He could feel Mike moving around on the bed, but he was too engrossed with the dark-haired lovely giving him lots of lip action. He had just begun to feel himself slowly beginning to stiffen up some at Mike's tonguing when he reached for Barbara's ample breasts. But she backed up a little, guiding his hands elsewhere.

Then he saw that Mike had turned around to place his own crotch up by Jim's head, but Barbara had been between them enough to not see. She guided his hands past her to Mike's already stiff prick, and he seemed to watch from outside of himself as he allowed her to. He had never been this close to another man's dick before, and he touched it gingerly, marveling at how engorged it was, especially at its tip. He reached down a little to feel the testicles, and each touch brought sounds from Mike that encouraged him on.

Barbara stepped off the bed and came back promptly with a moistened towel which she used to clean off Mike's tool. When she had wiped him clean Jim took a deep whiff of the musky scent. Mike had brought Jim to full arousal, but was expertly sucking and licking him so that he not climax too soon. Jim moistened his own hand and then lightly grabbed Jimmy looked over and saw his wife leaning over up against the wall, but he couldn't exactly make out what the deal was over there. Then Barbara left his wife in that position with a sharp, "Don't move!" and came over to him.

If it was possible, he thought he noticed that the head of the tight flesh almost bloom under the pressure. Without thinking about it he found himself seeing how well it fit inside his mouth. Just as he did Mike inserted a finger into his anus, and the feeling was so good he reciprocated by sucking the cock as deeply into his mouth as he could.

Mike then began deep-throating him and the two 69'ed to the same beat. Mike was able to better control Jim's own arousal, and when he knew that he could no longer hold back, he applied the final strokes of wet sucks that he knew would finish off his partner.

Jim's thought, as he came and sucked Mike's wet pumping, was again along the lines of how good it was to give and take at the same time. The finger up his ass kept the rhythm as well, and both men pumped the other's mouth until they were spent.

Barbara and Dana had finished their own tryst, and finally joined them on the bed. Mike mumbled something about the night being the best "focus" they had ever performed, and both Dana and Jimmy drifted off into unconsciousness grateful for being the object of the lesson.

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