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?I?m tired of our stupid football team fucking losing all the time.? I bitched to my fellow basketball teammate, Tyrese, ?If it wasn?t for the All Star basketball team, our school would be a nobody.? Tyrese and I were seniors on our college winning basketball team.

?We better win tonight,? yelled Tyrese as he was heading to the stadium for the game. I was making a quick pit stop in the boys? locker room. Before entering the locker room, I noticed the sexy head cheerleader walking into the gym.

?Big D?s? Danielle is what us locker boys called her because of the huge melon titties she had. I wondered if she would ever fall over from the top of the pyramid when cheering because her tits were so damn big. Shit, she caught me starring at her. She smiled and walked into the girls? locker room. Idiot.

I?m now starring at my physique in the mirror when I hear the locker room door open. I paid no mind until I saw Danielle, in her cheerleading uniform, came around the corner, smiling. ?Hi, handsome,? she said and then winked. In her best school girl voice she continued, ?You know that I am a team player and any school spirit just excites me.? She leaned in and whispered in my ear, ?Can I see your spirit,? pause, ?stick?!? She grinned. I wasn?t sure what she was talking about but my dick was hard as hell and I was intrigued. I nodded. She giggled.

Next thing I knew, she was pressed against me. She quickly undid my jeans and let them drop along with my boxers. My hard on sprung out. My veined-detailed dick reached out towards her. She swayed side to side as she slithered down body. She made sure my hard cock slipped underneath her uniform top and between her two perfect mounds of breast. She had no bra on and her skin was smooth. Her big tits barely had enough room to fit my engorged dick between them. It was a nice squeeze on my cock. With ease, she?d slide up and down my dick. I had to see, so I pulled her top over her head and threw it on the floor.

It was exciting to see my dick piercing her cleavage, my head popping up between her boobs with each thrust down she did. Damn, this feels good, tittie fucking Danielle. I got so caught up that I found my hand grabbing some of her golden hair from the back of her head. I gently tugged down forcing her to look up at me.

With precision on each syllable, I demanded, ?Suck?my?cock?? In a servitude manner, she positioned herself on her knees. She firmly grabbed the base of my penis in her right hand and from underneath she licked the length of my cock with the tip of her tongue. Instantly, the warmth of her saliva was cooled from the air in the locker room. She kissed the tip of my head as if introducing herself. I nudged forward, my dick forcing her lip-glossed lips to separate. Her tongue came out and flicked my tip. With her right hand still on the base, she forces my penis upward. She proceeds to gingerly lick right around the rim of my head where it meets my shaft. Her warm breathe in between licks sends shivers up my spine. It felt so good but I really needed her to suck my cock.

Her left hand grabbed my dick as well as if bracing it. Her mouth took in my head. She sucked while her tongue rhythmically swirled around my dick. She took in more of my cock until I could feel the back of her throat. Damn, her suction was like a Hoover. She inched my penis in and out of her mouth, not too slow not too fast. Her lips stretched out around the girth of my dick. She could only take about a fourth of my long, thick dick. With her right hand, she reached in between her thighs under her cheerleading skirt. Moments later her hand wet with her pussy juices for lubrication came back to my dick. Her fingers firmly wrapped around. In matching motion, her hand stroked my dick up as her mouth sucked my dick down, meeting in the middle before returning back. She continued this work with skill and for a while. But before it became predictable, her fingers let go except her index finger and thumb now gripped my dick. And with each hand stroke, she would twist her wrist. Oh, God, it felt good. She knew when to change it up so it wouldn?t be boring. And her suction never loosened. This could carry me to my nut. Then, she softly cupped my nuts in her left hand. More shivers down my spine. She didn?t forget about them. She massaged and rotated my balls around in the palm.

I couldn?t take it much longer, I needed to nut. And I wanted it all in her mouth. I placed my open hand on the back of her head. I palmed her head like a basketball so I could control her in and out motion til my nut. Her suctioned became stronger and hand stroking became more rapid. She knew what I wanted and she aimed to please. I could feel it coming. She must have felt it, too, because she placed her left hand on my thigh burying her fingertips into my thigh muscle. That was it. My knees buckled. I grabbed the sink counter to brace myself. I exploded in her mouth. She loosened her grip and put both of her hands flat on my cut stomach. She continued to suck my penis like a straw making sure she?d swallowed every ounce of my protein source cum. When she was done drinking me, I helped her off her knees. She caressed and sweetly massaged my dick until I was completely numb and limp. She cuddled up to me and purred in my ears, ?Thanks for the knowledge.? And in one continuous motion, she turned around, put on her uniform top, and walked out of the locker room without looking back?and left me with my drawers down around my ankles.

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