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Naughty Weekend

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Rachel and I have been going out for about a year and we freely share our naughty fantasies with each other. She has asked me many times if I have a fantasy that I need fulfilled and I always tell her I have lived out pretty much every fantasy possible. She used to live in the same town as me and left to take a job a few hours away so we don't see each other as often as I would like.

We keep in touch on Skype every day and most days that leads to me trying to get her naked so I can watch her play with herself. In order to get her in the mood, I invariably have to tell her a dirty story. Just by watching her reactions to my stories I have gotten a pretty good idea of what turns her on and which fantasies of hers I am going to need to satisfy.

So anyway. I've always told her that I want her to be sexually satisfied and wherever that journey leads us I just want her to be happy.

And that journey lead us to an incredibly naughty weekend about a month ago. We had heard about a hotel for swingers in Hollywood, Florida from a friend of ours. I looked it up online and we decided that the next chance we had we would go there.

It took about a month before both of our schedules aligned and we could go there for the weekend.

On arrival, you couldn't help but notice that the place was kind of rundown, it's in an old building about 6 stories high with an open rooftop area with a large pool on the roof. The elevator was an old and slow version that you weren't quite sure if you were going to get stuck in it every time you used it.

However, the place was packed with naked people everywhere enjoying the south Florida sun. The lower floor consisted of a courtyard surrounded by playrooms and a sauna. This was at the center of the hotel and was open to the sky with balconies on every level to look down on what was happening.

After we checked in and got our suitcases to the room, I grabbed Rachel when she wasn't looking and tossed her on the bed. She gave out a startled, "What are you doing, the door is open?"

I told her I don't think anyone is going to care, they are going to see your naked body in a few minutes anyway.

I undressed her and myself with the door open while I was kissing her neck. I whispered in her ear that the first thing I wanted to do was be inside her. I told her that she could be as naughty as she wanted that weekend but her pussy was mine so I was going to fuck her and put my cum inside her so that when she walked around naked I would be dripping out of her and everyone would know that I just fucked her.

She must have liked that idea because by the time I got us both naked and could run my finger between her pussy lips, she was soaked.

Rachel has about the most perfect ass you have ever seen and I pulled her to the edge of the bed and flipped her over so I could get inside her. Her cunt was so wet and I started pounding into her hard and fast. We were facing the open door and I think both of us were wondering if anyone was going to walk by and look in. I was so horny from all the teasing we had done to each other on the way there that it only took a few minutes before I started squirting my sperm inside her.

She leaned forward on the bed and rolled over. She slowly spread her legs open and let me watch as a blob of semen rolled out of her. "Happy?" she said.

Yes, that looks great. Are you ready to go up to the roof and get some sun?

She said "What about me?"

I told her she was just going to have to wait because I wanted her to get so horny that when she finally gets to cum it is going to be monumental.

She pouted and said that wasn't fair but I know she likes to be teased. We grabbed some towels and headed up to the roof. She asked me if she could at least wipe off the inside of her thighs and I told her just this one time. She took her towel and gave a quick wipe between her legs while we were in the elevator.

There was only two lounge chairs open and we spread our towels out on them and I watched as she laid down. I stood at the foot of her recliner and after she settled herself, I quietly told her to spread her legs a little further. She giggled and beckoned me with her finger to her.

I leaned into her ear and she said she was a little embarrassed. I told her there was no reason for that because she was the hottest girl there and I think all the guys probably wished they were me right now.

"Besides, we are in a hotel where everyone comes to be as naughty as they want."

With that she spread her legs open slightly and I could see her swollen red pussy lips flowered open with some of my cum oozing out. That's better, I said and laid down in the chair next to her.

I was feeling quite content with the world and after having just cum and with the sun feeling so good I drifted off to sleep. When I woke up, Rachel was laying on her recliner with one leg on each side of it. Her cunt spread wide open to the world.

I asked her how she got so bold all of a sudden and she said that there had been a constant stream of guys walking by and staring at her pussy. She said that most of them were obviously swelling as they looked between her legs and it was making her so horny she was about ready to go crazy.

I leaned over and sucked one of her nipples into my mouth and put my fingers between her legs. I asked her what she wanted to do about it and she replied that if she didn't get fucked soon she was going to explode. I asked her if she wanted to go downstairs and try out the sex swing that was in the playroom and she grabbed her towel and said let's go.

There were several couples that I could tell were eyeing us and as we left the roof I turned and saw that they were gathering their towels to follow. We took the stairs this time and I told Rachel that we might have company.

We got down to the playroom level and Rachel laid her towel down on the swing and climbed on with her legs spread wide open. She looked so good with her swollen cunt still oozing some of my cum. Her lips were flared wide open just begging to be penetrated.

I slid between her legs and inserted myself inside her. It was so easy to fuck her in the swing. Almost effortless because I could grab the chains and pull her back into me so easy. The way the swing was set up she could stroke her clit so easy at the same time.

After about thirty seconds I looked to my left and one of the couples from the roof was watching through the window as I kept slamming into her.

They continued to watch from outside for about five minutes before the other couple showed up alongside them. That must have given them all the courage to come inside closer to where Rachel was rapidly approaching a really hard orgasm. I was debating whether to allow her to cum yet when one of the couples moved to our left side and the other couple stood on my right.

I could tell that she was getting close to cumming as she was stroking her clit faster and faster as I was going in and out. The couples on either side of us were edging closer and closer, both girls stroking their guys cocks.

Rachel started her orgasm as one of the girls reached out and gently touched her nipple. She was shaking so hard it was all I could do to keep my cock in her. When she comes she loves to have something inside her to clamp down on with her muscles. She finally stopped convulsing and the guy to my left looked at me and said, "Can I have a turn?"

I told him it was up to her and he asked Rachel if she would mind. Rachel was at the point where her horniness had kicked into overdrive and looked at me and asked me if I minded. I told her that she could do whatever she wanted and she looked at the guy and said, "You can fuck me if you want."

I stepped from between her legs and he was between them in a second. His girl was still stroking him keeping him hard as a rock and she guided his cock right to her opening, giving Rachel's clit a few strokes after she seated him inside her wet slit.

Rachel's eyes rolled back in her head as he pushed himself inside her. His cock wasn't that long but it was thick as ever and her cunt lips were stretched to the mas around it.

The other couple decided to join in and both of them were sucking on Rachel's nipples. The guy between her legs had built up a good solid pace and was using the chains like I had been to drive himself as deep into her as possible. His girl bent over and started flicking her tongue over Rachel's clit in time to his thrusting. At the same time she reached over and grabbed my cock and started stroking it.

She lifted up and continued stroking me and started talking to her man... "How's that feel baby? Do you like fucking that cunt?"

He was grunting and straining and I knew it wouldn't be much longer before he came. She kept jerking me and talking dirty. "Baby, I'm gonna try and make him cum before you can."

Her fingers on my cock felt too good and I started squirting my cum all over Rachel's stomach. That must have done it for the mystery man because he suddenly started erupting inside her. I watched as he shot his sperm as deep inside her as he could get it. His girl continued to milk my cock as he emptied his balls inside her.

The stranger pulled his cock out with a juicy smacking noise and I once again saw her cunt lips spread wide open with more cum dripping out. The guy that had been sucking and playing with her tits asked her if she wanted some more but she said she needed a little break.

I helped her to her wobbly feet and watched as a river of cum started flowing out of her. She grabbed her towel to put it between her legs but the mystery man's girl stopped her and knelt down and pressed her tongue to her messy sex. She licked and sucked and cleaned up all her man's cum in about 30 seconds.

Rachel apologized to the other guy and said maybe later. We made our way up to our room where once inside we closed the door and Rachel laid on the bed with her legs spread wide. "Do you hate me?" she asked. I was on her in a flash and said that I loved her and had told her she could be as naughty as she wanted. My cock slipped inside of her wet cunt so easily and she said..... "I'm not quite sure I'm done being naughty this weekend."

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