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Naughty Dream

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Naughty Dream Directed to Sandy:

The evening began with you meeting Rick and I at the door in a sheer teddy and thong. You opened the door and said you?d been waiting all day to see us. You pinned me against the wall and kissed me so hard it literally took my breath away and made my legs weak. When you pulled away you had a smile on your face that said I hadn?t seen anything yet?just wait. Andy met me with a jello shot in hand and nothing on but a towel. You both had decided why waste time with a bunch of clothes that would just get in the way. You took the jello shot from Andy and held it while I sucked it clean. Rick mentioned he was going to get the shower out of the way as quick as possible but for us to make ourselves comfortable and get to know each other a little better. You asked if you could at least get a hello kiss and with his uniform still on he grabbed you and started kissing you while you ran your hand across the front of his pants. You looked him in the eyes and smiled asking if he always carried such a HARD gun? Rick replied that there wasn?t much point of having a gun if it wasn?t hard and ready to use at a moment?s notice. Rick looked at your tits through the teddy, reached out and started rubbing them. He could feel your nipples were already hard and swollen. He pulled you closer so he could reach your tits with his mouth. He said he was just going to take a quick taste before he took his shower. He slid the front of the teddy down until your tits were free for him to take into his mouth. He took just a nipple into his mouth and slowly started sucking it while rubbing your other tit with his hand. You had your hands on the back of his head, moaning that it felt so good. He moved back to your mouth and kissed you again and walked away to take a shower. As he walked away, he looked back at you and told you to feel free to make me feel very welcome and that he thought I had way too many clothes on and asked if you could help with that?

I walked into the living room and started to sit in the chair when you asked ?Didn?t you hear Rick say you had too many clothes on?? I said yea and asked what should be done about it. You looked my straight in the eyes and said you thought you should take care of getting my clothes off and make me feel welcome. You reached out and ran your hand across my tits and said you couldn?t wait to get to them. Very slowly (which drove me crazy) you unbuttoned my shirt. After each button you fucked my mouth with your tongue until I was almost panting when you got to the last button. I was so hot I could barely stand. You wanted to take your time taking my bra off but couldn?t and told Andy to unhook it so you could get to my tits. He quickly moved up behind me and unhooked it and when he did I could feel his dick rock hard against me. You leaned in and took one of my tits in your mouth and Andy took the other in his hand with his arms wrapped around me and started playing with my nipple. The two of you on my tits at the same time was driving me wild. You told Andy that it tasted so good that he really should pay attention to the other one. Andy moved next to me to take my other tit in his mouth and his breath was so hot I moaned before his mouth even touched me. Andy slid his hand down to the top of my jeans and said they really needed to go. He unbuttoned them and slid the zipper down, looked me straight in the eyes and slid them down my legs and told me to step out of them. When he saw me in just my panties and bra he moaned and grabbed my hand and wrapped it around his hard throbbing cock. He still had the towel on but it did little to cover how hard and ready he was. You moved to the couch and told me to straddle you. My panties were already soaked and you told Andy to move up behind me and feel hot my pussy was. From behind me he ran his fingers up and down my clit through my panties saying hot and wet they were. You told him to rub my pussy while you sucked on my tits. I took your face in my hands and started teasing your lips with my tongue. I started rocking against you in rhythm with Andy rubbing my pussy. I was getting rubbed by Andy, sucked by you and rubbing your tits all at the same time. Just then Rick walked into the living room and said it looked like you guys had made me feel very welcome. Rick stood there still damp with his cock standing straight out. You told him you wanted your encore presentation of what we doing when you called her the other night and told you to sit on the one of the table chairs so she could get a good view. Rick sat on the chair and I went straight to sucking his cock. I got it even harder and slippery wet. He was moaning and held my head in place with his hand telling me to suck it good. You got behind me and started rubbing my pussy. You slid my panties aside and ran your tongue up and down my clit. I was so wet I could barely stand it. You started sucking on my clit and the more you sucked me the more I sucked Rick. You looked over at Andy and said you pussy needed some attention too and he got on his knees behind you to take your clit in his mouth. By now Rick, you and I are all moaning. Andy has you moving back and forth against his face which sets the pace for me sucking Rick?s dick. You told Rick to have me climb up and start fucking you. We moved to the couch and just as I slid my cunt down Rick?s hard cock you kissed me. He asked if you could taste his cock from my mouth and you said you couldn?t wait to taste it for real. I leaned back and slid my cunt up and down his cock, riding him like crazy. While I was fucking Rick you put Andy on the other end of the couch and started sucking his cock. Rick was moaning and so was Andy. I looked over at you and said I really thought it was time to switch. I got off Rick and he told you to lick my pussy juices off his cock and clean it up good. I proceeded to suck Andy?s cock where you left off. You told Rick my juice tasted so good and planned to taste it even more later. After a good amount of dick sucking you told Rick you had to feel his cock deep inside you. I told him to fuck your pussy and told you to ride him hard. As you started fucking Rick he told me to come lick your pussy from behind, licking your juice off his balls and told Andy to get behind me and slid his cock into my pussy. The harder Andy fucked me, the more I licked you and Rick and the faster you fucked Rick. Rick said that when he came he wanted to come on both yours and my tits and then I had to lick it off yours and you off mine. We were being fucked at the same time moaning and grinding. Andy said he was about to cum and you told him to shoot it on my ass because you wanted a clean pussy to taste. It didn?t take Rick long after seeing Andy blow his load across my back until he was telling both of us to get up on either side of him. He stroked it a few times and then let out a huge groan and sprayed his cum across both our tits. When he was done he told us to be good girls and clean up every drop. Once it was all gone, he told me to sit my ass down on the couch and that he needed to see you eat my pussy until I came. He said after I came, I had to do the same for you. You put your mouth against my clit and I thought I was going to lose it right then. You teased the opening to my pussy and clit with your tongue and then started sucking. You were slow and gentle at first but the more I started moaning and grinding the faster you went. After a couple of minutes you started finger fucking me. I was so dripping wet and dying to cum on your face. Rick told Andy to start sucking my tits and he (Rick) started kissing my mouth. It only took about 5 minutes and I moaned that I was going to cum all over your face. Rick told you it had to be licked clean before you got your turn. You took every drop and put your tongue inside to get even more. I was so wired and told you I had to taste your pussy and now. Rick told us to change places that it was time for me to eat my first pussy. Not really sure what to do, I was timid at first. You put your hands on my head and ground your pussy against my mouth. You tasted so good and I wanted more so I started doing everything you had just done to me. You were bucking like you were riding a bull telling me you were going to give me some juicy sweet cum. I was fingering fucking you with 3 fingers and sucking your clit. Rick started sucking your nipples and Andy moved over you so you could reach his cock with your mouth. You started sucking his cock as Rick sucked your tits. After a couple of minutes Rick looked at Andy and said let?s switch I need some of that mouth action too. Almost as soon as Rick puts his cock in your mouth you start cumming and spill your sweet juice in my mouth. Rick and Andy are hard again and agree they need some more pussy action. I climb on top of Rick and you mount Andy and we ride them until they fill us with thick, sticky cum. All in all?that?s one fucking great dream?

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