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My husband didnt expect me to be so bold...and so oral

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Let me get right too it. My husband Ash has always had the fantasy of watching me give head to another man, and especially a group of men. So I decided to give it to him. For about a week I teased him with the imagery, like I always do when I want to get him hot. "Could you really watch me do it? I mean really. A cock in each hand, one in my mouth, others beating off over me in waiting? Or is this something you just like to toy know, as pure fantasy?"

He told me that I just made him incredibly horny, that he would love to watch me suck a thousand cocks. "A thousand?" I asked and laughed.

He meant it, so I set up the event. It was a saturday, all week I messaged single men on, and found it incredible easy to find eleven responses saying that they would love to have their cocks sucked on Saturday by a dirty house wife while her husband watched.

They all planned to arrive by 8 pm at our home in Ft. Lauderdale.

I wouldn't let Ash fuck me for the entire week. I wanted to drive him wild with the fulfillment of his fantasy. We just layed around the house all day and I drank glasses of wine, nervous of the approaching show. I wasn?t exactly crazy about sucking so many dicks, at least I didn?t think I would be, but I was determined to put on a performance of an orally fixated and lust cheating wife.

?Ash, come her please.? I called him over to the sofa in our living room. He came over and I pulled out a pair of handcuffs.

?What is this baby?? he asked me with a little smile on his face. I told him that I wanted to get kinky, to make things interesting, to fulfill a fantasy. He got a gleam in his eye. I handcuffed him to the wood grating on the back of our sofa and he was secure. I stood up and walked to the closet near the stairs and pulled out a sheet and spread it out on the floor in front of him.

?I?m going to suck cock for you baby? Are you ready??

?What?? Ash asked.

?Your fantasy, I?m going to do it.? Ash began to look at me and he seemed to feel very uncomfortable.

?This is just all too fast,? he said. But I wouldn?t listen at this point. I knew his fantasy well enough that the fear was just as much a part of the excitement as the vision of me with another mans cock in my mouth. I took a cotton shirt and tied it around his mouth. He wiggled a bit but then resided.

I arranged a few necessary articles around the sheet that I felt I would need: a gallon of water and a glass, a towel, and flavored lotions. All the while I kept taunting Ash. ?I am really excited about this baby. You don?t know how much I love sucking cock.?

A little before 8 pm the front door bell rang. I checked my face in the mirror, adjusted my dress, the kind a house wife from the 50s would wear. My brunette hair was held up in two pony tails. I ran towards the door, saying ?here they are baby, here they are.?

All the guys, of which I had only seen via pictures over the internet, had agreed to meet at a local bar before coming to our house. When I opened the door I counted five men. Several had failed to come. ?There are five honey,? I called to Ash in the living room.

?Come right in gentlemen, to the living room, please do not mind my husband.?

When we all arrived in the living room, one man started to introduce himself as a kind of small talk. Most of them seemed nervous. I expect the tied up man, gagged at the mouth, didn?t help.

?Oh don?t bother, I know this is weird, but don?t worry, I?ll make it comfortable. And I don?t really want to talk. I?m just going to give you all head, in front of my husband, you?ll cum and then you can go, by the way I do swallow but would prefer for you to cum on me seeing as there is five of you.

It all happened very quickly and I couldn?t believe how bold I was being.

I arranged the men in a semicircle facing my husband and knelt before them.

?Lets seem em boys? I said looking up at them with my blue eyes. Hesitantly, the four men undid their pants. I reached into the white briefs of one of them and pulled his cock out. ?Look honey, here it is.? I licked his cock from bottom to top and then slurped it into my mouth, immediately bobbing on it as it grew large inside my mouth. I made a point to hum. ?You three, start masturbating. I?ll be alternating.? And I did, from one cock to the next. I turned back to my husband often to let him see my face smiling. I spoke to the men. ?I love your cock, I love it, I love it. Rub it on my face.? One man tried to undress me but I stopped him. ?I am only sucking cock.? I alternated; sometimes I stroked two men, one to my left and another to my right, while I sucked the cock of another. Other times I devoted all of my attention to just one. After less than ten minutes I could tell one of them was ready to go. ?You gonna cum?yeah?...yeah?...I want it?cum on my tits baby?come on?you can?? He was young, probably 25 or so. I sucked him hard feeling for pulses?when I got the sign I released him, he grabbed his cock and began pumping. ?I bet it?s delicious, you ready.? He was saying yes with huffing breath. I scooted towards his cock a little more, lifting up on my knees. The other men were masturbating away. I saw his cock begin to pump and I smiled real big for him and looked right into his eyes. It was unbelievable, he ejaculated with a wild frenzy, and his seaman went everywhere, and I mean it, all over my tits, my chin, in my hair, on my shoulder, everywhere. I turned to my husband to smile. Apparently, men enjoy seeing a woman in such position, because as I said dirty things to my husband, watching him squirm in his spot, I heard two of the other men begin to breathe heavier. ?Oh, are you boys ready to? I sucked on them in turns until they were ready. First one then the other came, this time more accurately, on my breasts, now covered.

Only two men remained. The three who had cum I told to sit on the couch if they wanted to see the rest of the show. None left. I asked for a break. I drank some water, caught my breath, and toweled the seamen, as best as I could, off of my body.

I have something special that I want you two to do. I walked over to my husband, securely handcuffed to the sofa. ?I want both of you to masturbate into my mouth. I?m going to lie here on my husbands lap with my mouth open. So come here.? Usually this would be weird for any one but they were so aroused at this point that they were willing to do what I said.

I lay in my husbands lap while the two men knelt over me, their cocks sticking out over my face above me. They began to masturbate and I began to sing and hum a little song. I massaged their balls and licked my lips. ?Please try to cum at the same time,? I begged them. And they did. They masturbated for about ten minutes. One was holding on for dear life. When the other began to pant, I knew it was cuming. ?Lean your cocks in boys, real close when you cum.? They did, and one after the other burst in white spasms over my face into my mouth. I even gagged a bit and then laughed.

I immediately asked the men to go and they did, getting dressed rather quickly. I then gave my husband the blowjob of his life, he still tied and gagged.

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