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My husband’s gift to us

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Dan and I have been married for 14 years now and they?ve all been filled with adventure. We?ve taken our share of trail rides, white water rafting trips, fishing excursions and anything else that caught our interest and sounded like fun. We?re both approaching 40 but our active lifestyle has kept us in great shape. Dan is 6? 2? and still brags about his 33? waist. His cock is 8.5? and as gorgeous as he is. He keeps himself shaved clean down there at my request, he says but I know he likes it that way too. I?m 5? 5? and petite so everyone tells me but I blossomed early in life and was quite the attraction in 7th grade sporting my 34C?s. I have shoulder length dishwater blonde hair and use it to my full advantage when I feel like flirting. I don?t do it too often!

Even when we dated, Dan and I had never been the shy types and always VERY open about expressing our desires to one another, especially the sexual ones. That?s why when Dan came to me one evening recently with a bashful, almost embarrassed expression, it made me chuckle. You can tell Katie, I said and put both arms around his waist. I pressed my firm breasts into his midsection to assure my husband that his secrets would always be secure with me. As Dan began to explain, I asked him to hold the thought and disappeared into the den. I popped the cork on one of Dan?s favorite bottles of wine, re-appeared with the chilled cabernet and two long stem glasses then settled myself down next to my man on the sofa. I?m ready sugar, I said.

I was ready for anything, I thought! Dan sipped his wine and started by saying ?now this is only a dream mind you? but I knew there had to be more to it. Well, it seemed, that somewhere in my macho husband?s subconscious he has been seeing us with other men. And I do mean us!

The wine had a soothing affect and Dan went on to vividly describe how the two of us would plan and dress for our occasional ?hunting excursions?, as he put it. These were the dates when we would lure attractive men back to our room or home and share them in every sexual way possible. I listened intently without saying a word. I remember thinking that I was hiding the excitement in my eyes and the wetness between my legs rather well. Dan wasn?t? His cock strained against his zipper as he described how it felt to be fucked by a hansom man with a 10? cock. I acted as though I hadn?t noticed his cock straining to be set free.

When my wonderful husband finished his bisexual confessions I leaned into him, took his face in both hands and kissed him more passionately than I ever had before. Our tongues stayed glued to each other for what seemed hours. We made love till daylight. Imagine that after 14 years. Dan came 4 times that night and I lost all track of my orgasm count before his second climax. Of course, I had a secret weapon now. It assured me a flood of Dan?s cum whenever I wanted it.

Each time we embraced and entangled, I would begin to whisper in his ear. I described scenes where Dan and I would be sucking another man?s cock, sharing his cum and then I would suck Dan?s cock while I watched another man fuck him from below and cum in his ass. I had to admit loving that mental image. Other times I would tell him how good it felt when he licked my pussy clean just after being filled full of cum by a man he had picked for us earlier that evening. In every instance, Dan would erupt with a river of cum and I?d again receive a hot, sticky, white treat in my pussy or in my mouth.

Over the next several weeks our lovemaking and bisexual fantasies became much more intense and orally graphic. There were other things too. It was extremely exciting to gradually introduce Dan to my vibrator collection. I found myself cuming hard as I watched the last two inches of ?BIG BLUE? (my 10? favorite) disappear into his ass. His moans of pleasure sent me over the edge. Oh my god, I was in estacy. It was then that I blurted it out. Dan that I really want to see you suck and fuck another cock

There was no going back now and neither of us wanted to. We formulated our first plan.

We shopped together till we found the appropriate evening wear. I chose the 4 inch come-fuck-me spikes while Dan picked out a very short black mini skirt. The garter belt was also his idea. The white blouse I settled on was nearly see-through and opened wide between it?s buttons. This would be just perfect, I thought. I can leave the top two open too. We decided on a very nice local Hotel bar with entertainment. A week night would be best to attract out-of-town businessmen that gathered in the lounge, feasted on the happy hour snacks and the site of the secretaries that would gather to avoid rush hour traffic.

On Thursday, we put our plan to work. I looked hot as hell walking out the door and I knew Dan couldn?t take his eyes off of me. We entered the lounge about 8:00PM. The music was not too loud and the dance floor had only a few participants. The bar was nearly filled with men as we had thought it would be. I took Dan?s hand and led him to a spot with two stools near one end of the bar. I brushed my tits against a gentleman of about 45 as I positioned myself on the stool to his right and directed Dan to the stool next to mine. Then I excused myself which immediately opened a conversation between us. Dan just smiled and formally introduced us.

Our target introduced himself as Ken. We found out later that he was an airline sales rep. His eyes explored my choice in wardrobes and I felt my nipples rise with his gaze. As we talked, I felt my pussy begin to tingle with excitement. Ken was better looking than I had originally thought. His deep blue eyes and friendly smile mesmerized me. His suit was fitted to a tee and his personality was delightful. We drank, chatted and laughed during a break in the entertainment. When the band went back to work Ken leaned in to catch my ear and asked if Dan would mind if he asked me to dance. I smiled, took his hand and led the way to the dance floor. They were playing my favorite 60?s rock and role dance tunes. Ken and I danced two fast dances while Dan watched from his stool. I knew Dan approved of my choice tonight. I wondered if he was as excited as I was at the thought of sharing this perfect stranger.

We were about to move back toward the bar when a waltz began to play. I tugged at Ken?s hand and he instinctively turned back and wrapped a firm arm around my waist. I smiled and pressed my hips hard against him. As we danced I felt Ken?s heat building, his breath quicken and his manhood grow hard. I allowed my leg to find it?s way between his while I watched Dan?s face. My husband?s eyes told me to go for it and I did. Before the dance was done, I asked Ken to join Dan and I for a night of sex. My brash approach shocked me at first but Ken readily agreed with ?I?d love to?.

As the band finished their song, I shared our secret with the stranger explaining that Dan will want to explore his bisexual fantasies and that I want to be there to enjoy it. Ken only smiled his approval as my legs went limp in anticipation. Back at the bar I reached around Dan?s neck and kissed him firmly on the cheek while I softly whispered ?we?re on?. Dan turned on his stool to show off the tent at the front of his dress pants. Ken delicately reached over and gave Dan a squeeze as I reached to put one arm around each of them. Ken recommended his room upstairs and in no time we were elevator bound.

Ken couldn?t get the door opened fast enough to suit me. I had by blouse unbuttoned before his door closed behind us. Dan took both my tits in his hands and offered the rest of me to our new friend. While Ken was removing my mini I unzipped his fly and reached in. To my surprise, I knew immediately that I was kneading the largest and hardest cock I?d ever felt.

Dan continued to work on my hard nipples and Ken had easy access to my dripping wet cunt. He dropped to his knees and began to lap my juices. Hearing him drinking my nectar was intoxicating. I pulled his head into my sweetness and then reached around to relieve my husband?s restraint. His cock jumped out before his zipper reached bottom and I felt his hard cock pulse in my hand.

Ken proved to be an expert at eating pussy and somehow between orgasms I found his hands in mine. I guided both sets of hands around me to rest on Dan?s hard dick. Ken seemed happy to be there. He lapped at my clit and fondled my husband?s cock and balls without losing a beat. We broke only long enough to shed our remaining clothes. They laid in a heap on the floor the same way we laid in a heap on his king sized bed. I had a large hard cock in each hand before I knew it but wanted much more. It was time to introduce Dan to his first mouthful of manhood and it excited me to no end.

I rolled myself over Ken and he suddenly found himself between my husband and me. While I passionately kissed his mouth and sucked at his tongue, I found Dan?s hand and placed it on Ken?s dick. Dan shuttered and squeezed and moaned. I looked over Ken?s heaving chest to see my husband smiling as he stroked this man?s prick slowly at first and then faster. It was time for me to get this monster dick in my mouth and better yet, in Dan?s mouth too. I leaned over and licked the underside of his shaft and then wrapped my lips around the entire head. It was beautiful. I sucked it several times before offering it to Dan?s mouth who was so close now I could hear his heart trying to jump from his chest.

There it was right in front of me. My husband was taking another man?s shaft deep into his throat and my eyes couldn?t get enough of the scene. I never wanted it to end. Dan sucked harder and faster and I joined him in his efforts. We were both soon rewarded as Ken unleashed streams of cum that hit us both in the face and mouth. We savored it and shared a cum filled french kiss before we released Ken?s softening meat.

Dan was on fire. I begged for his cock and he granted my wish. He turned me over and positioned me on all fours then drove his entire shaft into me in one firm stroke. It slid into me easily and over my screams we all heard sounds of my hot pussy lips trying to suck in his balls as well. I turned my head to see Ken holding his half-hard cock so I motioned him over. My mouth found that huge cock again and I was in heaven. Dan pounded me and his balls slapped my clit with each long stroke. Ken moved from my mouth to a position below me to watch and lick and fondle Dan?s cock and my clit. Dan groaned when Ken got his mouth full of my hubby?s balls and hummmmmed. I felt Dan?s cock twitch and then fire wads of thick cum into my wanting pussy. Ken waited patiently. Dan slowly pulled his dripping cock from my pussy and dropped it straight into Ken?s waiting mouth. My pussy dripped gobs of hot juice on Ken?s face and he lapped and licked to capture as much as he could.

We all collapsed into a deep sleep in each other?s arms. The next morning I awoke to the sounds of male on male sex. My eyes opened just in time to see Ken squirting his third load of hot spunk into Dan?s mouth. I leaned in to kiss the corner of my husband?s eager mouth and greedily licked up the last drops of Ken?s magnificent orgasm.

It was truly a night we?d remember for a long time but it was only the first of many many more.

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