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My first time Dom experience

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As I finish lighting the last candle on the table I run down the checklist in my head to be sure I haven’t forgotten anything. The note with his instructions and safety word is tucked into an envelope taped on the door with the room key inside. The collar and blindfold are hung on the rack by the door. The window cover to darken the room is in place. The restraint chains are in place between the mattress and box-spring. The wrist cuffs, ankle cuffs and leash are lined up on the desktop next to my chair. The toy collection is set out and lined up on the nightstand. The stereo has my Orgy cd playing, the hard core music setting my mood to an aggressive mode.

I give myself a last once over in the mirror, hair pulled high in a topknot tail, dark eyes, deep red lips, the leather and ringed collar snug against my neck, the black top, one strap with the left shoulder completely bare, the short layered black skirt, the black sheer pantyhose and the black patent leather calf high boots with the platform heels. It’s a look that makes me feel confident and in control. Satisfied that everything is in order and ready I check the time one last time and take a seat on the chair in front of the table of candles to wait for his arrival. I can feel my pulse pounding in my neck as it thumps against the leather at my throat. I wait watching the door wondering how far he will take my instructions and how well he will behave. When I hear the key slide in the door and the handle turn I feel myself smiling in anticipation. As the door opens I can see him in the light from the hallway, standing there, shirt and shoes in hand, pants unbuckled and unzipped, nearly falling off his hips as he walks into the room and shuts the door behind him. I can feel my palms itching to run over the smooth skin of his shoulders and chest. I have to remind myself of my plan for the day so I don’t scrap it and attack him where he stands. For a moment he just stands there, I can feel his eyes taking in the sight of me sitting in the chair, legs crossed and kicked up onto the corner of the bed. In an instant I can feel his excitement from across the room as he takes everything in. He starts walking toward me; I point my finger sharply at him and firmly snap “uh-uh…you had your instructions.” I watch with great satisfaction as he freezes in place, then steps back to the door and proceeds to quickly strip off his pants and boxers, tossing them onto the pile of his clothes by the wall. As he stands there naked and watching me I stand up and point to the rack on the wall by his shoulder to where the leather collar and blindfold are hanging. “I assume you can figure those out” I say as I watch him pull the collar around his neck and buckle it into place. Once he has it buckled I can see from the way he’s struggling to turn it into place that it’s too tight, so I walk over to him chuckling and remind him that he needs to be able to breathe. I reach up cautiously, keeping an eye on his hands to be sure he’s going to be obedient and not try to take control, and rebuckle the collar so it is snug but not tight. Standing this close I can feel the heat radiating off of his skin, I can smell the distinct scent of him and again have to fight the urge to scrap the whole plan and drag him straight to the bed. Satisfied with the way the collar looks, the large silver ring hanging down in front waiting, I turn and walk back across the room to where I have my things laid out. When I turn and look back at him standing there I see he’s holding the blindfold in his hands. He smiles and asks “am I supposed to put this on”? I return the smile and simply nod and wait for him to put it in place. Once he’s blindfolded I pick up the two wrist restraints and walk back over to him again. I step up close enough to him that I’m sure he can feel my breath and smell the perfume on my skin. Again, chuckling under my breath I pull the first restraint around his right wrist, securing it into place. Silently I watch him as I place the second one around his left wrist, again standing up so close to him I’m almost touching him. Quietly I walk again across the room, returning to the desktop to retrieve the leash. I return to him once more, leash in my hand. The platform boots bring my height up far enough for me to almost reach his ear with my lips. As I snap the hook of the leash into the ring on his collar I firmly jerk down on it, bringing his head down far enough for me to speak softly into his ear. “You have been a terribly BAD boy! Making me wait 6 weeks to get you here!” I jerk harder on the leash and command firmly “DOWN”. I can’t help the grin on my face as I watch him drop quickly down onto all fours in response. I start walking across the room pulling him firmly by the leash, forcing him to crawl on hands and knees quickly to keep up as I continue to chastise him. “Not only do you make me wait a month and a half to get you here, but then you show up late!” Once we have crossed the room to the chair I had been sitting in I pull up on the leash and tell him to sit back on his heels. I sit back down in the chair and pull forward on the leash pulling his face toward my legs, the instant he senses the inside of my knee by his face he turns his head quickly and starts planting quick firm kisses along the inside of my knee, working his way up my thigh. “Ah-ah, not so fast” I laugh as I push his head back, “down” I tell him again, taking the heel of my right boot and push his shoulder down until his face is down nearly to the floor and watch as he starts to lick, kiss and bite across the toe and foot of my other boot. As I dr*pe my free leg over his shoulder and onto his back I let him continue to work his way up the length of my boot and up and over the nylon covered skin of my knee and inner thigh. To reward him for his obedience I allow him a brief moment’s access to my nylon covered pussy. I lean back in my chair enjoying the sight of his naked body bent down on the floor in front of me and the feel of the heat of his mouth as he presses it firmly against my pussy. I can feel myself getting warm and wet and have to force myself to reach down and push his head back again so he can begin his oral worship of my other boot clad foot and leg. Again as he continues to work his way up and over my other leg I find myself sitting back and truly enjoying the sight of him, blind and collared and completely obedient to my whim. It excites me more than I expected it to when I had walked through the plan in my mind before. As he reaches my inner thigh again I lift my free foot and press my toe against his chest pushing him back so he is sitting on his heels. One look answers any question in my mind about how he is feeling at this point. With another small chuckle I pull the leash and tell him to come closer, bringing him so his body is only about two inches from my knees. I pull his face to me and bring my lips as close to his as possible without actually touching him. I can feel him part his lips in anticipation as I very gently allow my lips to graze softly against his, pulling back each time he tries to lean in for a full kiss. I slowly drag my lips lightly along his cheek to his ear; lightly nibble on his earlobe, sighing gently into his ear. I work my way down the side of his neck, alternating between kissing, licking and nipping the skin along the way. I continue along his jaw line back toward his lips, enjoying the feel of his light stubble rasping against my lips. I find his waiting lips again and suddenly pull the leash forcefully forward, pressing my lips firmly to his, darting my tongue into his mouth, feeling the light scr*pe of his teeth against it, the warm wet firmness of his tongue against mine as he responds eagerly to my rough kiss. I breathe in the scent of him, running my free hand up the side of his jaw and around the back of his neck, pulling the collar with the leash and the back of his neck with my hand at the same time, seeking to deepen the kiss even further. I very abruptly break off the kiss again, leaning my face back toward his ear and whisper “I want to see you touch yourself”. I sit back slightly and can see his immediate compliance as he wraps one strong hand around his already firm cock and slowly begins stroking it. Again I lean forward toward his ear, this time whispering, “I want you to touch yourself the way you do when you’re alone and nobody is watching”. Again, I sit back slightly so I can watch his compliance with my request. I can see instantly that he has changed the way he is stroking himself. Alternating between long firm strokes, to quick tight jerks, back and forth. I then ask him “when you touch yourself when you’re alone, do you do it quickly or draw it out and make it last?” He smiles slightly and says “it depends on how much time I have.” I decide to push him a little further as I softly demand he tell me what he thinks about when he touches himself at home. For the first time since he walked in the door he seems to hesitate for a moment, so I push a little harder by kissing him again and the firmly demanding “tell me!”. I watch him continue to stroke his hard cock as he softly replies “I think about licking you and fucking you” and after another short pause he adds “and watching you let go and losing control”. Another quick hard kiss and I push him back with my boot again telling him “that’s enough”; I pushed his shoulders down with my heel and tell him to remove my boots. He immediately reaches up with his hands and starts to grasp the zipper along the inside of the calf. I jerk the leash again and tell him he doesn’t get to do it the easy way. He responds quickly, dropping his hands and lowering his mouth to the top of my boot, grasping the laces between his teeth and tugging the bow loose. He manages to get them unlaced about a third of the way down before using his hands to loosen the rest of the lacing and sliding the boot off of my foot. I feel the muscles in my foot instantly melt at the feel of his warm hand wrapped firmly around it, followed quickly by the feel of his lips kissing and licking the skin of my foot and calf as he strokes his hands up my leg. Knowing I have to keep from being distracted, I kick my now bare leg up and over his shoulder, pressing him down again and reminding him that I have a second boot to be removed. He quickly complies and follows the same pattern. Grasping the laces with his teeth, then quickly unlacing the boot with his fingers, he slides the boot off and brings my newly exposed toes to his lips. Kissing and then sucking on my toes, he strokes one hand up and down my nylon covered calf. I’m almost distracted enough not to notice his other hand has slipped back down and returned to stroking his cock. Laughing, I take my free foot and push his hand away from his cock and say “I didn’t say you could do that!” but reward his nearly perfect obedience by replacing his hand with my toes, gently stroking his cock with my foot, knowing how much he loves the feel of the pantyhose I’m wearing. After a few more moments of stroking his cock with my foot and feeling his mouth so warm and wet on my foot and ankle I decide to change things up again on him.

I pull my foot free from his hand and lips and push him back on his heels again. Standing up I take the leash again and yank upward on it telling him to stand up. Now that he’s standing I can see quite easily just how aroused he is, his cock standing hard and straight toward me. I reach back over to the desk and retrieve the ankle restraints, kneel down and strap them around each of his ankles. I slide my hands up the outsides of his thighs and as I begin to stand I can’t resist that beautiful waiting cock, so I gently turn my face and allow my warm breath to flow over the entire length, giving a teasingly light little flick with my tongue along the head. I love the fact that he is blindfolded and can’t anticipate what I will do or is what is coming next. As I stand back up he leans in for another kiss and says “you want that cock don’t you? But maybe not yet.” Smiling I respond “Oh…I’ll get it!” Standing up in front of him I grasp his shoulders and turn him so his back is to the bed. I step squarely in front of him and give him a sharp and sudden shove so he falls back onto the bed. I have him scoot over a bit so he’s centered on the bed and walk around to the head of the bed. Grasping the restraint on his right wrist I pull his arm out to the edge of the bed and snap the clip to the chain waiting there. I move down to his left ankle and snap that clip to the second chain at the foot of the bed. Quickly I move around to the other side of the bed and repeat the process on his right side, pulling the chains first to be sure there is no slack left and that he’s firmly strapped down. Once I’m satisfied that he is properly restrained I climb up onto the bed and remove the leash from his collar. I toss the leash on the floor beside the bed and take a moment to admire his body. Having him blindfolded gives me the freedom to truly take my time and look at his body without feeling shy about it. It is an enticing sight; smooth skin, well muscled, and obviously aroused. I find myself really looking forward to the opportunity to explore it without distraction for a change. I start again by kissing his ear and neck, slowly working my way down to his chest. I pause to stroke my hands lightly along the skin of his chest and belly. When my fingers gently graze along his hip bone I can see and feel him tense slightly and the muscles ripple. I take a moment to turn myself so my feet are inches from his fingers. I can feel his hand stroke along the arch of my foot; I allow it for a moment before pulling my foot forward so it’s just an inch out of his reach. I want to make sure he realizes just how limited his mobility is at the moment. I continue my light body stroking down the outside of his thighs and then work my way back up the inside of his thighs, lightly grazing his balls with my fingertips and then circling back out across his groin toward his hips again. Sliding up his body again I swing my leg over his thigh and settle myself down against his leg so he can feel the heat radiating from my pussy against his skin. I lean over and kiss along his belly and up his chest, gently flick my tongue across his small erect nipples and kiss my way back up his neck. I shift my weight to my outside leg and allow my inside leg to stroke up and down the length of his thigh and across his cock, gently rubbing the warm nylons on my leg across his skin. With each stroke of my leg I can feel him pressing his hips upward into my leg as it strokes across his cock. I whisper into his ear quietly “I’ve never known anyone to love pantyhose and stockings as much as you do!” and return to allowing my leg to glide up and down his lower body for a few more moments. Changing gears again I move down his body and position myself between his knees. I very softly stroke the side of my cheek up his inner thigh and reach up to lightly flick my tongue across the bottom of his balls. He flexes his hips slightly bringing his cock upward. I decide to finally indulge myself in some serious teasing. I softly drag my tongue up the underside of his cock, lightly flicking around the head, letting my lips softly graze across the sensitive skin before lifting myself up far enough to wrap my lips fully around him and sliding his full length into my mouth. I roll my tongue back and forth over the entire underside of his cock while it is buried in my mouth, slowly working my way back up and letting it slide gently past my teeth and lips. I continue with this for a few seconds before climbing up off of the bed again. I walk up to the head of the bed and pull his blindfold off. I want to be sure he can see everything I am about to do to him and I want to be able to see his face clearly to watch his reactions to what I have in store for him. Once the blindfold is off I climb back up onto the bed for a moment to kiss him deeply again before turning to the nightstand and grabbing the bottle of lubricant I brought along and walked back to the foot of the bed. Climbing back up between his legs, I settle myself in and go back to sucking his cock, alternating between teasing light little touches and intense sucking and tonguing to get him worked up and hard. Now that his cock is hard and hot I let go long enough to open the lubricant and coat my fingers liberally. I very gently slide one finger along his ass until I find the tight ring of muscle I’m seeking. Now that I found my place I go back to sucking his cock deep into my mouth, taking him to the back of my throat, making sure to suck him in hard and tight right as I slide the tip of my finger into his ass for the first time. I keep my eyes glued to his face as my finger slides partially in, turning and flexing my finger gently. As I slowly work my finger fully into his ass I can see his jaw clench and hear him hiss a breath, and at the same time I can feel his ass relaxing almost inviting me to continue. I hear him moan as I slide my finger deeply inside his ass, curl it upward and start stroking as I keep sucking his cock steadily. I’m a little surprised to find that his cock has actually gotten even harder than before and take it as a good sign. I pull my lips off his cock for a moment, look up at him and can see the excitement on his face. I continue to stroke him with my finger and ask him “right there?” After waiting a moment for an answer and not getting a response I thrust my finger a little harder timing it along with my words as I demand firmly “tell me! Is that the spot…right there?” Through gritted teeth he groans out “oh, yeah.” A minute or two further into things I gently slide my finger all the way out, listening to him groan lightly. Again I grab the lubricant and apply more to my first two fingers and return to sucking his cock as I probe gently first with the tip of one finger and then slipping the tip of a second finger in as well. I reach up my free hand and wrap my fingers around the base of his cock and stroke it lightly as I lift my head to watch his face. I slowly slip both fingers deeper into his ass, trying to gently allow the muscle to relax enough for my fingers to slide in comfortably. Before I know it both fingers are buried up to my third knuckles and he’s still not resisting or seeming to struggle at all with it. Again I hook my fingers upward and start stroking him from the inside as I reach back up with my mouth and swallow his cock hard and fast. Keeping his cock buried in my mouth I start rolling my tongue back and forth along the entire underside at the same pace that my fingers are stroking inside his ass. If it’s possible his cock gets even harder. As I continue I can hear his breath getting deeper and faster when suddenly he starts begging “bite it!” I gently apply pressure with my teeth at the base of his impossibly hard cock and continue stroking with my fingers and tongue and he groans and begs “bite it HARDER” so I bite down harder. As I continue, he starts twisting his head back and forth, biting down on his lip, his arms flexing and pulling against the wrist restraints. I can hear him muttering “Fuck, oh fuck!” as he continues to twist and thrash. I ease off, letting go first with my teeth, then letting his cock slide out of my mouth as I slowly ease my fingers out of his ass. I can hear him moaning and look up to watch his face twist with a mixture of pleasure and pain. I decide it’s definitely time to try some of the other toys I brought along as his rewards for being obedient.

I return to the nightstand and retrieve the first of the two toys I have lined up and waiting. It is a smooth pale purple medium size anal plug. I purchased it a few weeks ago specifically for today. Smiling down at him still bound on the bed, a slightly wild look in his eyes; I feel a thrill run through me. I return to my place at the foot of the bed between his thighs. Again, running my lips and tongue over his cock, I can’t help the little moan that slips out. I take the bottle of lubricant again and make sure that the plug is well coated. Taking a moment to be sure I have it placed properly I begin to gently ease it into his ass as slowly as I can. Again, I continue to watch his face closely as the plug slowly slips further and further in. I see him tense a bit, jaw clenching, eyes squeezed shut, his breath coming in short little gasps, but still not a word from his lips that it’s too much, no mention of his safety word, so I continue to slide the toy in while sliding my lips and tongue over his cock. I hear him groaning and can see his arms pulling against the restraints as I slide the last little bit in where it will stay. I give him a moment to calm himself a bit as I continue to kiss and suck his cock. Once I’m sure he’s regained some composure I decide to push him a bit. As I continue to allow my lips and tongue to keep his cock at attention, I gently nudge the end of the plug and am rewarded instantly be a sharp gasp from him. Smiling I slide both hands up the outside of his thighs again, give his cock one last long deep suck and flick of my tongue, and climb back up the bed toward his face. I love watching his face, seeing him be the one out of control for a change, knowing that we both know he is completely at my mercy for the moment. It’s a first time experience for me and one I’m finding I love and want more of. Once again I position myself so I’m straddling his thigh; my left knee is wedged gently between his thighs, pressing up against the base of the plug. I start kissing his neck, ear and jaw, occasionally giving the plug a slight nudge with my knee. Each nudge is met with a gasp. I stop for a moment, taking in the tense expression on his face and ask “you do remember your safe word right?” I just want to be sure that I haven’t pushed him too far or that he hasn’t forgotten that he can let me know if he’s not enjoying himself still. He hesitates for a second before responding with a simple hissed “yes.” I shift my attention to his lips and begin another teasing kiss, letting my lips barely graze against his again. Opening my lips and allowing my breath to wash over his mouth, gently teasing with a stroke of my tongue. Taking it further, I change to a hard passionate kiss, pressing my lips firmly against his, darting my tongue into his waiting mouth, feeling the scr*pe of his teeth against my tongue, the feel of him sucking my lip into his mouth, the firmness of his tongue against mine. I lose myself for a moment in the scent and taste of him, wrapping my fingers around the back of his neck, pulling him as close as I can. Breaking away, I kiss my way back down his neck, chest and belly. Finding him hard and waiting, I chuckle and say “I guess I can tell that you like the toy” and am surprised by his breathless response “I think that was from the kissing.” It’s nice to know that when I let myself go and kiss him I’m not the only one who responds this way. I continue my way down and again slide the length of his hard cock fully into my mouth, allowing my tongue to tease and stroke it as I grasp the base of the plug and gently but firmly slide it out. His response, a loud hiss, followed by a long moan leave me wanting to climb on top of him and slide his hard cock into my pussy. The aching I feel between my legs is getting more intense and the throbbing is becoming a distraction for me.

Climbing off of the bed once more, I make another trip to the nightstand to retrieve the last of my collection of toys for this afternoon. It’s a slender purple latex vibrator that has been a favorite of mine for anal play for a while now. Tossing the toy on the mattress between his legs, I reach down and unclip the restraint on his right ankle; I walk around the bed to the other side and unclip his left ankle as well. For this toy I definitely want easier access and for him to have some mobility of his lower body. Once his legs are free I return to the bed between his thighs and slide my hands up under his knees and press upward until he has pulled his legs up and out. With his knees bent and spread I have clear access to his ass again, so I settle in, pop open the lubricant bottle one last time and pour a generous amount over the tip of the newest toy. Using my free hand I spread the lubricant over the toy before placing it against his ass. Again, watching his face closely I gently slide the vibrator in, slowly and steadily. I’m a little surprised at how easily this one slides in. In no time it’s buried inside him and he seems to have relaxed, so I start to turn the vibrations on. When I’ve maxed out the vibration setting I go back to my own version of oral torture, alternating between sucking, and tonguing his cock. In no time he has started twisting his head back and forth muttering “Oh fuck!” over and over again, pulling against the wrist restraints again. I continue slowly fucking his ass with the vibrator, being sure to angle it upward each time it’s fully buried trying to hit the perfect spots again. His hips start moving slightly along with me. Watching him thrash, listening to his moans and his breath rasping is almost more than I can take. It is incredibly hot to watch and listen to and I find myself wishing I could have recorded it for him to be able to hear himself later. I decide to try switching back to the method that got the most intense response from him, so I turn the vibrator off and ease it back out and toss it to the floor. I quickly replace it with my two fingers again and hook them upward again. All the while I don’t give his cock a moment to recover as I continue to lick, kiss and suck it. Everything is moving along nicely and as I’m getting ready to change gears on him again and release him from his bondage he starts to get a little bit frantic. It becomes apparent I may have pushed him a little too long as he tells me “I don’t know what I’m supposed to be feeling right now, but I think I have to pee!” I start to laugh as I take in the almost panicked look on his face. I quickly unhook his wrist restraints and free him to go use the bathroom. I can’t help but chuckle about it as I lay on the bed waiting for his return, the look on his face was so boyishly panicky that it was adorable. A few moments later, when he returns from the bathroom he surprises me by not taking advantage of his new found freedom. “Where do you want me?” he asks. At this point I’ve managed to tease myself almost as much as I’ve teased him, so I sit up on my knees, grab the ring on his collar and yank him onto the bed on top of me. We land in a heap on the bed, kissing almost frantically. In answer to his question I say “I want you on a shelf in my closet so I can have you whenever I want!” I’m feeling almost desperate at this point to feel his hands on me, to have him touch every inch of me. I kiss him again and tell him how much a part of my home sex life he has become and that he is a regular topic of conversation in bed these days. I push him down further and bring his face down between my thighs, giving him access to my overheating pussy. “That’s about where I usually see you in my head” I tell him as he lowers his face and presses his hot mouth against the pantyhose covering my throbbing clit. I lie back and allow myself to get lost in the feel of his face pressing against me, the feel of his hot breath on my skin through the nylons. I can feel his fingers grasp the crotch of my pantyhose and before I know it I can feel his teeth grab hold and hear the nylon tearing apart. The sound sets off a deep ache inside of me that becomes a pounding throb as I feel his tongue hit the wet lips of my pussy for the first time today. He doesn’t hesitate to tear into me, sucking my clit into his mouth and sliding his fingers deep inside of me. As he starts flexing his fingers I can feel him hitting nerves that send jolts through my entire lower body, I can barely catch my breath. The combination of what he’s doing with his fingers and mouth have my head spinning and I can barely contain myself. Wanting to maintain some control over the situation, I reluctantly press my heel against his arm, pushing his fingers out of me, but allow him to continue with his mouth for a while longer. I just can’t seem to bring myself to stop him yet. As I feel my body tense and twitch with the start of an orgasm he pulls back and lifts himself over me. He kisses me deeply and whispers to me “tell me what you want.” I sigh and whisper “I want to feel your hands on me” and am instantly rewarded by the feel of his warm strong hands sliding over my neck and shoulders, down over my thighs and hips, and he pulls down the neckline of my top to access my nipples. At the same time he lifts himself up so I can feel his cock pressing against my pussy and he asks “you want that cock don’t you?” “Yes” I reply as I lift my hips to him. He asks “what is it you want?” I can tell from the tone in his voice what he’s getting at and say “I want my cock” as I feel him slide himself deep inside me. I moan from the feel of it as he begins forcefully thrusting himself into me over and over. “What else is yours now?” he asks to which I say “it’s my ass now too” and am instantly rewarded by feeling him increase the speed and intensity of his thrusting. He grabs my shoulder with one hand and kisses me, and then tells me to spread my legs for him. I comply by pulling my legs up and out as far as they will go. “Good girl” he says as he continues to pound into me harder and faster. I can feel myself getting close to an orgasm again when he suddenly stops, still deep inside of me and asks me again what I want. I think of what I’ve been fantasizing about over the past few weeks since I was with him last and say, “I want you to be gentle with me.” My heart is pounding so hard I can hear it in my ears as he smiles down at me and kisses me softer than anything I’ve ever felt from him before. His lips graze across mine, his tongue gently presses along my lower lip and into my mouth where it caresses mine with care. His hands soften instantly and he reaches up a hand to stroke it softly down my cheek and jaw. At the same time he starts moving in and out of me with long smooth strokes; with enough force that he’s still hitting all the right spots, but with more passion and tenderness than ever before. He continues to kiss me softly, moving from my lips down my jaw to my neck. I unbuckle my own collar and toss it aside to give him easier access to the sensitive skin along my throat. Slowly he picks up the pace, thrusting himself deeper and faster into me, while continuing to caress my face and neck and it becomes more than I can take as I give in to the gentle but intense orgasm that’s been building since he first started touching me. He smiles as he changes his pace again. Reverting back to the more intense and aggressive approach, his grasp on my shoulder becomes rough and tight as if he is trying to hold me in place or pull me up to him. It feels as though he is trying to possess me, as though he is trying to become a part of me as he thrusts himself into me fiercely. “You’re going to let loose and cum for me aren’t you?” he asks me as he roughly slams his hard cock in and out of my pussy. I’m gasping as I respond “it’s why I brought my favorite toys from home today.” He actually pulls back a bit, almost stopping completely and says “I thought I was your favorite toy!” I clutch his shoulders pulling him back down to me and remind him, “You’re not my toy from home!” He seems satisfied with this and returns to fucking me harder and harder. When I start to feel like I can’t take much more, he reaches his hand up again and very gently caresses the side of my face and neck again. The contrast of the almost violent way he is fucking me and the tenderness of his touch on my face is more than my system can handle as I feel myself slip over the edge into another orgasm. At this point I actually push him up and off of me. I flip over onto my stomach, reach down next to the bed where I have my last toy I brought along for the afternoon tucked away and pull it up onto the bed. I look back at him and smile, “like I said, I brought my favorite toy from home” and I shift over so he can see the large white massager that I love to use. I smile at him again, and climb up onto my knees, sliding the toy between my legs, flipping it on and pressing it into my throbbing clit as I arch my back toward him inviting him to slide into my waiting pussy from behind. Without any hesitation he grabs my hips and thrusts himself into me in one smooth motion. The instant I feel his hard cock buried inside me I can feel myself building to a huge orgasm. The combination of the toy on my clit and the feel of his cock pounding into my pussy hard and fast is mind blowing and I’m quickly losing control. I can feel my pussy starting to contract around his cock as I’m about to go completely over the edge when he slows down, apparently thinking I’ve hit my peak. I practically scream at him as I shout back at him “oh, God…don’t stop!” He sounds almost stunned as he asks “again?” as he returns to fucking me hard and fast. He takes his hand and gives me a sharp slap on the ass, making me moan and push myself back to meet his thrusts. “Harder” I gasp, as another slap on the ass pushes me to the point of screaming as I give in to the waves that take over my body. He pushes me over into a massive orgasm that is one wave on top of another, my entire body is tense and tingling and I can’t stop the waves as they rush through me. As I feel myself lose control I can hear his breathless voice sounding stunned as he says “Oh, God, you’re going to make me cum like that!” I can hear him gasp as he thrusts himself as deeply into my pussy as he can and tenses. I can tell from the sound of his breathing and the feel of the tension in his body that he has lost himself to a furious orgasm. Feeling him cum sends me deeper into oblivion, my pussy muscles spasm around his cock harder than ever before. I have to laugh as he slips out from my still throbbing pussy; he rolls over onto his side breathlessly saying “Oh wow!” I turn toward him, run a hand gently across his chest and lean over and kiss him, loving the moment and wishing our time together wasn’t up already.

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