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My Tropical Getaway to Paradise ( The Good Bye)

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I awake to the feeling that someone is watching me. I glance up and see Trent's smiling face looking down at me. He runs his fingers through my hair and looks with longing at me. I raise up to kiss him. He slides in closer to me. It feels so good to have his hard body next to mine. We fit so good together. I still have trouble grasping the fact this gorgeous man is here with me. I feel his hands start to roam all over my body and that brings my attention back to him and the wonderful feelings he is stirring up in my body.

It's not long before his hands has me writhing in the joys of his skillful manipulations of my body. He has found all my sensitive areas and works them so well. It's like we have known each other for years when in fact it's been only a couple of exciting days.

He leans down and kiss me so deeply and so tenderly. We both want it to last as long as it can because we know our time together is coming to an end. I can feel all the pent up energy in his kiss. The need to become one with each other. I am in sheer bliss. I match each kiss with my own surge of feelings. He grabs my hand and we intertwine our fingers as he pulls them above my head. I am at his mercy. I am liking this having him in control. It's a contrast from my every day life where I am in control and giving orders. It's nice to let someone else take the lead and take me to places that I haven't been before. Now, back to the present and all the awesome feelings he is awakening inside me.

He presses his knee between my legs to open them up. He then lets one my hands go so he his free to roam again. His touch is igniting a blazing trail down to my waiting pussy. He runs his hand down the side of my body sending shivers all throughout. His touches affects me so much and he knows and enjoys that. I start bucking to get him to hurry up and get to what he knows I need and what so bad. It's no use. He is determine to take his time and put me through sweet torture.

He continues to let his hand and fingers travel all over my body making sure to just miss the region that is so desiring his touch. I start to moan and beg him to please let me feel you. Trent please don't make me wait any longer. He just seductively laughs. "You want this?" he says as he lightly touches my swollen clit. I sigh "Yes!" You know that is what I need. That is cruel making me wait so long. He says, " I know but it will make it that much sweeter and you will be thanking me for putting you through it when we are done." I look down at him and plead with my eyes to touch me. He sees that I am almost past the point of pleasure so he relents and goes to work on my clit. He then stick a few fingers in while he leans down and starts to tongue my pussy with earnest. My body starts to twitch. The sexual tension built up in my body is ready to explode. I throw my head back on the pillow and close my eyes. I want to savor all the sensations. I wont them to come alive in my body. I am just floating in a sea of wonderful bliss now. He is bringing me closer and closer to the much needed release. He can sense that I am getting close. He wants to continue the sweet torture so he stops what he is doing. I quickly open my eyes and start to question him but then I see that thick cock of his heading to my opening so I lay back down and get ready for the pounding that I know is coming.

He teases my pussy with his cock. First just sticking it in a little to get some of my juices on it then rubbing it up and down my pussy lips and teasing the clit with the head of his cock. I tell him to cut it out and get to business. He says, "alright- I will give you this monster if that is what you want. I tell me to shut up and getting to fucking me. I need it bad and didn't want to wait anymore. He laughs and enters me without anymore delay. After pounding me for a little bit, he tells me that he wants me to ride him. He wants to see my boobs bouncing while I ride up and down his thick cock. Oh! It feels so good as I ease myself down on his thick cock. I take it slowly. I want to take my time too. I want to really enjoy the feeling of his cock going in and out of me. He places his hands on my bottom to help me set a rhythm that is pleasing both of us. He then catches one of my nipples in his mouth. He sucks and swirls it around om his mouth while i am pinching my other nipple. This is getting me so hot. I can feel my juices running down onto his balls. It doesn't take much more of this before I feel him push deeper into me releasing his load and no sooner had he cum that I was doing the same. I collapse on him and breathing hard onto his chest. We stay that way for a few minutes before I roll back onto the bed.

We get up and take a shower and get ready. We decide that we need to go get a very items for tonight. We find an adult store. We want to get somethings to add to what should be an exciting night. I want to make this a weekend to never forget. It's my last night here and last night with Trent so I want to make the most of it. We get all that we need there and then we go shopping for me a really sexy outfit. We go to several stores until we find one that has what we are looking for. I had Trent pick out the type of outfits that he wants me to wear. I want to look extra hot for him tonight. I want him to always remember the hot woman he made mad crazy love to on his vacation.

We head back to the hotel and change into our bathing suites. We want to work on our tan so we will look our best tonight when we meet up with our new friends Dana and Olivia. They are suppose to call us later to let us know where to meet them unless they decide to surprise us by showing back up at our room again. That was a pleasant surprise and I wouldn't mind a repeat of that but for now it's time to hit the beach.

We find us a good spot. There are a lot of hot bodies there. Trent and I both have a lot of eye candy to look at this afternoon. I get Trent to put some sunscreen on me. and then I return the favor. I take in how great his body is. He has such broad shoulders and huge arms. He is quite a man. I love running my hands all over his body. I am sure going to miss touching him. We are both now protected from the sun and lay down on our towels and lose ourselves in our own thoughts while we soak up the suns rays. I must have fallen asleep. It felt like we had just gotten there when I hear Trent tell me to get up that we need to leave so we can get ready for tonight.

We pack everything back up. We both have a good tan going so we are going to make a stunning couple tonight while we are out on the town. We get back and again take another shower. We enjoy a hot steamy shower together but didn't do anything. We want to save it for when we get together with Dana and Olivia tonight. They made it seem like we were going to be in for lots of fun tonight. We have no idea what they are up to. I guess we will find out soon enough. Sure enough as soon as we got dressed, we heard a knock on the door. Trent turns to me and says," I bet it is them". I nod my head in agreement. He opened the door and not only was it the girls but they had friends with them. I am not surprised. I kind of had a feeling that they were going to push the envelop tonight.

We invite them all in. The room is getting little crowded. We get drinks for everyone while Dana introduces everyone. They have brought Cindy, she has a petite body. She has light brown hair with very expressive eyes and a full lips. Then there is Sophie that is a Latina beauty with the dark hair and skin. She has a full curvaceous body like mine. They also brought two guys with them. Sean is 5'9" with Sandy Blonde hair that has a surfer body to him. The other is a Latin guy. Enrique is 6'0" with a taunt body and dark looks. He is hot and has gotten my eye. Dana ask me what I think about all of them. I told them it was very nice to meet them and hope we all have lots of fun together tonight. They all laugh and agree that was what the plan was for tonight.

We all end up sitting on the bed and getting to know our new friends. I make sure Enrique, Sophie, and Dana are on the bed with me. Trent has Olivia, Cindy, and Sean on the other bed with him. Enrique is bold. He places his nbehind my head and forces me to lean towards him. He is very seductive. I am overwhelmed with how intoxicating he is. He forces his tongue into my mouth. I go with it and let our tongues dance the seductive dance of lovers. He then moves his other hand down to my boobs. He traces the outline of my nipple through the top. I am so excited by him that it is standing totally erect. He rubs it and then pinches it not so lightly. I let out a slight moan. It hurt but I didn't want him to stop. While he is doing this, Dana and Sophie are getting acquainted. I glance over to see them kissing and fondling each other. We all can't stand it anymore so we decide it's time to get undress. I am the first to break loose. I hated to stop what he was doing but my body wants to be free of clothes so that I can get even more attention. I stand there in front of all to see and admire my body. It then turns into a little competition. All the other females strip down and show off their bodies. Of course, it's close between me and Sophie. We agree to let it be a tie.

I help Enrique out of his clothes. I am eager to see that magnificent body of his. It is as I had imagined it would be. He is totally ripped. The dark skin really accents his muscle tone. He slowly removes his pants. Teasing me because he knows I want what's between his legs. I reach over and snatch them pants off and remove his boxer briefs. I then take his huge cock in my mouth. I could not wait any longer. I wanted to see how much of it I could get into my mouth. He is so big that I can't get all of it in my mouth. I use my hand to help stroke his cock. I keep this up increasing the tempo. I hear him sigh and groan and that gives me encouragement to continue on. He places his hand on the back up my head to help me pleasure his cock. He groans and shoves his cock in one last time and spills his load in my mouth. It's way more than I can swallow so some drips down my chin and onto my breast. Dana and Sophie come clean me off and then turn to Enrique to drain him completely.

I have always wanted to be tied up and blindfolded so I think now is the time to make that fantasy a reality. I ask Dana to get the bag of goodies that Trent and I pick up this morning. She spills the contents of the bag onto the bed. I ask her to blindfold me and for Enrique to bind my hands above my head. I want to be at their mercy. I want to rely on my other senses. They do as I ask them to and now I am in total darkness. I can hear them moving around but have no clue as to what is happening in the room. I tell them that if i say the word "enough" that they must stop that I am no longer enjoying it. I don't think that will happen but I just want a safety measure in place since I putting a lot of trust in people that I dont really know.

I am now slightly aware of someone lightly touching my legs. The person is caressing my calves then going all the way up and down my legs. No sooner had that started, that I felt someone playing with my boobs. I soon have several hands and now tongues all over my body. I seems like everyone in the room has decided to pleasure my body and I am going into sensory overload with all this attention. Whoever is licking my clit and giving my pussy a workout really knows what they are doing. It's doesnt take them long to bring me to my first orgasm. I can feel my juices flowing out and dripping onto the bed. I dont really get to savor that before someone sticks their cock into me. I can tell it's not Trents. It's not as thick as his plus this person likes the short fast strokes. He must have been really exciting because he didn't last long. He quickly left his load in me and the next person was entering me.

Suddenly, I have one of the woman sitting on my face. She tastes good and I lick and suck that clit like crazy. I can hear her moaning but I dont know which one it is. My face is getting drench with her wetness. I keep it up until I feel her shudder. She gets off and another females hops on. My tongues starting to get sore but I press on. I stick my tongue in her sweet hole going in and out. She starts wiggling on top my face spreading her juices all over me,. It's not long before she is screaming out in extacsy. I am feeling something warm hitting my chest so someone must be jacking off over me.

I feel the blindfold being removed from my eyes. The light is bright and takes me a few seconds to focus. I see Trent entering me and Sean beside me finishing squirting his hot cum on me. The four females are pleasing themselves while Enrique strokes himself. Trent and I cum at the same time and that ends the evening's exploration. We all take turns taking showers and getting dress.

I thank Dana and Olivia for all they have shared with us and exchange contact information. We promise to stay in touch. I am have been throughly fuck and hate to see the night end. Trent and I go to sleep after they all leave. It's been a wonderful weekend and I am a little sad that it is ending so quickly.

I wake up before Trent. I am content just to watch him sleep. I want to make sure that I take in every little detail of his body so that it is permanently etched in my mind. He wakes up and asked me what I was looking at. I replied that I admring your magnificent body that has given me so much pleasure. Well, stop looking at it and make use of this body while we still have time. He rolls up on his side and places his arm over me and leans downs to sensually kiss me. He has a way of making my head spin. I wish this was the way I could wake up every morning.

This time we tenderly make love. Both us not wanting it to end but we know our time together is coming to a close. We get ready and then make sure we packed everything. One last look around then we head out the door back towards our normal life. We dont say much on the drive to the airport. We are both lost in deep thoughts.

We head to the gate and wait for time to board the plane. Trent asked me where home was and when I told him he had a look of surprise on his face. I asked him what's that look for. He informed me that is where his company is relocating him. I was blown away. I thought I would never see him again and now he is telling that he will be living in the same city as me. We exchanged our contact information and I told him that he needs to let me know when he gets to town so I can show him around and help him find a place. He then asked me if I enjoyed my weekend with him. I smiled and said that it was the most exciting time that I have ever had. He then asked if I can see myself with anyone else and have that much fun. I replied,"No!" Then he asked me how big my place was and I told him that it would be big enough if he wanted to move in with me.

We boarded the plane and I ended up falling asleep the whole way back home. He woke me up when we landed. We said our goodbyes. I watched him leave. He promises that he will call me often until he can move in with me. I went away a single woman and I come home with a serious relationship. That was some weekend. I am sure Trent and I will have many more adventures together and I can't wait to see what happeneds next.

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