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My Sexy Teacher in Jamaica

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You may remember us, Teresa and Tim. Met in 1991 and have been together ever since and in the lifestyle since back then as well. We play with 3 other couples and keep our group basically to ourselves. Unlike many that we do know in the lifestyle, we tend to stay within our group because we are comfortable that way and either the ladies are fixed or a couple of the guys are fixed, so that way condoms are never used. All 8 of us are pretty free spirited around each other and we are all nudist. So if we go to anyone's house, or they come here, we shed the clothes upon entering. Now not all the time is sex involved, but I would say 80% of the time, some sort of sex happens. The 8 of us are closer with each other than we are with our own families. Teresa and I do not have kids, and neither do Ann and Jack, but the other two couples do, but now they are grown and out of the house.

About 4 years ago, Teresa and I wanted to go on a vacation that had nude beaches and a resort, so through the wonderful power of the internet, i found HedoII in Jamaica and book us a room. We were going for 7 days, and unfortunately, none of our friends could get the time off when we were going to go. Now my wife is still super sexy, 5'5, about 155, 34dd and still can flaunt with the rest of them. she's gained 10 pounds since we first met, but for someone 57, she still turns heads and is still pretty much the nympho I married way back then, although were down to 3 or 4 times a week. I am 53, 5'8, 170, with salt and pepper hair, but still have most of it, lol. Three days before we were to leave, Teresa said come make love to me because this is all you are getting until we get down there. I said no way, you cant hold out that long, and she just laughed and said, watch me, but she said to trust her, she would make it up to me down there. Because we picked the premium package we were picked up at the airport and driven straight to the resort. The drive was all that long, but if you have ever been to any of the islands, most areas are kind of depressing, except near the main tourist places and resorts. Once we got checked in and found our room, we unpacked and stripped down. Our room had a jaccuzzi on the terrace and the terrace faced the ocean and the beach was right there. The bedroom area was plush with a kitchen and the master bed had a mirror over it. The bar was stocked and we could drink any of it because that's included, as was our meals. Teresa put on a Sarrong and i put on trunks to explore the resort. Some areas are nude but others are not, if in the public area. After a bit and us stopping at the poolside bar to get some cool drinks, we decided to hit the nude beack. Once there, we put out a blanket, an umbrella and then shed what clothes we had on. There wasn't to many people on the beach at the time, so I would cop a feel or rub her between her thighs, which Teresa moaned and let me explore. About an hour later a couple stopped by as we laid there enjoying the sun. Both were dressed in swim suits, and looked a little uncomfortable about the nudity that was all around. They asked if we were staying here at the resort, to which my wife said, oh yes, been planning this for a while. We asked the same of them and they said yes, this was their first time down here and forst time at a nude resort. I told them welcome and enjoy the experience. They introduced themselves as Julie and Jim, and they were from Pittsburgh. We told them our names and said we were from the Cleveland area. Jim said, cool neighbors and chuckled. We asked them if they would care to join us, which they hesitated for a second, then accepted our offer. So Julie laid out their blanket and put up an umbrella they had as well. We got to know them in the next hour or so. Jim was about 5' 10, 180, with brown hair and was 46, and Julie was 5'2, and around 150, with blond hair, and she was 46 as well. She was reall pretty and carried her weight well, not fat, but thick in all the right places and judging from her chest a solid 36D. Julie worked as an office manager and Jim was a supervisor at some warehouse. They said they have been married 25 years now and had one child who was now living in California. This trip was their anniversary trip. We congratulated them. We all chit chatted for like an hour, like we have known each other for years. At one point i saw Julie looking at my package but didn't say anything and I definetly saw Jim checking out Teresa a few times. Teresa asked Julie, at one point, asked if our nudity made her uncomfortable, and she no, not now. She said at first she didn't know how to react, but soon figured that we were comfortable with our nudity and she didnt think to much more about it. Julie said she was getting the nerve up to take it off herself. Jim said he is just waiting on Julie. Teresa told her to go for it, that no one is going to judge you down here and Teresa said you have a great body, so why not show it off. Julie blushed a little and said thanks and stood up and removed her one piece. She then sat right back down but I could see she was built very nicely. Her breast were big with dark brown areolas and her nipples were getting hard. She was a natural blond because she had a nice little landing strip just above her vulva. Teresa is bald and has had the laser treatment to keep it that way, which i adore. Jim then dropped his shorts and laid down next to us. He was sporting a half woody, which Julie gasp at. She said, Jim, cover yourself. He said he was sorry but being naked in the company of two gorgeous women, what did she expect. We all laughed at that. Teresa said not to worry and found it as a compliment, and a sexy one at that, and that Julie should be greatful for the package he has because it sure looks nice from my end. Julie blushed a little more and asked why I wasn't excited and I told her it is because I am used to being around naked people more than Jim and I am trying to behave myself, lol. I told Julie that she is a very beautiful woman. Julie then asked if it was true about some of the things that go on here, like couples getting together with other couples and have sex. We said it is true and that we might see that a few times this week, as people are very open and loose down here. She asked Teresa if they would do that while here and Teresa said that she hopes so and that we have been swinging for 20 some years. But that we stick with a few close friends when doing that, but on occasion, enjoy the company of new friends. Teresa asked Julie had they ever thought about it. Julie said that they have and have swapped twice with her best friend and her husband. She said it happened about 6 months back. They were over at their house and drinking and playing cards. They guys wanted to play strip poker and after a few times asking, the girls conceded. After a half an hour of play and all of us pretty drunk, we were all nude, Jim being the last to drop his shorts. So then Beth's husband said, lets up the anty, and Jim and I said what more could there be. Jim said the winner gets to pick a partner of the opposite sex and have fun with them for 5 minutes. Being drunk, all inhibitions were gone and we all agreed. Mike won the first hand picked Beth and they were gone for 5 minutes, all flush and you can tell they had some sex. During that time I told Jim I wasnt sure if I could go off with Mike. Jim said just enjoy it, it is only sex and you do find him attractive. The next hand Jim won and he picked Beth and off they went. Mike and I made small talk that led into some intense kissing. He took me over to the couch were we really got into some heavy necking and his hands exploring me. Next thing we know, Jim and Beth came out of the room and saw us making out and Beth said, carry on and they went back into the bedroom. Well for the next hour we did everything to each other and it was great. Mike and I could occasionaly hear those two going at it too, which kind of made me hotter than I already was. After we went home, I thought for sure Jim wouldn't talk to me but found him extremely excited when we got into bed and made soem of the best love ever. The second time we did it with them, we all stayed in the same room, our bedroom and it was fun, exciting, and every hot to see your lover with someone else, at least for me it was. Jim said it was one of the sexiest things he ever saw and was turned on by Julie giving Mike a blowjob then fucking him. Julie smacked his arms, and said dear you dont have to be crude about it. Teresa just laughed and said Julie if you think that offended me, you are sorely mistaken. She said that sex and dirty talk go hand in hand. Julie then looked at us two guys and saw that we were both hard. Both of us sporting hard 8 inches and about the same girth. Julie said oh wow, you guys are perverts. Jim said no, just turned on. I laughed and said, you are talking about sex and both our ladies are naked, what did you expect, lol. Teresa reached over grabbed my cock and stroked it, and said, mmmmm i think someone needs some attention. Julie grabbed Jim's cock and stroked it too and asked if needed something. He said, I thought you'd never ask. Teresa asked if they had any dinner plans and they said no, then asked them to join us tonight for dinner and check out the night life. They readily accepted. With that Teresa started gathering things up and said she had to go take care of that, pointing to my dick. They all laughed and Julie said that it looked like she needed to do the same. Once back in our room, we flew onto the bed and got down to business. Teresa said no foreplay babe, just put it in me, i need fucked in the worst way. She said, 4 days without it is long enough. It was hard pounding and didnt take long for us to cum the first time. Then we slowed down some and enjoyed it more. I asked her if she wated to do Jim and she said yes. His cock looked very inviting. She asked me if I wanted Julie qand I said oh yes, she looks very nice and sexy. Then i noticed she was staring over my shoulder and I asked, what are you looking at. She said I am watching your cock go in and out of me in the mirror. She said we need to get one of these for our bedroom, this is so sexy to see. We rolled over and she bent down enough so I could see the same sight, and damn if she wasnt right. She then rolled off of me and took a little nap, which i did too.

We got up around 6 and got ready for dinner. I was wearing a polo shirt and khaki shorts, and Ter was wearing this super sext summer dress, with no bra and a white thong. I told her I wanted her right now but she said to wait till later. Maybe you have two of us to please, but for sure you'll get me. We met them in the dining room and had a great meal. They all had wine, while i just stuck to iced tea, since I do not drink. The girls were definetaly feeling the affects of the 3 bottles of wine and Jim was feeling pretty good too. Jim was dressed like me, shorts and a polo and Julie had on shorts too and a halter, that barely kept her girls in. After dinner, we all decided to walk the beach, but as we went by the pool area, there were plenty of people there, almost all were naked and quite younger than us. A few were messing around in the pool, with this one fine looking girl giving a guy a BJ right on the edge of the pool. Julie said that was a first for her to see, but kind of a turn on, like watching real life porn. We all laughed at that. Teresa said that is they knew us better, she'd have fucked me right on the beach this afternoon. Julie said you should have, that would have been hot to watch. Teresa said she didnt want to scare you guys off. Julie said that when they got back to their room, she damn near r*ped Jim. Jim just smiled and said it was amazing. Teresa asked if they had a mirro over their bed and she said no. Julie asked if we did and we said yes and we have a jaccuzzi too. Julie said, wow thats a nice room. We said after the walk, lets go try out the jaccuzzi. Jim readily agreed and so did Julie, to my amazement. Once we got back to the room, Julie said that mirror looks awesome and kinky. Teresa said it was fun watching Tim go in and out of me. Teresa made everyone drinks while Jim and I went out and got the hot tub going. I asked Jim what he thought and he said what a great place you have. I said uh, I was asking your thoughts on what may happen tonight. He said Ohhh. Well I am up for it but not sure Julie will be. He asked if I was alright ith him enjoying Teresa and I said of course, she thinks you are cute and sexy and will fuck your brains out. He said cool because I think she is smoking hot. I told her she is very oral and if you eat her just right, she just may squirt. He said Julie has never done that but she does get loud now, since our daughter moved away. I said thats cool because we like it loud. Just then the girls came out with the drinks and just had towels around them. Jim and I said that we can get into the tub now and got undressed. I asked Jim if he had any problem going more than once and he said it depends. I said hold on, and come with me. The girls got into the tub and asked where we were going. I said we'll be right back. I went to our medicine kist and popped a cialis out and gave it to him. I told Jim about it and made sure he didnt have any heart condition. I laughed and said sometime we guys need that little extra at our age. I told him even if we dont swap, Julie will be amazed at your staying power tonight because you will fuck longer and stay hard too. We got back into the tub and the girls asked what that was about but we said it was nothing all is good. Jim and Julie were sitting on one side and Teresa and I on the other. Julie said she still couldnt believe that girl was sucking that guy off in the pool. We laughed and said I am sure we'll more of that as the week goes on. Just then Teresa reached over and started stroking my cock and we started making out. Julie said that it look so sexy. Teresa asked her to think of a fantasy she wants to see play out. Julie said she has many. Teresa said good, for this is a place that fantasies should come to life. She said she has 3 fantasies. One, having two guys in her. Two, being with another woman and Three, seeing Jim suck a cock. Jim said really? Julie said yes. She said remember that porno we watched when the 2 couples swapped then the girls went down on each other and then the guys sucked each other, well I was totally into that. Jim said, I never knew, and Julie said you do now big boy and from what I am holding, you are big. Teresa had me sit up on the ledge and proceeded to give me head. Julie sat and watched as Ter sucked me into her mouth. Julie let out a slight moan and started stroking Jim faster. Teresa told Jim to come sit next to Tim, then Julie can suck you and also be next to us. They moved over by us and Julie went to town on Jim. About 5 minutes into it, Julie goes damn babe, you usually cum by now. Jim just laughed and said it may take awhile tonight. Teresa then tapped Julie on the shoulder and said lets switch. The girls changed position and Teresa went kissed Jim and then asked him in his ear, did Tim give you a pill? Jim just nodded and Teresa just smiled and said mmmmmm let the fun begin. Teresa was going to town on Jim, taking his cock all the way in and Julie would stop and marvel at her, then get back to servicing my cock. She looked up at me and asked if I was enjoying this, and I said most definatly. You feel fantastic. After about 10 minutes, the girls wanted to give their jaws a break. So they moved away and Jim was sitting there with his cock pointing straight up. I moved off the edge and then took his cock into my mouth. Jim stiffened at first, then relaxed as I started to suck him more. Julie was standing next to Jim saying Oh My Fucking God, that is so hot. Julie then leaned into Jim and kissed him passionately. As they kissed, Teresa came up behind Julie and reached around and started playing with Julies tits. JUlie jumped a little then moaned and broke the kiss from Jim and leaned back into Teresa. Teresa then started rubbing her nipples then let a hand glide down to her pussy. She started rubbing Julies pussy and kissing her neck. Teresa asked if she was enjoying this, but all Julie could do is moan. Teresa suggested we take this inside on the bed, so we all got out and dried off and raced into the room. Teresa and Julie locked into a passionate kiss then Teresa slowly worked her way down Julie until she spread her legs wide and and began to eat her. Julie was moaning loudly now as Teresa licked her all over, from her ass to her clit. Jim and I sat in chairs and just watched as our wives enjoyed themselves. Julie was moaning so much and kept sating how incredible it feels, like nothing she ever experienced before. I looked at Jim and told him not to take that personal, but only a woman knows how to eat another woman to maximize the pleasure. Teresa stopped after hearing that and said bullshit, you know to take me unbelievable heights and make me squirt, it just takes practice. Julie then said, dont stop I am so close. Within minutes Julie was yelling that she is cumming and cum she did, where her whole shook and clamp her thighs around Ter's head. As she calmed down, Teresa rested her head right above Julies pussy telling her how sweet she tasted. Julie just kept saying Oh my fucking god. Jim chuckled and said he loved hearing her talk like this, it was turning him on. Teresa started licking her again, and as she did, I got up and made my way to the bed. Seeing Teresa's ass up like it was, exposing her pussy, I couldnt help but take a taste. I motioned Jim over and told him to feast on this, which he gladly did. Teresa was getting into Jim's oral delight he was giving her, but, she also made sure she gave full attention to Julie's pussy. I sat up more on the bed and leaned into Julie and kissed her, which she met with her tongue darting into my mouth. As we kissed, I started playing with Julies hard nipples. This was making her even hotter than before. I asked Julie if she was enjoying this and she belted out Fuck Yes. I could lay here all night for this. I went down then and started sucking her nipples, and as I did, I felt a hand grab my cock, then a mouth over the head. It felt good and I thought that maybe Teresa took a break from the pussy until I looked down and saw Jim starting to suck me. I moved away from Julie so she could see. She then moaned even louder and told Jim that was the hottest thing she's ever seen. Jim came off my cock and said he wanted to try it, and he actually liked it. I then asked Jim if Teresa's pussy was nice and wet, he said it was soaked. I then asked Julie, would you mind if Jim fucked Teresa? She said Fuck her good honey. Jim got behind teresa and slowly entered her hot box. He said oh my god she is so hot and tight. Julie looked at me and asked for my cock to suck, so I positioned myself so she could suck on me. Then we both felt Jim starting to fuck Teresa with a nice steady pace. Both women were moaning now and Julie was having a hard time concentrating on my cock. Within a minute Julie started cumming again. Kept telling Teresa to eat her cum then begged me to fuck her soon. As she came down, Teresa asked Jim to wait a second and she rolled over on the bed next to Julie. JUlie then leaned into Teresa and kissed her passionately and asked if she could go down on her now. Teresa told her to do anything she wanted too. Julie looked at Jim and said slide out of the way big boy, I really need to try this. Jim laughed and said anything for you my love. Julie then started licking and probing Teresa, doing it like she had done this before, but in actuality, she just did what she thought would feel good on her. As Julie kept eating away, Teresa told her to finger her cunt and told her to find the G spot. She finally found it and started rubbing it as she sucked Teresa's clit. Teresa reached over and started stroking my cock, so I would be left out of all the fun. Jim moved in behind his wife and entered her and started to fuck her. Julie started moaning and meeting Jim's thrusting motion and really started sucking on teresa's clit, which then sent Teresa over the edge and she started cumming. Although not an earth shattering orgasm, it was still pretty strong. As Teresa came down from her high, Julie moved up and lost Jim's cock from her. Jim said Hey, but Julie laughed and said hush, you'll be fucking soon enough. Julie then put her arms around Teresa and kissed her and thanked her for bringing this side of her out of the closet. Teresa asked if she truly enjoyed doing it and Julie said oh god yesssssssss. She said I hope you allow me that pleasure again this week. Teresa chuckled and said I dont see why not. Julie said that she couldnt believe this was happening and that she was sure no other couple would want to play with them. I asked why would you think that? She said look at me, I have this roll in my tummy and wide hips. I told her that I found her beautiful and very very sexy, as did Teresa. Jim said the same and said he wouldnt want to be with another woman, except in a situation like this. Julie looked at him and said I love you baby, and he said it back. Julie then asked Teresa if she minded if she could fuck Tim? Teresa said I hope you do because I want to feel Jim's cock in me a lot more tonight. Even though this horse was out of the barn, so to speak with Jim already fucking Ter, I asked if bareback was ok with all? Jim said he was fine with it but asked if Teresa was fixed. Teresa said no problems there, I cant get preggo. I told Julie I was fixed. Did that about 10 years ago when we knew we'd never have kids. Julie said she was on the pill and felt sure we were safe. Teresa told her earlier that we only play with the 3 couples for just that very reason, and they do the same. So we dont worry about STD's and we usually get checked out once a year. Julie said cool, now lets fuck. We all laughed at that and Jim said, Babe I dont think I could love you more than I do now and hope this new you is like this all the time. Julie said baby, I couldnt love you more too and I promise to be a slut in bed from this point on. With that, Julie leaned down and took my cock into her hungry mouth. I suggested we 69 and she swung her leg over me and placed her dripping pussy right on my mouth. Jim spread Teresa's legs and started eating her. All of us were moaning and enjoying the feelings going on. Teresa told Jim, that's it finger me there, rub that spot. We could hear Jim sucking Teresa's engorged clit. Teresa was starting to get very vocal, telling Jim to eat her fucking cunt hard, make her cum. All that talk got Julie going and she started cumming all over my face. Julie collaped into me and then swung her leg over and laid there watching Jim eat Teresa. Teresa started pinching her nipples more, telling Jim what a great pussy eater he was and then she started to cum, and this time she squirted some on Jim. Jim backed off a little then went right back and started licking her juice up. Julie said she always heard about a woman squirting but never done it, nor seen it before. She then looked at me, then at my cock, and I asked if she wanted a ride. Julie said Fuck yes, give me that gorgeous cock now. She swung her leg over me and guided my cock into her. She sat there a second then said my god you are big, and then started slowly fucking me. Jim got between Teresa's leg and entered her. Teresa told him not to hold back and really fuck her hard, which Jim obliged. The bed was really rocking and kept telling Julie to fuck me harder and what a great pussy she had. I sat up and started sucking on Julie's nipples and meeting her downward thrust with my own upward thrust. Jim now had teresa's legs over his shoulders and was banging her hard. Both girls were yelling oh fuck over and over and then Julie started cumming again and I let loose too. I filled her up and she said god yes give me that cum you fucker. Jim was getting close too, as was teresa and Julie leaned over and started biting Teresa's nipple. After 10 seconds or so, Jim started cumming and then Teresa. Teresa squirted again all over Jim's cock. When jim pulled out, both their cum came gushing out. Julie was mezmorized by all of this. Julie laid next to me panting, and so was I, as were the other two. I then moved between Julie's legs and said I have a clean up in Julie's isle. She didnt understand at first until my tongue made contact with her dripping pussy. I cleaned up all of our cum then came up and kissed her. She said they did anything like that and she felt so erotic right now, like a porn star. I told her, trust me, you fuck like a porn start. She thanked me and kissed me again and then said she loved the taste too. Jim was licking all the fluids from Teresa and teresa suggested a quick shower for the both of them. So they padded off to the shower. Now the shower in our room is all glass enclosed so we can see then while they are in there, Julie said there shower was like that too and she thought it was weird at first but watching them in there she said it looks sexy and quite naughty, like we are peeping on them. Julie then said, oh wow, I just noticed the mirror up there. I told her Ter and I watched earlier when we fucked after meeting you two. Julie asked if I thought of her as we fucked? I said I was and was hoping we'd get together like this. She told me they went back to their room and fucked like crazy. Jim wanted teresa badly and I told him I had all intensions of fucking your brains out, but instead of fucking, I said screwing, and then laughed. She said that we corrupted her. I asked if she liked the new you? and she said most definately. Julie said her catholic upbringing suppressed her inner desires. She was loving the new slut in her. I told her Teresa must of missed that class in catholic school. Julie said that she finds Teresa an awesome person and thats from just meeting and now this. Well the feeling is mutual. The she said that hey really were hoping to meet a nice couple down here and do this, but never thought it would be the first day down here. I told her we had no expectations when it came to this and hoped we meet a nice couple too, which we definately have and that we both find you two very sexy. I told her that she had a great body and would turn many a head down here. I asked if she noticed tonight at dinner how many men looked you over? She said no, she doesnt pay attention to that. I said that quite a few were looking you over. She said she found me sexy and loved that I shaved down there and hopes Jim gets the message because she finds it a sexy look. I told her dont expect any man to "get the message" be open and honest and tell him your desires, all of them. It's how oyu keep a relationship fresh, loving and exciting. I told her teresa is the one that usually shaves me and the added benefit is the great BJ i get then, and then laughed. We looked in the shower and saw Teresa on her knee's deep throating Jim. Julie goes oh wow, he's hard again. She asked what did you do to my man. I laughed and said that I gave him a cialis pill. She laughed and said she needs to get a case of those because she likes being fucked more than once. I said, oh yeah? Julie giggled, and said oh yeah baby, think you can handle some more? We looked back in there and saw Teresa was bent over and Jim was filling her up from behind. Julie said that is so sexy to see. I am so turned on by all of us fucking in the open like this. She scooted down the bed some and spread her legs and asked if I could stick that hard cock in this hot cunt. I said, damn baby, i love a woman that talks dirty. Julie smiled and said well lets get to fucking, and fuck we did. About ten minutes into it we heard those two coming again. Julie said this is so awesome, and wrapped her legs arounf my waste and told me to fuck her like the dirty little slut she is. We started getting the bed really rocking. Julie was talking really dirty now and turning me on. Teresa and Jim got out of the shower and just watched us. Teresa said you keep talking like that it will make Tim cum in buckets. Julie kept saying come on baby fill my cunt with your hot cum, I want it all. With that, I put her legs over my arms and really started banging her. Skin was slapping with each thrust, and then Julie let go and wailed that she was cumming and I started to cum right after that.We collapsed in each others arms. Jim and Teresa clapped for us saying how enjoyable that was to watch. Julie told them how sexy they looked fucking in the shower too.

We spent another half an hour on the bed just talking about the lifestyle and how it really does enhance a sex life, as long as you can maintain a way of knowing that it's just sex with other partners and build a total trust in each other. Teresa told them that yes, you can have feelings for the other person, but that takes time to build, but never strong enough that you'd want to leave your mate for any reason. Why would you even want too, when you are enjoying sex outside the marriage with your partners blessing. She told them that we have been swinging for 25 years now and that she was swinging before we met. That her very best friend Ann and Jack, not only have sex with her, but also make love to her. She told Julie that we often have swap spouses for a weekend with them and Jack and I not only fuck but we also make love and show our love for one another, as does Ann and Tim. But that's a special bond that takes years to cultivate. Julie said that would be great if they ever did this on a regular basis, especially with best friends. She really wants to to go down on Beth and would love to see Jim go down on Mike. Jim said that he doesnt think Mike would go for that though. I told Jim that 90% of the men in the lifestyle dont do that. I personally enjoy doing it, but I do not do anal with a man. I have let women do me with toys and strap=on's. Julie said no fucking way. I said oh yeah Way. Teresa reached into a drawer and brought it out. Julie looked it over and was in awe of it. Teresa asked if she wanted her to use it on her sometime this week? Julie goes oh christ yes. Jim said he didnt know about that being in him. I told hi its all in how you feel about exploration. It is not for everyone. Julie looked at the clock and said my god, it's almost 1am. We fucked that long tonight? Teresa laughed and said oh yeah and you'll probably be sore in the morning. Julie said who cares, this was the best night ever and I dont think I am done yet. Jim looked at her and said, Oh, have something in mind? She said you bet your ass I do. Take me home and fuck me like I was your fisrt fuck, hard and fast. Jim laughed and said we created a monster for sex. Teresa said, my dear man, this is what all men want and so do us girls. ladies in public and complete sluts in bed. With that we all said good night. Julie asked if we could do this again and Ter said I hope we do.

The next day we awoke and Ter was a little horny still, so we made slow love then showered and went to breakfast. We did not see them anywhere around. We both hoped they didnt come to reality and not like what happened the night before. Teresa was afraid it may have been to much for them the first time. We pretty much stayed on the beach the whole day. Occasionally we would take a walk on the beach and take in the sights. We would make comments about some of the couples we seen. Many of which were quite younger than us. Those couples we do try andstay away from, for most might be into the swing scene, but still havent gotten over some insecurities of it. We finally saw them at the bar that night. We came up to them and asked if everything was alright. Jim said most definately. They had booked a snorkling tour and were gone all day. He said the sun whipped them. Julie stood up and saked what we thought of her new dress. It was a very sheer white sun dress. And when I say sheer, it was almost see thru. I could easily see her nipples and that she wasn;t wearing pantiies. I told her she looked very sexy in it. She once again thanked us for the night before and hopes we can do a repeat of that. Teresa said any time you two want too, just come get us. We sat and chit chatted another 45 minutes and then all retired for the evening. The sun can make you tired, plus the heavy round of sex the night before can drain you. The next 5 days we did meet up with them and had sex . Julie even got brave and gave me a BJ right on the beach while Jim and Teresa fucked right next to us in a spoon position. One afternoon, Teresa grabbed Jim by the hand and said she need to fucked this man's cock and went off to Jim's room. They were gone about an hour when Julie said what the hell are we doing out here, lets go fuck. I said lead on and went to our room and fucked the next hour. She did another first, she blew me and swallowed my cum. She never has let a guy do that before. I told her I felt honored. She sucked most of it down but some ran down her chin. I went and licked it up and then kissed her. She came just doing that, and then we fucked like teenagers. She told me that she called her friend Beth and told her lots of went on down here. She said Beth called her a total slut and hopes that the 4 of them can resume a playful time. She did say she didnt tell her about any of the Bi play. I told her to just take her time about that one. Some have fobia's about that. She said she'll gage it sometime before she makes a pass at it. We pretty much spent the week with them and on the last night we ordered in a pizza and watched a porno and fucked half the night. Jim made teresa squirt three more times and Julie finally got her to squirt, and was amazed at the amount of liquid. The day we were all leaving, we met up and told them to ride with us, since their plane left 45 minutes after ours, and no sense spending money on a cab. We exchanged phone numbers and e-mails and told them to come visit us anytime, since they are only an hour and a half away. We did have them up a few weekends later then a month after that, introduced them to Jack and Ann. They want us to come down some weekend to meet their friends, especially since they are playing together on a regular basis now. Julie said that she and Beth have fooled around some and are really getting into that, but the boys arent playing like that. We told her dont worry abut that, because you got your fantasy to come true with us and will happen many times with us.

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