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My Own Private Idaho

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My boyfriend and I have been together for long enough now that our sexual fantasies seem to have the possibility of becoming sexual realities. This entire thought excites me to the point that just thinking about it makes me dripping wet!!! I guess you could say that I am looking forward to it!

For the longest time I have fantasized about having a threesome with 2 men. I think I would probably go ahead and settle for 2 women and 1 man, but 2 men is my preference.

The problem is that I don't know how my boyfriend feels about having sex with another man - giving and receiving - and the thought of seeing him take, and be taken by another man excites me more than the idea of myself being fucked by two men!

So now that I have given you an idea of what it is that I want.. I will tell you the story of how I would want it to go. It would go something like this.

- My Own Private Idaho -

It was my 25th birthday and I was not looking forward to it all. I could tell by the way that my boyfriend was acting over the last few days that he had planned something for my birthday - and I have never been much into parties at all!

I had to go to work for most of the day - but Todd had told me to be sure to get permission to leave work at least one hour early (yet another hint that he had something up his sleeve!).

I got out of bed - took my usual morning shower - and then decided that I should wear something sexy underneath since it was MY birthday.. I had to do something special. I picked out a sexy black lace demi-bra and matching silk panties - along with thigh high stockings ( I wear the kind that don't require a garter ). Then I finished getting dressed for work - did my hair, and headed out the door.

When I arrived at work there was a vase of a dozen long stemmed white roses (my favorite) on my desk with a card. This put a smile on my face. I proceeded to open the card and it read, "Happy Birthday - I love you and I cannot wait to see you tonight. Love Todd". For the rest of the day my head was in the clouds.

At 3pm I decided I better get home so I wouldn't be late for whatever my surprise was. When I got home Todd's car was in the driveway and the door was unlocked. I walked into the house and didn't see any sign of Todd anywhere. I walked into the kitchen to put my purse down and saw a note from Todd along with a blindfold. The note read, "Sit down at the table and tie this blindfold on. Be sure not to peek!." I did as instructed.

After 5 minutes or so had passed I felt Todd's lips kiss the back of my neck softly. It sent shivers up my spine! He then reached out and grabbed my hand and told me to follow his lead.

A few minutes later we were in the car driving somewhere. About 20 minutes passed by and then we stopped. He went around the car, helped me out.. and reminded me that peeking was not allowed. I had no idea where we could be.. but I sure was curious! He then led me behind him and I could tell we went from being outside to being inside. He found a place for me to sit and instructed me to do so. Then I felt his lips kiss mine passionately -

I returned the kiss. "I love you very much.. I hope your birthday turns out the way you had hoped." With this he removed the blindfold.

Standing in front of me was Todd, dressed in nothing but tight leather underwear - and another man I had never seen before dressed the same. Todd then leaned over and kissed the man - tongue and everything!!! I was already getting wet - even though I was shocked at the same time!!! Todd has a great body - he knows how to take care of himself, and apparently this man did also!!!! "This is Alex. He is going to be our host tonight,"

said Todd, "Enjoy."

Alex didn't waste any time at all!!! In a matter of minutes he was down on the floor on his knees taking Todd's swollen cock into his throat. I had never seen something like this in my life.. But I sure did like it!!! With this going on I began to finger myself with my middle finger. My cunt was SOAKED. Before I realized what was even happening Todd decided to return the favor to Alex and got down on his knees and took Alex's cock into his mouth.. He sure knew what he was doing.. I had no idea how I was going to be able to stand watching all of this without getting fucked myself! Todd then asked me if there was anything I wanted. I told him that I wanted to watch him and Alex fuck!!! Alex said he would be happy to do the honors.

He mounted Todd with the expertise of someone who had done this many times and began to slowly inch his hard, swollen cock into Todd's ass. I couldn't believe what I was seeing! I was actually jealous!!!

After watching the two men fuck each other furiously for about 15 minutes I decided that I HAD to get in on this. I got on the bed with them and asked Todd to fuck me. He obliged. He grabbed my ankles and pulled my legs out as far as he could and pounded his cock into my wet cunt with more anticipation than I could ever remember! The next thing I knew - Alex was telling me to roll onto my side - and then I was getting fucked from both ends. At first, it hurt a little bit - having two cocks going in me at once - but the pain seemed very little compared to all the pleasure I was getting!!! Less than 5 minutes had gone by and I was having the biggest orgasm I had ever imagined. I am sure that everyone within 10 miles could have heard my screams of pleasure! After this, Alex and Todd both got off of me and then Todd told me to get on my hands and knees.. He then began to fuck me from behind and Alex sat in behind Todd and began fucking him from behind.. The force from two men pounding behind me was astonishing. I have never felt anything so good in my life!!

Needless to say - the night came to an end. But my fantasy had been fulfilled. I got to see my beloved Todd fucking another cock. I will never forget it - and hey.. there is always my 26th birthday right?!

The End

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