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My Masseur

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My husband and I have had over fifteen years of monogamy, so as far as a lot of people are concerned, I guess we might as well be virgins. Last week I had my closest experience so far to a threesome, and while it might seem tame to many, it got me hotter than I?ve ever been. Also, every last word of it is true. I didn?t feel the need to embellish anywhere!

Those of you who know me know that I have a thing for my masseur (and I hope to god he doesn?t read this!) I?ve had a couple of fairly innocent sessions with him at his studio that just turned me every which way and left me horny as hell. The other morning I had another appointment scheduled with him. It was my husband Dan?s day off, and we had seen the kids off to school then gone back to bed. After an intensive gym workout the previous day, I was pretty much sore all over and looking forward to my massage. Yet at the same time, I just didn?t feel like getting out of bed and dragging myself over to the health club.

It was Dan who suggested that I see if my masseur would be willing to do a house call that morning. I called, and he was! I was thrilled! I didn?t even get up to dress ? just lay in bed naked with my cup of coffee. An hour later there was a knock at the door, and Dan let in my beautiful dream boat. He proceeded to set up his table in the living room. Dan had told him I was already laid out in bed if he wanted to work in there, but he said the massage table would probably work better. I wrapped a thin sheet around me and came out. He gentlemanly turned his back to me as I dropped the sheet and negotiated my way under his sheet on his table, but I swear he snuck a peek in my direction just before I covered myself completely! I?m not swimsuit model-beautiful, but I?d put myself in the top five percent of women my age. Men generally look twice.

My husband made himself comfortable with a cup of coffee on the nearby couch as my lovely masseur began sensuously working my legs to soft music as I lay on my back. I was beginning to feel very warm. I had not centered the sheet completely over my body, and it only took a flick of my wrist to casually make the sheet fall off of me and to the floor. The masseur flashed a look of embarrassment at my husband, and reached to pick up the sheet. ?Don?t worry about it,? I said. ?It?s warm in here, and I?m very comfortable like this.? He nodded his assent and continued to work on my legs, and it seemed his fingers probed just a tad bit higher than they had before.

I really don?t know where the impulse or the nerve came from, but as he was finishing my right leg, I took his hand and gently pulled it just a little bit higher to my hip and abdomen. He smiled at me as he allowed his fingers to ever so discreetly brush my now very wet pussy while he slowly brought his hands back down my leg. I wondered if Dan had caught that!

The masseur turned his attention to my arm and shoulder, and again almost innocently, allowed his hand to brush against my breast. From my shoulders, he moved onto my chest, slowly caressing around my breasts without ever quite touching my nipples, which were now attentively pointing toward the ceiling! His face seemed slightly flushed as he concentrated on his work. ?It?s a bit warm in here,? I whispered. ?You?re welcome to take that shirt off, if you like.? He quickly glanced over at Dan, and must have gotten some sign of approval, because he took his hands from my body and pulled the scrub top over his head. I was taken aback by what was under there ? a tanned body with well developed pecs and a flat six-pack of a stomach! He didn?t have a single hair on his chest, which was an exciting contrast to the hairy body of my Dan that I had grown so accustomed to.

As I stared at his torso, he continued to work on mine. My naked body glistened with oil as rays of sunlight filtered through the blinds. At this point, I must have been visibly wet, and I writhed my hips with an urge that was well beyond my control. The masseur may have mistook my ecstasy for discomfort, because he told me that it was time to turn over. I moaned slightly as I slowly turned over onto my stomach. For the first time during the massage I could now see Dan?s face, and he was grinning ear to ear. He was very familiar with the look that was on my face.

The masseur had returned to my feet, and was again slowly working his way up my legs. This time he showed no timidity in how high he traveled, and his warm hand pressed into my wet crotch with each upward stroke. I parted my legs slightly, and he accepted the invitation. Resting one hand over my crack while his fingers discreetly toyed with my sex, the other moved independently up my spine oh so softly and seductively. I would have sworn there were two people caressing me, but I could still see Dan casually sipping his coffee on the couch.

Just as I was about to explode, his fingers left my cunt, traveling up through my crack and meeting the other hand somewhere near my shoulders. This abandonment was too much for me, and I spun around on the table, grabbed his gorgeous face, and kissed him hard. I love my husband very much, but honestly at this particular point I didn?t really care what he thought. I was lost in the rapture. Anyhow, my instinct told me that Dan was probably still smiling.

He reciprocated easily, his tongue exploring my lips, my teeth, my mouth. It felt amazing, but I decided I wanted that tongue somewhere else. Again, with a boldness that came from somewhere else, I took his face in my hands and guided it down between my legs. I?ve never taken such a direct approach even with my husband, but hell, I thought, I?m paying this guy good money!

And he needed no further encouragement, nor did he hesitate in the slightest. His warm tongue seemed to engulf my sex in a way I have never felt before. At that moment, I lost all connection with the real world. It was pure pleasure that I just don?t have the words to describe!

A new warmness at my lips brought me back to earth, and there was the familiar taste of my husband?s kiss. He kissed me as his hand found my exposed breast, even while another man continued to fill me with a burning desire from below. I don?t know how long this went on, nor could I describe anything after that point in any detail. I remember the orgasm, though. It was not your typical short-lived pleasurable feeling between the legs. It was a whole-body orgasm! I don?t know how else to describe it. My body continued to shudder for what must have been several minutes. When it was finally over, I lay on the table limp as a rag doll, wet, and exposed to the world. I didn?t care. I was still in ecstasy.

I smiled warmly at Dan as he picked me up and carried me back to bed. He left then and settled up with the masseur for my session. The price? Eighty dollars. Didn?t seem like much for what I got out of it, but I know Dan provided him with a generous tip. Dan helped him with his equipment and saw him out, then returned to the bedroom.

I?ve never been one of those women who experience multiple orgasms, and generally my libido is pretty much shot after the first one, but when Dan came in and touched me, the tingling started all over again. I want to keep some of this experience just between me and my husband, but suffice it to say that we spent the rest of the morning in bed enjoying sex like we haven?t had since college.

I don?t know that much about my masseur, except that he?s gorgeous, skilled, and we definitely want to continue our ?professional? relationship with him. I?m not sure how he would react to reading about this here, so I?ve left out his name completely. Trust me, though. It happened exactly as I described!

I guess what has struck me the most as I recount this life-changing experience for us was the spontaneity of it all. There was no planning, no discussion, no negotiation. Barely any words were spoken at all. Just the soft, hypnotic music. This was our beginning, and I can?t wait for the next adventure!


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