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My Girl Crush

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Well I start my story out on how we meet this great couple. (I changed the names for those involved but have provided different names so you could follow the story : ) )

My story starts at a local monthly Meet & Greet we enjoyed going to in Pennsylvania. Not only was it great because we knew several couples there and had our own cliché but we didn’t go always expecting to play. It was a night out to relax, have adult conversation, some flirting, and whatever else may happen. The night started with my husband and I dancing and having fun with the couples we knew as everyone was arriving. As the night progressed I needed a break from dancing, so I decided to sit down, finish up my drink, and smoke a cigarette. Absorbing the scene as I inhaled my cigarette I took notice to John & Sue, a couple we considered great friends in the lifestyle. To my surprise I noticed John was pointing at me. A little nervous I guess I wondered why I was the topic of their conversation. John and Sue were sitting with a very attractive couple we hadn’t meet at this point and I realize they were all looking at what appeared to be a driver’s license. I casually walked over to a table with a smile and told John “Now don’t you know it’s not polite to point. If you’re going to talk smack about someone at least have them around to defend themselves.” My friends know I can be quite the smart ass. I see myself as the typical run of the mill type of woman. I have long brown hair, beautiful blue eyes that sparkle like the sun shining off the ocean, a beautiful complection, and have been told several times I’m thick. Not something most women want to hear but I take the compliments when I’m told I look like Drew Barrymore. But being a smart ass has become an art to me so I my joking around with John and Sue was nothing new for them. To my surprise I found out it was my driver’s license everyone seemed to be studying. Shocked I realized it must have fallen out of the pocket of my jacket. I was a little embarrassed since I hated the photo of me on my ID but had to carry it with me since everyone seemed to think I was younger than what I really am. So from something so small we met a great couple. We really didn’t get the opportunity to talk to them much at the club and decided we were going to hang out John & Sue when we left. It was planned to go back to their house and have some fun with a few other people we knew. Not necessarily sexually although we have played with them, we would still find ourselves hanging out talking, playing pool, going in the hot tub etc. To us it was nice to have friends in the lifestyle as well. But as the four of us were walking out the door this hot new couple had asked us and John & Sue if we wanted to go grab some breakfast. We all agreed and went to a diner.

We enjoyed the conversation at the table while waiting on our food. Laughing and having a good time. Marc & Jen (the new couple) seemed to be having a good time as well as everyone else gathered around our table. Jen whom was sitting next to me can only be described as an absolute beauty physically and has that kick ass personality I so easily fell for. Tall slender woman in her late 20’s with shoulder length dirty blonde hair and almond shaped deep brown eyes, a cute dimple that accented her face so perfectly, and beautiful legs that seemed to go on forever that you could image wrapped around you. Complete sex appeal and bombshell beauty to both my husband and I. Her other half Marc was in his early 40’s but you wouldn’t have guessed it. He was taller than my husband by a few inches, shaved head, blue eyes, and another great personality himself. He was very outgoing, laid back, charismatic, and had a great sense of humor as well. By this time I was noticing that Jen was a little frisky and seemed like she still had a buzz going on from the club. She was a feisty one when she drinks and knows how to have a good time. But everyone was saying she had a beautiful ass in which there was no lie about that one. Just one of those asses you wanted to smack every time you walk past it. So as everyone is talking about her ass she pulled up her skirt to show it off. With only a thong underneath everyone could see it, so much so the college guys at the other end of the Diner were hooting and holler. It was an all around good night; plenty of laughs, and slowly getting to check out what was underneath Jen’s clothes was getting me excited that I wanted to see more. She was definitely my type of woman and from there my crush began…….

So we finally had the pleasure of playing with Marc & Jen once and hanging out with them a few times. I would fantasize about playing with this hot couple even more. It excited me to think of all the dirty things I wanted to do to Jen and Marc. My husband and I would be fucking hardcore and talking dirty about all the things we both wanted to do to Jen and what I was going to do to Marc. It was great to see that we found our match a couple that played the way we both did and it was hot beyond our imagination. So we arranged to hang out with them again one night. I had it all planned out I had been text messaging Marc a few days prior asking him all kinds of questions; I was planning this all out in my head. He was getting curious and asked what I was up to. I told him don’t you worry you will get to see but I have a surprise for Jen. I enjoyed text messaging him because we’d even tease each other in text messages and e-mails. So I did my shopping to perfect hot sexy looking for my girl crush.

As I was getting ready to go to their house, I took a shower and couldn’t help myself but think of what the night had in store for us. I could feel my pussy building with tension and moisture thinking about this eventful night enjoying my husband, allowing him to violate every hole in my body, and playing with this amazing couple who were as freaky in bed as we are. So I quick washed up and got out of the shower no sense in playing and starting the party early. I got dressed in a lacy blue thong, tight blue jeans that accented my ass nicely, a sexy purple halter top, and a pair of strappy heals I nicknamed my stripper heels. They had silver straps with little accented diamonds and clear heel. I did my makeup accenting my best feature, my beautiful crystal blue fuck me eyes, did my hair and put some perfume on. Looking fuckable was my goal like it is each day. Happy with the end result I looked hot and was ready to go. So my husband and I started heading up to their house and decided to stop at a porn shop to bring something up to their house with us. I decided on these purple anal beads since Jen loves anal as much as I do and purple was her passion. We also got another toy for us to take home and add to our collection.

We arrived at their house and they greeted us with a hug and a smile. I saw Jen checking me out and I told her “I had a little surprise for you; Marc told me you loved purple so I wrapped myself up in your favorite color and a smile.” She giggled a bit and said she “I liked it you look great”.

We all went out to dinner and chatted for awhile, laughed a bit and waited on our meal. Just four people enjoying the simple pleasures in life. We let the evening progress and headed back to their house after dinner. We sat around the kitchen table talking up a storm about anything and everything having a few shots along the way. It was a chilly spring evening and we decided to go out back and smoke another cigarette. I saw the hot tub I knew they had. I would get sexy text messages while they were in it telling me all the dirty things they wanted to do to me. No better time than the present to check it out. Someone had mentioned the hot tub so I casually said “Well if I knew we were going swimming I would have brought my bathing suit.” Marc just as much of a smart ass as myself said “Said you can’t go in this hot tub with bathing suits anyway. There is a no bathing suit rule; we go in naked all the time.” Noticing there was no privacy fence to keep their neighbors or the people from the main road seeing everything that was going on in the hot tub excited me a little more. I was finally reaching the point where I didn’t care so we were all for it. I started undressing as did everyone else and hopped in the hop tub with our drinks in hand. I had my sexy husband Jim to my left, Jen to my right and Marc was diagonally across from me. Jim and I were sneaking hands teasing each other while we were joking around. I would tease his balls and stroke his cock and I feel his finger slide in the crack of my pussy and tease my clit. The entire time the two of us were playing with each other we all agreed to being a little immature and decided to play truth or dare. I know adults playing truth or dare! But lifestyle truth or dare version turned out to be quite interesting compared to what you may have done when you were a teenager. We used some of the dares to get things started. There was a little bit of kissing and teasing. I can ensure you I enjoyed every bit of this game at this point. Jen than dared me to suck her Marc’s cock in which I did willingly. Blow jobs are my specialty and I take pride in them. Marc lifted himself out of the water as I teased him by gently rolling his balls with my fingers and slowly wrapped my mouth around his cock. I felt him grab my hair and guide my head which turned me on. I love being treated like a dirty little slut. Once someone gets me going I don’t stop and have been known to take some guys out of the game early from oral skills alone because I really get into it. As I was kneeling and my head bobbing up and down on Marc’s hard cock, Jen reached over and was playing with my nipples. I felt what I believe to be Jim’s hand reaching between my legs running his fingers over ass and up to my clit. Smiling while Marc has a good grasp on my hair guiding my head up and down on his cock listening to the noises he was making was turning me on besides the rest of my body be played with on top of it all. Willing to make him cum for me he pulled my head off telling me I had to stop that I was too good at what I do.

It was than my turn to ask someone else so of course I asked Jen. In which being ballsy like she is Jen chose a dare. Now wanting to see her sexy ass all over my husband I dared her to give my husband the added pleasure of feeling her sexy lips wrapped around his cock. Now if there’s one thing I enjoy more in the world is watching my husband’s face when he is getting a blow job and before he is going to get off. It adds a bit of excitement knowing he is fully enjoying himself as well. As I was playing with Jen’s beautiful breast I got tugged in the other direction by Marc whom than grabbed my head and said he wanted to feel my lips wrapped around his cock. Listening to him tell me “I knew you were going to be like this when we meet you” was driving me crazy. Because I was loving that he was like my husband, dominate and not afraid to talk dirty to me. So once again feeling the weight of his hand on the back of my head holding my wet hair guiding me up and down on the shaft of his cock. Hearing both Marc and Jim moaning little noises was getting me going even more. After a little bit I felt like I was being watch but Marc told me to stop because he didn’t want to cum yet. Sure enough it was someone else’s turn in our lifestyle game of truth or dare. And in all honesty I don’t remember who dared me but I got the opportunity I was waiting for. I love my girl on girl time but I loved it even more with Jen. I approached Jen giving her my fuck me eyes and gently biting my lower lip. I passionately started kissing her enjoying her tongue darting in and out of my mouth. My hand moving over her breast rolling her nipple between my finger tips. I slowly moved my head down and took her nipple between my lips as I sucked it and flickered my tongue over her nipple and let my hand slide down her stomach and in between her legs as she lifted her body out of the water. I worked my way down wanting to taste her pussy so bad. She eagerly spread her legs. I slowly ran my tongue over her clit teasing it as I slide two fingers into her waiting pussy. I pushed aside the thought that both our husbands were watching and felt like it was just her and I playing alone in the hot tub. Enjoying every moment of burrowing my face in between her legs I started fucking her pussy with my fingers while giving her clit some much needed attention. Even though my knees were hurting I was enjoying every minute of this when someone suggested drying off and taking this in the house.

We all grabbed our towels headed upstairs drying off at the same time. Marc started playing with his wife as we finished drying off. He dove in Jen’s pussy where I left off. Only stopping to find some Ky and the anal beads we had brought with us. Jim decided to do the same and spread my legs to start eating my pussy. I had to make him stop to fold my towel and put it under me. Jim knew just what to do to make my pussy explode. As I felt the tension building up more inside me now he pulled his fingers out and rubbed them over the opening in my pussy making me squirt all over his hand. I heard him say “Ohh yeah baby that’s it squirt that pussy for me.” He rubbed my juices all over my pussy and ass. It was just than I saw my opening. Jen was on all fours in the doggy position stants. Marc had put the anal beads in Jen’s waiting ass. I laid under Jen so I could eat her pussy while Marc was getting a condom on to fuck my pussy. As I started licking her clit again I saw the anal beads desperately waiting for me to play with them. Jim had gone in front of Jen as she grabbed his cock and put it in her mouth. I was enjoying the taste of Jen’s pussy when heard her moaning as I was slowly pulled the anal beads out of her ass. I felt Marc’s throbbing cock enter my pussy making me bury my face further into Jen’s warm wet pussy. Marc’s giving my pussy a good pounding making me moan into Jen’s pussy as I slowly pull out the anal beads the rest of the way Jen’s ass. Marc’s pounding me so much more now and I’m moving around so I grab Jen’s ass and bury my face further in fucking her pussy with my tongue. Knowing my husband wants to play with Jen even more I let go so my hubby can have his way with her. It was just than that Jen had said she wanted to do DP (Double Penetration) which we had both talked about wanting to do before with the right couple. This was a new experience for both of us with real guys filling both holes. So I let Jen have the pleasure of going first.

Jen decided she wanted Jim to lie down on his back while she straddled him. She wrapped her legs around him and he slide his hard cock into her waiting wet pussy. Marc came over and pushed her down, lubed up his cock and slowly entered her ass. It was making me horny just thinking about it. I loved the feel of a toy in pussy while my husband was fucking my ass I couldn’t wait to feel what Jen was feeling right now. Watching both guys filling both of Jen’s holes she looked so completely satisfied. At this point I couldn’t just stand there and watch anymore. I couldn’t wait for my turn listening to Jen enjoying both my husband and hers violating every hole in her body. I straddled Jim’s face and let him lick my pussy while his hips were moving in and out of Jen’s pussy. I leaned forward to Jen’s tits bouncing in my face as I sucked on her nipple enjoying the feel of Jim’s tongue on my pussy. At this point I think Jen was fully enjoying herself but wanted to let me feel that same pleasure. She allowed me to have my turn at this. Deciding how I wanted to do this I let my husband stay on his back as I had decided on reverse cowboy position. I slide Jim’s cock in my tight ass riding his cock in my ass as Marc was putting another condom on to enter my pussy. I leaned back for him to enter my waiting wet pussy. He grabbed my knees shoved his cock deep into my pussy I moaned with pure pleasure. All I could think was oh my god feeling horny from my husband fucking my ass was enough on it’s own but it was making my pussy horny with his cock in my ass, having Marc pumping away at my soaked pussy was such an enjoyable moment I don’t think I wanted to stop. I loved every minute as Marc was deep in my pussy and my husband was filling my ass with every inch of his cock. I helped Jim by grinding down my ass on his cock. Jen than took my position on Jim’s face letting him work his tongue on her pussy. Jim and Marc were enjoying having two beautiful woman and violating them in everyway listening to them moan in pure pleasure. There’s nothing sexier than a woman who expresses her enjoyment with the noises of hot pounding sex. The night continued for quite awhile. We ended up taking a smoke break and going back at it like cats in heat. Jen came back up in doggy position again letting Marc fuck her from behind as he came inside her. I went to town on my husband with my excellent oral skills enjoying him talking dirty to me reminding me how much of a dirty girl I really am. I would stop sucking his cock and start stroking it while I sucked on his balls going back to having his shaft completely down my throat. As I felt him about to cum I pulled out and let him enjoy the dirty cum shot all over my face.

All I can say is this was definitely a night to remember I enjoy reliving it in memory and during dirty talk with my husband. But we all know that in order for it to have been a good night means you were there to have breakfast in the morning. In which we did. We all ended up at a different location at 4am in the morning getting breakfast together. Jim and I talk about it all the time and can’t wait to go back to Pennsylvania to do it all over again.

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