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My First and not my last

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This is about my first bi experience , and I haven?t been the same since. A few years ago I moved into apartment that I am still living on today. Shortly before this I had ran into an old college buddy of mine, whom haven?t seen in a few years and we exchanged our numbers and said after I get settled in my new place lets get together for a few drinks. I prefer at times to drink at home and if my guest has a few I take their keys and make them sleep on the couch. I don?t want them to get a DWI and I don?t want the responsibility of such, most agree and now if they come over at night just plan to stay the night.

Several days after getting settled in and everything was set the way I wanted, the call was made he came over that night. I told not to dress fancy, just something comfortable and if he planned on having more than a few drinks he would have to spend the night. We both agreed and thought it was a good idea, that we can have more to drink and not have to worry about anything. The door bell rang and he came right on time. He came in and I told him to make himself comfortable. I made the drinks and we sat down and started to talk about life after college and family and so on.

We reviled things about each other that we did not know in college at the time. One of the things was that I was a nudist and slept in the nude since I was in my early teens. Now that I have my own place I could do as I wished and never got dressed unless I was going out or depending on who was coming over to visit. He was a little shocked but understood. Got up and made another drink and sat down. He then asked why I was still dressed. I told him I wanted him to know before hand and what ever his reaction was ok, He said go for it and told me that it was alright with him if I wanted to get nude, seeing this was my house and I should be comfortable in it. With in about a minte the shorts and t came off and I was comfortable again. We continued to talk about this and that, watched some tv and kept drinking.

He asked me why I was nude all the time, and he understood why I slept nude, and he from time to time does the same. I told him I felt more comfortable and there was nothing binding and restricting. He seemed to be interested and told him that if he wanted to try it he was more than welcome. Being a bit shy he did strip and assured him that it was only going to be us and he could get dressed when ever he wanted. By this time we had a few drinks in us and he said this felt so comfortable, he wondered why he didn?t do it at home.

By this time we both were well on our way to getting totally drunk and said it was a good thing he did not have to drive home. He got up and made us a few more drinks, then there I change the channel and there was a really sexy movie on, o the joys of cable. While I was watching the movie and got a raging hard on to the point I had to jerk off to get relief.

Not wanting to be crude I got up and said I would be right back I had to go take care of something. Being nude there was no hiding my now raging boner it was obvious that I was going to the bathroom to jerk off. He said that I did not have to go in the bathroom I could jerk off right there so I sat right back down and started to stroke. We were talking and he handed me another drink, think he needed a reason to come over to me. He asked if I wanted some help half jokingly I said sure thinking he was just being a wise ass. But much to my surprise he wasn?t he started to play with my balls and stoke my shaft the feeling was great, then with out asking he took my dick in his mouth and started to suck me like his life depended on it. I have never been blown by another man before so I told him I was about to cum with that he bobbed faster and faster and started to play with my balls. This was all I could stand and could not hold it any more I had one of the most intense orgasms of my life, I came for what seemed for ever but was in reality only about 30 seconds. His mouth was full of my cum and took a gulp of his drink and swallowed it.

After I recovered from that mind blowing session he asked if I was alright with him blowing me and if not he would never do anything again. I told him I was shocked but enjoyed it, and that since it was only the both of us here he could do anything he wanted. This was when he told me he was bi and was afraid to tell me because he did not know my reaction, and seeing me nude was a huge turn on for him but being nude with me was a even bigger turn on. Then in timid voice he asked if he could so something else to me, being a bit unsure asked him what it was, He said he wanted to lay on top of me and rub our dicks together, doing that he would probably cum on me would that be ok. This sounded so hot in no time I was hard again, my response was hell ya and said I might cum as well he said I hope so. We got up went on my bed through the covers on the floor I laid down first on my back, I?m the heaver one, he then climbed on top of me and he laid right on top of me and his hard dick was right on top of mine. We grinded hugged and kissed this was soooo hot I now felt his dick and balls tense up, with his tung in my mouth he said he was about to cum. This was too much for me and with out being able to tell him I exploded with him, the feeling was so intense that it was totally draining. He moved to the side of me and asked if he could sleep the bed with me to night, and said he was sleeping nude as well. We both got up and had few more drinks then went to bed. We got up the next morning and made coffee, showered and got dressed and went out to get something to eat. He asked if he could stay the night again, and after coming back home we both stripped and it was a repeat of the past night. This was one of many days and nights. More later.

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