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My Fantasy, Her fantasy, not complete mfm

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If you read our ganbang recap here on SLS: My Fantasy, Her fantasy ..., then you know there was more to come. After a pretty intense evening, everyone except for John has left. My wife Angel just freshened up and was still looking pretty upbeat. John and I however were spent.

We were kicking back when there was a knock at the door. To our surprise, it was "Tie-Man", one of the participants in our gangbang earlier that evening. Apparently he didn't get his fill, and was back for more. We all thought it was pretty funny, Tie-Man returning.

John knew we would start all over again and said "I'm out of here... after all, I'm only human" and he said his goodbyes. I wasn't sure I could muster another round either, but Angel's grin said it all, I had no choice but to return back in to the ring for another round.

I went to freshen up while Angel and Tie-Man were by the window whispering, scheming on what was about to come next. I had no idea and at this point I was too tired to care. When I returned they were in a deep embrace and kissing like they've just met for the very first time. I was surprised that Angel even noticed I was back in the room, but she broke her kiss just briefly and told me to lie on the bed face up. I complied and was content just watching the two of them kissing and caressing each other.

Angel broke her kiss once more and said "boys, we better get down to business". She leaned over the bed and planted a big wet kiss on my lips. She asked me to relax, and have fun with the little sexcapade they've just concocted. I asked them what they wanted me to do, what part was I to play in their act? Tie-Man and Angel smiled; just follow our lead Angel said. She assured me that I'd enjoy it. Keep an open mind honey she said. Hmmm, I had no idea what was in store for me, but I fully trusted my dear Angel.

Angel got in to our familiar 69-position with me on the bottom. Her pussy staring me straight in the face, three inches away. Her protruding clit was still swollen from the earlier gangbang and glistening with sweet cum. Ready Tie-Man? she said. "Oh yeah" I heard from the rear. A second later I really knew how ready he was, his glass like hard cock with a huge mushroom head slid over my forehead in to Angel's awaiting swollen lips. I was surprised to see him bareback, apparently they've discussed it and they were both okay with that. Wow, I loved that close up visual, any closer it would have blurred. His head slowly disappeared, Angel moaning with every inch of his thrust.

Honey, my clit needs your help, your tongue needs to lube it. Although I knew lack of lubricant was not at issue, I complied anyway; I was beginning to enjoy it and get in to it. Tie Guy was enjoying it too. His long shaft was pounding my dear Angel, while his dangling balls were slapping me in the back of my head.

Her clit tasted so sweeeet. The comingled cum from the earlier gangbang, her own juices and the pre-cum Tie-Man was staring to pump in to the mix was driving me wild. I was enjoying it just as Angel promised. Licking her wet clit, my tongue couldn't avoid contact with his shaft every now and then. At first it was accidental, in the heat of the moment, but after a while I guess I didn't care so much. Angel turned her head and gave Tie-Man a wink. Once again I heard that familiar "Oh yeah" sound. Tie-Man slowly eased his long, cum soaked, shaft out of Angel while I was still munching on Angle's clit. His large mushroom head broke free from Angel's tight pussy grip, and in a blink his right hand guided it down and in between my lips. I choked almost immediately; part surprise, part due to his huge cock. Okay .... For a straight guy, that was a first for me, hmmm?

Angel asking, "are you okay honey" ... My response sounded similar to when you're at the dentist office with surgical extraction tools in your mouth, "ahum". Following Angel's instructions, I licked his shaft clean and only then Angel said, okay, give him some air. Tie-Man pulled away and slid it back in to Angel's awaiting pussy. I heard Angel's moans of pleasure as he rammed his rod deep inside her. I plunged my tongue between her clit and his shaft, fighting for space between the two and his now quickening paces. Angel was sooo wet and judging from both of their moans and heavy breathing, I knew it wasn't long before they would unload. I felt their bodies tense, and Angel tightening her grip on my cock. At that very moment, I heard that "Oh yeah" sound again. Tie-Man gripping his gyrating cock pulling it out of Angel and ramming it in to my mouth. Instantly I felt an explosion of hot sperm shooting down my throat. I faintly heard Angel cheering him on, "give it to him" and he sure did. It started overflowing, cum was everywhere. I tried to swallow as much of it as an amateur could. My eyes were closed and I felt his cock pulsate and send more of his hot seed in to my overflowing mouth.

Tie-Man's cock started relaxing and retreating from my lips. I felt a warm set of lips licking cum of my face and lips, I opened my eyes, and was pleased to see my sweat Angel smiling from ear to ear. "Hope you enjoyed it as much as I did" she said.

I kissed her back and said, could that answer wait till tomorrow?

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