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More Than Friends

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Friends becoming more than friends Lynn came out of the bedroom. Her face all flushed and her hair all over the place. George followed her having that I just got fucked look. Joyce and I had been waiting for over an hour for their return. Joyce was married to George and me to Lynn. George and I had been friends for many years. Joyce and I were close as well. Joyce and I were about to have our turn in the bedroom. It would be our first time together as well. George had 9 inches and Joyce and Lynn had talked about how good he was at using it. Joyce and George had a liberal attitude about sex and over the time of their marriage had allowed a little fooling around from time to time.

Once George brought home an 18 yr old girl, with very large boobs, with the intention of doing her in front of Joyce. Joyce had told me that the young girl was surprised to see her, but agreed to the playtime anyway. George fucked her for an hour all over their living room in every position. The girl just kept climaxing the whole time. Joyce was a friend of her mother and had known the girl for a long time.

Joyce had a male friend she met occasionally for blow jobs as she loved it when a man came in her mouth. No fucking allowed though. On one other occasion she met a black girl and had her first Bi experience and enjoyed herself. George was ok with what she wanted to do. Lynn and her were about to have their first time together as well. Lynn wanted to try it as she had watched it on adult movies.

So this would be her first time fucking with me. She was anxious, but willing and it was about to happen soon. Finally I took her hand and stood up and Joyce looked over at George and he nodded a yes and so off we went to get each other off. I was already hard.

Lynn was very excited about having her first Bi experience. Joyce had agreed to meet her and they had become friends and so the stage was set. Lynn and I were newly married for just a couple of years.

Joyce and I got in the bedroom and wasted no time in getting at each other. I just wanted to take her clothes off and did that in a couple of minutes. She stood in front of me naked and her face was flushed and her eyes wide open. I had wanted to do her for a long time. I got undressed and pulled her down to the bed and slipped into her immediately. She gasped and spread wide for me and I went deep. I do not have 9 inches, but am very thick and the women like that feeling.

So we fucked and I was in no hurry. I turned her over and she got up on her hands and knees and looked over her shoulder and with a lustful look on her face waited for me to fuck her doggie. I pushed in and fucked her hard and fast and she cried out and I could feel her pussy quiver around my cock as she climaxed. I had her on her back with her legs on my shoulders and giving it to her deep. I knew I was about to cum and she could see it on my face as we made eye contact. She pulled me down and kissed me and said in my mouth please.

I banged her harder and pulled out and she went down on me and I exploded in her mouth and down her throat, pulling out still squirting on her lips and face. We were quiet for a time and finally she said I really enjoyed that, wish we had done it sooner. I said me to. We will have to do it again soon.

Lynn told me later that we had left the bedroom door open and her and George could hear what we were doing as we had made a lot of noise. George got so turned listening to you doing Joyce, he got me over the end of the couch did me again. I liked it. He is very good. I said Joyce was terrific. Lynn laughed and said yes I know, I could hear.

Time for a break and some food.

Lynn and I had a chance to talk and she told me she had a really good time with George. He can keep going a long time. He is really long and totally filled me up. I got off with him more than once. The best was when we were face to face inches apart and he was deep in me and we made eye contact as he grunted and jerked and exploded deep inside of me. I came with him really hard. I said you will have another chance with him later.

Lynn and Joyce stood in front of each other. Joyce had only one other experience and Lynn none. Both were a little nervous, mostly because we guys were being allowed to watch. The lights were low and George and I moved to a darken part of the room to watch quietly.

The ladies had talked on line about what they wanted to do, so there would not be any surprises. They moved together and started with warm wet kisses. Both were flushed and their breathing increased. The kissing became more insistent and passionate. Both stepped back and undressed each other. Lynn undressed Joyce and Joyce undressed Lynn until they were both naked and in a long hug skin to skin, boob to boob continuing to kiss.

They moved to the floor and were wrapped around each other, legs entwined, pussies touching, passionate kisses and banging against each other in a fucking motion. Since she had been their once before with the black girl, Joyce made the first move and began kissing and licking down Lynn until she had her face buried in her pussy. Joyce put her hands under Lynn and lifted her butt off the floor and pulling her in tight against her mouth and was licking and sucking her pussy.

Lynn gasped and said oh, oh that feels so good. Joyce raised her head up all wet from Lynn and looked up and they made eye contact as she continued to lick her. Lynn began a thrusting motion and Joyce slipped 2 fingers in her pussy and began finger fucking her as she licked and sucked Lynn. Lynn shuttered and grunted and then squirted all over Joyce as she climaxed. Lynn collapsed on the floor panting, pulled Joyce up to her and kissed her passionately tasting herself.

Lynn was next and new exactly what she wanted to do to Joyce. She moved down Joyce licking and sucking as she went. Joyce spread wide as Lynn reached her pussy, holding her head and thrusting against her mouth. I heard Lynn whisper turn over and Joyce turned over raising her butt in the air. Lynn licked her pussy from behind while reaching up and around her squeezing her nipples as she licked her all over. Joyce began to jerk and moaning shuttered and gasped and lost it.

Joyce climaxed crying out as she came and fell forward on the floor her pussy twitching. Lynn continued to suck on her until she stopped climaxing, rose up with her face all wet from Joyce and they moved up to each other kissing softly as they both came down from their highs. They had become much more than friends forever.

They invited us to spend the night and we agreed.

For the next couple of hours we just relaxed and had some drinks out on their patio. We had become closer and all knew we would be sleeping with a different person tonight. Lynn approached me making sure it was ok with me that she would be spending the night with George. I told her not to worry as this was our night to be wild and to have a good time.

Bedtime arrived and we turned all the lights off and Lynn and George took one bedroom and Joyce and I the other across from each other with the doors left open. Joyce and I were naked cuddled up with each other knowing we would be doing each other again soon. Joyce said I really enjoyed Lynn, she was wonderful. I said I am sure she will want to do it again with you. Joyce said I hope so.

I heard sounds coming from the other room and whispered to Joyce lets watch. We got up and stood in the doorway of the other bedroom. The room was dark except for a small night light on the other side of the room so all we could see was Lynn and George in shadow. Lynn and George were facing each other and kissing. Lynn stepped back and looked down and we could see George was ready as his cock stood straight out. Lynn reached down and stroked him slowly and we heard him gasp at her touch.

Lynn moved behind him and with her boobs pressed against her back reached around him and was giving him a hand job. George leaned back against Lynn and was obviously enjoying what she was doing to him. Lynn stroked him faster and faster and he gasped and grunted and finally said stop or I am going to cum. Lynn moved in front of him and looked up at him and said I want you to cum and dropped to her knees in front of him and took his cock in her mouth. George gasped and began thrusting in and out of her mouth, mouth fucking her. He held her head in his hands as he moved in and out of her mouth. Lynn was fingering herself as she sucked George.

Suddenly George grunted went ridged and Lynn sucked on him hard and he grunted again and exploded in her mouth, pulling out squirting on her lips and face. They fell on the bed together with Lynn continuing to suck him until he was limp in her mouth. I was really hard and Joyce and I moved back to our bedroom. I said Lynn is being a very bad girl tonight and Joyce said yes, and I am going to be very bad for you.

Joyce said give me a minute I need to get very clean for you. I did not know what she meant, but found out later. When she returned she pulled me to the bed and said I want to fuck. I slipped into her and we rocked for a while. She whispered to me I like it in my butt and I am ready for you. I am a very bad girl. I was surprised and uncertain as I had never done that. I told her that. She said I will show you. I want you in my butt tonight. George has been the only other one in there. She turned over and raised her butt in the air. I moved behind her and she said you will have to push hard and it will go in. I was so hard and pressed had against her butt and it went in and she gasped and I said oh so tight.

She lost it than, and said yes fuck me, fuck me. She was being very loud. I knew I was going to cum soon as she was so tight. I looked up and could see shadows in the doorway and knew George and Lynn were watching. I fucked her as hard as I could and finally had to cum. I said cum and she said me to and I exploded in her butt and she was grunting and gasping for air as she climaxed with me. I think she passed out for a moment as she suddenly got very quiet. After a moment she said that was one of the best I have ever had. I blacked out for a few moments it was so intense.

I knew I was done for the night. I looked up and George and Lynn were gone.

Joyce and I just cuddled listening to the sounds coming from the other room. George was fucking Lynn again. She can be really loud at times. I heard her grunt several times and him to and knew they both had cum. The house got quiet and we all fell asleep.

I woke up in the morning with Joyce sucking me and swallowed it all. I heard Lynn and George getting it on one final time as we had to leave by nine.

We said our goodbye and we all promised to get together again soon.

It would be several months later but that is another story.

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