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Moon Shine

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The ship was floating in space. Everyone in the ship was also floating in space as well. The space liner could handle 30 people and it was full. The trip was advertized as an erotic trip to the moon. They would land on the moon in 3 days and be there a week in the moon base under the surface. The resort was located near one of the few places on the moon that had water. Jill and I were anxious and looking forward to what would be a wild trip for us anyway. I am Stan and Jill and I had invited another couple to go with us with the understanding that for the trip we would swap. They were Don and Liz. We were all first timers. There were others in the liner who had the same idea as that was what the trip was about. A sex adventure.

There was a lot of excitement as we all strapped in for the acceleration to the moon. Weigh would return in just a few minutes. The best part was that Jill and Liz was both Bi curious and planned to explore some during the trip. Of course we guys were encouraging them. They were sitting together holding hands as the rockets flared and weigh returned. We were on our way. The lights were turned down as it was late and we would sleep the first 8 hours of the trip. Jill and Liz had their heads together and there was a brief kiss. They were hot for each other and in the dark were doing some exploring. I was watching them. They kissed again longer this time and Liz gasped softly as Jill felt her up. Jill slipped her hand underneath her top and was skin to skin. Liz put her head on her shoulder and whispered that feels good. The next kiss was wet as Jill rubbed her boobs.

Jill pulled her hand away and lay back in her seat with her legs slightly open and said that felt nice you are so soft. Liz said your hands felt wonderful and noticed that Jill was spread a little her skirt pushed up to her knees. Liz leaned in and kissed Jill and while kissing her moved her hand up and under her skirt. Jill opened up a little more and whispered oh that feels good. Liz moved her hand higher and was rubbing her thigh and Jill spread wider and whispered higher. There was a long wet kiss and Liz moved her hand up and said you are so wet. She was getting her finger wet from someone other than herself for the first time. Jill jerked a little at her touch and moaned oh yes. Liz pulled her hand back and put her finger in her mouth and tasted Jill and said I am being a very bad girl. Jill said no very good girl and they both giggled. The girls kissed again and both leaned back in their seats and fell asleep.

Three days later we were in orbit around the moon preparing to land. Everyone was strapped in for the deceleration and landing. An hour later we had landed and were disembarking to the resort area. The place was beautiful; it resembled a nice hotel and grounds on earth. Our rooms were very nice and the best part was that that we weighted only 1/6 of what we weighted on earth. All kinds of new possibilities became possible. Jill and I made love the first thing and it was a lot of fun. I could pick her up easily and she could do the same. We had a wild time. Once I picked her up with me standing and sat her on my face and she got off in my mouth.

Don and Liz joined us and we traded for the rest of the time at the resort. Jill was very excited as this would be her first time with another man in several years and she was anxious and nervous, but very willing. Liz and I had been friends for years, so were comfortable with each other. She smiled as I put my arm around her knowing what was going to happen next. Liz is a stunning red head with hair down to her shoulders. She fills out her top very nicely and I was anxious to get her top off. Mostly she has a terrific butt and I just wanted to get it in my hands. After Don and Jill had gone I asked her would you like. She said yes, but you will be my only time other man than with Don. I said really you second man ever, she said yes. I said wow I am honored. I asked are you ok? Liz made eye contact with me and said oh yes Don and I talked and agreed we both wanted to do some exploring, but I am very nervous. I looked at her and said that will stop in just a few minutes. She laughed knowing what I meant and said ok. I moved over to her and reached out and unbuttoned her top and it fell open and I reached in and felt her up. She gasped at my touch and kissed me as I felt both her boobs whispering that feels nice. We kissed for a time, and finally she allowed my tongue in her mouth and then hers in mine. The heat was rising between us.

I got hard and took her hand and placed on the front of my pants and whispered that is for you. She moaned and whispered back yes I know. I slowly removed her clothes and her face was very flushed as I slipped her panties down and off and looked her over. She lowered her head and said you are the only other man to see me naked. She was gorgeous. Her boobs were full with her nipples standing out. I took my clothes off as she watched. I was up and at the ready and she looked down seeing what I was about to give her. I am above average and big around. We made eye contact and I could see the hint of lust in her eyes.

I moved up to her and she reached down and took me in her hand kissing me passionately. She whispered I am so turned on. I picked her up easily and standing placed her pussy in front of my cock and pulled her in close going deep in her. I got my kinds on her butt and pulled her in tight to me. She had her arms around my neck and her head on my shoulder as I gave it to her. She moaned oh you fill me up and I felt her pussy clamp down on my cock and she held onto me tight and gave it up to me moaning oh yes, oh yes. I felt her pussy quivering around my cock as she had her cum for the first time. Liz said wow what a feeling, it was incredible. I had pulled out and stood her on the floor. I pushed down on her shoulders and she knew what I wanted and dropped to her knees and took me in her mouth. Her mouth felt wonderfully warm as she sucked me. She looked up and we made eye contact as she sucked. She knew what she was doing. I pulled away and we moved to the bed. I asked her what she liked and she flushed and said from behind. I said my favorite and turned her around and pressed on her back and she bent over.

I could see her pussy glistening in the light. I moved down and leaned in and licked her. She shuttered at the touch of my tongue. I rubbed her butt and eat her out and she was moaning and pushing back against my face. I stood up and then fucked her really hard and fast. The sounds were loud of our skin slapping together as I gave it to her. I grabbed two handfuls of her long hair and pulled her head up and she moaned oh yes pull my hair and I pulled back. She grunted and I could tell she was going to cum again and reached back and then forward and slapped her butt hard. She lost it. Yelling out loud oh god I am going to cum and collapsed on the bed with me pounding her and I lost it with her and we got off together.

We fell apart panting. We lay together holding each other and kissing and she whispered I really enjoyed that, especially when you spanked me. I have never done that before and I really came hard. I laughed well you were being a bad girl and I will do it again when you are bad. She smiled and said I am being a bad girl just being with you in the first place. I said well I will have to spank you again. She said oh goody. I asked her if she was ready for her third, fourth etc man. She said really I thought you would be the only one. I said well you are mine for the next couple of days, so you can have more than one if you want. I have another couple who want to swap if you would like. She said I have to do what you tell me right? I said right and then added, but only if you want too. She said whatever you say. I said we will meet them tonight at the party. She is Bi by the way. Are you and Jill going to get together? Liz said we plan too. I said great.

The room was full of people. Jill and Don joined us. Jill looked relaxed and was smiling. I whispered to her having fun. She said oh yes Don is very good. I will tell you all the details later. How is Liz? I said she is a lot of fun. She said I will find out later. She went back to Don talking to Liz. Liz hugged him and came back to me. Dan and Jo joined us and I introduced them to Liz. They were the other couple I mentioned. Dan was checking Liz out and she flushed knowing what he had on his mind. Jo was checking her out too. So we drank and danced. Dancing in 1/6 gravity was a very different experience. I asked Liz, are you ready for your third man and your first woman. Liz said well you are in charge right. I said well if you say so here we go.

The four of us were in their room and I said go ahead you two I will join in later and found a seat to watch. They both moved in on Liz. Liz was very excited. Her eyes were very bright and wide open as she watched every move they were making. Jo stood in front of her and Dan moved behind her. Jo asked may I undress you. Liz just nodded a yes. Jo slowly undressed Liz and Dan standing behind her undressed himself. Liz gasped as Jo while removing her clothes touched her everywhere. When she was naked Jo looked her over and smiled and said lovely. Jo leaned forward and Kissed Liz. It was a sexy kind of kiss lingering and she slipped her tongue in her mouth as she kissed her. Liz was very flushed and obviously turned on by what was happening to her.

Jo said would you like to undress me. Liz just nodded a yes again and reached out and unbuttoned her top. Jo was a big girl on top and as Liz undressed her stared at her boobs as she removed her top and moved down to her skirt. When she bent over to slide her panties off Dan made his move and slipped his cock into her. Her third man was doing her. Dan slowly fucked her as Jo watched. Jo lay on her back and Dan pushed Liz down to her hands and knees with Jo under her poised and ready to lick her.

Dan pulled out for a moment and Jo reached up and pulled Liz down to her mouth and licked her and sucked on her clit. Liz shuttered and lost it immediately and got off on her face moaning oh, oh and finally oh yes as she gave it up to Liz. Dan moved back in going deep. He fucked her hard and she was making all kinds of sounds as her gave it to her. Dan reached out and pushed her head down saying lick Jo and Liz licked her first woman and got her first taste. Jo spread wide as Liz licked and sucked on her. Dan pulled out and the ladies were in a 69 working each other over. Once Liz got her face wet she got into what she was doing to Jo. Jo stared shaking and thrusting against her face and moaned cum and exploded on her face and Liz went with it rising up with her face all wet from Jo when she finished giving it up to her. The girls fell apart panting and Dan moved in and went back into Liz. Her legs came up and went around him.

I made my move on Jo and she looked up at me as I slipped my cock into her saying hi Jim. I fucked her hard. Jo gave me her all. Dan and she were swingers and she had done this many times before with many men. She liked it and he liked watching her with another man. Liz and I make eye contact as Dan fucked her and I was fucking Jo and I could see the pure lust on her face. She was having a good time.

Jo pulled me down and was kissing me passionately as I gave it to her. She whispered when you cum I want to suck you off Dan likes to watch me doing that to a guy. I had gotten very hard and Jo could tell. She got very hot suddenly and grunting and moaning gave it up to me. I felt her pussy clamp down as she got off with me for the first time. I lost it then and said cum and pulled out and she went down on me with Dan watching me explode in her mouth. Jo sucked me dry as Dan pounded Liz and watched. Liz grabbed his butt and grinding her pussy against his cock yelled out and climaxed grunting and moaning oh yes. Jo looked up at me with my cum in her mouth, some dripping down to her boobs. She said I am such a bad girl. Dan went rigid and held still in Liz and said yes fuck me and exploded in her pussy pulling out still squirting all over her pussy and tummy. Liz was looking down watching him squirting. She was also shaking and I could see her pussy quivering. She looked over to me and asked am I being a bad girl and I smiled and said oh yes very bad.

We all were dressed getting ready to go back to the party and both Dan and Jo kissed Liz as they were leaving saying how terrific she had been. She would be sleeping with me tonight and said I am really tired can we call it a night and I said sure me too. The next morning we had our first morning fuck and she really gave me her all, holding back nothing and when we were done said I have only done that with Don before. I said I am honored then. I asked if she had enjoyed Jo and she smiled and said yes, it was strange at first, but I liked it when she came on my face. It was wild. I said well are you ready for another man or woman and she said maybe another woman would be nice. I said well we can find one, most of the women her are Bi.

This would be our last full day together. At breakfast Dan and Jill joined us. Jill and Liz kissed each other knowing they still would be together before we left. Jill said we swapped with another couple last night sand had a great time, I said us too. Liz had her first girl-girl. Jill said me too it was wild. There was an interest board for people to post what they were interested in doing and their room number. Of the thirty people in our group there were 5 single girls and guys. I checked out the posting and there was one by one of the single girls asking for her first Bi experience. I told Liz and she flushed and said ok, so I called her room and she agreed to meet us for lunch. Her name was Dee.

We sat across from each other at lunch. Dee was very young. She said she was 20. She was a lovely little thing with long red hair and she filled her top out very nicely. We talked about our time so far and she said she had got together with a couple of the single guys and had fun so far. She added I actually had two men at the same time for the first time and it was very exciting. I told her what we had been doing and that Liz had her first girl-girl the night before and wanted to do it again. Dee said I never have and one of the reasons I came on this trip was I was hoping that might happen. I left for a few minutes to give the ladies time to talk and when I returned Dee said Liz has invited me to your room and I said yes. I have never been with another couple before. Her face was a little flushed as we made eye contact and I said great and we went to our room. There is nothing more exciting than having someone for the first time and I was about to discover if she was a real redhead or not.

When we were alone I moved up to her and we kissed and then she and Liz kissed as well. She said I am very excited. I said you are very beautiful and whispered to Liz undress her. Liz reached out and unbuttoned her top and she gasped at her touch. Dee let her hair down and it was near to her butt it was so long. Slowly Liz removed her clothes and she was naked standing in front of us her eyes wide open and her face very flushed. She was a real redhead partially shaved and I could tell she was wet already. I made my move and took her over to the bed and stood in front of her and got undressed. I was up and at the ready and she stared at my cock seeing what she was about to get.

I pushed her legs a part and got my first taste as Liz watched slowly undressing herself and Dee watched her seeing what she was about to get from her. As I licked her I motioned for Liz to join me and she moved between her legs and licked her second woman. I stood back to watch. Dee shuttered and moaned softly as Liz worked her over. Dee started to shake and jerk and Liz sucked on her clit and Dee lost it and got off on her face crying out oh yes good, good and fell back on the bed panting.

Liz got up her face all wet and joined Dee on the bed kissing her and giving her a taste of herself. I slipped back into Dee and went deep and she moaned oh you fill me up you are so big. Dee was in another world of passion and I whispered to Liz sit on her face she is ready for you as I gave it to her. Liz moved up and lowered herself down on her mouth and with no hesitation Dee got her first taste. Dee moaned as she licked and sucked Liz and as I gave it to her hard. Liz moved back and forth against her face and Dee reached around her and grasped her butt in both hands holding her against her mouth. Liz made grinding motions and groaned and out loud moaned cum and shuttered and exploded all over her face and fell off to the side shaking all over. Dee was not finished and I pulled out and she rolled over on top of Liz and back down on her again and I went in doggie.

Dee got lost in the pussy in front of her like she had been doing it her whole life. I rode her hard causing her face to bump against Liz and Liz was about to cum again with her legs over her shoulders thrusting against her face gave it up to Dee for the second time. Dee rose up her face all wet and looked back at me fucking her and yelled out I am going to cum and pushing back against me gave it up to me. I pulled out and exploded all over her butt squirting up to her back. We all fell in a heap together on the bed breathing hard and kissing each other. After we had all calmed down Dee said I loved that and always knew I would you two were wonderful.

I left the girls on the bed and went to the bathroom and when I returned they were at it again and I just sat and watched. The afternoon fuck ended with the two girls getting into a 69 and getting completely lost in each other until they got each other off one more time. Both had entered a new world. As we were leaving Liz said I want you to meet my husband and Dee said I would like that. I thought well maybe a mini orgy was a real possibility tonight. Yes we had one.

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