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Mikes Fuckfilled Visit with Aunt Gina - 2

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As we lay on the floor of the kitchen in eachothers arms, we dozed off. After abut an hour I woke up and looked at her beautiful serene face and kissed her softly, she opened her eyes and smiled that content happy smile and hugged me tightly our butts moved more close as we kissed with passion our tongues exploring in warm sweet mouths. Aunt Gina whispered as she nibbled my ear lobe saying Mike you are the best man I ever had and you are so strong and passionate having the most sensual touch with beautiful hard big cock that love inside of me. I had a big hard on as we hugged kissed and my hard thick cock was rubbing against her sweet pussy. She smiled , seems we are ready for more pleasure Mike? Yes my sweet horny loving Bitch in heat. She giggled I like that horny talk too so my horny dog is ready to fuck the Bitch? I spread her legs got in between them and licked her pussy to make it wet. Then rubbed my hard cock on her wet pussy to make it a little slippery. She took my cock in her hand and placed the head on her pussy rubbing it and I thrust the head inside her pulsating pussy. Then I put my cock deep inside her all of it with one big push. Took it out and pushed back in and started pumping in out in out harder and faster as she moaned and lifted her ass up to receive all of my cock deep inside her each time I stroked harder. Mike I need to go pee baby. You do right now my fucking sweet slut of an Aunt? Yes my Stud. I put my arms around her held her tight and rolled so she was on top of me and I was on my back with my cock deep inside her. Go for it my dear horny aunt pee with me deep inside you. She started peeing and I loved the sensation of her warm pee all over my cock and leaking on my inner thighs and stomach and pubic hair. She peed and peed. I started fucking her even harder after she was done peeing and harder faster in out in out she screamed and so did I with ecstasy and we both came together. Stayed there in each others arms kissing and fondling. After about 30 minutes we got up she started making coffee and I started cutting some fruit for our breakfast. She looked back over her shoulder and smiled that was great morning Mike I love being with you my horny and sensual loving baby. I loved peeing on you while your hard big cock inside me. Me too my fucking passionate sensual Aunt. You are so beautiful Gina my own loving slut. you look so much like my Mom mmmm I am going to have hard time not having hard on around her. Her face, breasts, legs, thighs, even toes look so much like yours. May be you can trying getting closer to her when you have hard on and see she may even like that. How did you see her thighs Mike? In the kitchen few mornings she wearing short nite shirt in the morning fixing B?fast especially when we were the only ones in house. Mike would you like to fuck your Mom? Gina thought has come across lot of times. Especially once as I was looking her thighs and the shirt was sooo thin that I could see her pubic hair through the thin nylon material and got hard on she looked at me and said Mike you need to go pee. I guess she looked at my throbbing cock pushing my boxers out like a tent. Well here is coffee and I took the bowel of fruit and we both sat on the couch in family room. I would put fruit in her moth and then kiss her and take some out from her mouth to mine. She would take the sip of coffee and kiss me and to unload the coffee in my mouth. It was so sensual and erotic that I had hard on again and her nipples were erect and hard. I put my head in her lap and started sucking her nipples as her hand stated stroking my cock. We were so ready for each other. We got in the bed, she laid on her side I bent her top leg at her knee and sat on he lower legs thigh and inserted my thick long cock inside her wet warm sweet pulsating pussy mmmm it was such a tight fit in this position and I started pumping inside her and she screamed and moaned. Kept pumping harder and faster and rubbing her breasts pulling her nipples hard? She was moaning with pleasure. I put my middle finger in her mouth and let her suck then I put that wet finger in her asshole as we fucked harder faster?she arched and moaned with intensity. I fucked her harder and my finger went in out of her asshole faster she started trembling and her pussy started squeezing on my thick big cock and even her asshole squeezed on my finger and we both exploded screaming and moaning. With my cock inside her I took my finger out of her asshole and she got on her back and lay on top of her kissing and hugging. We stayed there for about an hour and then got up to get ready to go far a walk. She wore a very thing silk almost see thru blouse and very short shorts with no bra and no panties. I had very thin t-shirt and silk boxers no underwear. We walked in the woods holding hands. So Mike, fuck your Mom when you get back. Would love to after being with you here and fucking like crazy, you think she will let me? Mike, we are sisters and I know she is a fucking slut and horny bitch just like me. I have a feeling she wants it as much as you want. I want to suck her pubic hair till she gets wet and ready. May be next time you both come here together or I com there to visit and we can have threesome, I would love that Mike, would you. Oh yea you are making me horny just thinking of it. Then we saw the lake and my slut Aunt Gina took off her clothes and said lets skinny dip. We both swam for a while and we saw another man swimming towards us. He shouted Hi Gina. She helps me with odd things around house its ok, smiling we fuck some times. He came closer and we were introduced and three of us walked ashore. His name is Tom a 21 yr old black young man very fit and well hung. Tom, come with us have lunch if you have time, Gina said. My cloths are on other side of shore. No one is around, com on I will give you some thing to wear at home. We all walked naked to home, as we entered he put his hands on Gina?s butt rubbed bent to her breasts kissed her nipples. I could see his cock get harder and erect boy he was big may be about 8 inches very thick. Gina took both of us in the arms and hugged and kissed him and me rubbed our backs and the held our cocks in her hands stroking a little. Tom picked her in his arms took her to bed and lay her on her back. Looked at me, Mike come on join us. He sat in between her legs and spread her legs so her pussy was wide spread too. Gina took my cock in her hand and started sucking as Tom got inside her and pumping and sucking her nipples. Mike suck my clit as Tom fucks me and I lay next to her started licking her clit as Tom sat up fucking her harder and faster. As I licked the clit his cock was rubbing on my lips too as it pumped in her pulsating hot pussy. I kind of liked the touch of his warm cock on my lips. Tom held my head with his hands and pushed my mouth to his cock as it was going in out. I licked the juices they both had created and started to enjoy. He took his cock out and put it in my mouth, I could only take a little bit and licked and sucked his head then he started fucking my whore aunt Gina as I licked her clit. Soon they both came together their cums leaking out of her pussy and I licked turned around and kissed deep my fucking Gina so she tasted there cums together from my mouth as he lay on top of her.

After a while we got up took shower together and had lunch naked feeding and sharing each others food and drink from others mouth. Mike, so you like Tom? Yes my loving whore aunt Gina I like him and love you. Good Tom come visit us every day while Mike is here.

As I have said in earlier story ( Mikes fuckfilled visit to aunt Gina ), I was having the time of my life specially now with Tom?s addition and looking forward to fucking Mom when I go back home.

Hey guys, you all will hear more from me in near future, look for my new stories in continuation of this one or otherwise.

Have great fuckfilled day with whoever your heart desires.

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